My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 145

Chapter 145 Spirit Pill

“Xing Ci, do you think our shadow stone will catch fire?” Xu Fan asked with a smile.

“Yes, Seven Emotions and Six Desires are inevitable. A normal man will like a young and beautiful female cultivator until he dies.” Li Xingci said nodded, his reincarnation slaves have a cultivation eyebrow Gong’s beautiful female cultivator is his greatest trump card.

“Haha, when I earn Spirit Stone, I’ll get a small sea boat.” Xu Fan said happily, as if he made money to buy his favorite toys.

At this time, on the huge lake of hundreds of thousands li not far from them, Leiwen Creek was quietly feeding the turtles.

“Yiwei, don’t grab it, you have it all.”

Lei Wenxi took the Spirit Pill and started feeding them one by one, driving away the turtles that had already eaten by the way. .

After feeding the Spirit Pill, Lei Wenxi took out a basketball-sized self-made Spirit Pill.

“Little Turtle, this is the Spirit Pill I made by myself.”,

“I think the recipes for the Spirit Pill are some flowers and herbs, Spirit Fruit, very plain. .”

“So I’ll feed you a special Spirit Pill from monster beast bones that are unused in the treasure trove plus their flesh and blood.”

“You guys have a taste. How’s it going?” Lei Wenxi said nervously, after all, it was his first time pill concocting, so he didn’t know if he would be rejected.

Some time ago, Lei Wenxi, who was feeding Spirit Pill on a daily basis, saw a jade slip on how to feed Spirit Beast in the Hidden Scripture Pavilion, in which he read an article about the turtle Spirit Beast Feeding advice, so she moved her mind.

So he used the monster beast bones and flesh and blood stored in the sect cold storage to refine a super-sized Spirit Pill according to her own thinking method. repair.

A modified version of the Spirit Pill was divided into eleven pieces and thrown into the lake.

“I’ll keep the six guards’ share alone, and I’ll give it to you tomorrow.” Lei Wenxi said fairly.

As soon as the large amount of Spirit Pill entered the lake, the entire lake immediately began to become restless, and those monster beasts who were usually suppressed by the Divine Transformation Realm Jiao-headed giant tortoise rioted instantly, all heading for eleven tortoises. They rushed in the direction of their eyes, with a crazy look in their eyes, as if there was something more important than their lives there.

At this time, huge waves were set off on the lake, and the giant tortoise with its head like an island surfaced, looking towards the monster beast that was attacking its children in the distance.


The giant tortoise raised its palm and slapped it on the lake surface fiercely.

A dark wave directly knocked the surrounding monster beast into the air.

At the same time, eleven turtles had finished feeding the Spirit Pill, and the whole lake was calm again.

“Wenxi, come here.”

Xu Fan, who was far away by the lake, called.

Lei Wenxi came to Xu Fan on a turtle.

“Great Elder~~” Lei Wenxi said timidly, feeling as if he had done something wrong.

“Come on, let me see your homemade Spirit Pill.” Xu Fan said with a smile, good guy, I haven’t even thought about creating a Spirit Pill.

Lei Wenxi took out the last remaining Spirit Pill and handed it to Xu Fan.

“The bone meal and flesh and blood essence of the Golden Core Realm monster beast, Interesting.”

Xu Fan looked up at Lei Wenxi and said, “Tell me how you practiced the spirit. Pill.”

“I started the experiment with free blood from the cold storage.”


“And then”

“It’s done in the end.”

After saying that, Lei Wenxi lowered his head, feeling a little sorry.

“You didn’t make a mistake, but you deserve praise.”

“I have raised your authority to Level 1, and you can continue to create your own Spirit Pill in your spare time, I Support you.” Xu Fan said gently, he liked to see his sect’s disciple so creative.

“Really, thank you Great Elder.” Lei Wenxi hurriedly saluted and thanked her, and the timid little expression immediately became happy.

“Go back and continue your creation.”

Xu Fan then fed the last portion of Spirit Pill to the sitting giant tortoise.

After watching Lei Wenxi leave, Li Xingci said to Xu Fan, “The Disciples recruited according to Master’s method are all very good.”

“Haha, that’s it. Naturally.”

At this moment, Xu Fan’s communicator rang, which is the model of Xu Yuexian requesting Xu Fan to link the puppet.

“You, Second Senior Sister, have something to do, I’ll take a look first.”

Xu Fan took out a strange Magical Artifact and put his energy into it.

In an instant, Xu Fan appeared in front of his three Disciples and his own welfare brother.

“Master, today we met Martial Uncle Wang and Xiang Chi at Sheng Ling State.” Xu Yuexian said happily.

“Monster Race’s offensive has been repelled.” Xu Fan asked.

“I was defeated the day before.” Xu Gang said, looking at Xu Fan’s stand-in puppet and thinking that it was the first time he was so far away from his master.

“You’ll be fine.”

At this time, Xu Fan turned his attention to the father and son.

“Yulun’s cultivation base is still the same as before, there is no great progress.”

“It’s Xiang Chi, your progress surprises me, sword intent is restrained, muddy Yuan Ruyi, you have crossed the hurdle of Golden Core Realm.” Xu Fan praised, Sword Immortal is the most difficult cultivation in immortal dao, but also the strongest formidable power.

The current Wang Xiangchi is a use sword to enter dao.

“Thank you for your compliment, Master.” Wang Xiangchi smiled and said nodded. He was very excited. To be recognized by Master is also one of his sword dao.

“Brother Xu, I’m going to take Qian’er and Xiang Chi Huiyin Spirit Sect to retreat to Cultivation.” Wang Yulun said, for some unknown reason, the fortune was not right recently. He had one after another on the battlefield. Injuried.

Now the cultivation base has a tendency to go backwards.

“Your daughter won’t come back.” Xu Fan asked strangely.

“She joined Yanyue Holy Land a few years ago, and she is now estimated to be in Holy Land Cultivation.”

“Okay, come back soon, now it’s just me and the hidden Spirit Sect. The words of the stars are here, and I urgently need you, the Baizhan Peak Elder, to come and sit down.” Xu Fan joked.

Speaking of fighting, this good brother probably can’t hold back his son, let alone the one in front of him.

“Haha, tell a joke, the Baizhan Peak Elder in the hidden Spirit Sect can’t even beat his own son.” Wang Yulun said with a smile.

“Now I know that my battle strength is not enough. I taught you hand-in-hand at the beginning, but you didn’t cherish it. Now you are surpassed by the juniors.”

“Come back, I will teach you A set of powerful cultivation techniques, guarantee you can suppress and kill Quartet.” Xu Fan said.

“Yuexian, I’ll give you Martial Uncle Wang reimbursement for all the transportation fees required to return to the center continent, don’t do the dragon car, just go back to the interstate Transmission Formation.” Xu Fan said proudly, he turned towards After Wang Yulun comes back, there will definitely be a lot of rebates, and he is still able to get the Spirit Stone out of Transmission Formation.

“Understood.” Xu Yuexian thought and nodded, and Xu Fan told her to bring something to Martial Uncle Wang when she came back, just replace it with Stone.

“Brother Xu, don’t spend so much money, I.”

Wang Yulun was about to resign when Xu Fan stopped him.

“I also want to save Spirit Stone, but I’m afraid that if I save it, I will save you.” Xu Fan said meaningfully.

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