My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 107

Chapter 107 Zhoutian Treasure Hunter

At this time, there was a sound of breaking in the sky.

I saw a sword boat carrying more than 60 children flying towards the main peak.

“65 children, Brother Xu, it seems that the difficulty of your test is getting lower.” Wang Yulun said while looking at the children on the sword boat.

β€œI’m not very talented, and I’m going to recruit Disciples when the group of Core Disciples grow up. I’ve found 65 this month, and I’m very satisfied.” Xu Fan said, he thought it might even be 50. It’s not all together, but there are so many children who didn’t expect to pass the assessment.

After all, his test was not ordinary.

Wang Xiangchi on the sword boat saw the two Xu Fans in the dojo, turned the direction and flew towards the dojo.

Wang Xiangchi and Li Xingci looked at the main peak, it was beautiful, Immortal Qi’s ethereal Sect building lit up, which was very close to the sect that they imagined, Immortal Holy Land .

And the children on the sword boat looked at this place like Immortal Realm, and after thinking of their cultivation in this kind of place in the future, they all started to chirp chirp twitter twitter excitedly.

“Wow, this is where immortal lives.”

“Xiao Cui, when I become immortal, I will go back and marry you.”

“Dad Mother, your son will be immortal in the future.”

“I want cultivation, I want to kill all monster beasts.”

Li Xingci smiled at the children of chirp chirp twitter twitter Up, the youngest of these children is 6 years old, and the oldest is 14 years old. They are all children who grew up by the lake.

This is the result of his more than one month trip to thousands of villages and towns. He believes that children who can pass the test of master will have greater achievements in the future.

The sword boat, more than fifty meters long, slowly landed in the Heavenly Dao field on the top of the mountain.

“Master, a total of 65 qualified Disciples were recruited, 39 boys and 26 girls, including 2 Dual Spiritual Roots, 21 three spirit roots, 36 four spirit roots, and 6 five spirit roots. .” Li Xing lexicon reports.

“It’s hard work, go and hand over these children to Xiao Xi, rest for a few days, and then you will recruit the remaining 35.”

“This way, our Sect is roughly It’s established.”

While the discipline can still be used, it’s time to use it, or after several decades, it’s time to use the disciples.

β€œAs you bid.”

After these 65 children met Xu Great Elder, they were sent to the main peak by Wang Xiangchi, which was specially built for Outer Sect Disciple place.

As for the position of Sect Master, Xu Fan handed over the most clever of the four disciplines, Xu Yuexian, there is no way, the boss Hanhan, the third one Heart Sword Dao, and the Old Fourth are another one who likes to immerse themselves. People in the self-world.

Only Xu Yuexian is quite normal. Except for being cautious and careful, there is nothing wrong with the rest.

After receiving the order, Wang Xiangchi and Li Xingci did not take a break, but set off directly to the small town by the lake, because now they can only receive Disciple in their Sect jurisdiction.

“What a hardworking and good Disciple.” Xu Fan was pleased.

“Fuck, you’re alluding to it so clearly that a fool can’t understand it.” Wang Yulun said disdainfully.


hundred thousand li The bottom of the giant lake, Xu Yuexian explores the spirit ore resources at the bottom of the lake in a Treasure Item, an underwater vehicle.

“Master really has a special magic weapon for everything. At the bottom of this tens of thousands of meters deep lake, it is really difficult for ordinary cultivators to get down.” Xu Yuexian said to himself.

This is the 30th day of her underwater exploration, just one month. In this month, she has turned around all the waters around the giant island. Except for some insignificant rare treasures at the bottom of the lake, The rest are spirit iron ore, and it is extremely easy to mine, but the premise is that you must dive into the bottom of the tens of thousands of meters of lake.

Although all this is similar to the description, Xu Yuexian still does not give up. As a specialized treasure hunter, she has her own judgment and feels that there must be something not simple in this place.

Before she came, she had obtained the previous state records of this area from the Elder Council. Sixty thousand years ago, there was a small-scale Monster Race invasion here, which was quickly suppressed, and the state records The reason for the record is because space turbulence brought this group of Monster Race over.

And the first place where this group of Monster Races appeared is this huge lake, so she judged that this area must have a weak point of space, and there must be a rare Space Attribute around the weak point of space treasure or natural rune.

This is her goal. She dares to bet on the glory of treasure hunters. There must be a Treasure of Space Attribute, but there is really no way without her.

Xu Yuexian, who was thinking wildly, suddenly patted his forehead.

“Why don’t I ask Master to refine a magic weapon for finding Space Attributes, which is better than finding it blindly.”

So Xu Yuexian turned the submarine-like Treasure Item , flew towards the lake.

“You have a good idea, this time I will get you a set of rare treasure detection Treasure Items with full attributes.” Xu Fan said to Xu Yuexian.

“Thank you, Master.” Xu Yuexian said with a smile. Under normal circumstances, she often has the feeling that Master treats herself as a friend. More like their own friends or kind elders.

“Just come and pick it up tomorrow, and I have one more thing to inform you, you will be the Sect Master of our hidden Spirit Sect.”

“When a hundred Disciples are collected, you will be Just go up.” Xu Fan seemed to be saying a very common thing, as for the name of Sect, he just thought about it.

The hidden Spirit Sect is in line with his low-key temperament.

“Why me.” Xu Yuexian was taken aback.

β€œYou think your big brother can do it.” Xu Fan asked.

Xu Yuexian shook his head without even thinking about it. The big brother fought fiercely. As for everything else, it’s better to learn Divine Ability quietly.

“Can you Junior Brother Wang and Junior Brother Li?”

Xu Yuexian shook his head again.

β€œMartial Uncle Wang can’t.” Xu Yuexian suddenly thought.

“In order to avoid some unnecessary troubles, forget it.”

“Okay.” Xu Yuexian didn’t ask Master why the inappropriate nonsense, she should know what she said didn’t work either.

Then Xu Yuexian told Xu Fan about the situation of the lake bottom in the surrounding waters, and then he continued his treasure hunting business, and he was also idle in the sect.

On the beach of the giant island, it should now be called Yinling Island.

Xu Fan is refining a Treasure Item called Zhou Tian Treasure Hunter, this is the Treasure Item on the rune iron plate, Xu Fan directly revised the version to strengthen the direct refining, now refining this Treasure Item Item is very easy for Xu Fan.

While refining Magical Artifact, I wondered what to do with the spirit iron ore at the bottom of the lake.

Since the Sect has been established, it should not be a waste of time. Although Xu Fan has saved a lot of family property over the years, compared to those established for hundreds of years, his Family property is like one hair from nine oxen.

Over the years, half of Xu Fan’s family property has been exchanged for the Sands of Time and Space, which is enough for Xu Fan to go to the Golden Core Realm, but after the Golden Core Realm, the Time Cabin can’t support the consumption of the Golden Core Realm Xu Fan .

“So what if it’s all spirit iron ore, the most basic spirit ore in the cultivation world, I can also play flowers in my hands.”

“As for the spirit at the bottom of the lake. Iron ore is difficult to mine, and that’s even less of a problem.”

(End of this chapter)

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