My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 187

Chapter 187 Zhou Kailing’s Research Funds

“The resources of this 10,000-fold mountain range are really rich.” Seeing the spirit ore detected in the light curtain, Xu Fan Great praise.

“Titanium heart spirit ore, this spirit ore can be refined to make a Dao Item-level giant shield.”

“Although it is the lowest Dao Item, it is also a Dao Item. “Xu Fan said excitedly.

“Grapes, send mining golems to mine all the titanium heart spirit ore in this piece.”

“I will use this titanium heart spirit ore to refine a batch of Divine Transformation Realm. A puppet with a shield and heavy armor.” Xu Fan clapped his hands and said, in his mind he had already imagined the scene where he was controlling the Void Refinement puppet plus 12 Divine Transformation Realm Dao Item giant shield and heavy armor puppet hard steel Integration Realm.

For some reason, the desire to fight in Xu Fan’s heart suddenly became stronger.

“Suddenly I really want to fight.” Xu Fan said with an itchy hand.

At this point, it’s one day one night before Xu Gang and Ji Muhua start their discussions.

As soon as Xu Fan thought of them, news came from Grapevine. After the two had learned from each other, Xu Gang had the upper hand with many magic weapons and spiritual power armor.

A light curtain appeared in front of Xu Fan, playing a replay of their battle.

“Hey, the idiot is a little short of innate talent. With the same level of equipment, the idiot will be tied at most, but there is a high chance of losing.”

“Hurry up to the Divine Transformation Realm. Once you get to the Divine Transformation Realm, you won’t be able to eat innate talent.” Xu Fan said, looking at Xu Gang with a bleak expression in the light curtain.

It seems that this silly boy knows the gap between himself and his good friends.

Then Xu Fan played the detection game again and summoned Avatar No. 1.

“Eight hours.” Avatar One knew what he was going to do as soon as he came out.

“Well, twelve Divine Transformation Realm heavy-armored puppets, you go to the underground space and grapes to improve the blueprint, and then start refining.”

“Give you two It’s time for a month, let’s go.” Xu Fan stared at the live broadcast light curtain, and said to Avatar No. 1 without looking back.

“It can’t be done,” said Avatar No. 1, who didn’t give face at all.

“You and I are one, don’t bargain, or all the previous conditions will be voided.” Xu Fan said mercilessly.


Avatar No. 1 finally gave in and walked towards the underground space.

β€œWhy do you make trouble for yourself~~~”

The resentful voice of Avatar No. 1 rippled in Xu Fan’s ears.


Outside Yinling Island, on a spirit boat, Xu Gang helped Ji Muhua to sit up.

“Brother Xu, I’m convinced that I lost, and I’d like to recognize you as a big brother in terms of magic.” Ji Muhua said palely, the last lightning shot, if it wasn’t for Xu Gang to keep his hand , I guess I don’t even have slag left now.

“It’s just the benefit of the magic weapon. Under the same conditions, it is probably me who fell in the end.” Xu Gang said, with a trace of envy at Ji Muhua’s innate talent in his eyes.

β€œWhen you fight between Life and Death, will you drop your magic weapon for fairness?” Ji Muhua said.

“It’s not like this is for a fool,” Xu Gang said.

“Well then, Brother Xu may envy my innate talent, but I envy Brother Xu Refiner Sect’s master.” Ji Muhua looked at Xu Gang and said.

“Haha, it’s me who took the photo.” Xu Gang said with a smile, and the trace of unwillingness in his heart began to slowly fade away.

At this time, Xu Gang patted Ji Muhua’s shoulder and said, “If you’re okay, just stay in the sect to recover from the injury. My sect held the Sect Grand Competition recently. I have asked the master to let you watch the competition.”


At this time, a Divine Transformation Realm puppet handed Xu Gang a bottle of Spirit Pill.

“Then I will use the treasure to cultivate for a period of time.” Ji Muhua said, he was very happy that the task that Elder entrusted to him could be easily accomplished.

“You call me big brother, so polite.”

“I’ll treat you to our special dinner later.” Xu Gang said with a smile.

“Then I’m welcome.” Ji Muhua said.

