My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 139

Chapter 139 Li Goudan

Wang Xiangchi, who used to exude amazing sword intent, is now like an ordinary person without any imposing manner.

In the small courtyard, Wang Xiangchi took the wind thunder sword and used a set of unruly sword moves, just like a child playing.

A Golden Core Early-Stage challenge puppet appeared, this is the challenge puppet Xu Fan gave them before they left, and the rules are still the same as before.

Wang Xiangchi, who usually can’t even touch the corners of the puppet, only used one sword today to directly smash the core area of the puppet.

It was just a simple straight stab, the puppet seemed to be dodging, but it didn’t dodge.

Li Xingci looked at this scene with a smile, although he could get Wang Xiangchi to a world full of sword dao, but that might have the opposite effect.

Golden Core’s mid-stage puppet, Wang Xiangchi still broke it with a single sword.

As for the last puppet, Wang Xiangchi didn’t take it with him when he came out.

“In fifty years, I will sword dao into Nascent Soul.”

“After my father’s injury is healed, our family will go back to Spirit Sect.” Wang Xiangchi said.

“Well, it seems that brother’s problem has been solved.”

“Then I can leave with confidence.”

After Li Xingci said goodbye to Wang Xiangchi , looked towards a place where the people who escaped from Xiangzhou were all the big shots above Integration Realm couldn’t bear to bring them from Xiangzhou.

These people need to probe their souls in case there is a Monster Race mixed in.

Over the years, Li Xingci has traveled the cultivation world, watching Baiwei’s life, and by the way, he has also helped Yin Spirit Sect recruit qualified Disciples.

After walking in the cultivation world for many years, he has encountered Heavenly Spirit Root, Mutated Spiritual Root, and various Spirit Physiques. These Disciples, which are regarded as treasures in other Sects, are in his eyes. Just an untested child.

Of course, in order not to waste such spirit root Spirit Physique, he sold the news to the Great Sects, which is also a lot of money.

In a city full of small houses, there are countless people queuing up. This is the refugee camp. As long as they pass the inspection of the demon viewing mirror, they will obtain the identity of ordinary people in Sheng Ling State, and they will be arrested. The local government brought it to the already divided area to build a village and open a government.

Before he came, he inquired about the news. The innate talent of the children here has been probed by the major Immortal Sects, and the rest are some four spirit roots and five spirit roots. This is his goal. .

1 month later, Li Xingci took a family of three on a journey back to sect.

Above the hundred thousand li giant lake, Xu Fan was holding a strange magic weapon in his hand. He was closing his eyes, but his mouth was not idle.

“Yuexian, I didn’t know before, how could you be so capable of causing trouble.”

In a Secret Realm, a puppet controlled by Xu Fan is pinning down a red Divine Transformation Realm. The flaming Tiger Monster Beast, Xu Yuexian in the distance is in charge of sniping.

“I have a puppet controlled by Master. If I go to provoke a little monster beast like Golden Core Nascent Soul Realm again, wouldn’t it be inconsistent with Master’s cards.” Xu Yuexian said beside hehe.

Since she has this remote control puppet, Xu Fan has added a lot of color to her treasure hunt life, at least she has a trusted partner when fighting.

“This trait puppet can hold ten normal Nascent Soul Peak battle strength puppets.”

“If you kill and break it, there will be no second one. ”

Xu Fan said that the manipulator puppet dodged in the air to the limit, dodging a fireball.

“Damn it, if it weren’t for the slow internet speed, you wouldn’t be able to use your ultimate move, and you’d be dead long ago.” Xu Fan controlled the puppet to rush towards the red flame giant tiger of Divine Transformation Realm in an extremely coquettish position. go.

“Yuexian, pay attention to the wound on this tiger’s body, it can only last for two breaths at most, if you can’t seize the opportunity, we will withdraw.” Xu Fan said, controlling the puppet holding a short sword , opened a deep wound directly on the giant tiger.

But the scarlet giant tiger, who was alerted instantly, hid the wound in an invisible place, and slapped Xu Fan’s puppet with one paw.

The puppet resisted with a dagger, and recoiled with a rubbing force and floated into the distance.

“Yuexian, you had at least two moments of opportunity just now, but you missed it.” Xu Fan’s voice reached Xu Yuexian’s ears.

Xu Yuexian showed helplessness and came out with Master’s puppet. When fighting, he was easily attacked.

At this time, the giant tiger with a body length of 20 meters began to roared towards the sky, red clouds appeared in the sky, and countless huge Fireballs fell from in the sky, almost covering half of the Secret Realm, As if the end had come.

“do it quickly, Yuexian, you should also look at it, today I will teach you what melee combat is.”

The puppet directly cast a simplified version of Shadow Transformation III, in midair Three identical puppets appeared, dodging the Fireball that fell in the sky, and charged towards the Divine Transformation Realm giant tiger.

Chiyan giant tiger felt very irritable when he saw a small insect that changed into three. He was staying here well, why would there be an insect to disturb him.

Did I steal your tigress?

The face of the giant tiger that the three puppets are directly attached to is hard steel. Relying on their delicate positioning, none of the three puppets were attacked, but they added a few gradually to the giant tiger. ‘s wound.

Xu Yuexian in the distance was stunned. His Shadow Transformation III body can still be used like this. Isn’t this used to confuse the enemy when escaping.

