My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 164

Chapter 164 Lurking and Attack

Xu Fan in the Time Cabin is controlling the special Nascent Soul Realm puppet from Linsen immortal city with the help of Li Xingci with a dark face One of the reincarnation slaves was teleported to the Immortal city of the Black Sea.

“The recipe that hurt my Xu Fan, no matter who you are, you have to pay the price.”

“Void Refinement Realm robbed me of the treasure that my discipline had worked so hard to find, you are so powerful, your mother I don’t know.”

“It’s just boring to deduce the cultivation technique, so I’ll play with you.”

“I don’t have anything else, I just have a lot of boring time”

1 month later, 30,000 miles from the Immortal city of the Black Sea, a new high-quality spirit ore with no owner was discovered, and all the cultivators who got the news flocked here.

Outside the spirit ore, a Void Refinement cultivator leader and Divine Transformation Realm Cultivator are hiding in one place.

β€œBig brother, these Golden Core Realm, Nascent Soul Realm cultivators have no oil and water, what are we doing here.”

β€œIs the one by one snatch a bit off the price.” A middle-aged Divine Transformation Realm cultivator in a black robe said,

“Who said we were going to rob them.”

“We’re here to stay, whoever robs them, We’ll grab whoever.”

“If you meet someone with a high cultivation base, then just show off.” A Void Refinement cultivator said with a smile, and the mood is very good.

One I grabbed a Nascent Soul Realm female cultivator a month ago, didn’t expect the female cultivator family property to be so rich, there was actually a drop of Essence of Wood in the space ring, and the rest of the magic weapons were also tailor-made. The resources are enough for him to cultivate for a hundred years, but unfortunately let the female cultivator run away in the end.

Although he ran away, he couldn’t be rescued from such a serious injury without a treasure like Essence of Wood.

I know that the background of female cultivator is not simple, but so what, he is not unscathed by sect Heaven’s Chosen, he just needs to be clean.

So after finishing this vote, he plans to take his younger brother to a remote immortal city to retreat for a hundred years, so as to avoid the limelight.

“Second Brother, after completing this ticket, exchange it for cultivation resources, we will find a hidden immortal city to retreat for a hundred years.” Void Refinement Realm cultivator said.

“Is it because of the female cultivator, don’t worry about the big brother, maybe he is dead now.”

“Besides, with the big brother’s ability to hide, unless it’s the Elder The Council uses the Immortal Karma Mirror to track down, otherwise in this culture world, who can find out about our two brothers.” The black robe Divine Transformation Realm Cultivator said proudly.

For so many years, thanks to the hidden Divine Ability of his big brother, the two brothers have been kept cool for so many years.

“Be careful.” Void Refinement Realm cultivator said calmly.

In the forest not far from the spirit ore, there is an invisible palace, and a group of puppets are assembling a cultivation version of the laser cannon.

And 500 kilometers above the spirit ore, there is a space-based weapon satellite with Treasure Item fifth-order, which has entered the attack state at this time. The original super-hard alloy rod has been replaced by a flashing one. purple lightning huge crystal rod.

Around the crystal rod, there are also six supermagnetic conductive alloy rods.

In the invisible palace, Xu Fan manipulated the puppet to watch the laser cannon set up and said, “This time I will charge you a little interest, and when I advance to the Golden Core Realm, that will be your death. A ray of light flashed in Xu Fan’s eyes.

Originally, Xu Fan now occupies the Dao of Divination, and can’t count the position of the Void Refinement cultivator. Xu Fan has his own special tracking method.

When Xu Fan refines magic weapons for each discipline, he will draw a vague rune on the magic weapon, and the rune will emit a special kind of fluctuation, except Xu Fan who will not sense it.

This rune is also engraved in Xu Yuexian’s space ring, and there is a spirit ore discovered here, so Xu Fan received a fluctuating signal on the second day here, but I’m not sure about the specifics Location.

“The sample, hide it for me. If you have the ability, don’t show up.” Xu Fan said with gritted teeth in the time cabin.

Xu Yuexian’s injury is extremely severe. Although there is no life-threatening situation now, there is a strange force that has been destroying Xu Yuexian’s vitality. To fully recover, it will take ten years of cultivation, plus a lot of Containing vitality spiritual medicine nourishing, in order to consume that kind of power.

Over time, the bones of many cultivators were buried in this spirit ore.

The loose cultivator at the first Golden Core Realm and Nascent Soul Realm will disappear mysteriously if you mine the spirit ore for more than a month.

This move scared away all loose cultivators.

Then a small force with Divine Transformation Realm in the immortal city of the Black Sea occupied the place, but after a month, all the cultivators of this small force in the spirit ore also disappeared mysteriously.

Xu Fan looked at this spirit ore with cold eyes.

It wasn’t until 3 months later that Xu Fan waited for a chance.

This place is occupied by the nearby Level 3 small sect. It has been destructive mining for two months, and it has been safe and sound.

Until Xu Fan saw that the small sect person was about to evacuate, Xu Fan began to cheer up, he knew that his identity as Demon prostrating on the ground could not be concealed.

Just as the Void Refinement Elder of the small sect proudly evacuated with the Direct Disciple, a masked Void Refinement cultivator appeared behind the elder, and killed him with just one blow. Elder, not even Nascent Soul escaped.

I saw that Void Refinement cultivator slammed into the air, directly killing all Disciples around Elder.

Xu Fan was also at the moment when the Void Refinement cultivator appeared, launching the space-based weapon satellite in the sky.


several hundred li The high-altitude space-based weapon satellite first launched six supermagnetic conductive alloy rods, and then the lightning crystal in the center suddenly launched.

After firing all the sticks, the space-based weapons disintegrated in the sky and turned into meteors and smashed into the area below.

“Try Lao Tzu’s latest masterpiece.” Xu Fan’s eyes were fixed on the place where the murder happened not far away.

At this time, the Void Refinement cultivator was cleaning up the battlefield. A few dozen kilometers away, a Divine Transformation Realm Cultivator was watching all around vigilantly.

“I’ll charge you a little interest first, and there will be a big meal waiting for you later.”

Xu Fan just finished talking and was checking the Void Refinement cultivator of spoΓ­ls of war , suddenly looked towards the sky, and then the silhouette was disappeared.

“Did you think you would be fine in space turbulence.” Xu Fan looked through the puppet to the Void Refinement Realm cultivator said with a sneer.

The six supermagnetic conductive alloy rods turned into a circle, directly covering an area of 50 miles.


The area covered by the superconducting alloy rod directly set off a huge wave of a kilometer of soil, and then a giant rod with lightning flashed directly. exploded in the air.

The endless lightning flashes directly turn the entire sky beyond the lightning into night. At this moment, there is only one color between Heaven and Earth.

In the area covered by lightning, countless Space Cracks appeared at this moment, and a embarrassed silhouette escaped from a Space Crack.

The lightning penetrated the space and forced out the Void Refinement cultivator hiding in the space turbulence.

Xu Fan, who was already prepared, shot directly at the Void Refinement Realm who had just escaped from the space turbulence.

A beam of light penetrated directly through the Void Refinement Realm cultivator.

(End of this chapter)

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