In the evening, Xu Fan broke free from the treasure hunting game and said with a puzzled face: “Did I transfer to the African chief.”

Except for the titanium heart at the beginning spirit ore, Xu Fan found nothing of value for the rest of the time.

“The owner doesn’t need to care. Now the detection is only on the tip of the ice, and the titanium core spirit ore has been found.”

“I believe that with the expansion of the Monster Realm puppet Legion in the future, it can be excavated. There will be more and more spirit ore industries.”

β€œCurrently the titanium core spirit ore is being collected, and the collection is expected to be completed within a month.”

Heard the titanium core spirit ore When the collection started, Xu Fan showed a smile on his face.

“You’re right, it’s just the tip of the ice now, and there are more good things waiting for me to dig.”

In the evening, Xu Fan hosted a banquet for Ji Muhua, Send the healing Spirit Pill again to make it recover quickly.

On the second day, before the sun rose, Li Xingci, who was in retreat, slowly opened his eyes.

He picked up the communicator and curiously checked the newly received information,

“I obviously blocked all the messages, how can there be any news.”

“It’s something happened to Master.”

Li Xingci picked up the Treasure Item and looked at it. His face suddenly became bitter and he started to have a headache.

“Su Rantian senior.” Li Xingci said with a headache covering her head.

The information on the communicator is about Integration Realm female cultivator Su Rantian, who is obsessed with him. It said that she was a weak woman who was afraid of crossing the river, so Li Xing resigned to pick him up.

Then there was another message from Xu Fan, asking him to go to Linsen immortal city to pick up Senior Su, and to maintain respect.

“Xingci, don’t have any psychological burden, just follow the fate.”

“If you really don’t want to, as a teacher, even if the blood is sprinkled all over this huge lake of hundreds of thousands li I want to protect your innocence.”

At this time, Xu Fan’s voice of protecting the calf reached Li Xingci’s ears, which moved him for a while, and then he reacted.

“Master, your life is much more important than the discipline’s integrity.” Li Xingci said moved.

“It’s good if you know, hurry up and pick up the guests.” Xu Fan’s voice came over.

“It seems that sect is going to have a great character.”

“As for the matter of ethics, you have to take care of your own ethics. Master can’t do anything for you in this matter.” Xu Fan sat crossed on the bed hehe said.

In the early morning, Xu Fan saw a nervous Zhou Kailing after eating the breakfast delivered by Lei Wenxi.

“What’s the point of being a teacher?” Xu Fan asked. Regarding Zhou Kailing, he used the free-range teaching method, commonly known as “don’t care about anything.”

A cultivator with a Spirit Master innate talent, the best way to teach is to let him watch and contemplate various spell Divine Ability, under accumulated over a long period of time, he will slowly Form your own theory for creating spell Divine Ability Art.

“Master, can you give me some Spirit Stone.” Zhou Kailing said cautiously.

“What’s the matter.” Xu Fan asked curiously. Now the hidden Spirit Sect will issue a certain amount of Disciple points every month. If you need Spirit Stone, you can use the points to exchange for Spirit Stone.

After careful calculation by Xu Fan and Grape, the monthly points are fully enough for the current expenses.

“I want to buy some spirit material and the treasure of Five Elements to experiment.” Zhou Kailing said.

“Oh, what have you discovered.” Xu Fan asked with interest.

“There is no theoretical support yet. Master, let’s take a look.”

Zhou Kailing said, and took out a small bag full of powder.

“I just finished eating, and everything that can make me sick to my spell, don’t use it.” Xu Fan said quickly, although Zhou Kailing was in a free-range state, Xu Fan still gave him some attention.

The consequence of Xu Fan’s attention to Zhou Kailing is that he must not be allowed to turn against him in the future.

Because his self-created spell Divine Ability is really disgusting.

“Okay, I’m casting a serious spell this time.”

Zhou Kailing held that little powder in his hand and immediately started to seal.

“This is the printing method of Ice Spear Technique.” Xu Fan looked at Zhou Kailing’s gesture style and said that this spell was also improved by him.

