My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 162

Chapter 162 Wang Yulun’s melancholy

After the two chatted for a while about the Great Thousand Worlds, Li Xuandao left.

“He’s also a poor person.” Xu Fan said, looking at the jade plate in his hand.

Spiritual power penetrated the jade plate, and a piece of the IX Golden Immortal appeared in Xu Fan’s mind.

“It’s a very mysterious cultivation technique, which belongs to the cycle of reincarnation, but it’s just too troublesome, and the later stage is a lifetime of Golden Immortal.”

“Perhaps with the help of this “Ninth Golden Immortal Decision” 》The cultivation technique of Xingci can be optimized.”

Xu Fan pondered while comprehend.

Three days later, Xu Fan sighed and put down the jade plate.

“It’s an immortal-level cultivation technique. It seems impossible to reverse it at this stage.”

A mountain puppet appeared beside Xu Fan and took the jade plate , flew towards Li Xuandao’s residence.

After the puppet left, Xu Fan started to comprehend the piece of Spirit Treasure again.

At this time, the two thousand new Disciples who joined the Magic Peak began to practice the first spell in their lives.

Illusion world, in a vast grassland, wearing a hidden Spirit Sect daoist robe Disciple, all began to clumsily mobilize the spiritual power in the body, both hands forming seals, and laboriously cast the most basic spell.

Xu Gang was also in the fantasy world and began to explain the essentials of spell for the doubtful Disciple, which was requested by Xu Fan. As long as he was in the sect, he had to take turns to be a teacher.

“Fireball Technique.”

“Ice Spear Technique”

“Small Spirit Rain Technique”

“Lightweight Technique”

“Twisting Technique”

“Earth Spike Technique”

“Golden Body Refinement”

All children are excited to use the spell they have learned , as if has stepped into the ranks of immortal.

At this time, Xu Gang noticed a special Disciple, an 8-year-old boy with fair skin and a cleverness in his eyes.

At this time, he made a seal in both hands, the Storm Technique in one hand and the Fireball Technique in the other.

If you are outside, Xu Gang will immediately stop it, but in the fantasy world, if you fail, you will suffer some mental damage at most, and you will be fine after a few days of cultivation.

Xu Gang, who was planning to watch a joke at the side, suddenly widened his eyes. He learned this skill only after he advanced to the Golden Core Realm.

It was so easily displayed by a Disciple who was less than ten years old.

Xu Gang waved his hand gently, and the little boy’s information appeared in front of him,

“Lin Chuanyu, 8 years old, Fenghuo Dual Spiritual Roots, aptitude: high , perception: high, focus on cultivating Disciple.”

There is a more detailed introduction later, but Xu Gang didn’t take a closer look.

“It turns out that the master has already started to pay attention to him.”

At this time, the little boy directly controlled the storm and turned it into a tornado, and directly integrated the Fireball Technique into the tornado.

This scene is very unpleasant to watch Xu Gang.

“Is this the difference in perception? When I was practicing my first spell at Qi Refinement Realm, this child had already played a combined spell.”

At this time, Xu Gang suddenly felt that since he was promoted to Nascent Soul Realm, his enthusiasm for the cultivation Dao Fa Divine Ability was far less than before.

“Are you proud of a draw with sect Heaven’s Chosen, and forget your original ideals?”

Looking at Lin Chuanyu, an extraordinary natural talent, Xu Gang suddenly realized .

In the time cabin, Xu Fan looked at Xu Gang who was seeking counseling, a little didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

“Are you hit by a just entered Disciple?” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Going into the Nascent Soul Realm’s tie with Heaven’s Chosen of the Thousand Spirit Sect, Disciple found that the cultivation of the Divine Ability was much lax.”

“And The cultivation base is also a bit stagnant.”

“Please master to make a cultivation plan for Disciple.” Xu Gang said.

“Don’t worry, I also noticed that your cultivation is a little slack recently. It’s not a big problem. Do cultivators also need to rest.”

