My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 118

Chapter 118 Monster Beast Attacks the Island

After the welfare left, Xu Fan was a little depressed. When he thought that he would buy everything in real gold and white silver in the future, Xu Fan started to have a headache.

“In the future, it will only be gold.”

“Master, after I arrive at the Golden Core Realm, can I?” Wang Xiangchi walked over and said.

“Just like the master doesn’t let people go, after you go to the Golden Core Realm and learn the last Divine Ability, you don’t care where you want to practice as a teacher.”

“But the premise is You have to hold on to your own life.” Xu Fan said, he knew that it was impossible to tie all the disciplines by his side, and it was estimated that it would be more stable only after it became a big shot.

I didn’t see Han Heavenly Venerable either running, or on the way, until Integration Realm became more stable.

β€œAs you bid.” Wang Xiangchi said.

Xu Fan waved his hands to disperse several of the disciplines around him and returned to the main peak’s dojo.

I saw Zhou Kailing sitting there alone, fascinated by the illusion.

In the past three months, Xu Fan has not taught anything, and has been letting him watch hot-blooded battle animations in the fantasy world, such as “Hei Jue Save Mother”, “Water Thief King”, “The Blade of Column Extermination” “, “Sister Cannon”.

Everything Xu Fan has seen will be arranged for him to create a Spirit Master, but it’s not enough without a brain hole.

At mealtime, Xu Fan asked the tool puppet to deliver two meals.

With a snap of his fingers, Zhou Kailing instantly woke up from the illusion.

“I’m going to destroy this village!!”

Zhou Kailing shouted excitedly as soon as he came out, his face was hideous and his blue veins were exposed.

“Are they all gone, not a few left.” Xu Fan asked with interest.

“The uncle and elder sister who sell ramen can stay.”

“The little sister and the teacher can stay too.”

“But No matter what, the old man must die.”

“Why should a hero’s child be treated like that when pig’s feet can be given a perfect childhood?”

watching Excited Zhou Kailing, Xu Fan remembered when he was a child watching Huanzhugege and Crape Myrtle being stabbed. At that time, he just wanted to have a fight with Mammy Rong with a knife.

“Don’t take the stories inside seriously, let you read these mainly to let you see the battle method inside and expand your brain.” Xu Fan said.

“Follow your orders, Master, I’m excited just now.” Zhou Kailing saluted and said, watching anime is too fascinated, and he has to control his emotions in the future.

Looking at the Disciple that quickly regained his composure, Xu Fan was satisfied with the nodded, and he could not pick out any problems in his mood with the Disciple he received. This may be a side effect of the test.

“Eat first, and you can continue watching after eating.”

“When, after you have finished watching the anime in the fantasy world, I am teaching you other things.” Xu Fan said.

“en. ”

After eating, seeing Zhou Kailing, who had entered an illusion again, Xu Fan nodded and walked out of the main peak.

A dozen tool puppets are cleaning up the top of a mountain next to the ghostly Island Lord.

Xu Fan holds a miniature pagoda in his hand. This is the trial pagoda he made. After the new generation of Disciple reaches the middle stage of Qi Refinement, he will need to come here to challenge.

The pagoda has a total of ninth layers, corresponding to the realm from the fourth layer to the Twelfth layer of the refiner. If you want to advance, you must pass the corresponding Trial Pagoda first, or you can only advance after the time limit has passed.

After the tool puppet was cleaned up, Xu Fan directly released the pagoda, which is the largest Treasure Item ever made by himself.

The base of the Trial Tower is 50 meters in diameter and 90 meters in height. There is room for expansion inside, and each layer can accommodate 100 Disciples for simultaneous assessment.

After Xu Fan entered, he directly released the corresponding puppets for each floor, more than 2000 in total.

“Well, there is Trial Pagoda. After the Disciple of the hidden Spirit Sect goes out, the battle strength will definitely be first-class.”

After handing over the Trial Tower to Grape’s control, Xu Fan returned to the main peak and started the renovation of the school.

Some time ago, Zhou Kailing was allowed to study in the illusion, and an idea came to his mind, why not let Disciples study in the illusion, anyway, it is controlled by grapes, which is efficient and saves manpower.

So Xu Fan asked about Grape, and found that he only needed to remodel the school a little.

After doing all this, Xu Fan felt that a better life of salted fish was coming.

On the second day, Xu Fan, who was in Cultivation, was woken up by grapes.

“Master, a large-scale monster beast has invaded, and all the defense systems of Yinling Island have been activated.”

Xu Fan slowly opened his eyes, helplessly said: “Also let no one It’s not a game, so why can’t the monster siege event be finished?”

The sound of cannons and explosions in the distance could be heard faintly.

Xu Fan quickly steered the streamer boat to the worst offense.

At this time, Xu Gang had already come to the battlefield, wearing spiritual power armor, a thousand-handed virtual image appeared behind him, and hundreds of solid and super-hard spirit iron balls floated behind the virtual image, all of them the size of a basketball. .

‘lava world ‘

‘lava giant’

‘lava rain’

‘lava snake’

Xu Gang started with the Divine Ability spell of the largest lava system.

“Master, the younger sister and the other Junior Brothers are suppressing in other places. I will guard this place, and there will be absolutely no problem.”

Looking at the endless stream in the lake Monster beast, Xu Fan felt fortunate to have armed Yinling Island early.

“Grape, how long can the island’s defense system last for an attack of this scale?” Xu Fan asked.

“After half a month, the stockpile of ammo and shells will be depleted.”

“Before, unless there were multiple Divine Transformation Realm monster beasts attacking, there would not be a single Divine Transformation Realm monster beast. Only the beast will enter the island.”

Hearing the grapevine’s response, Xu Fan nominates the leader. In his eyes, it is very easy to solve this wave of monster beast siege, as long as it is solved.

“Xu Gang, you are here to guard, Yuexian and I have dealt with the monster beast leader.”

“Master be careful.”

“Still Be careful.”

Xu Fan said, a set of spiritual power armor appeared on his body, and then an 8-meter-high spiritual power giant armor appeared in the air, and Xu Fan drilled into the spiritual power armor. .

“Yuexian, follow me to kill the leader of monster beast.” Xu Fan sound transmission.

tone barely fell , there was a rapid sound of breaking through the air in the distance, and a purple escaping light rushed towards Xu Fan.

“Master, what is the battle plan.” Xu Yuexian said excitedly, as a treasure hunter, he was more or less hobby about fighting.

“You are in charge of the side response, I am the main attack, you only need to open the wound on the monster beast.”

This time the leader of the monster beast may be the Divine Transformation Realm, are you afraid? . “Xu Fan said.

“With Master here, I’m not afraid. “Xu Yuexian said with a smile, when his master Qi Refinement Realm was able to kill the Golden Core monster beast in seconds, and the Foundation Establishment Realm killed a Divine Transformation monster beast, it’s not too much, it can also escape the last time.

“haha, then come with me. ”

Xu Fan flew to the densest place of monster beast as he spoke.

A monster beast soul of Foundation Establishment Realm was directly captured by Xu Fan and read brutally. Take the memory.

“Oh, so you are a bastard, your eggs are on this island, and you have to get your son back. “

Xu Fan analyzed the whole sequence of events from the monster beast’s memory in an instant.

“Speak well, I can still return your child, but you are so engage. “

“Sorry, after you leave, I will take care of your child for you.” ”

(end of this chapter)

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