My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 126

Chapter 126 Blind Box

“This set of equipment is a reward for you, work hard and try to get Master a fairy back.”

Xu Fan put the This set of tailor-made Treasure Items was handed over to Xu Yuexian and said that this treatment is only available to Refiner Sect teachers and his children. It is very good that other cultivators have matching magic weapons.

“Follow your orders, don’t say one, even ten pieces, I can get them from Master.”

“When the time comes, Master remember to go to the forbidden area to get me.” Xu Yuexian playful He said, Immortal Artifact, that is something you can come across casually.

“Haha, Master, when the time comes, let’s burn paper for you.” Xu Fan also laughed and said, feeling very good.

Although the star boat is not used now, but in the future, when the disciplines level up, I can take out the star boat with great brightness.

At that time, use the resources that the star boat can bring to create a hidden Spirit Sect, and even Xu Fan thought about using the hidden Spirit Sect to build a Sect in the Great Thousand Worlds, and then press Routine again.

“Master, then I’m leaving. I just got the news that the Ancient Monster Race Holy Land has appeared in Tianxingzhou. Wait for me to bring you the fairy weapon.”

After Xu Yuexian’s speech The silhouette is disappeared.

“Stinky girl, she runs quite fast.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“My little sister is afraid that Master will talk too much and she will not be able to stay.” Xu Gang said next to Xu Fan, their siblings followed Xu Fan for the earliest time and had the deepest relationship.

“This girl, can’t keep it, or keep stocking it.”

“By the way, sect has been fine recently, I’ll give you some Spirit Stone, and bring Xiao Xi and Your Divine Beast, go out and play.”

“For more than ten years, you have been by your side as a teacher, you should also go out for a stroll and let your baby see the world outside.” Xu Fan thought for a while and said.

Compared to several other disciplines, Xu Fan feels that this elder apprentice is the purest.

I have no other thoughts, either in cultivation or on the way to cultivation, except for the few people I care about, the rest seems to be unimportant.

Having found a path that suits him, and with such extraordinary perseverance, Xu Fan believes that his big Disciple will be the first Disciple to ascend to the Immortal Realm.

Hearing Xu Fan’s words, Xiao Xi next to Xu Gang’s eyes were full of anticipation.

β€œI have been traveling with my family for 3 years. This is the order of the teacher, and I follow Xiaoxi on everything on the road.”

β€œIt is not only cultivation that cultivates immortal cultivator base, as well as state of mind.”

β€œYour body of all dharmas has been cultivated to the state of a hundred hands. If you want to make progress, just immersing yourself in cultivation is not enough.” Xu Fan said.

“Follow your orders, Master.” Xu Gang lowered his head and said, the recent cultivation has also become more and more irritable, it may really be a problem of mood.

“Go clean up now.” Xu Fan waved.

After Xu Gang’s family left, the entire sector seemed to be quiet. The new generation of Disciples were all cultivating in the dojo, and those who couldn’t stand the loneliness were all performing tasks outside.

The large-scale pill concocting room on the main peak has 50 basic pill concocting rooms alone.

After Xu Fan came in, he first glanced at the Alchemy Furnace stored at the door, and found that it had become 720. He was nodded with satisfaction.

7 Disciples with alchemy talent, they have practiced 1280 Alchemy Furnace in ten years, the result is that the Spirit Sect has one third rank Pill Refinement Master, three Second Rank Pill Refinement Master and three more. First Rank Pill Refinement Master.

“Hello, Great Elder.” The seven Disciples, who were exchanging Pill Scripture tests, saw Xu Fan coming, and hurriedly stood up and saluted.

“I took a look at the Spirit Pill you made recently. It’s good. It’s very good.”

“There is still a little flaw.”

Xu Fan said hello to everyone to sit down and started to correct everyone’s shortcomings.

Now these seven pill concocting disciples are all at the level of craftsmen, and can refine the middle grade Spirit Pill at most, which is also the advanced level of most Pill Refinement Masters. If you want to refine high grade Spirit Pill , or even the top Spirit Pill, you must break through this realm and reach the advanced level of the division.

This is only after Xu Fan learned that he used to make high grade Spirit Pill as simple as drinking water and eating, and he didn’t pay attention to such problems.

After a wave of experience in the pill room, Xu Fan returned to his small courtyard because he suddenly remembered that he still had a blind box that was not opened.

I was a little confused by the star boat a month ago, and even forgot the benefits sent by my good brother.

“Let me see what’s inside.”

Xu Fan untied the seal, opened the box, and found that there were 6 Monster Race empty spaces inside. Bone, like the space ring of Human Race.

“Is it a blind box again?” Xu Fan said and picked up an empty bone and looked at it.

“A bunch of Monster Race magic, no recycling value.”

Picked up the second one.

“spiritual medicine, magic treasure, and some common rare treasures containing rune, not bad.”

The third one.

“Monster Race’s cultivation technique, you can learn from it.”

The fourth.

“A pile of Monster Race and human bones, Monster Race’s fish feeder, Human Race’s bones buried.”

The fifth.

“Oh, is this the Artifact Refinement Master of Monster Race, the thirty-six refining methods of the spirit bone, interesting, try it another day.”

The sixth and last.

“Monster Race’s Array Master, 50 jins of sand in time and space, Sky Star Stone, Earth Star Broken Rock, and Tianbao Sand!” Xu Fan said in surprise.

Hundred-fold rebates, so terrifying!

Good brother has never let Xu Fan down.

Xu Fan calculated his own net worth, and he can almost upgrade the grapes to Dao Item with the tribulation thunder word rune.

“It’s almost time for Pang Fu to come back.” Xu Fan said, Pang Fu has to come back almost every three months, and the rest of the time is his son or Disciple, the business court, to come back on his behalf.

“When the time comes, let Zhou Kailing’s little otaku follow him.” Xu Fan said.

Three days later, Xu Fan, who was fishing on the lake, happened to meet Pang Fu, who was returning.

“Elder Xu, the order is still the same as before, and the other Treasure Item car is selling very well.”

“The only thing you need to pay attention to now is to control the shipment volume. Otherwise, it will attract the attention of those giant chambers of commerce.” Pang Fu said, the only trouble now is that Sect is too weak, and earning a little more Spirit Stone will attract the attention of those Great Chamber of Commerce.

“Okay, the Spirit Stone earned now is enough to develop, and the pace of the chamber of commerce can be slowed down a bit.” Xu Fan said with satisfaction, Pang Fu’s philosophy is amazingly consistent with him, and if you want to have a prerequisite, you must There is a certain strength, or it has been hidden.

“When you leave this time, bring Zhou Kailing with you. If this kid stays in the sect again, there will be problems.”

“In addition to purchasing 40 pounds of sand of time and space, I need to upgrade. A Lower Sect formation.” Xu Fan said.

“Zhou Kailing, I will send a business court Disciple who often inquires about news in various Great Immortal cities to accompany me.”

“As for the sand of time and space, it will take half a year.” Pang Fuxiang After a while, I said that these two things are not difficult.

At this moment, a sword qi escaped light in the distance flew rapidly towards the direction of Yinling Island.

“I seem to have seen this breath somewhere.” Xu Fan said, looking at the sword qi in the distance.

(End of this chapter)

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