My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 1044


Chapter 1044 Exclusive Three Hundred Ways

โ€œXue Ling, the three hundred ways you practice is based on time Lord, Five Elements, space, yin and yang, supplemented.”

“Luo Fan, the 300 ways you practice is mainly based on devouring the Dao, allowing all laws and all things in yourself, and deriving your own 300 Dao by swallowing the Dao. .”

“You are the path of cultivation, you can’t learn from the former, you can only go out on your own.”

Xu Fan focused on explaining Xiao Luofan to swallow the three hundred ways Extended Divine Ability.

Zhang Xueling, who was sitting beside Xiao Luofan, had a clear comprehension in his heart.

This is not a teaching for the Disciple of the cultivation Three Hundred Ways, this is not purely a private lesson for the new Eldest Senior Sister of Yin Moon Sect, and he is just a green leaf to set off the flowers.

Although it was only a green leaf, he benefited a lot from the words or two spoken by the Great Elder.

This time, the three hundred Daoist teachings lasted a full month.

“Luo Fan will never forget the grace of the Great Elder preaching and solving puzzles.” Xiao Luofan said respectfully.

“It’s not that exaggerated, it’s just that you are a good seedling, just give some pointers.” Xu Fan looked at Xiao Luofan and said with relief.

In the process of his preaching and dispelling doubts, he could understand that the version of the Three Hundred Ways that Xiao Luofan cultivated was the most unsuitable for her.

Nowadays, Xiao Luofan had a change of Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

The source world, within the virtual space.

Xiao Luofan devoured a hundred virtual enemies of the same stage of the nightmare level with a single force.

Then passed, Void Refinement Realm advanced to Integration Realm assessment.

It’s even more of an endless challenge, reaching the last level.

The last level of the endless challenge is the Void Refinement Realm puppet with the computing power of grape thousand one.

Although it was finally defeated by the puppet, the grapes still gave a high evaluation.

Appraised by Grape as the second highest battle strength at the same stage in the history of the hidden Spirit Sect.

“As expected of the Three Thousand World Great Destiny, this perception, this battle strength, this talent.” Xu Fan said with emotion.

This is the Void Refinement Realm, which has already been revealed.

โ€œGrow up fast, trouble comes fast~โ€ Xu Fan laughed.

Xu Fan can safely let her go out for this kind of Three Thousand World Great Destiny.

As for whether it will cause trouble for the sect, he doesn’t care.

At this stage, the sect has a Golden Immortal puppet and a good big brother.

The last trump card is still fishing outside the sect, so for the current hidden Spirit Sect, the general Great Influence of Muyuan Xianjie can touch it.

In the underground space, Avatar No. 1 and No. 2 are refining the acquired Spirit Treasure spaceship.

The Golden-Winged Great Peng Avatar No. 3 is mechanically refining the Golden Immortal puppet.

“Ontology, the original No. 3 is gone. Will you treat me and No. 1 like No. 3 in the future?” No. 2 Avatar asked.

“I don’t worry about eating radishes. Didn’t you see that the new No. 3 didn’t produce spiritual wisdom?”

“Besides, how much time and energy has been spent in cultivating you to this day? How difficult.”

“You are not fighting Avatar, control you to fight with the enemy, isn’t this a gift?” Xu Fan looked at Avatar No. 2 and said.

“This acquired Spirit Treasure Level spaceship should have been refined 100 years ago, but unfortunately your soul was injured halfway through, and we are also affected.”

“Although this acquired Spirit The Treasure Level spaceship has been postponed, but the refining is still going smoothly, and it is estimated that it will be successful in another 100 years.โ€ said Avatar No. 1, who is refining the acquired Spirit Treasure Level spaceship.

“Refining well, and after the refining is successful, I will give you a one-year vacation and spend 100 million immortal jade.” Xu Fan encouraged.

“One hundred million yuan!!” The Avatars on the 1st and 2nd were instantly refreshed.

