My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 124

Chapter 124 Broken Small World

The Xu Gang couple next to Xu Fan felt a little sorry.

“Master, you and your wife want to wait for a while.” Xu Gang said with a sigh. As a discipline, sometimes it hurts to see Master alone staring at the starry sky.

“Hey, so what if we meet each other, we can only solve the lovesickness.”

Damn, if you want to fully control a Spirit Physique, you can’t get Integration Realm.

“Otherwise, Master, you can find another mistress. With Master’s ability, there is absolutely no problem with two mistresses.” A smile flashed in Xu Gang’s eyes.

“Xu Gang, if you feel Nascent Soul Realm, you can make fun of Master at will.” Xu Fan looked at Xu Gang seriously and said, this smiley brat is obviously trying to take revenge for forcing marriage and having a baby .

Let’s not talk about who to look for first, what if the daughter-in-law’s Master kills her now, I have to say that the whole sect can’t stand it alone.


Xu Fan snapped his fingers, and Xu Gang fell directly into the illusion.

As soon as he entered the illusion, Xu Gang found himself transformed into an ordinary person without mana, surrounded by mortals with iron rods.

“It’s him, hit me!”

Then Xu Gang was plunged into stick hell.

“Xiao Xi, take him back, he will wake up in a day.” Xu Fan said with a wave of his hand.

“Yes, Master.” Xiaoxi said nodded with a smile, she knew that her Husband’s brain sometimes turned into a tendon, but sometimes it seemed like a pit.

“Master Ancestor, is my father all right?” the 19-year-old boy ran to Xu Fan and asked.

“It’s alright, your dad is having a sweet dream, just wake up.” Xu Fan said while rubbing the little boy’s head.

“Master Ancestor, you lied to me, you are punishing daddy, right?”

Xu Fan looked at the little boy’s sparkling eyes and sighed in his heart, fortunately you are not with you Daddy’s foolishness.

“Guess.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“If Master Ancestor can punish Dad for being smart, then punish him more.”

“Haha, okay.”

Xu Fan waved The person who saw him went back to do his own business. A message came from his communication Magical Artifact, saying that there was something sent to him from Sheng Ling State in Linsen Immortal City Elder Council, let him pick it up.

Above the clouds, a stealthy Lingfeng boat flew fast, and Xu Fan sat in the cabin in the boat.

“Sheng Ling State, according to the time, it should be my good brother who will send the welfare.” Xu Fan said, it’s not easy, I had a wave of milk before I left, and now it finally paid off.

Linsen Immortal City Elder Council, Xu Fan was warmly received as usual, just like a big taxpayer going to the government department, and now the Spirit Sect pays at least 100 million Spirit Stone a year in tax.

Even the boss of the Elder Council, a Divine Transformation Realm Cultivator, came out to meet Xu Fan and made Xu Fan very uncomfortable. This is Xu Fan’s fault. He’s not used to the cultivator at Nascent Soul Realm.

As for why I’m not used to it, it’s not because I can’t beat it and I can’t escape.

“This is what your sect Elder Wang gave you.” Nascent Soul Realm deacon handed Xu Fan a sealed box with Wang Yulun’s unique spiritual power, which no one can imitate. .

“Thanks Senior.” Xu Fan said nodding.

“It should be, it should be, your sect has been very successful in suppressing the monster beast in the past few years, which has relieved a lot of pressure on our Elder Council.” Nascent Soul Realm deacon said with a smile .

In the past, even though the beast tide only happened once every 5 or 6 years in the huge lake, there were sporadic monster beasts around the lake from time to time to make trouble.

But since the Spirit Sect took over the defense 6 years ago, the entire huge lake of Hundred Thousand li has been closed. For six years, there has not been a single incident of monster beast going ashore to disturb people.

Xu Fan casually responded to the Nascent Soul Realm deacon and returned to the Hidden Spirit Sect with the box given by his good brother. Good things should be unpacked in the safest place.

As soon as I returned to the sect, I met Xu Yuexian who looked a little nervous.

“Master Headmaster, I know that I’m back, and this time I found some treasures.” Xu Fan glanced at Xu Yuexian who was already in Nascent Soul Realm and said.

Five years ago, Xu Yuexian passed the puppet test and was promoted to Nascent Soul Realm, which also verifies Xu Fan’s idea that the second child really has a future if he is free.

“Master, this thing will definitely make you excited for a whole year.” Xu Yuexian said mysteriously, what he found this time is definitely a big dish for this master who loves refining tools.

“Oh, what a baby.” Xu Fan’s eyes revealed anticipation, as if entering the lottery stage.

Ten years ago, since Xu Yuexian was released, she has replaced Wang Yulun. Although it is not as pleasant as what Wang Yulun brought back, it can occasionally solve urgent needs.

The scarce materials for the rune iron plate in Xu Fan’s hands were all obtained by Xu Yuexian.

After Xu Fan passed the test of the rune iron plate Treasure Item stage, he got four runes with Space Attribute, namely Rongkong rune, Kunzi rune, stable word rune, and Kaizi rune.

Since then, the entire Disciple of the hidden Spirit Sect has no shortage of space equipment.

“I’ll stabilize it first. After I got this thing, I’ve been on the verge of being discovered by others,” Xu Yuexian said with a little panic.

“Let’s go, there is soothing tea in the dojo.”

In the dojo, Xu Yuexian, who was a little scared just now, has finally stabilized.

“Just a month ago, I teamed up with more than a dozen Nascent Soul Cultivators specializing in treasure hunting to explore a broken Small World.”

“This broken Small World is very It’s small, it’s not as big as one-tenth of our Hidden Spirit Island.”

“But the contents inside made everyone jealous instantly. , more than a dozen Nascent Soul Realm cultivators, that is, one shot per person.”

“What did you find, Five Elements Essence, Top Grade fairy crystal, fairy weapon, or large Dao Item.” Xu Fan Guessing that it is definitely not a simple thing to make this experienced and knowledgeable discipline kill.

“Master, don’t worry, just listen to me first.” Xu Yuexian said calmly.

This is a stinky problem to learn from, Xu Fan thought.

“Almost as soon as they saw that thing, the four Nascent Soul Cultivators who had teamed up before launched an attack on the cultivator beside them.”

“Seven of them died at once. Nascent Soul Cultivator, nine on the field,” Xu Yuexian continued.

β€œWhat were you doing at the time.” Xu Fan asked.

“I haven’t forgotten what Master taught. When I saw this Small World in midair, I instantly replaced the main body with a stunt puppet, and I was invisible not far from them.”

“Keep talking.” Xu Fan said angrily, this stinky girl doesn’t seem to have the last moment, so she won’t tell what kind of baby it is.

“At that time, after a fight, the four Nascent Soul Cultivators who acted first won the final victory. Just as I was about to watch the show, a Nascent Soul Realm’s Monster Race corpse came out. The puppet killed the four Nascent Soul Realm easily.”

“The formidable power of the Monster Race corpse puppet is the same as the challenge puppet you made in the Nascent Soul Early Stage, as if there is another Grapes control it.”

“Then I hid in that broken Small World for three days, and after making sure all the cultivators were dead, I shot that Monster Race corpse puppet in the head. “Xu Yuexian said proudly.

“So you didn’t tell the teacher at the end. What did you see.” Xu Fan said indifferently, he was thinking about what it could be, and his ability made me jump up with joy.

(End of this chapter)

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