My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 1037


Chapter 1037 Destroy my Holy Moon City, this revenge should be avenged

Xu Fan suddenly began to hesitate when he saw this scene. Whether or not to take action.

When a Great Firmament came up, he burned his own origin and started to work, saying that there was no back-up, and Xu Fan would not believe it when he killed him.

Combined with the big brother’s situation, Xu Fan felt that he should be able to pay the price to bring the Great Firmament back to life.

Xu Fan thought about it and decided to send a message to his good big brother.

The white-haired old man, who was in the center of the battlefield, suddenly received a message from Xu Fan.

β€œBrother, the cost of resurrecting the third Martial Nephew is not too big. If it is, I can help bro.”

white haired old man saw Xu Fan The news that he knew that he was in the vicinity was scared out of his soul.

“Brother, you must hide and don’t show your face. If something happens here, me and the three villains will all be finished.” The white haired old man replied in a panic.

The indifference of the five Monster Race Great Firmament is long gone.

“Don’t be afraid, bro, I’m Avatar.”

“This time I came out with six Golden Immortal puppets, which can help bro withstand a Monster Race Great Firmament .”

The white haired old man saw very deeply relaxed.

“The cost of resurrecting the third child is a bit high, but it is also not acceptable.”

“If my brother can block a Monster Race Great Firmament, let’s fight and retreat and strive for Behead a Monster Race Great Firmament before retreating to Human Race territory,” the white haired old man replied.

“Then let the three Martial Nephew cooperate for a while, I will act as the Holy Moon Clan.” Xu Fan said.

“No problem~”

At this time, the war has started, the third Xuanyin saint burns his own origin, and from the chaotic sky summons out one after another chaotic serpent.

Then he turned into a chaotic True Dragon dharma, and rushed towards the three golden wings Great Peng Race Great Firmament that blocked them with the most desperate stance.

At this moment, six Golden Immortals of the holy moon clan suddenly appeared in the sky.

“Golden wings Great Peng Race, the revenge of the Holy City that killed my clan, you should pay it back today.”

For a time, a bright moon appeared in the originally chaotic sky.

The endless moonlight shines on this earth, and all the creatures that are illuminated by the moonlight fall into an illusion.

Six Golden Immortals of the Moon Clan appear under the Moon.

Look at the three Golden-Winged Great Pengs in the distance with unusually hateful eyes.

“Human Race, our two clans are enemies, but today we have a common enemy, how about joining forces.” Said Golden Immortal, headed by the Holy Moon clan.

“The Trifling Holy Moon clan, what qualifications do you have to join forces with my Human Race, but these three birds, I can give you one when the time comes.” Xuanyin Saint who turned into Chaos True Dragon The author disdainfully said.

“One bird is enough,” said Golden Immortal, the head of the Holy Moon Clan.

Then the holy moon in the sky, rays of light masterpiece.

All the Monster Race Golden Immortals in formation surged out in full moonlight.

He rushed towards the golden wings Great Peng Race Great Firmament with the strongest imposing manner with madness in his eyes.

Then a Holy Moon Golden Immortal holding a Moon Divine Sword, directly drew his sword and slashed the sky, slashing through the space with one sword, allowing the Monster Race Golden Immortal, who was charmed by the Holy Moon in the distance, to come directly across the space. .

Attack the golden wings Great Peng Race Great Firmament.

At the same time, the Chaos True Dragon, which was transformed by the third Xuanyin Saint, also rushed towards the other 4 Monster Race Great Firmament along with the Chaos Serpent from his summon.

“The boss and the second, you guys also take action, and fight and retreat.” said the white haired old man.

There are some risks involved in doing things in Monster Race territory.

For example, the Quasi-Saint who is still guarding in the Monster Race, although their family has some grudges with the golden wings Great Peng Race.

But after all, they are both Monster Races. If they really come to help, it will be quite troublesome.

“Follow the orders of the master.”

In the sky suddenly added an ancient book that can cover the entire demon city.

The ancient book slowly opened a page, and two Great Firmament-level book spirits emerged from it.

One Sword Qi Rising To The Heaven, the other with Sun and Moon revolve behind them, stirring Heaven and Earth’s imposing manner.

Then the two Great Firmament book spirits who were summoned out directly confronted the two Heavenly uMonster Race Great Firmament.

For a time, the entire battlefield situation was turned upside down, and the five Great Firmament of Monster Race could not gain the upper hand.

The entire battlefield was in chaos. The dozen or so Monster Race Golden Immortals and the three Great Firmaments of the Golden Wings Great Peng Race, who were charmed by the holy moon in the sky, did not dare to get all of them. die.

Beginning with the Great War General of Human Race, every Golden Immortal is the main force on the future battlefield and cannot lose too much.

The three Human Race Great Firmament who stole the treasure trove of golden wings Great Peng Race are fighting back.

For a True Immortal old man among them, they were directly ignored by them.

The three Human Race Great Firmament retreated towards the Human Race territory.

The Great Firmament of the three golden wings Great Peng Race can only be pressed.

But there is no way to take the three Human Race Great Firmament saints for a while.

“If my family, Quasi-Saint, was not in the fairyland, the three of you Human Race Great Firmament would have been crushed to the bone.” The Golden-Winged Great Peng clenching one’s teeth and said.

“Aren’t you afraid that my clan, Quasi-Saint, will ask you to settle accounts after the event!” Another golden wings Great Peng Race asked with gritted teeth.

“Haha, after we retreat to the Human Race territory, you ask your Quasi-Saint of your clan to tell me about this.”

“You can’t lose yourself. The treasure house, who can complain about it~” The white haired old man is mainly responsible for the output of the mouth shield.

Another Golden-Winged Great Peng who was entangled by the six Holy Moon Clan Golden Immortals also wanted to speak, but the six Holy Moon Clan Golden Immortals were more powerful than each other, since he dared not dare to speak. Distracted talking.

If you don’t pay attention, you will be wounded by the holy moon clan holding the moon Divine Sword.

Because of the holy moon support in the sky, every wound on Golden-Winged Great Peng’s body will be corroded by moonlight.

Also dedicate part of the energy to extinguish the moonlight attached to the wound.

At this time, both the Human Race and the Holy Moon clan were all fighting and retreating.

The two Great Firmaments of the Celestial Phenomenon clan were also ineffective, and they fought back and forth with the two Great Firmament of the book spirits.

It feels like a battle of gentlemen.

Although the Golden-Winged Great Peng who was caught in the frenzied attack of the Xuanyin Saints beside him was angry, he did not dare to speak out to anger the two Celestial Phenomenon Great Firmament.

And the Golden-Winged Great Peng, who was besieged by the six Holy Moon tribe Golden Immortals, had more and more wounds on his body.

Seeing that the whole situation is becoming more and more unfavorable for the three Great Firmament of the golden wings Great Peng Race.

The golden wings Great Peng Race Great Firmament headed by gritted his teeth looked towards the sky and pleaded loudly: “I beg Tiens Quasi-Saint to help me with golden wings Great Peng Race.”

“After recovering the treasury, my clan is willing to share 30% of Quasi-Saint.”

The voice shot straight into the sky, directly shattering the chaotic clouds in an area of the sky.

But no one responded after shouting, but instead accelerated the retreat of Human Race.

It was not only Dapeng Avatar, but also had a few wounds added to his body by the Holy Moon Clan.

“Brother, prepare to retreat~”

At this moment, the holy moon standing in the sky shattered directly.

Breaking also includes the space blocking this area.

(End of this chapter)

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