“And that Disciple, I know, The innate talent aptitude is definitely better than yours at that time.”

“The road to cultivation is too long, you just need to walk your own way safely.”

“ Don’t be in a hurry, don’t be impatient, when you look back when you are tired, you will find that the people you admire can no longer see your back.” Xu Fan said.

In my heart, I added a sentence, with your master, what are you still worried about?

“Don’t you want a cultivation plan? Go to Trial Pagoda tomorrow, where there is a Cultivation challenge for teachers.”

“Thank you, Master.”

Consolation After finishing the big Disciple, Xu Fan just wanted to study how to reduce the repercussions of Hundred Worlds Reincarnation, and as a result, he ushered in his good brother.

“Bring your daughter-in-law back?” Xu Fan said, this guy is also a restless owner. After sect cultivation for a period of time, he received an investigation into the Golden Core Realm, which is under the jurisdiction of the Spirit Sect. The task of committing is gone.

He went with his wife.

“I just came back yesterday. I heard from Xiang Chi that Xing Ci is about to advance to Nascent Soul.” Wang Yulun said melancholy.

“Yes, after your child is promoted to Nascent Soul Realm, your other child will also be promoted to Nascent Soul Realm.”

“When the time comes in the hidden Spirit Sect , your Wang Family is the most powerful.”

“Have you considered seizing the throne to become the headmaster of the hidden Spirit Sect.” Xu Fan joked.

“You already know how to make fun of me. I’m here to ask you what the words of the stars mean.”

“After so many years, he should be able to guess something.” Wang Yulun said.

“You don’t have to worry too much, after all, you are also a victim.”

“Xing Ci won’t do anything to you, but you want him to call you Dad, It’s probably a bit difficult,” Xu Fan said.

“He doesn’t blame me,” said Wang Yulun sighed.

“It’s okay, according to my understanding of Xing Ci, after he is promoted to Nascent Soul Realm, he will at most give you a Divine Ability of Reincarnation, as long as you survive it, you will be fine.” Xu Fan patted Wang Yulun’s shoulder said.

“Reincarnation Divine Ability?” He didn’t know much about his son’s cultivation technique.

“Yes, don’t be afraid, it’s a one-night thing at most.” Xu Fan gestured to Wang Yulun to feel at ease.

“If you’re really scared, just continue to play with your Qian’er in the central continent, maybe you’ll forget the stars after a few hundred years.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Can you give me a reliable suggestion.” Wang Yulun speechless saying.

“Then you can find an opportunity to chat with Xingci, maybe the problem will be solved.” Xu Fan shrugged said.

“It seems like this is the only way to do it. Instead of running away, it is better to take the initiative to face it.” Wang Yulun bit clenching one’s teeth and said. I used to think it was too early, but didn’t expect time to pass. so fast.

“Since that’s the case, I’ll let Xiang Chi take his mother out on a purchasing mission, so as not to be smashed halfway.”

“Good brother.” Wang Yulun said .

“Should it be.” Xu Fan said with a smile, after all, I still expect a good brother to solve it at the major event in the future.

Second day, Wang Xiangchi found Murong Qian’er.

“Mother, Master asked me to go to Fengyu Immortal City to buy a batch of special products there, do you want to go?”

“You don’t want to buy Treasure Item, a special product there, Feng Yu. Yu Immortal Cloth, I happen to be able to accompany you on a trip.” Wang Xiangchi said, although he didn’t understand why Master gave him this task, he still had to listen to Master’s words.

Feng Yu Immortal Cloth was during dinner some time ago. Murong Qian’er said it, and Wang Xiangchi took it in his heart, thinking that he had time to buy one for his mother.

Murong Qian’er’s eyes shined when he heard his son’s words, just as Wang Yulun said yesterday that he had the feeling that he would retreat to Cultivation for a period of time.

“I’ll leave a letter to your father and we’ll go.” Murong Qian’er said happily.

(End of this chapter)

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