My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 130

Chapter 130 Dividing Treasures

For a while, Ye Xiaoyao’s sword array was so overwhelming that the two Divine Transformation Realm Cultivators couldn’t lift their heads.

At a commanding height 3 miles away from here, Xu Yuexian changed a long spear, took out two 1-foot-long Treasure Item 3 bullets and pressed them into the sniper gun.

“Take the blood of the two of you Divine Transformation Realm, and open up this big gun.”

The normal enemy Xu Yuexian still uses the previous big gun, as for the new gun , that is to be dispatched when encountering valuable prey, and now valuable prey has appeared.

In the battlefield, Ye Xiaoyao, who was suppressing the two Divine Transformation cultivators, was a little bit unbearable at this moment. Divine Transformation Realm is Divine Transformation Realm after all, even if his sword array is unparalleled, it is a bit laborious.

“You are a battle strength, you are only two waste cultivators of the Divine Transformation Realm, and you can’t suppress it. If it were your brother Nascent Soul Realm, suppressing these two cultivators would probably mean raising your hand.” The old sword in Ye Xiaoyao’s heart started the daily dislike mode again.

“Don’t interfere with my battle, why doesn’t that Zhang Meimei take action?”

Ye Xiaoyao made a seal, gritted his teeth and shouted: “Sword: Azure Dragon, praying to the sky”

I saw that hundreds of Spirit Swords in the sword array formed an Azure Dragon and pressed them against the two Divine Transformation Realm Cultivators.

Actually, the two Divine Transformation Realm Cultivators did not go all out, but secretly detected the other person who killed the three Nascent Soul Realm.

“Haven’t got the chance to shoot yet, didn’t you see that the two Divine Transformation Realm Cultivators didn’t shoot with all their strength, that girl is waiting for the chance.”

“Since there is no chance , I will create timing for her.” Ye Xiaoyao clenched the teeth, controlling the sword array transformation.

“Sword: Azure Dragon around the column!”

I saw Azure Dragon in the sword array flick its tail and go around the two Divine Transformation Realm Cultivators.

Looking at the aggressive Spirit Sword Azure Dragon, the two Divine Transformation Realm Cultivators understand that something will happen if they don’t do it.

“Boss, you are defending and breaking through, I will hold back and retreat.” A Divine Transformation Realm Cultivator gritted his teeth and said, very unwilling in his heart, but there was nothing he could do.


Just as the Divine Transformation Realm Cultivator shot, Xu Yuexian in the distance pulled the trigger.

The moment the bullet was fired, a Treasure Item giant shield stood in front of the two of them.

Looking at this scene, Xu Yuexian said with a smile: “Is it useful?”

‘Bang! ‘

A bullet directly shattered the Treasure Item giant shield, and the bullet followed closely from behind passed through the spiritual shield and shot into the forehead of the Divine Transformation Realm Cultivator.

When Ye Xiaoyao saw this scene, his imposing manner went up in an instant. The two Divine Transformation Realms were not easy to deal with.

The battle behind was extremely simple. Under Ye Xiaoyao’s attack, Xu Yuexian quickly seized the weak spot and killed the last Divine Transformation Realm Cultivator.

The two quickly packed up the battlefield and came to a secret place.

“Let’s divide the treasure, it’s useless to stay here any longer. The further you go, the easier it is to get into trouble.” Xu Yuexian looked at Ye Xiaoyao and said

“I think so too. Yes.”

Ye Xiaoyao quickly took out all the things in the space ring, and there were three more hills in front of them.

“Spirit Stone has a total of more than 32 million, and I took half of it at 16 million.” Ye Xiaoyao said, and at the same time began to become more careful, the more the treasure was divided, the easier it was to be attacked by teammates.


Xu Yuexian also began to be careful, team division is, at least half of the chances of things going wrong, this is her experience over the years.

Both of them cautiously put away their part of the Spirit Stone.