At this moment, the giant tiger screamed to wake up Xu Yuexian. Thinking of his mission, he started aiming again, but it was too late, the wound of giant tiger had healed.

At this time, the deity puppet left the battle directly, came to lie down beside Xu Yuexian, and took out a giant spear bigger than Xu Yuexian from behind.

β€œYou have the potential to be a pig teammate,” Xu Fan said.

The puppet took out a Treasure Item fourth rank armor-piercing bullet and put it into the giant spear.

Shoot directly when the next wound on the giant tiger appears.


The bullet hit the wound on Giant Tiger’s waist and exploded directly in the body.

Chiyan giant tiger, died.

“When you have a gun, don’t think about other things.” Xu Fan’s voice came.

“I was shocked by Master’s fighting skills. If it were me, I would have to run for my life at most.” Xu Yuexian said flatteringly.

The puppet walked deep into the Secret Realm.

“Don’t talk nonsense, go and see what treasures are there.” Xu Fan said with interest.

β€œGot it~~”

After a search on Secret Realm, Xu Fan disconnected the link with satisfaction.

“The game experience is good, but unfortunately the network speed is a bit slower.” Xu Fan said regretfully, if the transmission speed was not limited, he could play the secret technique or something.

“It seems that the first generation of control puppets is still flawed and needs to be optimized.” Xu Fan raised his head and looked towards the noon sunshine.

In the distance, a ten-year-old daoist robe little girl is happily feeding her little turtle, which is now her daily task.

Xu Fan looked at the Thunder Blade, who was tempering his spirit strength, secretly sighed the innate talent of the siblings.

According to Xu Fan’s opinion, the innate talent of this pair of siblings is far higher than that of the Xu Gang siblings at the beginning, but the character lacks a bit of toughness. Under his training, this is not a problem.

After several months of sect training, both the big brother and the younger sister have reached the level of Qi Refinement. This is still the result of Xu Fan’s deliberate compression. After another year, the siblings will officially begin to form.

Receive training in pill concocting and refining.

Xu Fan intends to train them as his successors in pill concocting and refining.

While thinking about whether to make a fantasy that simulates pill concocting and refining, a screen appeared in front of Xu Fan.

In the picture, Li Star Pond is flying towards Yinling Island with a teenager in his teens.

“Oh, what Disciple did Xing Ci bring back this time.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Over the years, Li Xingci brought back several Disciples from time to time. Now Xu Fan has no plans to recruit Disciples on a large scale. It is enough to send a few Disciples every once in a while.

Li Xingci put away the magic weapon of the car, and with the curious child next to him, slowly landed on Xu Fan’s turtle shell.

“Master, this child is a perception genius I found in Sheng Ling State, and has passed Master’s most difficult test.” Li Xing said with a salute.

“The most difficult test, this child passed which one.” Xu Fan said in surprise.

“All passed.” Li Xingci’s tone was also slightly surprised.

At this time, Xu Fan began to seriously look at the child next to Li Xingci. His appearance was only average, but his eyes were especially amazing.

At this time, Xu Fan lightly pointed a finger to the child’s eyebrow.

In an instant, the silhouettes of Xu Fan and child appeared in a white world.

“But senior Reincarnation Body.” Xu Fan asked.

At this moment, a trace of surprise crossed the little boy’s heart.

“immortal, what is senior Reincarnation Body.” The little boy asked curiously.

Xu Fan waved his hand gently, and countless pictures appeared in the whole Illusion Technique world, all of which were the experiences of children through childhood.

All experiences from birth to the present are in the picture.

Xu Fan waved his hand and returned to the real world.

β€œDo you want to become an immortal?” Xu Fan said.



“Destroy Monster Race and rebuild my hometown.” A trace of hatred flashed in the little boy’s eyes, and he finally woke up Memory, I thought the rebirth of this life would be easier, but absolutely didn’t expect it to be a hell start.

“Okay, you are willing to be the sixth Disciple under my sect.” Xu Fan said.

The little boy did not say a word, and directly gave Xu Fan a great gift of master and disciple.

“I do.”


“What’s your name.” Xu Fan asked again.

“Li Goudan.”


“Give a name, Li Xuandao.”

Flying in the distance Disciple, named Spirit Sect, is Xu Fan’s management assistant, Qiu Ziyuan.

“Ziyuan, bring a new Disciple into the Spirit Sect, first come with a set of novice teaching.” Xu Fan said.


A cloud of auspicious clouds stood up and flew towards the hidden Spirit Sect with the two of them.

At this time, there were only two people left on the tortoise shell, and Lei’s siblings were sent home to study by Xu Fan.

β€œHow is your Third Senior Brother?” Xu Fan asked.

“Following Uncle Wang to kill the demon together, the family is doing well, but Uncle Wang was slightly injured.” Li Xingci said truthfully.

“Oh. That’s fine.”

“Then why Smelly brat doesn’t want to return to sect.” Xu Fan asked, this kid is a bit stubborn, and Xu Fan is most afraid of him getting into the horns .

“Sword dao hasn’t made any progress in the past three years. I’m afraid you will tell him when I come back.”

“If he doesn’t come back, he should be spanked.”

Three thousand-character chapter

(end of this chapter)

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