My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 121

Chapter 121 Ye Chen

After Qiu Ziyuan left, Zhou Kailing said, “Master, how did you see Senior Brother Qiu?”

“Everyone’s Innate talent is different, it’s easy to see, just like your little shit rain.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

In the past ten years, Zhou Kailing has been studying with Xu Fan. Although it is not as good as the original Xu Fan, it is still an extraordinary natural talent compared to other creative Spirit Masters.

Xu Fan has read the information about creating a Spirit Master. It’s like a doctor. It’s getting more and more popular. It usually takes several years to create a spell or cultivation technique.

A rigorous and feasible cultivation technique creates a Spirit Master that can study for a lifetime.

“Master, you are laughing at me again.” Zhou Kailing said depressedly, but he was proud of the fact that the small shit rain technique at the beginning has now evolved into a shit tornado.

“Master, I created a spell recently, please appreciate it.”

Zhou Kailing pointed out a finger to the lake.

The Metal Attribute merged with the Fire Attribute, condensing into a bullet at his fingertips.


The bullet turned into a stream of light and flew towards the distance.

“The idea is good, the spiritual power consumption is small, the attack power is good, and the late-stage developability is high. It is a good spell.”

Xu Fan’s words made Zhou Kailing’s mouth slightly rise. , In recent years, he has rarely been praised by his master.

“However, you just developed it and let me appreciate it, didn’t it mean you were scolded.” Xu Fan said with a change of words.

“It’s not like you haven’t seen this thing, the spell you just used to propel it with the formidable power of the explosion.”

“Poor accuracy, short range, It didn’t take advantage of it perfectly.”

Xu Fan took out a Magical Artifact-level bullet from the space ring and threw it to the discipline.

“The bullets in the back are condensed like this, and the formidable power can be at least doubled.” The bullet appears, surrounded by the barrel that is coalesced by the Wind Attribute.


A big white bird that was free-flying in the sky began to do a free fall.

Zhou Kailing swallowed a mouthful of saliva as he watched the big bird falling from the height of 1000 meters. It was 1000 meters high, and he used the same spiritual power as him.

“This is a spell I created when I was in the fifth layer of Qi Refinement, but the formidable power is small, so I have never used it.” Xu Fan said.

“You are 20 years old and have not been out of the sect since you entered the door. This time, when the Pang Pavilion Lord returns and is leaving, you will go out with him and go to the Great Immortal cities in the central continent. Go shopping, I’ll give you a year off.” Xu Fan said.

A group of 20-year-old young men can’t just hold back in the sect, so Xu Fan often arranges some errands to go out, and arranges Zongnei Disciple to go out to gain insights.

“Master, I don’t want to go out.” Zhou Kailing said, he felt that he had not learned enough and was unwilling to leave Xu Fan’s side.

“Let’s take a photo session. In a year’s time, I want to see pictures of the 24 bustling streets of immortal city. By the way, tell me what major events are taking place in these immortal cities.” Xu Fan ignored Zhou Kailing. Continuing, it is enough to have me in otaku in the sect.

“As you bid.” Zhou Kailing could only helplessly said.

“By the way, when I remembered that you came, I also said that after your cultivation, you would go back to your village to marry a girl named Xiao Cui.”

“Just left. When the time comes, let Pang Pavilion Lord turn around and let your childhood dream come true.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Master, Brother Junior, who just finished his mission from outside, brought me a message.”

“Three years ago, Sister Xiao Cui got married. I am destined to have no relationship with Sister Xiaocui in this life.” Zhou Kailing said a little sadly, in their village, it was the dream of every child in their village to marry Sister Xiaocui back home.

“Well, it’s really fortune plays with people.” Xu Fan could only express regret.

This is Xu Fan’s sudden closing, and a one-meter-long Qianhu fish is hooked.

“Yes, I have fish soup today.”

This is, a drone flew from a distance, Xu Fan put He Big Bird in, ready to go today. Dinner,

Such a leisurely day, Xu Fan has been around for almost five years. He cultivates his mind, cultivates his temperament, and feels better than fighting and killing all day long.

“Let’s go, your Fourth Senior Brother will be back in a while, and you can get in touch with each other more.” float away.

And the giant tortoise they were riding slowly dived to the bottom of the lake. This was one of the twelve little tortoises at the time. Under the feeding of Spirit Pill by Xu Fan, they had all advanced to the Foundation Establishment Realm. , and has opened spiritual wisdom.

In the immortal city somewhere in the center continent, a young girl is riding on a Cloud Flower Deer.

“Xiaohua, the center continent is so big, how can we find it?” the girl asked.


“You say I’m good luck, I can find it just by looking for it?” The girl said with some doubts.

Cloud Flower Deer nod


“That’s fine, we’ll just walk around and look for it. I don’t know what happened to Husband now.”

When she knew that Xiangzhou was invaded by Monster Race, she begged Master to go there. Save yourself Husband, but the master sends her away with just one sentence.

“Your little Husband has long since gone to another state, good cultivation, when the time comes you can find it yourself.”

Sword King sect, has changed his face Ye Xiaoyao was staring at a Foundation Establishment Realm’s Artifact Refinement Master refining a Tier 5 Treasure Item Flying Sword.

A moment later, the Artifact Refinement Master of the Foundation Establishment Realm finished the last rune, and the Flying Sword began to flow.

β€œBig Brother Ye, the last Water Cloud Sword, has been completed.”

Artifact Refinement Master handed the refined Qiu Water Sword to Ye Xiaoyao, no, it should be now It’s called Ye Chen.

“Brother Wu, you’ve worked hard.” Ye Xiaoyao said gratefully.

“Don’t say this, Big Brother Ye is my life saving benefactor, besides, without those rare treasures containing rune that Big Brother Ye gave me, I can’t refine this fifth-order Treasure Item. ‘ said the young Artifact Refinement Master scratching his head.

“Unfortunately, your good brother is not here, otherwise Water Sword can be improved to a new level this autumn.” Lao Jian said in Ye Xiaoyao’s heart.

“Hey, Little Fan, he doesn’t know where he is now.”

These rare treasures containing rune were originally prepared for Xu Fan, but due to the fall of Xiangzhou , Xu Fan will definitely be unable to find it for a while.

“I will look for your good brother in the future. Right now, I’m trying to find a way to train the boy in front of me into a Refiner Sect teacher. His temperament and character are both superiors, and he will definitely not suffer if he is trained well.”

“You are still 12 Dao Item-level Flying Swords short of, so the sword array will become a thousand swords forbidding empty space.” Lao Jian said.

“Don’t be afraid of long time, with me, the most prosperous thing is time.”


At this time, Ye Xiaoyao looked in front of him The genius Artifact Refinement Master said: “That’s just no effort at all. As for the rune rare treasure, it’s useless for me to keep it, so I might as well give it to you.”

“Thank you Big Brother Ye, for those of you in the future. Flying Sword, I have everything.” The Artifact Refinement Master said with a green face, feeling that he had met the best big brother in the world, a life confidant.

(End of this chapter)

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