My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 116

Chapter 116 Spirit Master

β€œAlso is not that absolutely does not have protection,” says Nascent Soul Realm cultivator.

“If there is a demon cultivator that destroys your sect, our Elder Council will take out the total amount of Spirit Stones you have paid in ten years to hunt down the demon cultivator or power that destroys your sect.”

“In this way, they will consider carefully before destroying your sect.”

“Actually, the central continent is much more peaceful than it has been in thirty thousand years. The demon cultivator doesn’t dare to do anything in the central continent.”

Xu Fan felt a little more balanced after hearing this.

“I see.” Xu Fan said nodding.

“Elder Xu understands.”

“Since the tax has been paid, I won’t bother.”


Nascent Soul Cultivator is going to go back.

“Senior, wait a minute, Junior has another question.” Xu Fan said hurriedly, after a while, he had to figure things out.

Nascent Soul Cultivator, whose butt had just left the chair, sat down again, not very busy, and chatted for a while.

“Senior, I have a secret Spirit Sect that I want to be a Sect of Hidden World. I wonder if the Elder Council will reveal the news of my sect.” Xu Fan asked.

The last swordsman named Shizhan most likely got news of the hidden Spirit Sect through the Elder Council.

“Oh, if you want to do Sect of Hidden World, well, just make a note here.”

“Go back and report to the headquarters, in the future our Elder Council will not Disclose the news of your sect.”

“The azure clothes swordsman last time, I thought that your Sect start-up would need such a talent, so I recommended it.”

“If If I cause you trouble, I will make amends for you.” Nascent Soul Cultivator cupped his hands and said.

β€œHaha, senior is serious.”

After Xu Fan established the hidden sect, Nascent Soul Cultivator left.

“Elder Council, 56 Venerables, the protection fee is very spiritual.”

“10% of the protection fee is not unacceptable.” Xu Fan touched the chin and said .

Xu Fan felt that if a Sect or a force wanted to continue to dominate and expand, it would not take long for something to happen.

As long as the strength is strong like this, leave other areas to cultivate into the cradle of leeks, grow a wave and collect a wave, and it is not too much, so that it can last forever.

“It’s a good way to cut leeks, so no matter the rise or fall of that Sect, the biggest beneficiary is the Elder Council.” Xu Fan exclaimed, the founder of the Elder Council must be a great wise man.

“Master, what is cutting leeks?” Xu Yuexian asked aside.

“It’s just a vegetable. It grows and grows again.” Xu Fan said simply.

“Oh, I see.”

“Master, when we become stronger, we will join the Elder Council to collect other leeks.” Xu Yuexian said.

“Haha, before that time, we will ascend to the Great Thousand Worlds.” Xu Fan said with a smile, in essence, the central continent has such a vision, thanks to the policy of the Elder Council .

The cultivation world has never been very peaceful. Even when Xu Fan was in the Heavenly Tower Sect, he often heard that the Sect was destroyed and the demon cultivator slaughtered a whole city of souls.

“After reaching the Great Thousand Worlds, we will build a platform for harvesting leeks.”

Xu Fan got up and walked towards the refining room. He still had 3 Spirit Gathering Pearls. Refining, this is the main accessory of the sect array.

“Master, there is something I want to discuss with you.” Xu Yuexian said quickly.

“What’s the matter.”

“That’s it.” Xu Yuexian took out the communication magic weapon he had just bought.

“The signal here is too weak, can Master make the signal better?” Xu Yuexian said pitifully.

“The signal is good, can you buy those flashy things again.” Xu Fan said.

“It’s not like this, Master, look.”

Xu Yuexian waved his hand, and an illusory shadow was projected in the air, inside which were the magic weapons used by those extremely gorgeous female cultivators , especially the clothes, even Xu Fan praised it for being good looking.

β€œThese are powerful magic weapons, and I want to buy one or two,” Xu Yuexian said.

“It seems that the style of the magic weapon I have refined for you recently is a bit monotonous. I will make your magic weapon more beautiful next time as a teacher.” A smile appeared in Xu Fan’s eyes.

“Master, you are the best~~” Xu Yuexian turned into a little licking dog with a very pleasing expression.

“You just want to spend Spirit Stone. After I refinish the sect array’s spirit gathering accessories, I’m getting this for you.” Xu Fan said.

“Thank you, Master!”

Ten days later, after Xu Fan finished refining the thirty-six spirit-gathering giant beads, he made a trip to Linsen Immortal City, Study the frequency of the signal.

For the general Artifact Refinement Master, it is very difficult to connect without refining the signal body, but for Xu Fan, it couldn’t be simpler.

One day later, Xu Fan made a large-scale signal amplification Magical Artifact, which was made with spirit iron collected from the bottom of the lake, which was quite cost-effective.

After the signal amplifier was refined, Xu Fan also had nothing to do to watch the news above. Although this speed is already at the 3G level, the basic application is to send a news and advertise.

“It doesn’t make much sense.”

Xu Fan put down the communication Magical Artifact boringly after watching it for a while, and came to the secret base on the island.

At this time, the secret base under the ground has expanded to more than 10,000 square meters, and several production lines are in operation, especially the spiritual power armor production line. There are more than 1,000 tools and puppets responsible for forging here. .

Since the first order for spiritual power armor was delivered, the following orders came in like a flood, and the production volume was directly scheduled to three years later. As a last resort, Xu Fan got two more production lines.

I originally wanted to take advantage of the victory to get the spirit power armor of Treasure Item II, but Pang Fu stopped it, meaning that this piece of meat was too big, and if the Yinling Merchant Guild ate all of it, there would be a problem.

“Can’t the strength cover it? Sure enough, the truth is the same no matter which world.” Xu Fan muttered while looking at the production line in front of him,

“Grape.” Xu Fan said .

“Master, I’m here.” An electronic voice appeared.

“When will the production line of spirit iron cannonballs be established.”

“After half a year,”

“Okay, when the time comes along with the sect formation. Established.” Xu Fan said, after a period of time, the artillery defense system of his Yinling Island can be built, coupled with Treasure Item level artillery shells, it is estimated that Divine Transformation cultivator will not be afraid when it comes.

“By the way, are there any talents in this group of children who are capable of refining and pill concocting?” Xu Fan asked, the entire sector is under the monitoring of grapes, and it is very simple to find that child innate talent is matter.

In addition, the hundred children are now in a free-range state, that is, except for the “Five Elements Secret Art” that must be learned, the rest are voluntary.

“5 Disciples with alchemy talent and 3 Disciples with innate talent.” Grape replied.

“Okay, these Disciples are taught by me,” Xu Fan said.

This is the grape and said: “Among the 100 Disciples, there is a Disciple named Zhou Kailing, who has the innate talent of creating a Spirit Master.”

“didn’t expect also There’s a surprise.”

(End of this chapter)

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