My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 1035


Chapter 1035 outer sect branch sect

Xu Fan left the underground space with satisfaction and returned to his small courtyard.

An idea suddenly popped into his mind, since using Qi of Black and Yellow can improve the realm of the Great Grandmaster.

Then he can also be temporarily promoted to the Golden Immortal Realm by consuming Qi of Black and Yellow.

Although manipulating the Golden Immortal puppet can also achieve a battle strength far exceeding that of the general Golden Immortal, how can this battle strength give him the body to reach the Golden Immortal Realm world.

“Grape, can I use Qi of Black and Yellow to briefly elevate me to the Golden Immortal Realm world.” Xu Fan asked.

“Master, Grape has already thought of this possibility when researching Qi of Black and Yellow, but the consumption is too huge, and it is not recommended to be used in actual combat unless necessary.” Grape replied.

“How much consumption?”

“Ten crystals of Qi of Black and Yellow can maintain the owner’s Golden Immortal Realm for a quarter of an hour.”

Grape said and sent a secret technique to Xu Fan, which is a secret technique specially absorbing Qi of Black and Yellow to the Golden Immortal Realm world.

The secret technique is also marked as Xu Fan’s dedicated secret technique.

“Ten crystals of Qi of Black and Yellow! Forget it, let the puppet make it more convenient.”

“A Golden Immortal puppet, excluding the artificial refining cost, requires three 100 billion to 500 billion.”

“Even to deal with the Great Firmament saint, five Golden Immortal puppets are enough.”

Xu Fan gave up the idea.

“Master, an old friend of the Harmonious Bond Sect in the Nether is visiting.” Grape Report said.

Xu Fan was stunned, how did the Harmonious Bond Sect from the Nether come to the door?

In the welcoming hall of the main peak, Xu Fan met the guests of the Harmonious Bond Sect in the Nether.

A woman with a height of nearly ten feet like a giant bear, with a group of many enchanting females, sat nervously in the welcoming hall.

“How did you find this place?” Xu Fan asked curiously.

“The immortal domain on the border has fallen, and I am wandering here. I heard that the Spirit Sect is here to meet you.” Zhuang Ling said in a salute.

The group of many enchanting females behind them said that their journey was not easy.

Finally, Zhuang Ling said that they wanted to join the hidden Spirit Sect outer sect and end this wandering life.

Just at first Xu Fan was thinking of giving some immortal jade to help them find a place to stabilize or just help them rebuild the Harmonious Bond Sect.

Zhuang Ling, the leader, is already the True Immortal Peak cultivation base, with a battle strength, which should be second only to Xiong Li according to Xu Fan’s assessment.

“Don’t you guys want to rebuild the Harmonious Bond Sect?” Xu Fan asked suspiciously.

“No, we are just the general tomb lineage of Harmonious Bond Sect, which is somewhat inconsistent with the orthodoxy of Harmonious Bond Sect. We have no intention of building another sect.”

“I just want to seek in this fairyland. It’s better to rely on one than to wander around.” said Zhuang Ling’s elder sister.

“Well, I wanted to help you rebuild the sect. If you don’t want to, it’s okay to join my outer sect.” Xu Fan looked towards the group of many enchanting females.

With the illusory shadow of the destiny plate flashing in his eyes, Xu Fan looked at all the women.

The foundation is clean, the cause and effect are clear, and there is nothing too difficult to deal with.

In addition, the temperament of this group of women is not bad in Xu Fan’s opinion, and it’s okay to earn it into the outer sect.

“It’s hard enough to travel all the way. You guys first take a break in the sect outer sect, and when the time comes Grape will arrange tasks for you.” Xu Fan said.

“many thanks to the Great Elder for taking in~” Zhuang Ling said gratefully with her group of sisters.

β€œWe are the same Intermediate Thousand Worlds ascending cultivator, and we are still old friends. It should be helpful.” Xu Fan laughed.

