My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 123

Chapter 123 see Zhang Weiyun again

Looking at his son in front, Wang Yulun is very happy, watching his son surpass himself, this is the greatest pride of an old father.

A year ago, when he saw his son, he was very happy, and then he found his cultivation base in Golden Core Peak, a little impossible to subdue his son.

In an exchange between father and son about sword dao, the son became their family’s highest battle strength, and he could only rank second.

At this time, the bear demon who shot Wang Yulun’s Nascent Soul Realm, attacked the father and son.

“What about Nascent Soul.” Wang Xiangchi’s eyes were full of fighting intent.

At this time, a passionate battle BGM sounded (for the prelude, please refer to Mr. Zhou’s Huo Yuanjia).

The flames of war in Wang Xiangchi’s eyes burned instantly, holding a thunder sword, and the Wind Sword moved around him smartly.

In my BGM, no one can beat me,

Wang Xiangchi turned into an afterimage and charged towards the Nascent Soul Realm bear demon.

sword light shines like thunder.

After a big battle, father and son return to their own courtyard in the camp.

Murong Qian’er prepared food and drink for father and son. After the war, it was a habit that they had developed over the years.

“You should have received the things that the Elder Council gave to your master a year ago,” Wang Yulun said as he took a sip from his glass.

Wang Xiangchi didn’t speak, he just drank silently, thinking about how to explain why he didn’t go back for so long after he went back.

Wang Yulun glanced at his son and didn’t care.

“Father.” Wang Xiangchi shouted.

“Well, what’s wrong son.” Wang Yulun responded.

“Stay here for a while, just go back to the Spirit Sect with me for further study.”

“Your strength is too weak, the secret technique Divine Ability given by master back then, you I only learned one thing.”

“Golden Core Realm’s standard battle strength is cannon fodder on this battlefield.”

“I don’t want to lose you.”

Wang Xiangchi rarely said so much at one time.

“Are you disgusting me for being weak?” Wang Yulun took a long time to understand what his son meant.

“Father, you are hiding Spirit Sect Cultivation, come out after Divine Transformation Realm, your battle strength is not as good as when I was in Foundation Establishment Realm.” Wang Xiangchi took a piece of sauce meat and put it in his mouth mouth.

“Okay, stay here for a while, and then go back when I should advance to Nascent Soul Realm. By the way, let your mother have a good Cultivation.” Wang Yulun thought for a while and said, to be honest, Being rejected by his own son for being weak, he still couldn’t accept it.

“Just so, I still have a bunch of weird stuff here. Your master should like it.” The two little servants stared at the treasure ship not far away in a daze.

It’s not because the boat is powerful, although it is Dao Item, but because there is one person and one deer on the boat.

One person is his daughter-in-law, the current cultivation base is Nascent Soul great cultivator, and the deer is the flower cloud deer brought back from Secret Realm.

“The two of them shouldn’t be together.” Xu Fan thought that the deer should have entered Monster Race’s stomach long ago.


The woman flew directly from the boat and threw herself into Xu Fan’s arms precisely, followed by the Huayun deer with her hooves stepping on the auspicious clouds, with a proud look on her face. Look at Xu Fan, look, I brought your daughter-in-law.

“I have been thinking of you for so many years, but the cultivation world is so big”

“didn’t expect you to find it yourself.” Xu Fan said in surprise, After the establishment of the hidden Spirit Sect, Xu Fan would think of this daughter-in-law from time to time, and to be honest, it has been more than 60 years.

“It took so many years to come out to find Husband. It’s not my fault.” Holding Xu Fan Zhang Weiyun, he said, his cultivation went to Nascent Soul Realm, and the master, whom he finally asked for, took a two-month leave of absence. .

“It’s okay, it’s okay.”

“Now I want to ask, what happened to this Cloud Flower Deer, it wasn’t in the Heavenly Tower Sect outer sect.” Xu Fan asked suspiciously.

“You said Xiaohua, it ran out of my cultivation place by itself, and was later discovered by Master and gave it to me, saying that I had a relationship with it.”


“Let’s go, I’ll take you to see our sect.”

Xu Fan released the spirit boat with his wife and two little followers. In addition, a flower cloud deer entered the gate guard formation.

“Wow, so beautiful.” Zhang Weiyun said, looking at the garden like Immortal Realm.

At this time, Hua Yunlu was staring at the spiritual liquid Divine Beast floating in the air, looking very interested.

At this time, the bell of the sect dinner rang, which is the bell of the Hidden Spirit Sect announcing the good news.

During the dinner, Xu Fan announced to everyone that Zhang Weiyun was in control.

“Hello, Great Elder~” because Xu Fan is the teacher for all of them.

The sound was neat and tidy, making Zhang Weiyun instantly feel a sense of belonging to the hidden Spirit Sect.

Then she, who is not bad at treasure, directly gave each Disciple in the sect a treasure suitable for them. According to Xu Fan’s estimation, this prodigal woman will at least scatter treasures worth two hundred million Spirit Stones. .

After eating that night and returning to his small courtyard, Xu Fan couldn’t wait to ask Zhang Weiyun: “Weiyun, you have so many rare treasures there.”

“On the way to look for Husband, I came across an Ancient Sect ruins. Everything was found there.”

“If Husband wants, I have a lot more here.” Zhang Weiyun said indifferently. .

“No, your Husband has a baby.” Xu Fan shook his head and said, soft rice is impossible to eat, and it is impossible to eat soft rice in this lifetime.

“Isn’t it necessary?” Zhang Weiyun said with a little disappointment. She still has more than 100 kilograms of space-time sand in her hand, which she asked for when she accompanied the Master to the extreme sky. Sect needs this stuff.

“How could I ask for my wife’s treasure.”

The sound of my wife made Zhang Weiyun bow his head shyly.

Then the couple chatted for a long time in Xu Fan’s room until late at night.

At this time, Xu Fan swallowed and said, “Weiyun, let’s sleep.”

At this time, Zhang Weiyun suddenly thought of what his master said.

“Husband, the Master said, I can’t walk the avenue of human relations until I have full control over the Heavenly Blessed Spirit Body.”

“This way, Husband will not be able to give birth to children.” Zhang Weiyun lowered his head, as if he had done something wrong.


β€œIn this case, we can only sleep.”

β€œen. ”

Xiaobiesheng Newly married, happy time with a daughter-in-law is always short.

1 month later, in Zhang Weiyun’s reluctant farewell, Xuan Qingniao flew into the distance.

“Don’t look, aren’t you very happy in Yinling Island.”

“You will continue to follow me in the future, and when the time comes again, I won’t lose it. It’s yours.” Xu Fan patted Hua Yunlu’s head and said.


“You don’t believe me.” Xu Fan said with a frown.

“嘀嘀~” Hua Yunlu’s eyes were full of disdain.

“Forget it, since you don’t believe it, it’s still a real venison hot pot.”

Looking at Hua Yunlu, Xu Fan was seriously thinking about where to start. .

“ying ying ying ~~~” Hua Yunlu was instantly flattered.

“That’s right, no one supports you, what are you doing?” Xu Fan said proudly, looking at Hua Yunlu who was running away.

(End of this chapter)

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