My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 147

Chapter 147 Li Xuandao’s Heavenly Dao Oath

In the early morning, Xu Fan came out of the time cabin, and Lei Wenxi had already prepared breakfast on the table.

“Wenxi, there is no need to deliver breakfast later.” Xu Fan said, recently he felt a little ill at ease, always felt that a major event was about to happen, not the usual major event.

So he decided to explain it first, and then began to retreat. After all, the cultivation base is a hard injury, and now the number of Disciples at the top of Qi Refinement is increasing, and in ten years, the first batch of Disciples may all arrive at the Foundation Establishment Realm.

“Great Elder, have I done anything wrong?” Lei Wenxi said pitifully.

“I’m going to retreat in the near future, so you won’t give it away in the near future.” Xu Fan said mildly.

At this time, Li Xuandao came to Xu Fan’s small courtyard with a look of doubt.

“Master, Disciple is here.” Li Xuandao said respectfully.

“Wenxi, please step back first.” Xu Fan said.


“I just want to chat with you today.”

Xu Fan motioned for Li Xuandao to sit next to him.

“You are my sixth Disciple, and I will teach each Disciple a set of Divine Ability that suits them.”

“But your performance is really perfect Now, you have performed perfectly in every aspect of art, weapon, illusion, soul, and sword.”

“So I want to ask you, which aspect do you want to develop in the future.” Xu Fan looked at the Disciple who seemed to be a boss and said.

If he is a man of destiny, then except for spirit root, all other aspects are full marks. This is a classic cultivation novel.

If it is a reincarnated person, then it goes without saying that the acting is perfect, it goes without saying that the Immortal Emperor is reborn.

Today Xu Fan plans to give it a try before retreating.

“Master, I want to take one of the techniques.” Li Xuandao said, this is the path he set after passing the seventh life, and both the cultivation technique and spell Divine Ability are ready.

As for pill concocting and refining, those are things that he didn’t play in a few lifetimes. The magic weapon he needs can be refined by himself.

“Is it the same as your Eldest Senior Brother, but I feel that a set of Divine Ability is more suitable for you.” Xu Fan said and took out a jade slip and handed it to Li Xuandao.

A Resurrection Lily appeared in Xu Fan’s hands, the flower of guidance for this set of Divine Ability.

Li Xuandao spirit strength As soon as he checked the jade slip, he was shocked by the content inside.

“I didn’t find it at first, but now I find more and more Samsara Power on the disc.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Damn it, how monstrous my cheap master is, that’s why Foundation Establishment Realm recognized Samsara Power.

Samsara Power will only be revealed when the cultivation technique and Divine Ability of his Cultivation past life, because these are not things of this world, so they suddenly appear, must be escorted by Samsara Power, otherwise would be identified as a heretic by this world Heavenly Dao.

“Can you explain to me the Samsara Power on the Disciple?” Xu Fan said mildly, but he didn’t know that all the cannons and Treasure Item satellites in the entire gate guard formation had already locked Li Xuandao alone. .

If you want to escape, one is Void Refinement Realm battle strength, and the other is to escape directly in space.

At this moment, Li Xuandao felt like a chicken entered the tiger’s den.

Damn it, it’s sloppy, I thought that the highest of the whole sector is Nascent Soul Realm, you can worry about it, Li Xuan Dao Heart said.

At times like this, Li Xuandao can guarantee that as long as he has a lie, the next moment will become scum. He has experienced this at least three times, but each time he has been overtaken by Integration Realm. immortal cultivator caught.

Faced with a choice again, he decides to confess.

Li Xuandao brewed his emotions and said slowly: “I was originally a True Immortal of the Great Thousand Worlds, and I got Reincarnation Dao’s cultivation technique by chance because of the hopeless Cultivation of breakthrough.”

“The ninth generation of Golden Immortal, this is the eighth generation of this immortal.”

After Li Xuandao finished speaking, he looked at Xu Fan, waiting for his question.

β€œHow many years can True Immortal live.” Xu Fan asked suddenly.

“The theoretical lifespan of True Immortal is infinite,” said Li Xuandao.

Is this my limit, Xu Fan thought sadly.

“But True Immortal will suffer catastrophe. Ten thousand years is a small catastrophe, and 30,000 years is a big catastrophe. Even the most powerful True Immortal will not survive the ninth catastrophe.”

“So the lifespan of True Immortal is 360,000 years. If it exceeds this number, if it does not break through Golden Immortal, Immortal Capital cannot save it.”

Li Xuandao doesn’t know why Xu Fan asked this question, but still said truthfully, after all, his own life is in his hands.

After hearing Li Xuandao’s words, Xu Fan relieved, it seems that True Immortal still has a lifespan limit.

A bag of Spirit Stone appeared in front of Li Xuandao.

“The previous title of master and disciple is void. This bag of Spirit Stone is considered a good relationship with Fellow Daoist.”

“I hope the Fellow Daoist Immortal Path will be forever, and the Golden Immortal will become enlightened.” Xu Fan cupped his hands and said, and his heart was whispered. After a long time, it turned out to be a True Immortal. Compared with the Immortal Emperor in the novel, this one is not even on the average.

Li Xuandao understood what Xu Fan meant, and he let himself leave the hidden Spirit Sect.

“Fellow Daoist, if I can stay, just be a common disciple.” Li Xuandao pushed back the storage bag with Spirit Stone.

“Fellow Daoist knows what I’m worried about.” Xu Fan responded, who would be assured that such a reincarnated immortal would stay in Sect.

