My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 181

Chapter 181 Implicit Spirit Sect outer sect

Linsen immortal city Transmission Formation, from which the teacher exhibition came out.

Looking at this immortal city after a long absence, Shizhan sighed gently, thinking that when he came back again, he could save enough Spirit Stone to redeem his world from the hidden Spirit Sect.

But things are changing, and now the cultivation world has entered a critical period. With the fusion of this world and the Monster Realm, the entire cultivation world has begun to be uneven. Now there is a Monster Race outside the immortal city. Haunted traces.

I was working hard to earn Spirit Stone’s teacher exhibition. After learning that Linsen immortal city area was invaded by Monster Race, I came up with the idea of returning to Linsen immortal city to guard my hometown world.

Then just see if he can join the hidden Spirit Sect. Although the chance is very small, he wants to try it.

If not, he will stick to his home world.

“The Fellow Daoist Xu looked at Mian Shan, and I hope my sincerity can move him.” Shi Zhan said, and touched the space ring on his hand.

Having been a treasure hunter for so many years, he also has a certain amount of savings in his hands. Although he is still close to redeeming his hometown, he is considered to be very rich.

Xu Fan, who was excited at this time, received the news that Shizhan came to visit him.

“So soon to save all the Spirit Stones?” Xu Fan said to himself, according to his calculations, if this kid didn’t have fortuitous encounters, he would have worked hard for 100 years and could just make enough for the 800 million Spirit Stone.

Outside the Yinling Island, a giant spirit iron boat hovered over the lake.

There is a pavilion at the top of the giant boat, Xu Fan and Shizhan, who is in a queasy mood, are sitting next to each other.

“Follow Daoist has matured a lot since I haven’t seen it for many years.” Xu Fan said with a smile, in the teacher exhibition after he just came out of Small World, the temperament of a knight is more than an immortal cultivator.

Now it seems that the temperament of Shizhan has become a general immortal cultivator, an immortal cultivator running around for resources and debts.

“It may be that he has been in the cultivation world for a long time, so he appears mature.” Shizhan said laughed.

Shi Zhan took the tea from Xu Fan and tasted it, the bitterness on his face became more intense.

“It seems that Fellow Daoist has experienced a lot in the cultivation world,” said Xu Fan.

At this moment, in the sky, a group of Divine Transformation Realm puppets carrying coffins flew over to attract Shizhan’s attention.

“Fellow Daoist Xu, those puppets above are carrying…” Shi Zhan asked. He didn’t like to meddle in his own business at first, but he didn’t care, but he felt something in the coffin that made him Keep a Life Aura in mind.

“Oh, there is a cultivator from Void Refinement Realm who dared to sneak attack my discipline, and now I got it back and handed it over to my discipline.” Xu Fan said casually, he did not expect that the Void Refinement Realm The cultivator was so cautious that it was only now that he was brought back.

“Is that Void Refinement cultivator a treasure hunter? That Void Refinement cultivator has a grudge against me.” Shizhan said.

“That’s just right, I’ve avenged your revenge.” Xu Fan said casually,

The two talked about the cultivation world and Linsen immortal city that was invaded by the Monster Race. thing.

The discussion about the teacher exhibition is almost over, and the atmosphere has arrived, so the business begins.

“Fellow Daoist Xu, I know that aptitude is stupid and can’t pass the test of your sect.”

“But the Monster Realm invades, I want to defend my home world.”


“I have been a treasure hunter for many years, this is all my savings, I just hope that your sect will take me as an Outer Sect Disciple and give me a chance to keep me waiting outside my home world.”

Shizhan took out a space ring and handed it to Xu Fan.

“There is no inner sect in this Disciple.”

Xu Fan took the space ring and checked it out, and found that there is a Spirit Stone with a small target in it. The late Golden Core cultivator is already a huge sum of money.

“If you have this Spirit Stone, you can add it to a Great Sect, and it will not be a problem to advance to the Void Refinement Realm in the future.”

“Why do you want to join me? Zong, is it just to stop my Zong from killing less in your home world?” Xu Fan asked.

“It’s not like that, but the love of my hometown is really hard to let go.” Shi Zhan’s tone revealed a little sincerity.

“Hometown,” Xu Fan muttered with his head down, then looked towards Shizhan and asked, “Is there someone you can’t give up?”


After the two were silent for a while, Xu Fan waved his hand and returned him the space ring containing the savings of Shizhan over the years.

“Even if you know that my school is a hidden sect, I will not accept a cultivator like you who has successfully cultivating it.”

“But I read it in The fate between you and my sect, and you have to persevere. I will make an exception to recruit you as the Outer Sect Disciple of is my sect.”

“I will establish a hidden Spirit Sect outer sect under the world portal of your hometown, At present, you will be the Outer Sect Elder and be responsible for the affairs of the outer sect.”

“As for how the outer sect will develop in the future, I will talk about it after I think about it.”

“I don’t know about you. Are you satisfied with the result?” Xu Fan said with a smile.

After hearing Xu Fan’s words, Shizhan got up excitedly and saluted Xu Fan and said, “Thank you, Fellow Daoist Xu.”

“This has something to do with your persistence, a People who are so obsessed with their hometown can be so obsessive.” Xu Fan said,

“hehe.” Shi Zhan scratched his head and said with a smile.

“I’ll set up an outer sect for you first, and I’ll talk about the rest later.”


“I’m here.” The electronic sound rang,

“Build an artificial island below the original mark Small World, and the area will be built according to one third of the area of Yinling Island.” Xu Fan said.


Then the bottom of the lake around Yinling Island began to surging.

hundred thousand li At the bottom of the giant lake, millions of underwater tool puppets began to move, and thousands of giant boats flew out from Yinling Island towards the world of Shi Zhan Family Township.

“You can go with those tool puppets, and by the way, you can share your thoughts with those tool puppets.”

“There are some corresponding sect cultivation techniques in the back. I will slowly authorize it to you.”


After Shizhan finished speaking, he bid farewell to Xu Fan and flew towards his hometown world.

“The lucky boy, at least he has a home to go back to. He can find someone he misses.” Xu Fan said with a sigh.

Xu Fan was slightly moved by Shizhan’s affection for his hometown, and he saw a trace of himself in Shizhan.

“Master, are you missing your hometown again?”

Xu Yuexian appeared behind Xu Fan at some point, his eyes were lightly red, as if he had just cried.

“I’m thinking about something.”

“I’m so old and crying.” Xu Fan looked at Xu Yuexian and said with a smile.

“Master, thank you.” Xu Yuexian said with emotion, she was about to forget about revenge, after all, she had destroyed the fleshy body of the Void Refinement cultivator, which in her eyes was already Revenge is over.

“Since it’s a recipe, who dares to attack you are my lifelong enemies.”

“Dead enemies are good enemies,” said Xu Fan, who had a A small book, as long as it is a cultivator or a Monster Race whose name is on the book, is the target of his immediate revenge.

(End of this chapter)

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