My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 113

Chapter 113 azure clothes swordsman

1 month later, the production line of spiritual power armor was completed.

After receiving the notice, Xu Fan came to the secret base by the lake. At this time, the underground secret room has been completely changed. Even the original tool puppet here has been upgraded by grapes, becoming more streamlined and functional than before. more than before.

“The production line has been completed, and the rest only needs to be put into spiritual ore to produce. 2000 sets of Magical Artifact level spiritual power armor, 800 sets of Treasure Item type 1 spiritual power armor, a total of 148 days.”

Electronic audio reports.

Xu Fan took out a space ring and put it on the body of the grape, and the entire production line began to start.

The grapes directly pour the spirit ore into the already-separated feeding pit, and the tool puppet feeds the material directly to start the first step primary level processing, followed by finishing, tempering, fusion, molding, and engraving picture talisman text.

It’s all so natural, of course, only in Xu Fan’s eyes.

According to Pang Fu, there are no more than ten chambers of commerce that can produce standardized magic weapons in the entire Central Plains continent.

At this time, Xu Fan suddenly dived light flashed, thinking of the few pots of strong body pills that he had opened for the 100 children some time ago, although the Pill Refinement Master with the most primary level just entered can refine it , but there is only one Pill Refinement Master in the entire Yinling Island.

“Can Spirit Pill also make a production line, so I can sell it if I can’t eat it myself.” Xu Fan wondered.

“Grape, do you think Spirit Pill can be made into an assembly line?” Xu Fan asked suddenly.

At this time, a sound as if to overclock sounded.

“Master, it can be made into an automated assembly line, but it can only produce general and middle grade Spirit Pill.” Grape said.

“Is it a general and middle grade medicine pill? That’s fine too.” Xu Fan understood the reason after a little thought.

Pill concocting requires spiritual medicine. Spiritual medicine has different medicinal properties even in the same year. At this time, the Pill Refinement Master needs to use the heat and spell to fine-tune it to make it better match. Other spiritual medicine fusions.

“Another day, let’s make the simplest spiritual medicine production line.” Xu Fan said, he would have given up before, but now in order to be able to do whatever he wants in the future, he must Need a lot of Spirit Stone to support.

At this time, Xu Fan received a message from Xu Yuexian, and she called Xu Fan a position.

80,000 kilometers away from the northwest corner of Yinling Island, Xu Fan saw Xu Yuexian waiting here.

Seeing Xu Yuexian’s excited look, Xu Fan asked, “I found something good.”

“Master, you just discovered something.”

“A Small World!”

Before Xu Fan could guess, Xu Yuexian gave the answer.

Xu Fan’s eyes lit up, and he hurriedly asked, “What kind of treasure is there in Small World?”

“Uh, is there any treasure in it, and the area should be relatively small. “

“The Spiritual Qi inside is also very meager.”

“But these are not the point, the point is that there are people inside, a complete and unified country, the strongest is Core Formation Realm.”

After listening to Xu Yuexian’s words, Xu Xu Fan completely lost interest, or in other words, he didn’t have the strength to cultivate this Small World.

“Why are you so excited.” Xu Fan asked strangely, this Small World is still useful in that kind of Great Sect, but it is very tasteless to appear near his own sect.

“Although it’s useless, this is the first Small World I’ve discovered, and from now on, I’m a high-level treasure hunter.”

“Yes, , I was able to discover this Small World, thanks to Master’s Zhou Tian Treasure Hunter.”

“Otherwise, I would never have discovered such a subtle space fluctuation.” Xu Yuexian said happily.

“Okay, since I found it, make a mark here. Later, when I advance to the Golden Core Realm, open the bridge between Small World and here, and then get a Spirit Gathering Array to slowly transform this Small World, saying It might be useful in thousands of years.” Xu Fan then said,

He wasn’t very interested in Small World, and he didn’t even bother to play immortal games in it.

After Xu Fan marked here, he was about to return when he saw a chilling sword light rushing out of Small World, followed by a swordsman with azure clothes.

I saw the azure clothes swordsman standing in the void, feeling this different world.

“Upper Realm, my teacher exhibition is finally here!”

It seems to say goodbye to the original world, and it seems to welcome a new life.

“Yuexian, how do you feel about this person’s strength.” Xu Fan asked.

“It’s just so-so. It’s sword qi. Although the formidable power is very strong, the shortcomings are also obvious.” Xu Yuexian commented.

At this time, it seems that the newly reborn teacher Zhan found the two Xu Fan not far away.

“My friend, this is the Immortal Realm.” Shi Zhan stepped into the void and slowly came to the two of them and said.

According to Shizhan’s observation, women’s strength is equal to their own, and men’s are slightly lower.

“Oh, this is not the fairy world, it’s the cultivation world.”

“This is the huge lake of hundreds of thousands li, you can go to the south-east direction and you can reach the continent.” After Xu Fan finished speaking, without waiting for him to thank him, he took Xu Yuexian back to Yinling Island.

This kind of person who came up from the Small World, as long as he is younger, has more or less destiny.

Xu Fan doesn’t want to provoke this kind of person, so he doesn’t want to make trouble for himself.

Shi Zhan smiled awkwardly as he looked at the two quickly disappearing into the sky.

“Are all the people in the upper realm so indifferent?”

After Shi Zhan finished speaking, he looked in the right direction and flew quickly, like a bird just out of its cage.

In the spirit boat.

“Master, everyone who can rush out of Small World is an extraordinary natural talent, why don’t we accept him.” Xu Yuexian said puzzled.

“As a teacher, he has eyes that can see through fate. This person has no relationship with our hidden Spirit Sect. Forcible provocation will lead to disaster.” Xu Fan casually made up a reason.

If an old man rushes up, Xu Fan promises to arrange a pension for the old man, but this kind of person looks like a pig’s foot in Small World.

The world is so big, you should go see it, our small temple can’t hold a big god.

Xu Fan decided that when the Spirit Stone arrives, the island protection formation of Yinling Island will begin to be arranged.

But the whole Yinling Island was hidden at the time, and was seen by the passing cultivator that day.

Ten days later, Xu Fan floated and fished in the lake in a canoe he made, preparing for a day of salted fish.

A sword qi light appeared from a distance and flew towards Xu Fan’s boat.

“Hey, why does it mean soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed.” Xu Fan said with a headache.

A silhouette slowly landed on Xu Fan’s boat, the azure clothes swordsman that day.

“My friend, we met again, is there an Immortal Sect here?” Shizhan cupped his hands and said, and could not find any fault in etiquette.

Hearing Shizhan’s words, Xu Fan turned to look at the magnificent Sect gate not far away.

Can’t you see such big words?

(End of this chapter)

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