My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 150

Chapter 150 Fusion of Two Realms

Xu Gang siblings, who were far from the border of Sheng Ling State, both stopped their movements and looked in the direction of Xiangzhou.

“Junior Sister, take it easy, wait for the news before going deep into Xiangzhou.” At this time, Xu Gang felt that the Immortal Palace, the dragon above the camp, had also disappeared.

Xu Yuexian took out the communication magic weapon and glanced at it and found that there was no signal. Nodded said, “Yes, Master said that it is best not to join in the fun in this situation. Let’s kill the demons slowly at the border.”

Xu Fan has been indoctrinated with them since he was a child. When encountering a big scene, if there is no definite news, don’t join in the fun, unless you are a man of destiny.

At the same time, Ye Xiaoyao, who heard the cry of the giant demon, was flying to the nearest ancient demon forbidden place.

“Boy, can you turn over and see this wave.”

“The blood of the ancient demon, the chain of heavy stars, the flower of the blood of the demon, these three are even in the immortal world. It’s a good thing.”

“If you find someone who knows the goods, you will have your Dao Item.” Lao Jian said in Ye Xiaoyao’s heart, his tone very excited.

Getting rich once was his favorite scene.

“Listen to you once, tell me how to do it.” Ye Xiaoyao said, the speed of the sword boat has been driven to the extreme.

“It’s easy to say, your Venerable in this world will definitely seal the ancient demon, we just need to enter the forbidden area of the ancient demon after the seal.”

“When the time comes, listen to my command. That’s fine.” Lao Jian said confidently.

At this time, the dragon Immortal Palace appeared in an ancient demon forbidden area closest to the Sheng Ling State camp, and was suppressing a giant wolf with a length of 10,000 meters.

There are several Great Ascension Venerables around to suppress together, at this time Yuzhou has already appeared in another ancient demon forbidden area with fifteen Venerables.

3 months later, Xu Fan came out of the time cabin to relax, and always felt a little feel ill at ease. Most importantly, he found that he had nothing to do at this stage.

“Foundation Establishment Realm Peak is over, Divine Transformation Realm’s “Five Elements Secret Art” doesn’t seem to be able to deduce it now, we can only wait until Golden Core Realm.”

“The army of puppets. Let’s just do it for now, there’s no rush to upgrade now.”

“Mountain Protecting Great Formation’s protection has reached its limit, and if I want to upgrade, I can only wait for my Golden Core”

Xu Fan walked in front of the spiritual liquid waterfall and looked at the loving pair of deer by the lake. Although the male deer looked underage, it did not prevent them from showing their affection.

In the spiritual liquid lake, there is also a golden tortoise the size of a grinding disc, enjoying the feeling of spiritual liquid scouring the tortoise shell.

This Tianji turtle is a friend brought back by Xiaohua a few months ago. Before Xu Fan forced him to stay overnight, this Tianji turtle consciously settled in the spiritual liquid lake. .

According to Xiaohua, this is the poor fellow who entered the city and was immediately fascinated.

Xu Fan took out the high-grade Spirit Pill and fed some Tianji turtles, and exchanged feelings by the way.

Now Tianji Turtle is like a three-year-old child who doesn’t even know where his father is.

“It’s a pity, otherwise you can invite your parents to come and live, so that your family can be together neatly, that’s great.” Xu Fan said regretfully.

At this time, the number of Disciples around the spiritual liquid lake began to increase, and they all came to meditate by the spiritual liquid lake.

“Good Elder,” said all Disciples saluting.

Xu Fan nodded his head N times before he stopped.

At this time, Xu Fan suddenly found that his sect still lacks a place to assist Disciple enlightenment. An immortal cultivator can’t just think about the improvement of battle strength, and other aspects have to keep up.

So Xu Fan sent a message to Pang Fu, asking him to look for the ten thousand year parasol tree.

After explaining the matter, Xu Fan continued to wander. In a pavilion, he met Wang Xiangchi and Li Xingci who were discussing.

The two were holding the Magical Artifact Spirit Sword, and they were both fighting each other with their moves, using no spiritual power at all.

Although they didn’t use spiritual power, but under the powerful blessing of the two Golden Core Realm, the nearby space was screaming with sword qi, sword light flashes, and the surrounding ground was full of one after another sword marks.

After seeing Xu Fan coming, the two stopped at the same time and looked towards Xu Fan.

“Continue, just pretend I don’t exist.”

“Actually, it’s helpful to sword dao occasionally.”

“I just didn’t see it. , Xingci’s cultivation base on sword dao is not weak.” Xu Fan said with a smile, he saw the shadow of ancient martial arts Sword Art in Li Xingci’s moves.

“It’s just a matter of practice, and it won’t be praised by Master.” Li Xingci moderately said.

“You are still modest.” Xu Fan finished speaking and looked towards Wang Xiangchi: “Xiangchi, how are you feeling in the sect for the past few months, are you used to it?”

My own three-disciple in the past was a restless master. Since I left the sect, I haven’t stayed in the sect for such a long time.

“I’ve been tired of fighting demons for a few days. Now it’s good to spend time with my master and my parents.”

“If you have nothing to do, you can learn from the fourth junior brother. It’s a pity that Eldest Senior Brother and Second Senior Sister are not here.” Wang Xiangchi said that in the past few months in Spirit Sect, his sword dao has improved rapidly.

“Yes, it seems that you have really found your own way.” Xu Fan said with relief, he did not expect Li Xingci’s Hundred Worlds Reincarnation to have such a great effect, should we get a Samsara Palace? , let Disciples experience it.

