My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 174

Chapter 174 The Thick Armored Honeypot Family

After Xu Fan listened to Grape’s report, touched the chin began to think.

โ€œHow many years do you need to complete that starship now?โ€ Xu Fan asked.

“It only takes half a year now.”

“Then everything you are running now has not yet filled 1% of your computing power.” Xu Fan said happily , if this is the case, wouldn’t it be possible to run more plans, such as sending puppets to the endless sea to mine.

Xu Fan started thinking about the automatic mining plan in the endless sea, and the plan to loot the Monster Realm.

“Yes. Everything I am running now occupies 0.81% of the computing power.”

“Grape has now evolved into Dao Item, which can be divided into two daughters Avatar, the daughter’s The arithmetic is twice the original, and it can be maintained in the outside world for 50 years.” Grape said.

“You know, didn’t you just say that?” Xu Fan said, already assigned where the two daughters would go.

At this moment, the sky above the huge lake of hundreds li crossed three lines of fire, and the falling point just formed a triangle to enclose the Yinling Island.

At the moment when the Transmission Formation Plate appeared in the huge lake in the sky, there were three escaping lights that flew in the direction of the three formation plates.

“Master is in retreat and refining equipment, and now he must not be allowed to use Dividing Spirit.” Xu Gang said to Xu Yuexian and Wang Xiangchi through the communication Magical Artifact.

“Don’t worry, Master’s space-based weapons are now targeting the three Monster Race Transmission Formation Plates. As long as we survive their first wave of attacks, the space-based weapons can destroy them.” Xu Yuexian in Newsletter Magical Artifact said.

“It’s a pity I can’t kill it happily.” Wang Xiangchi said.

The three are followed by hundreds of flying boats, all of which are Nascent Soul-level puppets, and they are also the most sophisticated puppets.

At this time, the space-based weapon satellite over Yinling Island had already begun to move, and the alloy gravity rod below leaked out.

“Monster Race Transmission Formation Plate has been locked, now to strike”

Just as Grape was about to destroy the Monster Race Formation Plate directly in the air, Xu Fan, who was watching the live broadcast, fired another shot. Order.

“Keep one of the grapes, and destroy the rest.” Xu Fan said, really thinking of what to do. Wouldn’t it be more convenient to go to Monster Realm to harvest wool?

โ€œAs you bid.โ€


The two alloy gravity rods precisely hit the array plate still in midair.

Xu Fan walked out of the underground space wearing spiritual power armor. At this time, another thousand flying boats flew towards the only remaining formation with Xu Fan.

“The eldest, second, third, and Old Fourth, come with me to 30,000 miles north of the sect and kill Monster Race.”

“As you bid!”


Xu Yuexian and Wang Xiangchi changed direction with the flying boats, and Li Xingci had appeared beside Xu Fan.

At this time, in the central square of the Monster Realm thick-armored honey badger clan’s territory, all the thick-armored honey badgers gathered in the square, their eyes fixed on the Transmission Gate that had not yet been opened.

“Clansman, now our chance has come, the giant slaughter Monster Venerable has ordered, as long as our clan can hide in the human world with the formation plate.”

“Monster Venerable I promised to help our family cultivate a Monster Venerable, this is the only chance for our family to advance to the third-rate race.”

“As long as the brothers can bring out ten Transmission Formation Plates and hide them in the human world, then the Monster When Race dominates Human Race, it is the day when our thick-armored honey badger family rises.”

The patriarch of the thick-armored honey badger family is making the final mobilization impassionedly, and the thick-armored honey badger below also sees They all looked excited.

As a small race with few members in the Integration Realm Monster Race, they lived a miserable life in the Monster Realm. They had no resources, and their territory was in the most barren place. Some strong clans are implicated in the feud between the two major clans as Suicide Squad.

Faced with this situation, the patriarch of the thick-armored honey badger clan said that it is not easy to keep the bloodline in the clan.

โ€œRemember, clansman, to restrain your bloodline urges.โ€

โ€œGet out of the Transmission Formation, run first, and run as far as you can.โ€


“Find a place that the Human Race immortal cultivator can’t find, and hide the Transmission Formation Plate.”

“The rest of the task is to wait for the adults of the upper clan to come. “

The patriarch of the thick-armored honey badger family took the trouble to talk about how to help after entering the human world.

Besides the arrival point of the Grape Calculation, Xu Fan, the four disciples and the 50,000 Nascent Soul puppet army have already set up a formation to wait for the coming of the Monster Race.

“Master, why isn’t this array being destroyed?” Xu Gang asked curiously.

“It’s not that Sect’s budget is not enough. I’m thinking of going to Monster Realm to get some Spirit Stone resources back.”

“Let’s carry out the great cause of our hidden Spirit Sect.” Xu Fan said , According to the current price, to complete the most basic plan, at least 50 billion Spirit Stones are needed, which is not counting the materials required for subsequent Dao Item refining.

At this time, Xu Fan’s communication Magical Artifact rang, and it turned out to be a call request from the elder Council’s sword cultivator from Integration Realm.

“senior, there is only one Transmission Formation Plate left in Monster Race now, and I have already arranged the formation outside.”

“senior can come over if you have nothing to do. , maybe there will be unexpected surprises.” Xu Fan said after connecting.

โ€œHaha, Elder Xu must have other plans for leaving this Monster Race Transmission Formation Plate. Iโ€™m already on the road now, please wait a moment for Elder Xu.โ€

โ€œThen I will welcome the senior.” Xu Fan said with a smile, and now he has been promoted to the Refiner Sect division, barely able to be on an equal footing with those former bosses, and no longer has to pretend to be a grandson.

“Just right, I also want to chat with Elder Xu.”

After the call, Xu Fan looked at the lake in the distance and faced the grapes and said, “Let the puppet freeze On the lake surface in this area, it would be difficult if the Water Element Monster Race came.โ€

After Xu Fan finished speaking, tens of thousands of Five Elements Technique puppets used Ice Attribute to combine with Divine Ability.

โ€œExtreme Cold Ice Fieldโ€

Tens of thousands of ice fields bloom in the hands of the puppet, and then fly into the sky to merge into a huge ice lotus, which falls precisely. Arrived at the expected location of the Monster Race array.

Suddenly, the lake surface in a radius of hundreds of miles was frozen by this amazing cold, forming a huge ice field.

On the ice field, countless puppets below the Nascent Soul Realm began to set up their cannons.

At this time, a stream of light in the sky in the distance, a middle-aged cultivator with a long sword on his back, appeared beside Xu Fan.

The middle-aged cultivator who appeared beside Xu Fan did not have the slightest imposing manner, just like a knight in the rivers and lakes.

“Senior is very fast, didn’t expect to come over so quickly.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“I’m just afraid that there will suddenly be a lot of Integration Realm Monster Races in the Monster Race Transmission Formation Plate, like the last three Transmission Formation Plates.”

“Now Monster Race doesn’t Like last time, they will slaughter the surrounding Human Races when they come out.โ€

โ€œNow they are smart, there are many Transmission Formation Plates that will be carried by the Monster Races sent over, and they will Escape to other places.”

“When no one finds those Monster Races, he will start Transmission Formation and send a large number of Monster Races over. Now, there are already six in the entire Linsen immortal city area. A mortal country has been destroyed.” The middle-aged cultivator’s tone was a little sad.

(End of this chapter)

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