My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 1055


Chapter 1055 Heart Demon

Please wait a moment for the mechanical puppet, that’s three months.

During these three months, a large number of Demon Races often come to invade, but in the end they all become food for two Golden Immortal puppets.

“The temporary host has been analyzed.”

“If we want to reach Nandou Immortal Realm quickly, we need to control this Golden Immortal rotten whale and send us to Nandou Immortal Realm area.”

“The current plan has been established. The first step is to transform the internal world of this Golden Immortal rot whale. It is expected to take 10 years.”

Just as the mechanical puppet spoke, Another group of Demon Races in the inner world attacked where Han Feiyu was.

The Immortal Technique-type Golden Immortal puppet behind Han Feiyu tapped lightly against the sky.

Then the whole sky turned dark red, and countless dark red streamers fell from in the sky, like a meteor shower.

These Demon Races, unsurprisingly, turned into food for two Golden Immortal puppets.

Whenever Han Feiyu and Jian Wuji saw this scene, they couldn’t help but say, Ancestor Master brilliant!

“Then just follow the plan, thank you for your hard work, by the way, do you have a name?” Han Feiyu asked.

“The name my master gave me is Guardian Xiao A, and you can call me Xiao A in the future.” The mechanical puppet indifferently said, and then he took out various Han Feiyu from the internal space that he couldn’t understand. The magic weapon begins to install.

“Little a, such a strange name.” Jian Wuji said beside him.

At this moment, the Sword Immortal puppet suddenly cut out five sword lights towards the sky.

In the sky exploded a large amount of Demon Race’s post-death demonic energy and merged into the two puppets.

Seeing this scene, Han Feiyu suddenly asked curiously: “Whether these two Golden Immortal puppets can absorb all the energy and convert it into their own energy, when Master Ancestor gave them to me, did they already Well done.”

Mechanical puppet Xiaoa’s dark red eyes looked towards Han Feiyu.

“The master’s greatness is something you cannot understand.”

“The master’s protection for you is all-round, no matter what environment you are in, you can Guarantee your safety.” The mechanical puppet said seriously.

At this moment, the mechanical puppet just finished assembling the magic weapon in his hand.

In an instant, a shield composed of demonic energy enveloped the manor where Han Feiyu was located.

Finally the demonic energy begins to transform through this device into the purest Spiritual Qi.

“Please hurry up to restore the cultivation base within the next ten years, and more severe challenges are ahead.” The mechanical puppet said, and began to take out all kinds of strange magic weapons from the internal world, and began to assemble stand up.

Han Feiyu nod

and took everyone back to the manor to start cultivation.

Not long after returning to the manor, Jian Wuji’s surprised voice suddenly came from Han Feiyu’s ear.

“I found it. There is really a solution to this situation in our sect manual.” Jian Wuji said with a jade book in his hand.

After so many years of upgrading and metamorphosis, the hidden Spirit Sect Disciple has now evolved into a jade book form.

The cultivation technique Divine Ability and information stored in this form are more than 1,000 times that of the original jade plate.

10% of Grape’s idle computing power is editing this stuff.

Using this Disciple outbound guide, it can be said that under any circumstances, it can help Disciple get out of trouble in the short term while ensuring its own safety.

Han Feiyu suddenly felt a little dazed when he saw this jade book. It seemed that he had not used the Disciple booklet for a long time.

β€œThe chapter about the giant beast in vivo world, according to the current environment detection in the jade book, should be the demonic energy giant beast in vivo world in the culture classification.”

β€œIf according to the jade book With the help of Master Ancestor, we should now be cultivating this cultivation technique, called the Heavenly Demon Technique.”

β€œBut now with the help of Master Ancestor, this process is simple~” said Jian Wujixiang hehe .

As a freelancer, Han Feiyu has been very calm since he encountered danger.

“In the end, our strength is still not strong enough. If the cultivation reaches Golden Immortal or the same level as Ancestor Master, we will not be reduced to this.” Han Feiyu sighed said.

“Don’t be emotional, it’s been 10 years, or else try cultivating this huge heavenly demon technique, I find it quite interesting.” Jian Wuji said while looking at the cultivation technique of the big heavenly demon technique.

When he first saw the general outline of the hugely demonic cultivation technique, he suddenly felt a desire in his heart, as if he was born to cultivate such a cultivation technique.

“Root is the seedling red all the way to the Five Elements Art of the Great Firmament saint, you don’t cultivate, you go to cultivation, this great heavenly demon?”

“You won’t be Affected by the demonic energy here, you must be enchanted.” Han Feiyu said.

“I just feel that this heavenly demon tactic is very suitable for me, and I can’t help it.” Jian Wuji said with some reluctance.

“There is an Avatar Origin Divine Ability in the sect Hidden Scripture Pavilion, which is called One Source of Three Gods. It is very difficult to cultivate.”

“But it is relatively easy to differentiate an Avatar in the early stage. Yes, you use that huge heavenly demon technique of Avatar cultivation by trial and error, and if the effect is really good, you can switch to cultivation.” Han Feiyu suggested.

“Demon cultivator is also a large category in the fairy world, and it does not have no future.”

Just as Jian Wuji was talking, the Immortal Technique type Golden Immortal puppet quietly appeared in Jian Wuji. Behind the infinite.

Then covered Jian Wuji’s top of the head with a big hand flashing purple rays of light.

“Heart Demon is fascinated, and has now been ruled out.” The Golden Immortal puppet left after saying that.

Jian Wuji suddenly shivered, and then immediately looked all around.

β€œWhat happened to me just now?”

β€œYou just told me excitedly that you want the heavenly demon in the jade book of cultivation.” Han Feiyu said and pointed at Jian Wuji. Jade book in hand.

“A heavenly demon tactic? If you don’t get to a dead end, who’s stupid for cultivation!”

“Isn’t the Five Elements Art of sect delicious?” Jian Wuji said, before he In his eyes, all the cultivation techniques in Xianjie are no match for the Five Elements Art that he is currently cultivating.

β€œIt seems that you are back to normal. The Golden Immortal puppet just now said that you were engrossed by the Heart Demon, and cleaned it up for you. It seems that the effect is not bad.” Han Feiyu laughed.

He also took out his jade book and began to read it.

“My mind is enchanted, my mood cultivation is at the level of cream of the crop in the sect, how can I easily invade?” Jian Wuji was taken aback.

“Maybe it’s the reason why we just became mortals.” Han Feiyu said and touched the small pendant in the shape of a jasper bottle gourd on his chest.

Since having this jasper bottle gourd, he seems to have never been disturbed by foreign objects such as Heart Demon.

“Temporary host, there are 63 maids in your manor who were fascinated by the Heart Demon and are currently being cleaned up.” The voice of the mechanical puppet sounded.

Han Feiyu also vaguely heard the restless voice of the maid’s house.

“Understood, I’ll go over and comfort me.” Han Feiyu said, nodding.

“The shield that isolates the Heart Demons has been opened. After cleaning up this batch of Heart Demons, there will be no more Heart Demons in the manor.”

At this time, Han Feiyu suddenly found , the Sword Immortal type Golden Immortal puppet is gone.

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