My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 146

Chapter 146 Human Race Merit

Wang Yulun suddenly remembered the terrifying time when Xu Fan was about to leave.

Every time he goes out, he will go to Xu Fan to say goodbye, Xu Fan will always give him some rare treasure or magic weapon of unfathomable mystery.

At first I don’t understand very well, as time goes on, when every time I go out and encounter danger, the things Xu Fan gives will come in handy, then Wang Yulun will know how good he is. Brother learned to account for Dao of Divination.

“Brother Xu, we’ll be fine on our way back, right.” Wang Yulun instantly lost his calm.

“It’s all right, it’s just a bloody evil disaster. If you don’t leave the immortal city, you can still save your life.” Xu Fan said lightly, and he was a little surprised when he saw Wang Yulun’s face just now.

The ominous omen, the Blood Light Disaster, is the kind that accidentally kills you.

At this time, even Murong Qian’er beside Wang Yulun started to get nervous.

“Brother Xu, as long as you don’t leave immortal city, you’ll be fine.”

Wang Xiangchi was also looking at Xu Fan’s stand-in puppet with a worried expression.

“Not necessarily, but if you can come back alive, you’ll be fine.”

“Have you been in accidents or been injured a lot recently, or you’re haunted by evil things.” Xu Fan asked.

“Yes, yes!” Wang Yulun said excitedly.

“Then come back quickly, don’t stop on the way, it’s better not to sleep and rest.” Xu Fan’s expression was slightly more serious.

Wang Yulun This guy should be cursed, and it’s not the most superficial curse, it seems that fate has been slightly involved.

“Okay, I’ll go back now with Qian’er and Xing Ci.”

At this time, Xu Yuexian handed Wang Yulun a bag of Spirit Stone, which is on the way delivery fee.

The call ended, Wang Yulun took his mind back.

“Your Uncle Wang has been stained with something unclean recently. It is probably a curse. I will study it after I come back. The taste of fate is very interesting.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Oh.” Li Xingci lightly saying, as if it had nothing to do with him.

Linsen immortal city, Shizhan came to a chamber of commerce exhausted.

“Shopkeeper, this is the scales of the Earthsteel Beast you need to buy, there are 20 sets in total.” Shi Zhan resisted the urge to vomit blood and said.

“senior, you have worked hard, there are a total of 500,000 Spirit Stones, you have collected them.” There are not many Golden Core Realms who can take on this thankless task these days.

Zhan Zhan took a look at the storage bag and it was nodded, indicating that there is no problem.

In a small courtyard in Linsen Immortal City, Shi Zhan had just finished healing and was looking at the Spirit Stone in his hand and worried.

“According to this kind of express delivery, 800 million Spirit Stones, even if I have been doing the task for 100 years, it is estimated that it is difficult to collect enough money to buy my hometown.”

Shi Zhan said Take out a Magical Artifact and activate it with spiritual power.

A light curtain appeared in the air with the locations and introductions of the Great Immortal cities throughout the central continent.

His eyes were fixed on an immortal city in Central Plains, with determination in his eyes, as if he was an aspiring young man who was going south to work.

โ€œMyriad Treasures immortal city, a treasure hunterโ€™s paradise, where danger and opportunity coexist.โ€

While watching the introduction of Myriad Treasures immortal city, Shizhan was thinking about what he had in his hands. Spirit Stone.

“Teleport to the past, the Spirit Stone is only half left, and we have to fight.” Shi Zhan gritted his teeth and said, for the peace of the hometown world, he had to do this.

“Changning, you manage the country well at home, leave the external affairs to me.”

If Xu Fan knew the story of Shizhan, maybe he would give a discount, after all is because of love.

Xu Gang and Xu Yuexian walked back after sending Wang Yulun’s family to the nearest immortal city Transmission Formation.

“didn’t expect there is still a signal here, and I can chat with Master when I have nothing to do.” Xu Yuexian said happily.

โ€œI feel that the reason for the signal here may be related to the immortal artifact of that dragon Immortal Palace.โ€

Xu Gang looked towards the sky above the distant defense camp. It can be felt that the huge dragon Immortal Palace is above the camp, ready to suppress all Monster Races at any time.

At this moment, the communication Treasure Item of the siblings rang again.

“Monster Race rushes back to the defense line.”

The siblings looked at each other, and two lines of light shot into the sky.

At this time, in the Ganzi No. 673 defense line, a sword array covering the defense line 2/3/2022 suppressed all the Monster Races from the sky and the ground. At this time, Ye Xiaoyao was full of excitement.

Because if Monster Race rushes like this for a day, the points he gets can be exchanged for a Spirit Sword of Treasure Item Tier 5.

Ye Xiaoyao thought to himself while strangling the rushing Monster Race with the sword array.

“I’ve been here for 10 years, will I be able to collect 1,000 Treasure Item Tier 5 Spirit Swords?” Ye Xiaoyao said in his heart.

“If you want to eat it, Monster Race’s offensive is so fierce, there must be a conspiracy.”

“Not to mention, the Immortal Palace, the dragon in the sky, can Suppress the entire border camp, when the time comes, even the Great Ascension Realm Monster Venerable will not be able to get over.” Lao Jian complained in the heart, the taste of conspiracy he was most familiar with.

“What conspiracy?” Ye Xiaoyao was taken aback.

“You guys are all petty troubles. Didn’t you realize that the entire defense line doesn’t even have a Transcending Tribulation Realm?”

“As for the conspiracy, it is estimated that it is out of bounds, Monster Race is plotting against , Human Race is also plot against .”

