My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 125

Chapter 125 Xingzhou

“Master, don’t worry.”

“After I killed the Monster Race corpse puppet, I was sure there was no danger. I collected the ten Multiple space rings of Nascent Soul Realm cultivator.” Xu Yuexian continued, only in a quicker tone, as she realized that her master had already made a fist in one hand.

“I found a secret technique in one of the space rings, which is to store the broken Small World, and there just happens to be a corresponding space Treasure Item there.”

“So I personally sent it to Master.”

Xu Yuexian took out a crystal ball containing Space Attribute, which showed a microscopic Small World.

“My cultivation base of Nascent Soul Realm is just enough to bring back the broken Small World.” Xu Yuexian gave me a very difficult to deal with expression.

“I want to see what you have been talking about for so long, if it doesn’t suit my mind.”

Xu Fan looked at Xu Yuexian gloomily and said: “You Just stay in Yinling Island for the rest of your life.”

He said he took the crystal ball and started to check it.



Xu Fan jumped up in shock, having been in the center continent for so many years, Xu Fan has collected a lot of news about levitating boats.

Cultivation world The only thing that can refine the giant boat is the Celestial Artifact Sect, and the Celestial Artifact Sect divides the giant boat into three levels, namely the sea boat, the star boat, and the space boat.

A sea boat is a giant boat that can swim in the depths of the endless sea, such as the Levitating boat in Tianquemen, which is a large primary level Dao Item.

The star boat is a giant boat that can go to the extreme sky to collect resources. It is a large Peak Dao Item, and there are not many boats in the entire cultivation world.

Yuzhou is a giant boat that can break out of this world and fly to Myriad Realms. This is already at the level of fairy, and only Celestial Artifact Sect has one.

Actually Xu Fan prefers to call them spaceship.

Seeing the semifinished product Xingzhou in the shattered world, Xu Fan’s hair was tangled up all at once. This surprise was completely beyond his ability to bear.

If one bit of news is revealed today, the entire Hidden Spirit Sect won’t be able to see tomorrow’s sun.

It’s like picking up money. When you see tens of billions of cash in front of you, the money is not money, but a disaster.

Now Xu Fan knows why Xu Yuexian is so restless.

Xu Fan’s heart is beating a little now.

“I’ll hold off for a while, and you can talk about the whole sequence of events.”

“Also, those Nascent Soul Cultivator’s Nascent Soul didn’t escape.” Xu Fan asked, if one person escaped and the information would be leaked, he would go to Celestial Artifact Sect with all sects now.

If this thing can’t be covered by one’s own sect’s luck, 100% of the food will be delivered to others in the end, and it is very likely that the Child of Destiny of this world will take advantage of it in the end.

“Nascent Soul was eaten by the corpse puppets of Monster Race. I counted, and there is no difference.” Xu Yuexian said solemnly, just joking just now, and now he will really be slapped. shut up.

“That’s good.”

After drinking a few cups of soothing tea, Xu Fan calmed down and continued to check the star boat in the broken world.

“The main frame of this Monster Race star boat has been built, but now it is the description of the overall rune, and the space inside needs to be designed by yourself.”

At this time , Xu Fan took out a jade butterfly from the broken world and began to look at it.

“It’s really thoughtful, and it also comes with a rune formation map of the whole ship. Yes, you can refer to it in the future.”

“The body of the boat is all made from the trunk of the legendary star tree, which is really enough. It’s extravagant, but it’s a pity that there are no scraps left.”

“This thing is a rough ship now, and I really need to renovate it, at least until I get to the Divine Transformation Realm.”

Xu Fan calculated the time when he arrived at the Divine Transformation Realm, and it was a bit dull in an instant.

“I’ll find a place to hide this hot thing first.”

“When one of you is promoted to the Great Ascension Realm and can cover it, I’m taking it out. Now This thing can only be archived.” Xu Fan said.

“What I thought too, if I sold it directly to Celestial Artifact Sect, it would be a big loss, leaving it to Master is the best choice.” Xu Yuexian said with a smile.

After handing over the broken world to Xu Fan, Xu Yuexian felt relieved.

“Okay, you did well this time, what reward do you want.”

The last sentence saved Xu Yuexian’s image in Xu Fan’s mind.

“Hehe, can Master help me upgrade the full set of Treasure Items, and by the way, give me more Treasure Item third rank bullets.” Xu Yuexian hehe said.

Now Xu Fan is not very concerned about the equipment update of his discipline, you are all grown up, it is time to honor Master, as for changing equipment, it depends on your performance.

“Oh, it’s because the teacher was negligent. You are already Nascent Soul Realm and you are still using the Treasure Item third rank magic weapon.” Xu Fan looked surprised.

“Master gave me the magic weapon refined from the Golden Core Realm, and I can use it now. Isn’t that Master wanting to reward me.”

“So please trouble Master.” Xu Yuexian said.

It is said that in the cultivation world, her movement method treasures are already the highest, all tailor-made, and they are all high-quality products.

This is a treat only for the top sect Heaven’s Chosen.

“Small idea, I’ll update all your movement method treasures for the teacher.”

“This month, you will stay in the sect honestly and talk to your big brother. Speak, tune your Little Nephew.”

“Combining work and rest, Heavenly Dao.” Xu Fan said.


In the most secret underground factory on Yinling Island, Xu Fan appeared in front of the grape.

“Scan the starship data in this broken world, and establish an overall transformation plan and rune formation suitable for Human Race.”

“Also see if you can compete with this broken world. Fusion, I remember that I specially left the space module to make you become Small World in the future.” Xu Fan said, looking at the purple cube in front of him.

β€œOne Soul Crystal Stone, 100 jins of sand of time and space, one Star Stone, one liter of each Five Elements Essence, and Fire Spirit”

β€œOh, Remember first, talk later.” Xu Fan thought for a while and said, joking, selling the entire Yinling Island will be able to gather the sand of time and space.

Xu Fan placed the crystal ball on the purple cube, and the grape’s body was emitting aura to scan the crystal ball.

“The transformation plan and the rune formation of the entire ship will occupy two layers of computing power for 50 years, whether to start.”

“Then let’s start.” Xu Fan said, at the beginning That’s not what grapes are refined for.

At this time, all the puppets in the entire Yinling Island paused, and then resumed their work.

One day later, in the main peak refining room, a two-meter-long gun illusory shadow appeared above Xu Fan. The gun was full of densely packed runes, and it still looked like Xu Yuexian’s original gun.

“The sniper gun of the fourth rank Treasure Item, coupled with the bullet of Treasure Item Rank 4, it is estimated that the Divine Transformation Realm monster beast can be seriously injured.”

“Usually the normal attack is direct. Compressed air and spiritual power, which saves bullets, and the formidable power is not bad.”

“Add the electromagnetic mode.”

“I’m working on it, forget the rune array position. It’s not enough, let’s do it first.”

A fourth rank Treasure Item sniper gun, Xu Fan spent 6 days from design to refining.

The remaining spiritual power armor, short sword, armor, storage ring, space ring, spiritual power bracelet, magic bracelet, shoes, headgear.

Except for the close-fitting clothes, the Treasure Items used by Xu Yuexian have been changed over and over again.

“Next time, I’ll give you a surprise like this, and I’ll replace your set with Dao Items.”

Looking at his masterpiece, Xu Fan is proud It is said that with this equipment, Xu Yuexian should be no problem wearing a Divine Transformation Realm monster beast.

(End of this chapter)

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