My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 119

Chapter 119 A little red flower for you

“Hide behind me and follow me until the Old Tortoise shows up, and then you go and make way for it The wound is fine.” Xu Fan said, looking at the monster beast who rushed out from the bottom of the lake to kill him.

The eight-meter-high giant armor just extended the hand and gently pointed at the rushing monster beasts, and the monster beasts turned into neatly cut pieces of meat in the air.


At the moment Xu Fan put on the giant armor, the surrounding space was covered with threads thinner than a hair by Xu Fan. It is the magic weapon of the Treasure Item Second Rank refined after Xu Fan became the Foundation Establishment Realm, the world of silk.

Xu Fan ignored those monster beasts, and took Xu Yuexian to fly somewhere on the lake.

The Old Tortoise’s demonic power fluctuations have been captured by Xu Fan.

“Old Turtle, I found you.” Xu Fan said. Hundreds of electromagnetic long spears appeared behind him and blasted directly at the monster beast blocked in front of them. Among them, more than 30 electromagnetic long spears directly greeted them. Three monster beasts of Nascent Soul Realm, perfectly clear for targeting.


Hundreds of monster beasts on the lake turned into blood mists and exploded, and the three Nascent Soul Realm monster beasts were also seriously injured by Xu Fan. It is not suppressed by the Divine Transformation Realm giant tortoise monster beast, it is estimated that the gun has disappeared by now.

“If you don’t want to run, then make flower fertilizer.” Xu Fan sprinkled a bunch of seeds, and directly adhered to the wounds of the three-headed Nascent Soul Realm monster beast along the trail of the wind.

After a while, three beautiful flowers appeared on the sea, swaying towards Xu Fan.

“There is enough flesh and blood over there, you can enjoy it as much as you like.” Xu Fan directly placed the three flowers in the densest part of the monster beast, like a Tree Demon, with countless vines waving in the lake. .

In just a moment, a sea of flowers bloomed on the sea.

Xu Yuexian looked at Xu Fan in full swing and refreshed her understanding of the Foundation Establishment Realm again.

If her previous perception of Xu Fan was to face a lofty mountain, she could see the top even at high altitudes.

Now Xu Fan gives her the feeling of a deep and blue endless sea, and the feeling that she can never see the edge is her current mood.

Xu Gang, who was guarding in the distance, looked at the sea of Seven Colors Flowers in the lake, and reluctantly stopped his output. At the same time, he was amazed at the strength of his master.


between Heaven and Earth A strange voice sounded, and a giant tortoise with a diameter of one kilometer in its bare back shell slowly emerged from the lake, with its head and tail. , the limbs are enough to support the mountains.

“Old Turtle, it’s a pity that you didn’t open your mind, otherwise we can talk about it, it’s a pity.” Xu Fan said, looking at the cruel and playful eyes of the giant turtle,

At this time, a huge wave rising through the sky rose from the giant lake and patted Xu Fan fiercely, and there were countless tiny soul eaters in the huge wave ready to enjoy this delicious meal.

“Yuexian, come on, be careful.”

After Xu Fan finished speaking, he instantly got rid of the lock of the giant tortoise and flew straight into the sky.

Seeing Xu Fan escape, the giant tortoise slapped the lake fiercely like a dragon claw’s giant claw, and countless water columns burst into the sky on the lake, blasting towards Xu Fan in the air.

“Interesting, you still want to block me.” Xu Fan said with a smile, twisting a few times in the air at will, then dodged the attack of the water column.

At this time, a silhouette appeared at the tail of the dragon tail, and Xu Yuexian raised the air-breaking sword and stabbed the giant tortoise’s tail with all his strength.

The result was not unexpectedly popped.

Xu Fan, who was fighting against the giant tortoise in the sky, saw this scene and said helplessly: “Can you give this giant tortoise of Divine Transformation Realm some respect, it is Divine Transformation Realm, you It’s definitely not possible to stab with all his strength like this.”

Before Xu Fan finished speaking, Xu Yuexian was directly slapped by the giant tortoise’s tail, and with this blow, the spiritual power armor was instantly destroyed.

Xu Yuexian stabilized his body in the air, changed into another set of spiritual power armor in the air, and disappeared in midair.

“It only takes a small wound. I will teach you the Secret Art of Piercing Armor. Have you forgotten?” Xu Fan asked.

“Haha, it’s fine, Master, I just tested the hardness of its tail, and now I have a clue.”

Xu Yuexian’s voice came from Xu Fan’s ear.

“This is a dead little expert. If you don’t have the protection of spiritual power armor, you probably won’t even have scum left.”

The moment Xu Yuexian was knocked into the air just now, The last defensive protection of the spiritual power armor is activated, just like the air bag of a car.

‘Ow! ! ‘

A loud roar made Xu Fan’s soul rippling, and another water cannon struck.

“Fuck me, you can even make combos.”

At this time, ten basketball-sized solid iron balls appeared behind Xu Fan, covered with lightning.

‘Bang! ‘

Xu Fan didn’t hesitate and slammed directly at the giant tortoise. He now has the feeling of a single-player boss in the unfathomable mystery.

A dozen layers of water escapes appeared around the giant tortoise, blocking all the shells shot by Xu Fan.

At this moment, countless seeds that were ten times smaller than a grain of rice appeared in Xu Fan’s hands.

Xu Fan’s hand-knotted seal, in the sky was instantly filled with tiny invisible seeds.

“Xu Yuexian, it’s now!”

A ghostly silhouette appeared at the base of the giant tortoise’s tail, and stabbed it with the ultimate shocking sword fiercely, the tip of the sword There is a trace of space fluctuation on it.

‘Armor-piercing and stabbing spirit’

This time, the air-piercing sword stabbed in smoothly, but for the kilometer-sized giant tortoise, this meter-long Spirit Sword also stabbed it. not in the flesh.


Xu Yuexian immediately retreated, and the giant sword inserted at the base of the giant tortoise’s tail exploded instantly, blowing up a bit of flesh and blood in the tail section of the giant tortoise. In an instant, the invisible seeds in the air seemed to have received a summon and converged directly on the wound at the base of the giant tortoise’s tail.

The piece of flesh and blood that was blown off did not affect the giant tortoise in the slightest. It only took a moment for the wound to be restored to its original state.

“Yuexian, back off, your mission is complete.”

Xu Fan said to Xu Yuexian sound transmission while avoiding the giant tortoise’s skills.

“Master, you can take it. It doesn’t seem to have any effect.” Xu Yuexian said suspiciously.

“Let the bullets fly for a while.”

Xu Fan hits the giant tortoise with another nuclear explosion. Although there is no use for eggs, the visual effect is great.

As time went by, the giant tortoise had a playful look in his eyes, but gradually became serious because it sensed danger.

A waterspout with a diameter of one kilometer appeared, connected Heaven and Earth, and rolled towards Lingdao.

Obviously, the giant tortoise doesn’t play and wants to take his son home.

“It’s time.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

‘ao wu ~~~~’

A miserable cry resounded through Heaven and Earth, and the giant tortoise rolled quickly in the lake.

“3, 2, 1.”

Xu Fan snapped his fingers, and a small red flower appeared on the giant cock. The turtle was also quiet at this time.

“Don’t mention it, this ugly turtle, with this little red flower on its head, is really ugly and cute.” Xu Fan touched the chin said with a slight smile .

A silhouette of Xu Yuexian appears next to Xu Fan.

“Master, what kind of Divine Ability do you have?” Xu Yuexian looked at the little red flower on the giant cock in shock and said. .

β€œWood Attribute Divine Ability, I will send you a little red flower.”

(End of this chapter)

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