“This is just a place for your Human Race training.” Lao Jian said.

At this time, in the extreme sky, there are ten giant starship battleships from Human Race, which are fighting against five giant beast battleships from Monster Race. There are countless Divine Ability secret techniques and Dao Items in the world. collide.

“I said Lingyue Venerable, you can’t do it. You have wasted a few Thunder Fire cannons. If you didn’t grow up together, I would suspect that you were a traitor of Monster Race.”


In the control room, a Great Ascension Realm Venerable complained to another Venerable with a distressed expression on his face.

Lingyue Venerable sits in the driver’s seat, surrounded by rune controllers like Five Elements Eight Trigrams, full of immortal dao civilization and technology.

“Don’t make rude words, okay? The drivers of the Monster Race battleship are all cream of the crop, and the few shots I fired were to force it to dodge, so as to create damage to the surrounding Fellow Daoists.


“However, this is too fast to hide.” Lingyue Venerable said, while controlling the giant beast battleship of the Monster Race on the opposite side of the starship battleship.

“Forget it, it’s impossible to destroy them, but our goal has been achieved.”

“We want to go to the central continent to unblock the ancient demon forbidden area and let the I’m in chaos in the continent.”

“You are afraid that we Human Race are fools.” The Great Ascension Realm Venerable said mockingly.

Among the ten Great Immortals of the Elder Council, at least half of them are sky-scanning karma-style immortals, and any conspiracy against the Human Race will be detected.

The five battleships of Monster Race saw their actions were discovered, and after fighting for a while, they flew towards the area of Xiangzhou.

“This side has retreated, but I don’t know how the boss is outside the world.”

“If it is successful, should we start to promote the integration of the two worlds.” Lingyue Venerable said.

“Wait for the news, the boss has been planning for this for nearly three thousand years, and there are four Monster Race Venerables who have personally entered the Demon Spirit World and cultivated.”

“This time we are still The final winner.”

At this time, outside the Flying Feather Realm, the streamers traveling back and forth between worlds have become sparse, and the Wan Xingzhou lurking outside the world is still staring at the void. Deep serpentine battleship.

“Monster Race has noticed that the five star boats are almost there.” The star-eyed boy looked at the miniature universe centered on the Feather World in his hand and said.

“Let’s start it, Wan Lei Zhu Monster Immortal cannonballs, I only made 2 of my family property.”

“Now it’s my honor to let you taste it.”

“Two at once, destroy a Monster Race fairy weapon battleship first.” The star-eyed boy looked at the miniature universe in his hand with a smile and continued: “Do you think there is another Yu-class battleship ambushing I, wouldn’t I know?”

The flanks of the Wanxingzhou in the void opened two holes with a diameter of one kilometer.


The entire Wanxingzhou shook, and two streamers with speed to the pinnacle flew towards the snake-shaped battleship lurking in the depths of the void.

The miniature universe in the hands of the star-eyed boy, the dusty snake-shaped battleship, is now flying frantically toward the depths of the void.

“Is it useful?”

tone barely fell , and a small firework burst out from the miniature universe in the boy’s hand.

“Follow up, after finishing the spoรญls of war, I will start the fusion of the two worlds.”

“As you bid!”

Wan Xingzhou , everyone started to get excited.

“Haha, the boss sent me a message saying that the plan was successful, and the grand formation to integrate the two worlds is about to start.” Lingyue Venerable was as happy as a child.

“The fusion of the two worlds, the battle of luck, when the time comes, we just need to follow the boss, at least the Human Race merit of being True Immortal cannot escape.”

“Following the boss for thousands of years, we are not for this day.” Another Venerable said with a smile, he suppressed the cultivation base for thousands of years, not to win this Human Race merit.

“After I ascend to the Great Thousand Worlds, I will continue to follow the boss. Maybe I can be a Golden Immortal.”

“You want to eat that shit again.”

At this time. Above the Sheng Ling State border defense line, an Immortal Palace across the sky suddenly appeared, directly killing all the Monster Races that attacked the defense line.

Three Great Ascension Realm Venerables and thirty Transcending Tribulation Realm big shots came out from Dragon Immortal Palace and flew directly to Xiangzhou.

“Follow me into Xiangzhou and kill Monster Race.”

“Anyone who kills Monster Race can exchange Elder Council points for their corpses.”

All the cultivators were excited for a while and rushed towards Xiangzhou, and all the large-scale Monster Races along the way were directly killed by the Great Ascension Realm Venerable.

Then three Monster Venerables appeared, and before they spoke, they were directly killed by the Great Ascension Realm sword cultivator Venerable who took out.

At this point, Ye Xiaoyao, who saw this scene from behind, drooled.

“The formidable power of the fairy weapon is so terrifying.”

“I wish I had a fairy sword.” Ye Xiaoyao said with saliva.

“What are you thinking, you are in this realm, I don’t expect you to get the fairy sword.”

“The fairy weapon, even if it reaches the Great Thousand Worlds, True Immortal level. Immortal doesnโ€™t necessarily have one.โ€ Lao Jian said,

โ€œDonโ€™t you have a treasure house in the Great Thousand Worlds? It is said that I can have endless Spirit Treasure artifacts after ascension.โ€ Ye Xiaoyao said .

“That’s true, but it depends on your luck. If the world you ascended to has the Immortal Emperor’s treasure trove, you will be prosperous.”

“If not , letโ€™s talk about earning travel expenses obediently and honestly first,โ€ Lao Jian said.

(End of this chapter)

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