My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 159

Chapter 159 Master’s Illusion Technique can no longer help me

“Maybe Master’s relative has completed his task and returned to his own place.”

“If there is reincarnation in the world, Master’s relatives will definitely be blessed in the next life.” Li Xingci said softly.

“Yes, he just returned to his place.”

Xu Fan, comforted by the disc, walked out of his lovesickness.

“By the way, Master, I want to build a city by the huge lake of hundreds of thousands li to settle the families of those commoner Disciple.”

“Give them some security.” Li Xingci said.

“You can arrange this kind of trivial matter by yourself. It’s not that you have no authority over grapes.” Xu Fan said.

“Master agrees.”

Xu Fan was greeted with a bright smile.

β€œYou smiley brat.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

At this time, a teenage boy in a white shirt ran over.

“Lingtai, what’s the matter with you?” Xu Fan asked kindly, this is the focus of his next training.

didn’t expect a big Disciple who likes to be a fort, there is a child who is born to be a fort.

Qianling Dao Body is good at learning all kinds of Taoism, and the spell Divine Ability displayed by Qianling Dao Body will increase three levels of natural formidable power.

According to Xu Fan’s words, a hat is given as soon as the spring comes out, which is how you let the opponent fight.

“Master, I want to ask, when will my father come back.”

Xu Lingtai trotted behind Xu Fan and rubbed Xu Fan’s shoulders and backs. This was to please Xu. Fan’s way.

“I miss your father.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Well, my mother also thought about it.”

“My father hasn’t left me for so long.” Xu Lingtai said pitifully.

“Okay, now it just so happens that the Elder Council doesn’t force you to kill demons anywhere.”

“I’ll let your father tell them to come back.”

” Thank you Master Ancestor.”

Xu Lingtai jumped directly from the railing of the cliff in the dojo, and floated lightly into the distance.

“I’m going to tell my mother the good news, goodbye Ancestor Master, goodbye Martial Uncle.”

Looking at Xu Lingtai in midair, Xu Fan raised his hand gently , An auspicious cloud dragged Xu Lingtai.

“Be careful, you just learned to lighten your body and be careful to fall.” Xu Fan instructed.

“Thank you, Master Ancestor~~~”

Xu Lingtai’s voice was getting farther and farther away.

“The big fort has just grown up, and another small fort has come. In the future, it will be difficult for our hidden Spirit Sect to prosper or not.” Xu Fan’s vision for the future, now that the foundation of the entire hidden Spirit Sect has been laid, The rest is a matter of time.

“Qianling Dao Body is very suitable for a fort.”

“When the Immortal Gate Apprenticeship Conference was held, I met a Shiling Battle Body, who was fifteen years old. , is the Young Master of the Great Aristocratic Family.”

“It’s a pity that his mind is not right and his tyranny is abnormal. He has already killed more than ten young girls at a young age.” Li Xingci said.

“It’s a pity, how did you deal with it, to kill the people, or to turn him into your reincarnation slave.” Xu Fan said, the reincarnation slave is the Divine attached to Hundred Worlds Reincarnation Ability, every time you experience one life, you can enslave one more person.

The enslaved will experience a life arranged by the master.

“Reincarnation slave, the real one is dead.” Li Xingci said.

At this moment, Xu Fan suddenly remembered a question.

“You should be able to advance to Nascent Soul, after all, challenging puppets is not a problem for you.” Xu Fan asked.

“The three Senior Brothers will be promoted to Nascent Soul, and I will be promoted accordingly.” Li Xingci said.

“Oh, it’s so fast.”

“Disciples have already advanced to Nascent Soul before they have Golden Core for their teachers.” Xu Fan said, for his own good Brother pray, your catastrophe is coming.

“Even if the discipline is promoted to Nascent Soul, but for Master, it’s enough to calm our eyes.” Li Xingci said with a smile.

He felt that since Master was promoted to Foundation Establishment Realm, the aura on his body became more and more terrifying. When he traveled in the cultivation world, even when he saw the powerhouse of Divine Transformation Realm, the aura on his body was not so terrifying.

He had a guess about Xu Fan’s failure to advance over the years. His master must be plotting a certain realm above the Immortal Realm, otherwise his master would not have stayed in the Foundation Establishment Realm for so many years.

“Haha, you know how to praise me. After the four of you are Nascent Soul Realm, I will fight with you as a teacher.”

“If you win, you will finish apprenticeship, If you lose, then you will be dragged into the illusion and spanked by me.” Xu Fan chuckled, it seems that his master’s prestige has not shaken for a long time.

“Master, although the discipline battle strength is not as good as Master’s now.”

“But Master’s Illusion Technique can’t help me anymore. So spanking can only be done by three seniors. Brother and senior sister have done it for you.” Li Xingci said, Hundred Worlds Reincarnation is a cultivation technique Divine Ability derived from Illusion Technique, and cultivator itself has strong resistance to Illusion Technique.

“Oh, I’m so confident, why don’t you try it.”

“Other people say that you should fight the disc as early as possible, otherwise you won’t have a chance.” Xu Fan’s expression It’s very moving. This kid has an indifferent expression all day long, and he doesn’t know what it feels like to be teased.

At this time, Li Xingci complexion changed and found that he had said the wrong thing.

“Master, I have something to do over there, I’ll go first.” Li Xingci got up quickly and said, wanting to leave before Xu Fan’s thoughts got up.

“Don’t worry, let’s play a little game before leaving.” Xu Fan’s sweet smile started to make Li Xingci panic.

Xu Fan tone barely fell, and Li Xingci the entire world began to change.

In a crystal square, there are countless little yellow ducks queuing in front of a gate.

A yellow duck as tall as Li Xingci appeared next to him.

“You can only leave the fantasy world after playing the mini game. The name of the game is catching ducks.”

At this time, Li Xingci cracked the illusion, but after finding it was futile, the nodded who could only be appointed said: “Okay.”

This is not the first time he has been dragged into the mini-game. In the illusion, but he was still young at the time, so it felt very interesting, but now he is dragged in, and some are just helpless.

“Let’s start then.” Li Xingci said helplessly.

“The game starts.”

“Catch the duck~~”

“Catch a few~~”

This is what I thought For some reason, Li Xingci said that he had caught one, but he said uncontrollably: “One hundred thousand.”

“Caught~~” Big Yellow Duck said happily.

At this time, the ducks on the crystal square were directly reduced by more than half, leaving only 100,000 ducks.

Li Xingci knew that it was his master who did it again, so he said extremely reluctantly; “Gah~”

He knew his master’s character, and the game was not over. , and possibly more shameful games.

Xu Fan, who was observing in the dark at this time, was smiling straight from the happy hehe.

“You have a self-confidence in front of a teacher, you are afraid that you don’t know what you can do as a teacher.”

“You think you will not be afraid of Master’s Illusion Technique when you are approaching Nascent Soul Realm. Is it?”

“Young man, you think too much.”

What Xu Fan didn’t know was that Li Xingci, who was playing the game, had an obsession in his heart. Even after his Illusion Technique surpassed his master, he also asked him to play a small game.

The name of the game is Shugouzi.

(End of this chapter)

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