“It all depends on how well the master teaches.” Wang Xiangchi said with a blank expression.


Your expressionless compliment is really inconsistent. It seems that there is time to talk to your father about your education.

At this time, the Golden Crow rose eastward, and Xu Fan looked towards the rising sunrise through the Mountain Protecting Great Formation.

“I don’t know what the sun in the Intermediate Thousand Worlds looks like. As far as the area of the cultivation world is concerned, I am afraid that a single sun in the previous life was not enough to shine.” Xu Fan said with emotion.

In the cultivation world, only the area of a few small border states in Xiangzhou is bigger than the area of the Blue Star in the previous life, let alone the entire Xiangzhou.

There are more than 1,000 cultivation worlds on continents alone, not to mention the endless seas that have no cultivator to explore to the edge.

At this moment, Xu Fan suddenly cast his eyes on somewhere in the sky.

“The ominous premonition is getting stronger.” Xu Fan muttered.

The last time he had this strong feeling, he was forced to flee from the Heavenly Tower Sect to the central continent.

At the same time, outside the boundary of Flying Feather Realm, a Formation that is enough to cover the entire continent appeared in the outer wall of Flying Feather Realm, and there was a Yuzhou guard beside it.

“If it weren’t for the fusion of the two worlds, Heavenly Dao, this Formation would not be able to expand tenfold.” The star-eyed boy said above Yuzhou, looking at the huge rune formation.

“Let’s start, the two worlds merge, and now the central continent takes the lead.”

“As the saying goes without destruction there can be no construction, the central continent enjoys the best quality in the world. resources, but also to resist the banner of the Monster Race.”

At this time, a hundred Great Ascension Realm cultivators appeared in the array, and the star-eyed boy occupied the center of the array.

“Thousands of chains join the world, rise!”

The entire giant array lit up with dazzling aura, and a thousand super-giant chains rose from the array and probed into the depths of the void .

The Flying Feather Realm made the sound of the chain shaking.

The super-giant chain that comes out of the array at a high speed, even the Wanxing Boat of tens of thousands of meters looks like an ordinary canoe.

“At most 20 years, the two worlds will begin to merge, go back and notify the Great Sects and prepare for battle.”

“At most two thousand years, this cultivation world will Get ascension, when the time comes, the number of ascenders in this world alone can make the Feiyu Immortal Gate of the Great Thousand Worlds of the first spirit stand firm.” Star-eyed boy lightly saying.

“But the premise is to kill all Monster Races.”

A killing intent flashed through the eyes of the star-eyed boy. In Demon Spirit World, he has a deep relationship with several Monster Sovereigns. ‘s grudge.

When Xu Fan heard the sound of the chains, he closed his eyes and began to deduce the future with Divination Technique.

Deducing the general trend is a difficult thing, but Xu Fan has not yet used the divination secret technique, and the vision of the future appears in Xu Fan’s mind.

“Has this news been released, or I can easily deduce it.”

“The fusion of the two worlds, the Central Plains as the starting point, the great war between the two races. Expand.”

Xu Fan suddenly lost his calm, and said foul-mouthed: “Damn it, just don’t let people live a good life.”

At this time, Xu Fan already felt to future stress.

The two thoughtful disciples who accompanied Xu Fan asked with concern: “What happened to Master, what happened to the sound of the chain just now.”

Hearing the voice of the discipline, Xu Fan sighed, is this the benefit of being in the same era as pig’s feet? Whatever is important will come.

“Hurry up on cultivation, at most 20 years, Human World and Monster Realm will begin to merge, and the starting point of fusion is the central continent.”

“You two, Master’s cultivation base for you before. I haven’t asked, and now you must reach the Nascent Soul Realm in your cultivation base within 20 years.”

“Of course, you must not fall behind in battle strength, which is a life-saving cost.”

“After you Martial Uncle came, I started secluded cultivation.” Xu Fan said to the two of them.

“Follow your teacher’s orders!” The two said solemnly, they understood the importance of the integration of the two worlds.

Above the hundred thousand li giant lake, Xu Fan thought that after seeing the turtle he raised, he would go back and continue the retreat. He knew that after seeing the turtle he raised, he found that there was still a surprise.

“You all evolved?” Xu Fan said, looking at the turtles of various shapes.

The color of each turtle’s shell is different, at least red, orange, yellow, green, azure, blue, purple are all colors.

“Let me see your bloodline, Crystal Dragon Tortoise, Red Flame Spirit Tortoise, Sky Tortoise, Purple Sky Tortoise, Three Head Tortoise, Giant Sky Tortoise, Tianshui Spirit Tortoise, Wan Wood Spirit Tortoise. “

At this time, Lei Wenxi rushed to Xu Fan’s side.

“Wenxi, what did you eat for them? Why is the bloodline different?” Xu Fan asked in surprise, the Spirit Pill who can purify the monster beast bloodline is at least at the Grandmaster level. refining.

“I wanted to inform the Great Elder, but I was afraid of disturbing the Great Elder’s retreat, so I wanted to wait until the Great Elder came out.”

“I only fed my homemade Spirit Pill. , nothing else.”

“It’s just that I realized that they have different tastes, some like to eat Spirit Pill made of Water Attribute monster beast bone meal and flesh, and some like to eat it. Fire Attribute’s Spirit Pill.”

“So I made Spirit Pill according to their different tastes.”

“But I didn’t expect it, just feed and feed. That’s it.” Lei Wenxi said restless looking at Xu Fan.

At this moment, Xu Fan suddenly wanted to take Lei Wenxi to the cafeteria to be the head chef.

(End of this chapter)

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