My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 1041


Chapter 1041 Farewell

“By the way, once you go to the first Human Race fairyland to collect luck, It can’t be stopped, as long as you go to the fairy world outside the 108 fairy world, it will start again.” Xu Fan said, looking at his good disciple and grandson.

Sometimes fate is so strange, the distance you should run will not be less.

Ancestor Master let you pass the first half of the road safely, and the second half of the road is up to you.

Hearing Xu Fan’s words, Han Feiyu’s face was obviously reluctant.

I’m doing fine in sect, why was this task assigned to me?

“Master Ancestor, I decided to wait for my Golden Immortal to collect the luck of the 108 Human Race.” Han Feiyu said after thinking for a while.

After becoming Golden Immortal, at least one more guarantee in fairyland.

“Have you seen this great scripture?”

“If you don’t start collecting in those fairy worlds within 10 years, you jasper bottle gourd will be at least 100 million years old. I won’t advance.” Xu Fan said and returned the jasper bottle gourd to Han Feiyu.

I can’t help but sigh in my heart, worthy of being the great character who will stand on the Human Race pinnacle in the future, he is cruel to himself.

Xu Fan could see that the great scripture was a task specially set for his good disciple grandson.

It is very likely that his future good disciples and grandsons have customized tasks for the current self.

“Ten years is a short time, hurry up and prepare.” Xu Fan said with two more Golden Immortal puppets by his side.

“Grape, hand over the control of the two Golden Immortal puppets to the Artifact Spirit on Fei Yu.” Xu Fan ordered.

“Follow your orders.”

Then another light curtain appeared in front of Han Feiyu.

The 108 fairy worlds dominated by Human Race are listed in order.

“You take these two Golden Immortal puppets and go to your immortal world to have a guarantee.”

“When you are going to other immortal worlds, let your Artifact Spirit Synchronize the database with Grape.”

“The other thing is to go to the Hidden Scripture Pavilion and take a copy of the Five Elements Art and the matching sword dao sword array Divine Ability with the highest version I deduced, which is enough for you There will be cultivation in the next 108,000 years.” Xu Fan paused here, wondering if there was anything else he needed to add.

Han Feiyu sat down at Xu Fan, and his eyes were wet as he listened.

“Ancestor Master, my disciples and grandchildren are reluctant to Ancestor Master master and those senior and junior brothers.” Han Feiyu said with tears in his eyes.

When he first entered the cultivation world, he realized the cruelty, ruthlessness, intrigue, plot against each other, and the law of powerhouse is respected.

Until he met Master Wang Xiangchi in that Heavenly Sword Academy, and then met Master Ancestor.

In this way, the door in his heart, which had been frozen when he first entered the cultivation world, slowly opened.

This has been open for thousands of years. Now, for this Innate Supreme Treasure, I have to freeze the door of my heart again and leave this sect that keeps him warm.

Is this really necessary?

“In the future, our Spirit Sect will last forever, and so will the Disciple in the sect.”

“You can get a black-yellow Supreme Treasure in only 108,000 years, too. It’s a good deal.”

“Hurry up and pack up, and prepare to leave the sect and spread your wings.” Xu Fan patted the shoulder of the good disciple and sent him out of the source realm.

“My disciple’s good days are over, do you want to remind him first.” Xu Fan touched the chin and said.

Just now, he quietly made a hexagram of a good disciple, Sun Bu, and the hexagram was so miserable that he couldn’t bear it any longer.

But he knows that this is the fate of his good disciple and grandson, and he has no good way to defy the heavens and change the fate.

When Han Feiyu returned to his Cave Mansion, he was told by his Artifact Spirit that he had only one month to prepare for the trip.

“Why only one month?” Han Feiyu felt that it should be very fast to travel through several fairy worlds to reach the fairy world dominated by the first Human Race.

“Master, from Tianguan Immortal Realm to Scarlet Yellow Immortal Realm, you need to make a fairy boat, so in order to ensure that you arrive at Scarlet Yellow Immortal Realm within the specified time, it is better for Master to leave early.” Han Feiyu said Artifact Spirit , this is the data he got after synchronizing the database with Grape.

Han Feiyu had a helpless look on his face, and then took advantage of this time to bid farewell to his senior and junior brothers.

The last place to go before leaving is in front of the tree of all things.

Han Feiyu put 1000 pieces of Immortal Spirit in front of the Book of Everything.

“The Tree of Everything, I’m leaving. It is estimated that we won’t see each other in 110,000 years.”

“These are all the fairy crystals on my body, you don’t need to condense them for me. What, leave it to yourself to digest it slowly.”

“Save it, you won’t get as much immortal jade as before during my absence.” Han Feiyu reluctantly gave up said.

At this moment, tiny tree roots drilled out of the ground, tied the fairy crystals on the ground and dragged them into the ground.

Then the whole tree of all things released colorful rays of light, and a brightly shining colorful Ruyi floated in front of Han Feiyu.

“Is this a gift you gave me?” Han Feiyu said, looking at the colorful Ruyi in front of him.

The tree of all things swayed slightly, and the leaves made a rustling sound.

A message popped into Han Feiyu’s mind as soon as he took over the colorful Ruyi.

“I can only condense some spiritual objects that are not immortal. Although it is of no use to me, it is good to keep it by my side as a souvenir.”

“The tree of all things, I Let’s go~”

Just when Han Feiyu was about to leave, Xu Fan suddenly called him over.

Xu Fan has a storage bag in his hand, which is full of Spirit Stone fragments.

Then the storage bag turned into a light and was printed on the back of Han Feiyu’s hand, disappeared.

“If you encounter an unexpected situation, you only need to kiss the back of your hand 10 times, or slap the back of your hand ten times, the storage bag will come out.” Xu Fan said, in order to refine this bauble, he personally It’s over.

“Master Ancestor, have you figured something out?” Han Feiyu suddenly had a bad feeling.

“Relax, Master Ancestor believes that you can get through all the ordeals, hurry up and leave.” Xu Fan was disappeared after saying that.

Han Feiyu has doubts, but it’s time to leave.

Xu Fan is sitting in his small courtyard, with big eyes, as if he can see the silhouette of his good disciples and grandchildren who have passed away through thousands of mountains and rivers.

“One hundred and eighty thousand years~”

“How much pain I have to suffer~” Xu Fan said with emotion.

It didn’t take long for Wang Xiangchi and his wife to come over.

“Master, Dale has been stuck in True Immortal for tens of thousands of years, and has been lingering outside the door of Golden Immortal. Can the master call me?” Wang Xiangchi said.

Xu Fan didn’t speak, just expressed a question mark to Wang Xiangchi.

Her father is the Great Firmament saint of Human Race Peak, why don’t you ask your daughter-in-law to ask his father to ask me?

“Great Elder, my father is not good at teaching disciplines, and the one I teach has nothing to do with my father’s thunder.” Mu Dai said.

After she was brought home by Wang Xiangchi, she became the Elder of the hidden Spirit Sect.

Although it is a little strange, it counts as the same.

Xu Fan felt the fluctuations emanating from her daughter-in-law, and then used Hongmeng Dao Comprehending Tea to condense a cup of Dao tea that suits her.

(End of this chapter)

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