My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 108

Chapter 108 Pang Fu

One day later, Xu Yuexian took the Zhou Tian Treasure Hunter from Xu Fan.

“This is the Spirit Stone, this is the jade slip of the list of required purchases, you take your daughter-in-law out for a trip and buy while playing” Xu Fan said to Wang Yulun.

I breastfed Wang Yulun yesterday and gave him the spiritual power armor after Wang Yulun entered the Nascent Soul Realm. It’s time for him to go out and get some treasures, it’s better to be a spiritual mine, because the back He also has to refine two puppet hearts, and the spiritual heart mine in his hand just ran out.

There are still a lot of big projects that need to use this stuff, it’s better to get some soul iron too.

Wang Yulun took a look at the space ring, good guy, he has never seen so many Spirit Stones.

“One hundred million Spirit Stone, you are not afraid that I will run away with the whole family.” Wang Yulun said with a smile.

“Stop talking nonsense, what you gave me is worth 1 billion Spirit Stone.”

“Just this Spirit Stone, if you want it, just say it, and if you don’t say a word, it’s not. Brother.” Xu Fan hehe said, but he wanted Wang Yulun to accept the Spirit Stone, so wouldn’t it be a big wave.

“It’s boring, I went shopping, and took my wife through the romantic couple’s world by the way.” Wang Yulun said as he was about to set off.

“Take this when you go out.” Xu Fan said, throwing two masks over.

“This is the hidden Treasure Item for changing the appearance and Soul Aura, and there is one that we will wear when we go out with the Spirit Sect.”

Wang Yulun gave Xu Fan a doubt The expression, there is no enemy here, why do you want to do this.

“Since it is called a hidden Spirit Sect, this hidden word is the key, and our Sect will be a Sect of Hidden World in the future.”

“Generally, the experience of Disciple when going out should not be mentioned. matter.” Xu Fan explained.

Wang Yulun said in nod

After finishing, Wang Yulun flew towards the main peak and started to go out to buy.

At this time, Xu Fan was left by the lake.

“First get out the defense system of the entire Yinling Island, then the satellite detection system of the entire 100,000 Giant Lake. Finally, the underwater puppet mining battle army will be established.”

“After the spirit iron ore was collected, I checked the market, got a best-selling Treasure Item, and established a Treasure Item production line.” .

Looking at the Spirit Stone in the space ring, sighed, sure enough, Spirit Stone is just like RMB, and it is not enough for any time.

“Am I really going to be the kind of layman who goes around for the Spirit Stone.”

“If only Pang Fu was here, he’d be a layman.”

In the bustling immortal city of Central Plains, a transportation hub, in a newly opened shop, the chubby Boss sneezed.

“I’m still sick after the Foundation Establishment?” Pang Fu said strangely.

At this time, a simple and honest young man came to the store with a pot of tea and poured tea for Pang Fu.

“Shuo’er, how good it was for you to worship Master Xu as your master back then, you insisted on following your father’s business lineage.”

“Look now, your father is in Xiangzhou Just about to make a big show, but Monster Race came, all your father’s previous efforts were in vain.”

“As a result, this Spirit Stone in hand now has a flower in the prosperous land of Central Plains. Even the water splashes can’t be turned up.” Pang Fu said and took out a Magical Artifact, a newsletter that his chamber of commerce was going to release in Xiangzhou, and was secretly distressed.

Since the defense line in the forbidden area was penetrated by Xu Fan, the chamber of commerce he established has risen like a hang-up. After several decades of hard work, an unprecedented huge information transmission network is about to be built. , as a result, Monster Race came to shatter all his fantasies.

What little Spirit Stone you have in your hand, not much after teleporting to Central Plains.

“I’m interested in business, so I want to follow my father’s Cultivation.” The young man said, since he was a child, he understood a truth that nothing in the world can’t be solved by Spirit Stone. If there is, it needs to be able to Lots of Spirit Stones.

“After a period of observation, I found that the shopping mall in Xiangzhou used to be a small fish pond.”

“And here in the central continent, is the endless sea.”


“Here your father has no confidence to lead you to rebuild the glory of Xiangzhou.” Pang Fu sighed said.

The business here has been systematized and standardized. If you really want to create a space here, you can only grab someone else’s market.

At this moment, a pair of Dao Companions passed by the store. Pang Fu glanced at the pair of Dao Companions at random, then suddenly burst out and rushed towards the pair of Dao Companions.

The Wang Yulun couple, who had already put on masks, looked at the fatty in front of them and said with emotion: “Junior Brother Pang, long time no see, how did you recognize me.”

“Finally met an acquaintance, and I met an old friend in a foreign land.” Pang Fu said excitedly, his excitement was not because of Wang Yulun and his wife, but the possibility of finding Xu Fan’s clues from them.

β€œI know the Wanyi balls on Senior Brother Wang and Senior Sister Murong.” Pang Fu said with a smile.

In a hotel box dedicated to immortal cultivators.

β€œI know the news about Brother Xu, but you need his consent to meet him, and you also know his character.” Wang Yulun said, shopping for a month later, before going home, didn’t ‘t expect to run into old acquaintance as well.

As Xu Fan’s brother, he certainly knows Xu Fan’s important partner.

“I know this, so I’ll ask Senior Brother Wang to inform you.” Pang Fu nodded said that when he was in Heavenly Tower Sect, he brought outsiders to find him because of his identity as Xu Fan Artifact Refinement Master. Xu Fan.

At that time, Xu Fan almost cut off communication with Pang Fu because of that incident, and he remembered it from then on.

“Okay, when the time comes I’ll use this to contact you.” Wang Yulun said and raised the Treasure Item Type 2 communication Treasure Item in his hand. The signal is weak in Yinling Island, but You can still send a message.

After Wang Yulun and Pang Fu exchanged their communication rune information, they separated. For a period of time after that, Pang Fu did nothing every day, just staring at the contact Magical Artifact in his hand.

“Father, is there any business opportunity here?” asked Pang Fu’s son.

“No, there is a chance for us to rise again.”

Pang Fu believes that after meeting Xu Fan and working with him, he can rise again.

Xu Fan, who is teaching a group of children to read, was overjoyed when he heard that Pang Fu wanted to meet him.

Xu Fan called Li Xingci directly and asked him to inherit his great Great Sect education career.

In the dojo, Xu Fan met the returning couple Wang Yulun.

After going out for a while, the relationship between the two has grown a lot.

“Isn’t there any accident on the way?” Xu Fan asked, he was afraid that the big purchases would make people look at them.

“Some people are eyeing us, but since the purchase, Qian’er and I have never been out of immortal city.”

“After purchasing, it will be sent directly to our Linsen. immortal city, as you know, the teleportation center of immortal city dare not reveal it.”

“So we come back safely.” Wang Yulun said very wisely.

“By the way, Pang Fu, have you met?”

Xu Fan was about to say that of course I met, but found that the homonym was a bit wrong, so he said: “Send him an address. , we have the Minister of Foreign Trade.”

(End of this chapter)

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