My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 170

Chapter 170 Acknowledge allegiance

The severed wolf head condensed with a dim light, and then turned into a complete secluded wolf, looking at it with frightened eyes Looking at the cultivator, he can feel that as long as the cultivator on the opposite side is willing, he will go to accompany the patriarch who has just left.

At this time, all four of Integration Realm’s ghost wolves stopped.

“You Human Race rely on the magic weapon Dao Item, what kind of skill is it.” A ghost wolf from Integration Realm coldly said, in Monster Race, there is a magician who can refine Dao Item. A more precious existence than Monster Venerable.

“Haha.” The Elder Council Integration Realm cultivator laughed suddenly.

“What do you call it when you appear here?”

The illusory shadow of a giant sword appeared behind the Integration Realm cultivator, which became more and more solid as the cultivator imposing manner climbed.

“I wanted to give the four of you a chance to be a lackey, but now it seems that there is one less chance.”

The giant sword illusory shadow behind the cultivator disappeared, and a sword sounded between Heaven and Earth The sound of cry.

That was the integration Realm ghost wolf who spoke with a condensed expression, and the last pair of wolf eyes were completely lost, and finally turned into a wolf corpse and fell into the ground.

The three Integration Realm wolves under him suddenly trembled.

“What are the three of you thinking about? If you are thinking about it, you will become two”

“Now that the only Monster Venerable of your Ghost Wolf clan is dead, then Afraid that you will not escape the fate of annihilation if you go back, you might as well stay in Human Race as a vassal.”

“In this way, your ghost wolf clan can at least keep the bloodline.” The cultivator continued.

At this time, the entire battlefield began to be in a one-sided situation, and the main puppets of the Nascent Soul Realm who were supported in the follow-up had already arrived one after another.

20,000 Nascent Soul Realm puppets of various types began to form a squad one by one, slaughtering the ghost wolves at a faster speed, the original Golden Core Realm and Foundation Establishment Realm puppets have begun to be behind Pack up the spoΓ­ls of war.

“Now there are only half of your clan left, and you are hesitant to be a lackey.” The cultivator said, looking at the ghost wolf being slaughtered frantically by the Nascent Soul Realm puppet, in the Nascent Soul Realm puppet precision With the cooperation of the Divine Transformation Realm, even the Divine Transformation Realm cannot last long.

He saw with his own eyes a Divine Transformation Realm ghost wolf was killed by more than ten Nascent Soul Realm puppets holding strange magic weapons, and the Divine Transformation Realm ghost wolf was directly killed by the giant cannon in the puppet camp. , not even slag left after one shot.

“I acknowledge allegiance from the ghost wolf clan,” said the three Integration Realm ghost wolves.

“ao wu ~~~”

A cry of grief sounded, and all the wolves in the entire battlefield fell on their limbs to acknowledge allegiance.

In Monster Race, it is very common for one race to become the slave of another race. In their opinion, surrendering Human Race is no different from surrendering to other Monster Races.

The glory of the ghost wolf clan can only be found in the prosperous period, and now they are just a small race without Monster Venerable in the clan.

As for glory, it is not alive, and it is important to keep the fire within the family.

As all the ghost wolves surrendered, all the fighting puppets stopped, and

a Nascent Soul Realm puppet flew in front of the Integration Realm cultivator.

“Since the senior wants to include this group of Monster Wolf, then we will withdraw.” Grape imitated Xu Fan’s voice and said.

“Elder Xu, this is the matter, I will visit Yinling Island.”

The illusory shadow of the giant sword appeared in the sky, and then the sword light flashed and returned to the cultivator. .

β€œWelcome to the senior.” The puppet cupped his hands and said.

“Haha, congratulations are nothing. Elder Xu’s Refiner Sect master can already be on an equal footing with Venerable.”

“It’s me who should be respected.” Integration Realm cultivator He said politely, if he was not a member of the Elder Council, he would probably be flattering when he saw this Elder Xu. After all, the ten body cultivators in the cultivation world may not be able to get a Dao Item together.

Even if there are Dao Items, who would dislike the Dao Items in their hands.

“Senior is joking, I’m waiting for the senior on Yinling Island.”

At this time, the efficient puppet had already received all the ghost wolf corpses on the battlefield into the flying boat. superior.

“Okay.” The Integration Realm cultivator looked at the hundreds of large flying boats floating in the sky, a flash of light flashed in his eyes, there is no sect famous for refining puppets in the cultivation world.

In the sky flying boat scattered, the flying boat with ghost wolf corpse flew towards Yinling Island.

After watching the flying boats all fly away, the cultivator waved his hand and a Transmission Formation Plate appeared on the ground. With the flash of aura, a huge Transmission Gate appeared on the ground.

“Go in, there is the Small World of prisoners of war, and someone will lead you to the next thing.”

“After entering, perform well, and Human Race will defeat Monster Race in the future. After the complete integration, if you say no, you will be divided into a territory.” Integration Realm cultivator said with a smile.

As an Integration Realm cultivator who came to guard the immortal city of Linsen, one is to guard the entire Linsen area, so that Monster Race will not cause mass slaughter to the world, and the other is to incorporate the third-rate Monster Races Race, plans to incorporate the entire Monster Race in the future.

After hearing the cultivator’s words, the eyes of the three Integration Realm wolves lit up. It seems that it is not impossible to be loyal to the Human Race. If the Human Race wins in the future, the glory of the wolves may be restored again. Appeared,

Hidden Spirit Sect, Xu Gang and Old Fourth gathered for tea, and as soon as the news of grapes came, they went to the battlefield.

“Why didn’t we go to the fight at first.” Xu Gang said suspiciously.

“It is estimated that Grape is judging the strength of the enemy. Looking at this situation now, it is estimated that there will be a Monster Race above the Void Refinement Realm.”

“In this case, Grape It will definitely not let us take risks on the battlefield.” Xu Yuexian analyzed.

“Senior Sister is right.” Wang Xiangchi and Li Xing said in unison.

At this moment, Xu Yuexian squinted at Li Xingci with a bright face.

“Xingci, Master has found a way to eliminate your Divine Ability repercussions.” Xu Yuexian’s tone was somewhat expectant.

As the youngest Junior Brother at that time, Li Xingci was particularly attached to Xu Yuexian, who had the demeanor of the elder sister next door. As long as Xu Yuexian was on the hilltop, he was Xu Yuexian’s little tag-a-long. Xu Yuexian also liked to take Li Xingci out to play.

Only later, after Li Xing resigned from the cultivation of Divine Ability, he slowly closed his heart, and he was not as close to Xu Yuexian as before.

“Well, Master sent me the optimized version of Divine Ability some time ago, and now there are no repercussions.” Li Xingci said with a smile, with a subtle spring breeze on his face, taking care of everyone.

“That’s good, I told Master before, and now it’s finally over.” Xu Yuexian said happily, feeling that the clean, sunny, smiling Little Junior Brother who could influence the world is back. .

Everyone is very happy to see the Little Junior Brother of yesteryear back.

“Hey, speaking of Master, I don’t know what’s going on with his old man now. I don’t know when he will be promoted to the Golden Core Realm.” Xu Gang sighed.

“Master has been in seclusion for thirteen years. According to the time Master said at the beginning, it is estimated that he will be promoted in ten days.”

“Don’t worry about it, big brother. now.”

(End of this chapter)

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