My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 1047


Chapter 1047 The Ambition of Ten Thousand Soldiers

“If there is a sect in the future to go to our subordinates for those Academy matters, just Treat it according to this standard.” Xu Fan indifferently said.

“Follow the master.”

The source world, the biggest illusion.

Xiao Luofan approached the endless challenge War Zone.

“I want to challenge a special level.” In the private fantasy challenge space, Xiao Luofan raised his head and looked towards the sky.

Immediately, countless light curtains appeared beside Xiao Luofan, and every time he entered the light curtain, there was an image of a sect battle strength standing out from the crowd.

There are Disciple, Peak Master, and Elder.

Xiao Luofan watched as one silhouette crossed over.

“Why isn’t there a challenge level for Senior Brother Zhang.” Xiao Luofan asked curiously.

“Without the specific data of Zhang Xueling’s period, it cannot constitute a special level challenge.” Grape’s voice sounded.

“Then can I challenge the Great Elder of the same period?” Xiao Luofan suddenly said in a whimsical way, nothing else, just to see the appearance of the Great Elder.

“Challenging the Great Elder requires half of your own points. It is not recommended that you choose a master as a challenge.” Grape kindly persuaded.

“I just want to see the battle strength of the Great Elder and me at the same time. I hope Lord Grape can make it happen.” Xiao Luofan said and looked at his points. Half is half, and it is enough. .


After Grape finished speaking, Xiao Luofan’s personal Small World began to change, and she herself appeared on a mountain.

The Great Elder he most admires is on another hill, and the two face each other across the hill

“You shoot first, so as not to make you feel that the half of the points are not worth it. .” The data-based Xu Fan looked at Xiao Luofan and said.

Xiao Luofan did not hesitate, and directly activated the strongest Devouring Divine Ability.

A cloud of black rays of light enveloped Xu Fan and began to devour.

But at this moment, an ion ray poured out from the black light and directly penetrated Xiao Luofan.

That ray seemed to lock her True Spirit, and no matter how she avoided it, she could not escape the ray.

After the battle, Xiao Luofan returned to his private space.

She quietly looked at the points on her data panel, and suddenly felt that the half of the points was not worth it.

“The difference in battle strength is too great, which will only cause instant kills.” Grape’s voice sounded.

“Many thanks, Mr. Grape told me that I will work hard for cultivation in the future, so as not to be killed in seconds by the Great Elder.” Xiao Luofan said firmly with his eyes.

No. 1 body refinement Academy system, Xiong Li excitedly watched the first time filled Academy treasure trove.

β€œSect’s loan can be repaid, and we can recruit more Disciples with the remaining money.”

β€œGrape, I want to invite Junior Brothers from the three teams of civil engineering lineage. , to expand the Academy.”

Xiong Li then looked at Zhuang Ling next to him.

“You are in charge of enrollment, this time the enrollment quota is 300 million.” Xiong Lihao said.

After all these years, he finally got rich.

“Will 300 million Disciples be a bit too much?” Zhuang Ling said worriedly beside her, with a sense of immediate concern that her man was spending a lot of money.

“Not much, I just looked for grapes, it’s just within our range.”

“As long as we spend two or three thousand years, we can harvest a lot of money every year. immortal jade.”

“In this way, we can gather the fairy ore for refining the acquired Spirit Treasure.” Xiong Li imagined.

He started Academy for one purpose to earn immortal jade for the sect, and the other is to gather a good set of fairy tools for himself.

But now, his purpose has begun to slowly change, from the original fairy weapon to the fairy ore for refining the acquired Spirit Treasure.

“When the time comes after our Academy has flourished, we will give every senior and junior brothers in our Academy a set of fairy ore for refining acquired Spirit Treasure.” Xiong Li loudly said.

“Is that there for me?” Zhuang Ling asked softly beside her.

“That is necessary.” Xiong Li said immediately.

Since Zhuang Ling came to this Academy, he found that this woman is cruel in most matters, but subtle in some, and manages some of the difficult aspects of the Academy with great care.

And being a teacher can inspire the fighting spirit of those students.

“Today we have a great harvest at the Academy, which should be celebrated.”

“Grapes, please invite Junior Brother Song (Disciple of food lineage) to come over and organize a feast for my whole Academy. How much does it take? Immortal jade.” Xiong Li asked.

“Bring your own ingredients, based on the number of all students in your Academy, you will need 13,000 immortal jade.” Grape’s voice sounded.

“Excuse me, I’d better buy more ingredients and let the chef at the Academy cafeteria make it himself.” Xiong Li thought for a while and said.

At this moment, a student in the Academy suddenly broke through to the Transcending Tribulation Realm.

The breath was instantly sensed by Xiong Li.

“Quickly, start the Transcending Tribulation platform of our Academy and convene all the students. I will explain to them how to fight Heavenly Tribulation on the spot.” Xiong Li said excitedly.

The good thing that didn’t expect Academy one after another, Transcending Tribulation Realm will be able to advance to Great Ascension after their Academy graduates.

As long as they graduate, it means that students can earn immortal jade by themselves and make up for the tuition fees they owe before.


The 18th Comprehensive Academy is an academy opened by thousands of soldiers and several other senior brothers.

The whole Academy is mainly based on the side door, specializing in the side door methods such as pill concocting, magic Talisman, curse, puppet, and poison.

He made a sign to the outside world, even if he didn’t have innate talent, he could get him in.

No tuition fees for non-entry.

And those who are talented can get a loan as long as they pass the assessment. After 1000 years of graduation, they only need to make up the tuition fee.

So the Academy opened by thousands of soldiers is also the one with the most students among all the Academy.

At this moment, as the dean, he is in his office, checking the information of the surrounding Immortal Sect.

“Reminder, the two Immortal Sects around the Academy, their headmasters or elder Gao have all been to the hidden Spirit Sect.” Grape reminded kindly.

“Then there is no chance at all?” Ten thousand soldiers were a little disappointed.

Although he helped Eldest Senior Brother empty the treasure trove of the Immortal Sect, there was not much that fell into his hands.

Even if all are sold, he will not be able to pay off his loan in the sect.

“It seems that the Academy will only grow slowly over time.” Tens of thousands of soldiers sighed said, but then got excited again.

“The prosperity of the immortal domain I am in is second only to the star Yuexian jade. As long as it is managed well, it will definitely surpass the golden Academy in the future, bringing a lot of immortal jade to the sect.”

“At the same time, you can also get resources for yourself~”

Thousands of soldiers feel that they need to set a goal for themselves, so as to have the motivation to move forward.

“Grape, how much immortal jade does it take to buy a Golden Immortal puppet made by sect.” Ten thousand soldiers asked a question that he was afraid to ask before.

“The cost price is 400 billion immortal jade.” Grape replied.

“Isn’t it 400 billion immortal jade! When I pay off the loan, I will carry forward the Academy.”

“When the time comes, I will be able to score 100 million immortal in a year. jade, 400 billion immortal jade will only take 4000 years.” Ten thousand soldiers cheered for himself.

What he cultivated was the manipulation of a puppet, which was his own way according to the instructions of the Great Elder.

(End of this chapter)

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