My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 132

Chapter 132 The big brother dreams of trying to save the master once in a rage

hundred thousand li On the huge lake, on the turtle shell, it is rare for the master and disciple to have time to drink tea together.

β€œAfter your big brother was promoted to Nascent Soul Realm, his mood was a little unstable, and I was kicked out by me to play with the whole family.” Xu Fan said.

“The big brother told me, but I was afraid that the big brother would still be the same when he went out.” Xu Yuexian was a little worried, she knew best what Xu Gang was like.

“Hehe, I’ve watched you grow up since I was a child, your big brother can’t do anything when you go out this time, you can only have fun.” Xu Fan hehe said, before leaving, he took Xu Gang out. The way of cultivation is blocked.

“In the future, you will take your brother out for a walk every once in a while.”

“Otherwise, a big Nascent Soul can be suffocated at home.” Xu Fan Said after taking a sip of tea.

“The big brother will worry about Master’s safety then.”

“The big brother once told me that although Master can outperform him in battle strength, it is a Foundation Establishment after all. Realm, if there is a real danger, he still has to act as a big Disciple.”

“The big brother dreams of trying to save the master once, but unfortunately there is almost no such opportunity.” Xu Yuexian said, Her big brother told him that more than once after their siblings grew up.

“Is this an obsession?” Xu Fan said with a dark face, dreaming of trying to save me for a while, what the hell, is he expecting something to happen to me?

“Do you mean that I have praised your big brother less recently.”

“That’s not right.” Xu Fan pondered.

Xu Yuexian didn’t speak, just poured tea for Xu Fan with a smile.

“When your big brother comes back, I will use the secret of reincarnation to find out what your big brother is thinking.” Xu Fan said, Hanhan was thinking about something strange every day.

At this time, a virtual screen opened, and it played a giant bear-like man challenging the Trial Tower Sixth Layer.

“Look, this should be the Disciple with the strongest battle strength at this stage, a body cultivator genius.” Xu Fan introduced, since he discovered that there are many other innate talents in the sector, he started Interested in the Trial Tower challenge.

In the picture, the giant bear-like man directly started a one-on-one Iron Fist with the heavy armored puppet, and the picture was extremely brutal.

“This Disciple’s cultivation technique, neither water nor fire can approach, spiritual power rotation.”

“Innate Divine Strength, in conjunction with Vajra Body.”

“When I was in the sixth layer of Qi Refinement, there was nothing I could do about him. Master, where did you find the evildoer.” Xu Yuexian exclaimed in admiration. As a Nascent Soul Realm, he still has the most basic eyesight.

β€œHaha, this is the Disciple that your fourth junior brother found.”

β€œThere are many more Disciples like this innate talent in the sect.”

“It only takes a hundred years for a new generation of Disciple to grow up.”

“In another thousand years, our Spirit Sect will have a foothold in this world.” Xu Fan said ambitiously , Now the difference between Implicit Spirit Sect is time.

“Master, there will always be that day.” Xu Yuexian said with a smile, Xu Fan has been omnipotent in her mind since she was a child. If she wants to do something, it is only a matter of time before she succeeds.

“It’s just an estimate for the teacher. Maybe after a thousand years, the hidden Spirit Sect will be more powerful than what I said.”

At this point, the battle in the picture has ended.

Xiong Li’s last punch directly knocked out the puppet, and the puppet was completely damaged.

“His cultivation is “Five Elements body refinement”, which is also the body refinement version of “Five Elements Secret Art”.”

“In the later stage, Divine Ability can be evolved, True Immortal battle body, how powerful is too strong to say, anyway, it is difficult to break his body protection astral qi with the same level attack.”

“It will definitely be an invincible tank on the battlefield in the future, and your big brother is Perfect match.” Xu Fan said with a smile, he was looking forward to that day.

“The day when I will fight against other sects, I will be beheaded,” Xu Yuexian said.

β€œYes,” Xu Fan said.

At this moment, Xu Yuexian’s magic weapon of communication sounded.

The complexion changed slightly after she took a look.

β€œMaster, now I have to go out, big brother has some trouble in immortal city.” Xu Yuexian said.

“Someone insists on recruiting my nephew into their sect, my big brother is stupid, and asks me to help.”

“Go, don’t let your big brother wait I’m in a hurry.” Xu Fan said, he got the news one step earlier, it was not a major event, so he ignored it, no cultivator dared to do it in immortal city.

Watching Dunguang disappear into the sky, Xu Fan took out the information on Yu Beast Dao and began to continue his research. He found that it is also very good to raise small animals if there is something to do.

At lunch time, Qiu Ziyuan carried the food box and slowly landed on the turtle shell.

“Great Elder, it’s time to eat.” Qiu Ziyuan said softly.

“Today, why are you here to deliver food, and what do you want me to approve this time?” Xu Fan said.

Qiu Ziyuan took out a few dishes and a bowl of spirit rice from the food box and placed it next to Xu Fan.

“Great Elder, I’m here to apply for a few hilltops to establish a Disciple experimental site.” Qiu Ziyuan said respectfully.

“I’m not giving you this permission anymore,” Xu Fan said.

“The important thing is that the projects that require experimentation with Disciple need the Great Elder to take a look.”

Qiu Ziyuan handed a jade slip.

“Good guy, sect defense tower, monster beast pure-blood and hybrid, long-range combat double, Battle Puppet command center..”

Xu Fan casually drew a few unreliable , and returned the jade slip to Qiu Ziyuan.

“The brain hole is really big, I crossed out a few. The remaining ones can continue.” Xu Fan said.


At this time, in the spiritual city, a cultivator of Void Refinement Realm was stopping a family of three and began to persuade them.

“Boy, I’ve said all the benefits, so you won’t be tempted.”

“You can’t even say the name of your Sect, it must be that kind of little Sect. “

“Your son joining the small Sect is the least promising. Our Dao Sect is a Level 9 sect. There are only three Venerables. Your son joins my Dao Sect and is directly an inner sect disciple. treatment.”

“I will personally be your son’s master.”

“I have included all the Spirit Pill and magic weapons that will be promoted in the future, and your son will go to the Divine Transformation Void Refinement Realm, I’m going to ask for a Dao Item for your son myself.”

Void Refinement cultivator is like a community health product salesman at this moment, and it’s the kind that doesn’t give up today.

“Did the senior fall in love with my baby’s Qianling Dao Body?” Xu Gang explained in one sentence the reason why the Void Refinement cultivator is so eager to offer benefits.

“You know, it’s even better. This Spirit Physique can only be taught well if you join our Dao Sect, otherwise it will be buried.”

“My Dao Sect also There is a top creative Spirit Master who is good at the creation of spell and cultivation techniques. The combination of the two is almost seamless.”

“As long as your son comes to Dao Sect, there will be no shortage of resources in the future.”

The Void Refinement cultivator was very helpless when he saw this family of three. He had been wandering around the Great Immortal cities for many years in order to find a suitable Disciple. Today, he finally met a thousand spirit Dao Body.

The age is right, and my parents are both Nascent Soul Golden Core cultivators, which is just right for a nest, but absolutely didn’t expect, this family from a hidden small sect actually looks down on Central Plains The top Great Sect.

(End of this chapter)

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