After Xu Fan decided to admit them into the outer sect, Grape set aside a separate area in the outer sect area for them to live in.

Zhuang Ling took her group of sisters to the outer sect’s exclusive area.

“Fortunately, we met the hidden Spirit Sect here, otherwise we don’t know how long we will be wandering outside.” Zhuangling’s elder sister said happily, looking at the place to live for them, when the crisis was in danger When she found the organization, she felt that God was favoring them.

“Sisters, we will be the Outer Sect Disciple of the hidden Spirit Sect in the future, and we can be considered to have broken away from the Harmonious Bond Sect and become a good body.”

“I hope sisters will in the future You must cherish this identity and focus on serving the sect.”

At this time, Zhuangling did not listen to what his elder sister said, but concentrated on feeling Spiritual Qi in the hidden Spirit Sect.

β€œThe Spiritual Qi here is very abundant, and there is so much Immortal Spirit Energy in it. If I can keep cultivating here, my battle strength will be able to go to a new level in the future.” Zhuang Ling said Looking up and looking towards the distance, from this direction, you can vaguely see the Immortal Spirit waterfall in the hidden Spirit Sect Inner Sect.

In a pavilion by the Xianye Lake, Xu Fan is feeding Fierce White in his hand with a fragment of a stone Dragon Transformation scale.

At this time, it was originally as white as jade, but there was a little more red in the center of the turtle shell.

The fierce white is like eating potato chips, little by little eats the stone Dragon Transformation scale fragments.

From time to time, he also looked up at Xu Fan, wondering why his master didn’t eat it.

Xu Fan, holding the small jade shell, said with a smile: “This thing is too hard, I can’t eat it.”

How could Fierce Bai put Xu Fan took the words seriously, and then spat out a bit of the stone Dragon Transformation scale that had softened in his mouth, and gestured to Xu Fan with his eyes to eat quickly.

“Haha, it’s better for you to eat, this thing is not in my mouth.”

“Master, the ratio of male to female in the sect is slightly unbalanced, reaching a ratio of 3:7, Do you want to recruit a batch of female disciples?” Grape’s voice sounded.

The last table light curtain appeared in front of Xu Fan, which showed that the sect had formed a Dao Companion and a single Disciple.

“Why didn’t you say it before?” Xu Fan asked.

“The single rate of female disciples in the sector has not yet reached.”

“There are fewer and fewer single female disciples in the sector, which has triggered the warning line.”

“If it goes on like this in the long run, it will cause psychological damage to the male Disciple who have been single for a long time.” Grape said.

After listening for a long time, Xu Fan realized that it turned out that the sects were in pairs and that too much dog food had been sprinkled, which had affected the mental health of the single male Disciple.

“Being the Great Elder of the sect is not easy. You have to take care of everything, including the single issue of Disciples.”

“You leave this matter to Ziyuan to handle, I don’t care.” Xu Fan thought about it and said.

“Follow your orders, Master.”

Three days later, Qiu Ziyuan went to the outer sect area and found the group of women who had just joined the outer sect.

It didn’t take long before another small island was built on the huge lake not far from the hidden Spirit Sect.

Hidden Spirit Sect outer sect branch sect, Hidden Moon Sect was established, specially recruiting female disciple.

Then, through the major academies scattered in the fairy world, many excellent female disciples were recruited.

“Master, Yin Moon Sect has recruited 20 million female disciples, all of whom have passed the sect Inner Sect test,” Grape reported.

“Not bad, this thing has been done very well.” Xu Fan said nodded with satisfaction.

In the past, these 20 million female disciples were really a burden on the sect.

But until now, its consumption is not enough in Xu Fan’s eyes.

In the Immortal Domain, No. 1 Body Refinement Academy, Xiong Li looked at the sturdy woman in disbelief.

“didn’t expect that after ascending to Immortal Realm, your strength is still not much weaker than mine.”

(end of this chapter)

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