My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 172

Chapter 172 A Golden Core was swallowed, and I knew my fate was inexorable.

In front of the Time Cabin, Xu Gang and other Junior Brothers stood guard at the door to protect the law, while admiring the natural phenomenon in the sky.

At the beginning of the natural phenomenon, the grapes immediately activated the Formation that Xu Fan had already prepared, a super-large sealing formation that directly surrounded all natural phenomena.

Although the natural phenomenon of the Xu Fan breakthrough Foundation Establishment Realm last time was covered up by the system and was not discovered by the big shot, the abnormal spiritual power fluctuation was still noticed by some people, and then Heavenly Tower Sect encountered Monster The Race Invasion disbanded, and nothing happened after that.

This time Xu Fan has already prepared.

“How many kinds of avenues Divine Ability Master is proficient in? The natural phenomenon at breakthrough is amazing.” Wang Xiangchi looked at the sky and exclaimed. When he Foundation Establishment breakthrough Golden Core, there were only a handful of natural phenomena. The Heavenly Sword is imprinted on the Golden Core and lasts for a very short time.

This is one more natural phenomenon in the sky, one book and one stroke cover all natural phenomena in an instant.

The Pen of Babel begins to compose the Divine Ability Dao Rhyme, and all the Disciples that look up at the heavenly natural phenomenon suddenly fall into the sudden enlightenment.

At this moment, Li Xuandao only had a series of ‘fuck off’ in his mind to describe his current mood.

As the only person who has seen the big world in the Hidden Spirit Sect, he knows what the natural phenomenon in the sky represents. Now the natural phenomenon in the sky and the duration, in the future, this thigh will be at least higher than Golden Immortal several grades.

“The thighs are getting thicker again. It seems that in the future, I have to think about how to hang them on the thighs more firmly.” Li Xuandao sighed thought, feeling that his role was a little unworthy of being a pendant.

With the passage of time, the natural phenomenon lasted for 9 days, and a golden core like the sun appeared in the sky.

As soon as the Golden Core appears, all natural phenomena seem to have found a home, and converge towards the Golden Core, forming one after another strange Dao Rhyme rune attached to the surface of the Golden Core.

With the aura that shines on the world, the Golden Core begins to gradually become smaller and slowly falls towards the Time Time Cabin.

As the so-called Golden Core swallowed, I knew that my life was inexorable.

The old Xu Fan slowly changed back to his original appearance, and his turbid eyes began to become clear and clear, and then became extremely mysterious, and his eyes contained thousands of avenues.

“It’s really uncomfortable to be an old man.”

Xu Fan got up and stretched, then walked out of the Time Cabin.

As soon as they went out, they first greeted the Disciple in front of the Time Cabin, and said loudly, “Congratulations, Master for being promoted to the Golden Core Realm!!” Under the main peak, they bowed and said in unison: “Congratulations to the Great Elder for advancing to the Golden Core Realm!!!”

The voice echoed throughout the Hidden Spirit Island, even the usually arrogant auspicious beasts Xiaohua and Tianji Turtle. They also appeared in the dojo under the main peak and bowed down, and released the light of three-color blessings, shining the whole sky.

Xu Fan looked at the pomp of his exit, and suddenly he was not used to it, that is, breaking through a Golden Core Realm, your pomp is like breaking through with me.

“Let’s all get up, it’s breakthrough Golden Core Realm, you don’t have to be so inspiring.” Xu Fan’s soft voice reached everyone’s ears.

After breaking through to the Golden Core Realm, Xu Fan now feels that he is a hundred times better than before. In the area that he can perceive, he is like a god.

In the dojo at the main peak, Xu Fan looked at his six Disciples, nodded with satisfaction.

“I’ve advanced to the Golden Core Realm for the teacher, and both pill concocting and refining have entered the Grandmaster level.”

“Now your cultivation technique, stop for a while, Golden After Core Realm, I became a teacher and had a new understanding of “Five Elements Secret Art”, when the time comes you all rebuild to build the foundation of your immortal dao.”

“As for the others, as a teacher There is nothing to say, your current cultivation base and battle strength are very satisfactory to the teacher.”

“Don’t go out of the sect recently, stay in the sect obediently and honestly, and wait for the teacher to take you After the Divine Ability is re-organized and upgraded, you can go out again, so that you can run for your life after encountering the Great Demon outside.”

“Follow the teacher’s orders.” The six disciplines said obediently.

3 months later, on the huge lake of hundreds of thousands li, Xu Fan was fishing on a purple turtle shell.

“Finally I can live like a salted fish again.”

After Xu Fan was promoted to the Golden Core Realm stable cultivation base, he immediately rewarded himself with three months of salted fish time. , and put what matters,. Handed over to his Avatar.

“But I haven’t paid much attention to Sect for more than ten years, and the changes have changed a bit.” Xu Fan said, looking at the turtle he was riding.

“The spirit tortoise of the purple Space Attribute seems to have not appeared in the cultivation world, so should I give you a name?” Xu Fan said, staring at the lake.

At this moment, Avatar Xu Fan appeared behind the main body Xu Fan.

“Ontology, the Divine Transformation Realm puppet you want has been refined. Next time you have such a message, you can hand it over to No. 2.” After speaking coldly, Avatar Xu Fan said: It turned into an azure light and integrated into Xu Fan’s body.

“Can you not be so arrogant as an Avatar?” Xu Fan said with a smile, but then frowned, it turned out that all Avatar’s memories were passed into Xu Fan’s mind.

“I wanted to be lazy with Avatar, didn’t expect to feel so bad.” Xu Fan was a little disappointed, it was completely different from what he imagined, and it seems that he will need to improve the cultivation technique in the future.

Xu Fan picked up the storage bag left by Avatar on the table and took out six enhanced Divine Transformation Realm puppets.

“didn’t expect Divine Transformation Realm puppets cost more than 20 times as much as Nascent Soul Realm. It seems that it will take some time to mass-produce them.” Xu Fan said regretfully, but this is also He expected.

“Grapes.” Xu Fan called.

“Master, I’m here.”

“The cultivator of the sneak attack Xian’er is now in Jiuchi immortal city, you control these puppets and kill him.”

“I have entered that person’s Soul Aura into the puppet. If you can capture it alive, you can capture it alive. If you can’t do it, you will bring the head back.”

Xu Yuexian’s hatred has been remembered by Xu Fan In terms of the small book itself, it was also one of the first things for him to upgrade to the Golden Core Realm. Even the upgrade of the sect defense system was put behind by him.

β€œAs you bid.”

Grape immediately controlled the six puppets and flew towards the direction of Linsen immortal city, where there was Li Xingci’s reincarnation slave, he would be in charge Bring these puppets to the nine red immortal city.

“Okay, I’ve been idle for three months, it’s time to get down to business.”

“The first thing, upgrade the grapes first, it’s easy to say, the materials are ready. .”

“The second thing is to refine a few Dao Item-level space-based weapons. The Treasure Item-level space-based weapon satellites are not bad, but the spread is a bit large. To sum up, load the laser cannon and rail gun on it.”

“The third thing is to upgrade the sect array and the infrastructure inside the gate.”

Xu Fan still wanted to arrange it, but found that after doing these things, he didn’t have a Spirit Stone anymore.

“Hey, every time I level up, I find that Spirit Stone isn’t good enough,” Xu Fan sighed said.

At this moment, the three streams of light in the distance were printed into Xu Fan’s eyes.

After Xu Fan, who was still sighing just now, saw the three streams of light, a way to make money instantly appeared in Xu Fan’s mind.

(End of this chapter)

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