β€œspirit ore and spiritual medicine each person gets half.” Ye Xiaoyao continued.


“The magic weapon of Monster Race and the dismantled building materials.”

“I want to ask for more magic weapon of Monster Race. “Ye Xiaoyao said.

“The magic weapon of Monster Race belongs to you, and the treasure belongs to me, but I want all the cultivation techniques of Monster Race.” Xu Yuexian said after thinking for a while.


After finishing all the previous items, there is only one last item left, which is the rare treasure found in Holy Land, which is also the most important part.

“Boy, listen to me, there is a weak spot, I have a Soul Control Dafa here, this girl is not good at melee combat.” Lao Jian said in Ye Xiaoyao’s heart.

“You think too much, how could Miss Zhang be like this.”

Although Ye Xiaoyao said so in her heart, her body still showed a few weak spots honestly. The harvest is worth more than 130 million Spirit Stones. If you can get the remaining 130 million Spirit Stones, you can go fishing against your conscience.

And not to kill her.

Xu Yuexian wanted to laugh at the few weak spots Ye Xiaoyao had inadvertently revealed. You think I don’t know entrapment. According to the master, this is a moral bitch.

“The remaining rare treasures can be identified as valuable. Let’s divide them into half. If we can’t identify them, the case will be counted.”

“We have one piece of peaches per person. Is it okay?” Ye Xiaoyao said with a smile, but the Spirit Sword in the sword box behind him was ready to go.


What Ye Xiaoyao didn’t know, Xu Yuexian’s real body was already ready to set up a gun two kilometers away, as long as Ye Xiaoyao made a move, it would explode head.

As the treasure was distributed little by little, the atmosphere on the field became more and more tense. Ye Xiaoyao also revealed a relatively large weak spot a few times.

With the end of the treasure, both of them regretted at the same time, and both were regretting that the other did not act.

“Miss Zhang, I don’t know if we will have a chance to form a team in the future.” Ye Xiaoyao said, aside from other things, this is definitely a strong teammate.

“Let’s see fate.”

“Since the treasure is over, then leave, Immortal Path is boundless, and we will meet again,”

Xu Yuexian finished He turned around and left, showing his back to Ye Xiaoyao generously, as if to say, I’ll give you a chance to not be a bitch.

Ye Xiaoyao looked at Xu Yuexian’s back and felt a little ashamed.

“Boy, don’t look at it, that girl is not simple, if you take action, maybe you will be gone.” Lao Jian said with emotion in Ye Xiaoyao’s heart.

“I didn’t think to shoot just now.” Ye Xiaoyao sighed said.

“When the girl was sharing the treasure just now, her real body had already gone to another place.” Lao Jian said.

“You noticed that you didn’t tell me?” Ye Xiaoyao was taken aback.

“I didn’t notice it, I sensed it. After all, there are really too few people with Avatar Divine Ability in Nascent Soul Realm.” Lao Jian said.

β€œAvatar Divine Ability, do you have the old sword?”

β€œOf course I have it, and there are many, I just can’t remember it now.”

“If you want me to recover, get me more Origin Spiritual Qi, when the time comes this secret technique Divine Ability is more.” Lao Jian shouted in Ye Xiaoyao’s heart.

“The source of spiritual energy you mentioned is too mysterious, I don’t even know where to find it.”

“Now our main task is to deal with everything we get. , and then continue to let Brother Wu refine the Treasure Item Spirit Sword.”

“If I have 360 Treasure Item fourth rank Spirit Swords and two Divine Transformation Realms, I can kill them with one hand. .” Ye Xiaoyao said.

At this time, Xu Fan, who was floating freely in the huge lake of hundreds of thousands li, got the news that Xu Yuexian had come out safely.

“This little girl’s cautious personality, coupled with Shadow Transformation III’s Divine Ability, if it really disappears, it proves that God doesn’t let you live.”

Seeing Xu Yuexian safe, Xu Fan’s heart dropped a little.

(End of this chapter)

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