“I can issue Heavenly Dao Oath, as long as I hide the Spirit Sect for one day, I will be the Disciple of the hidden Spirit Sect, and I will not harm the hidden Spirit Sect Disciple in any way.” Li Xuandao said, He has experienced hundreds of lifetimes of reincarnation cultivation, which has made him more aware of what kind of person he is.

He doesn’t have the ability to establish a sect, nor does he have the leisure to be a loose cultivator. As a salted fish, the most important thing is to find a tree that suits him to protect him.

The big tree in the future is also a big tree, and this is even more suitable for him.

“What can I get.” Xu Fan asked directly, facing at least a thousand-year-old bastard, so he didn’t need to talk around.

“When I arrive at Nascent Soul Realm, the immortal text, cultivation technique and immortal dao Divine Ability of the Great Thousand Worlds will be presented to the Great Elder.” Li Xuandao thought for a while and said.

He didn’t really care about these things, and he didn’t lose anything if he gave them to himself, so he should have a good relationship, and maybe he could meet again when he became the Golden Immortal in the future.

β€œThese are things you want to add to Heavenly Dao Oath.” Xu Fan said.

“No problem.” Li Xuandao agreed.

“Okay, let me ask you one last question, good luck.”

Li Xuan said: ? ? ?

After the deal was concluded, Xu Fan and Li Xuan Dao Idol exchanged Heavenly Dao Oath, and a chain of laws appeared in Xu Fan’s spiritual world.

Heavenly Dao Oath is usually an oath made by an immortal cultivator as the most important guarantee. If it is violated, there will be no serious consequences. It is just that when you advance to the great realm, there will be an oath. heavenly demons. Or when Transcending Tribulation, the formidable power increases several times.

The formidable power of Heavenly Tribulation is determined according to its own strength. If it is increased several times, no matter how powerful the cultivator is, it will be cool.

“Okay, if Fellow Daoist is interested, you can continue to be my Disciple. If not, I will directly arrange an Elder seat for Fellow Daoist.” Xu Fan looked at Li Xuandao and said, according to This person’s experience is that the probability of pig’s feet is too small.

“I’d better go back to Master’s Disciple. If I’m born again, I will have the chance to be born again.”

Li Xuandao saluted Xu Fan solemnly and said, “Master.”

Having experienced hundreds of lives, he does not despise Xu Fan, who is only the Foundation Establishment Realm, because he knows that the boss will always be the boss, even if you are ahead for a while, you will eventually be turned against by the boss. kill.

“Okay, I’ll come over for tea later, and talk about the Great Thousand Worlds by the way.” Xu Fan said.


Looking at Li Xuandao’s back, Xu Fan revoked all locks on Li Xuandao. A Treasure Item fifth-order satellite stowed away the exposed superhard alloy gravity rod, and then the grid satellites were hidden.

“My space-based Treasure Item doesn’t have a chance to shoot. I don’t know how much formidable power is.”

At this time, Xu Fan suddenly became interested and directly opened the entire One hundred thousand li The virtual map of the giant lake, a small island a hundred miles away from Yinling Island was selected.

A thousand miles above the sky, a Treasure Item satellite quickly adjusted its direction slightly under the control of Grape, and a Treasure Item version of a super-hard alloy gravity rod shot out with a An incredible speed blasted towards the selected island.

The giant pillar, one meter in diameter and ten meters in length, with firelight, directly hit the island like a bullet.


The soil layer of the entire island was lifted directly to a height of one thousand meters, and then was brought to a height of ten thousand meters by the more violent fluctuations from the ground. .

Hundred thousand li A huge wave of tens of thousands of meters suddenly erupted above the huge lake, the whole huge lake is shaking, and countless monster beasts are hiding in the lowest layer of the lake shiver coldly, afraid to face Heavenly Might .

At this time, the giant tortoise of the Divine Transformation Realm also took its twelve sons to hide in a deep ditch at the bottom of the lake, with a look of extreme fear in its eyes. An ordinary giant pillar, it was seen with its own eyes that it was bombed to the island.

If it hits the body, it is impossible to imagine what the result will be.

Xu Fan looked at the picture on the screen, and the slightly vibrating Yinling Island, and felt that he was playing a bit too big.

At this moment, a 10,000-meter-high wave slammed into the gate guard formation on the island.

The Mountain Protecting Great Formation on Yinling Island is like a rock on the coast, without the slightest shake.

“Mountain Protecting Great Formation lost 0.5%, now fixed.”

“Test Skyrim Treasure Item formidable power.” Xu Fan said, the gravity bar has more formidable power than he thought to be bigger.

“Divine Transformation Realm monster beast can kill with one hit, and Void Refinement Realm monster beast will hurt.” Grape gave a vague data.

“Yes, this is only the first generation, and I’m upgrading a few generations later, so the hidden Spirit Sect is the safest place.” Xu Fan pondered.

In the bottom of Xu Fan’s heart, the safety of Yinling Island is definitely the first priority. As long as there is any new idea, it will be immediately applied to the protection of Yinling Island.

At this time, Xu Fan’s communication Treasure Item sounded. It was a message from Elder-Council’s Deacon in Linsen immortal city, saying that it sensed that there were fluctuations on the huge lake that exceeded the Divine Transformation Realm. Ask for support.

Xu Fan then replied that it’s okay, if something goes wrong, it’s too late to do anything at your speed.

After dealing with Li Xuandao, Xu Fan began to enter a semi-closed state.

(End of this chapter)

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