My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 117

Chapter 117 VIP expires and benefits are gone

At this time, Grape released a picture.

Two little boys are competing to see who has the best spell.

As a result, one of the little boys used a small Spirit Rain Technique, and the picture is still relatively normal.

Another little boy said disdainfully: “It’s raining on your light, it’s useless, look at me.”

With the other little boy, a few Strange seal, a cloud of shit yellow appeared in the sky.

Then there was a shit spot in the sky, a gust of wind blew, and neither of these two boys was spared.

This screen ends.

“Haha, this kid is very thoughtful.” Xu Fan almost laughed, what is this, a little shit rain technique.

Then Grape listed the little boy’s viewing records in Wanfa Pavilion, which were all written by himself on the basic development and enhancement of spell.

“Zhou Kailing, this kid will be my fifth Disciple in the future.” Xu Fan said, creating Spirit Master, even if he came to the central continent, he seldom heard of it. It seems that this is a real scarce profession. .

At this time, Zhou Kailing, who was watching Xu Fan’s notes in Wanfa Pavilion, was very distressed. Now he was thinking about transforming his little shit rain technique, otherwise he would hurt himself too easily.

At this time, the little boy who competed with him in the video appeared again.

“Kailing, did you know that the immortal teachers who taught us started accepting Disciples.”

“We will make good money in class in the future, maybe we will be caught by those immortal teachers. Teacher immortal,” said the little boy.

“You don’t need to show it, what should be yours is always yours. You see, our Sect Master has two female disciples who like babies.”

“Ling Sword Peak Peak The Master has accepted two Disciples that love sword techniques.”

“There are many more, these can only show one phenomenon, immortal apprentices all have goals, like us ordinary people, we will just follow Just wait for the sect to arrange it.” Zhou Kailing said casually.

“No, you’re not ordinary, at least you’ll throw shit.” The little boy had a hello look on his face.

“How many times have I told you, it’s not shit, it’s just something like shit that spiritual power condenses.” Zhou Kailing said angrily, since the last test, this misunderstanding has been said no. Clear.

Xu Fan came out of the underground secret room, now it should be called the underground secret factory.

He then saw Xu Gang flying over with a huge sea snake, his face was full of pleasure after a happy battle.

“Master, today I found a sea snake from Nascent Soul Realm in the east of Yinling Island. I killed it, and I can feed the children again at night.” Said the 100-meter-long sea snake.

“Give it to the grapes, now your sister’s craftsmanship is useless.”

As soon as Xu Fan finished speaking, two giant bird puppets of Golden Core Realm came from a distance. , took the sea snake from Xu Gang’s hand.

Nothing, Xu Fan and Xu Gang slowly walked towards Yinling Island Lord Peak, he was watching what Yinling Island was built with grapes.

“Master, after a while, I guess I’ll be able to advance to Nascent Soul Realm.” Xu Gang said beside him.

“Oh, have you passed the level of the puppet?” Xu Fan was stunned, and then said, was the difficulty I set too low, or did I underestimate my own discipline.

According to his estimation, Xu Gang still has at least 5 years to challenge successfully and advance to Nascent Soul.

“Well, after a while, you can succeed in the challenge.” Xu Gang said.

“Okay, congratulations on becoming the first Nascent Soul Realm of this sect.” Xu Fan said while looking at the big Disciple who had followed him since childhood.

“Ha, Master is joking.” Xu Gang scratched his head and said.

“But you only need to challenge the puppet, right? You forgot that I gave you a task.”

“Master, Xiao Xi and I have worked hard, really. Yes.” Xu Gang said embarrassedly.

Xu Fan took a jade slip directly.

“There are two sets of kung fu above, Tian Yang Jue and Yue Yin Gong. You and Xiao Xi practice both. If you don’t have it after two years, you are advancing to Nascent Soul.”

” All right.” Xu Gang said reluctantly, he didn’t understand why Master always struggled with this.

Looking at the response of the eldest apprentice, Xu Fan nods, and if he can be two years later, he will be two years later.

At this moment, three Golden Core Realm puppets suddenly crossed in the sky.

“Master, there is a monster beast invasion.” Xu Gang said and was about to fly over.

“It’s not a major event, the grapes will notify you when you really go out.” Xu Fan indifferently said, this kind of thing happens every few days.


In the evening, in the dining hall like daytime, a whole snake feast was held, and all the children were cheering for another delicious meal, although you were eating Not much.

Xu Fan brought the dishes and the Wang Yulun family to eat at a table.

“Brother Xu, you know, our Xiangzhou has now been completely occupied by Monster Race, and Monster Race is invading other states.” Wang Yulun said that since the signal here is good, he has received a lot of News about Xiangzhou.

“I also saw the news, now half of the Venerables guarding the passage between the two realms in the central continent have gone to Sheng Ling State to prepare to suppress the Monster Race.”

“Also open the With a huge reward, I call on people with lofty ideals in the culture world to come to Sheng Ling State to suppress the Monster Race.” Xu Fan said, looking at his brother’s moving expression, he knew that this guy was going to leave.

“After the sect has nothing to do, I want to go there and see my family by the way.” Wang Yulun said that the semi-reclusive life during this period made him very uncomfortable, and he felt that During the battle, however, he went into hiding.

“Actually, there is nothing to do with sect now. If you want to leave, wait for me for a while and I will make a few Treasure Items for you before leaving.” Xu Fan said, he could see Wang Yulun’s eyes The loneliness in this is not the life he wants.

“Okay, Brother Xu, thank you,” said Wang Yulun, who wanted to talk later, but couldn’t help it today.

After the whole snake feast, Xu Fan announced to accept Zhou Kailing as his direct disciple.

3 months later, outside the door of Spirit Sect, Xu Fan put a space ring into Wang Yulun’s hand.

“Here are all the magic weapons and Spirit Pills that you can use from the Golden Core Realm to the Divine Transformation Realm, and there is a jade slip that will detail how to use these magic weapons.” Xu Fan was a little reluctant He said, is this VIP expired, the benefits are leaving.

“Also, I know you’re gone, I don’t know when you’ll be back, but you have to remember that in 50 years, no matter what, you will come back.” Xu Fan Said that the fate of this kid has not changed, and I hope that there will be no problems in their relationship between husband and wife during this period.

“I know, Brother Xu, the hidden Spirit Sect will always be my home.” Wang Yulun suddenly felt a little reluctant to see the Yinling Island that had been built, but he could play a very important role here. Small.

“It’s fine if you know it’s home, and I’ll come back when I’m tired from fighting.”


A spaceship-shaped Treasure Item car is heading towards Linsen immortal city fly away.

“Welfare is gone.” Xu Fan secretly sighed.

(End of this chapter)

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