Even the holy fire that refines spaceship in the void is inexplicably prosperous.

After giving No. 1 and No. 2 blood, Xu Fan left.

Grape reported to him secretly that the No. 1 body refinement Academy, which is the Academy led by Xiong Li, was targeted by an Immortal Sect.

Xiong Li and Zhuang Ling in the No. 1 Body Refinement Academy looked at the Golden Immortal in front of them without any fear.

“Broken Gold Immortal Sect, you guys are too domineering. If you want to compete, you can come on the surface, and use this disgusting method to ruin my Academy’s reputation. It’s like there is no one behind me.” Xiong The force transformed into a chaotic golden body of hundred zhang, staring at the golden thread of the broken gold Immortal Sect like a god.

“The sect behind you, I’ve already inquired about it, isn’t it the Spirit Sect of Jinqicheng Yin.”

“even a powerful dragon cannot repress a local snake, let alone you It’s not a dragon.”

“Opening an Academy on my site was nothing but tepid before, but now that I’ve gotten such great benefits, it wouldn’t be right to give me a little bit of Immortal Sect without any profit. My Immortal Sect has been operating for millions of years in this giant city.”

A golden immortal art image of several hundred zhang, standing in the No. 1 body refinement Academy in the sky, with extremely contemptuous eyes, looked towards body refinement Academy

“I Immortal Sect is not unreasonable. From now on, your body refinement Academy will give us 60% of the annual profit, and I will keep you all right.”

That golden immortal The art phase seems to be an ordinary notice.

“Grape, what is the strength of the Immortal Sect.” Xiong Li, who was confronting the Immortal Art, asked quietly.

“Duan Jin Immortal Sect, there are three Golden Immortals sitting in the gate, a total of 36 million True Immortal Disciples, and countless handyman Disciples.”

“Support is already on the way, please rest assured and enjoy yourself. Damn.” Grape added after finishing speaking.

“It’s Golden Immortal anyway, so it’s not appropriate to scold directly.” Xiong Li said.

At this moment, a Sword Immortal with a Golden Immortal giant bear suddenly appeared in the No. 1 body refinement Academy.

A sword light rose from the ground, directly killing the golden immortal art in the sky.

“Breaking the gold Immortal Sect and insulting my sect’s subordinate Academy, I will personally visit your Immortal Sect in three days to discuss it.”

The Sword Immortal stood upright, looking towards Sky indifferently said.

Then the giant bear beside Sword Immortal roared into the sky, and the unison wave directly shattered thousands of miles of clouds.

“Grape, this is the Golden Immortal of our sect!” Xiong Li said in surprise.

“The Golden Immortal of the Hidden Spirit Sect, currently there are only these two members.” Grape said.

“After three days, you will go to Duanjin Immortal Sect with the two Golden Immortals.”

“It’s up to you how much you can get from that Immortal Sect. You’ve got your skills, and these two Golden Immortals have your full support,” Grape said.

As soon as he heard this, Xiong Li’s eyes lit up instantly.

“Grape, can you send me thousands of soldiers? He’s good at asking for things. This guy is already insane. No matter what he does, he is very open.” Xiong Li laughtered.

“Yes, you can set up a super Long Range Transmission Array and consume 1000immortal jade.” Grape said.

“You explain the situation and let thousands of soldiers come over at their own expense.” Xiong Li said directly.

“Please wait a moment.”

Not long after, a Transmission Formation appeared in front of Xiong Li and Zhuang Ling.

Then thousands of soldiers came out of the Transmission Formation excitedly.

โ€œHow dare Eldest Senior Brother Academyโ€™s reputation be damaged, and Eldest Senior Brotherโ€™s face will be put to rest before that sect loses the entire treasure trove.โ€

โ€œEldest Senior Brotherโ€ Brother, don’t worry, leave this to me, and I promise to do it well for you.”

Million Bing’s expression is like that of a wolf who has been hungry for more than 10 days and sees a pile of fresh meat .

(End of this chapter)

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