I saw Xu Fan small courtyard Water Spiritual Qi began to surge, and with the end of Zhou Kailing’s seal, an ice spear several times larger than the regular model appeared beside Zhou Kailing, and instantly moved towards the distant The mountain wall shot away.

The air torn by the ten-meter-long ice spear slammed into the distant mountain wall.


The entire mountain wall was frozen in an instant, and then it took the small hill into powder and fell to the foot of the mountain.

Xu Fan looked at Wei Wei on the hilltop that was smashed into a half-peak by the ice spear in the distance, and then got some powder that Zhou Kailing used and scattered it in the air, and then the mind formed a seal.

In the sky, a huge ice ball with a diameter of ten meters appeared, and the temperature of Xu Fan’s entire small courtyard on the top of the mountain dropped to below zero degrees Celsius in an instant.

Xu Fan tapped against the sky, and the big ice puck in midair shot towards in the sky in an instant.


The puck just flew to the top of the Mountain Protecting Great Formation, then exploded into a cloud of snow and landed between the mountains.

For a time, the entire Yinling Island was covered in white clothes.

“This is the shell of the deep lake ice shrimp and the powder of Spirit Stone powder and hydrogel. The cost is about 10,000 Spirit Stone per kg.”

” Enough to cast your Ice Spear Technique more than 600 times, the formidable power is increased by six times, but the Spirit World points are also at most six times, and any more will cause the cast self-destruct.”

β€œ Yes, it is valuable, and it has a head.” Xu Fan has used a similar method before, but he has not studied it in detail.

“How many Spirit Stones do you want, say boldly.” Xu Fan looked at Zhou Kailing with satisfaction and said, didn’t expect this free-range discipline to surprise himself.

Listening to Xu Fan’s words, Zhou Kailing gathered up his courage and raised a finger.

“Ten million Spirit Stones.”

After hearing Zhou Kailing’s request, I suddenly felt a little sad, and I officially accepted the few discs, the pocket flowers that didn’t have a few small goals. Money, only the younger Zhou Kailing did not give any pocket money.

Xu Fan took out a storage bag and handed it to Zhou Kailing.

“This is 100 million Spirit Stones. I used to ignore you for my teacher.” Xu Fan sighed said.

“Master, are these Spirit Stones really for me to study?” Zhou Kailing asked excitedly. As for Master’s neglect, he didn’t feel it.

“Of course, in the future, you will have to get a full set of attributes for the powder of this enhanced formidable power.”

“When the time comes we hide the Spirit Sect Disciple formidable. The power must be at least increased several times, and there is a safety guarantee when going out in the future.” Xu Fan said.

“I see, Master, if you give me a year, I will definitely study all the spell casting powder of attributes.” Zhou Kailing assured.

“Well, let’s go.” Xu Fan said nodding.

Xu Fan looked at the time and asked, “Grape. Has Xingci left?”

“We have arrived at Linsen Immortal City, and there is still half an hour before the estimated time. .” Grape said.

“That’s good, I don’t know if she’s here for it fortune or misfortune.”

Linsen immortal city, Li Xingci stood outside the Transmission Formation waiting for Su Rantian, His expression was very calm.

Excluding the factors of cultivation base, Li Xingci understands only about women, but he dares to say that he can see the hearts of most women in Heaven and Earth. Seven or eight points.

And Su Rantian looked at him, and he was immediately certain that this female cultivator senior saw his soul.

Why not a skin bag, because there are really too many beautiful skin bags in the cultivation world, which highlights the value of the soul even more.

As for how to reject this senior who is several hundred years older than him without angering her, he already has a plan in mind.

When Li Xing was thinking about his speech, a female cultivator dressed in red cloak, peerless grace and elegance walked out of the Transmission Formation.

The original expression was still cold, but after seeing Li Xingci, he just smiled, and the flowers bloomed in an instant.

“Senior is good.” Li Xingci said respectfully.

“Okay, let’s go back to Yinling Island.”

“Although Xingci designed the small courtyard for me, I haven’t lived in it yet, but I have an unforgettable feeling.”

Su Rantian doesn’t have the style of a big shot fit, but instead looks like a young girl.

“Then I’ll bring senior back to Yinling Island.” Li Xingci said nodded.


In the sect master peak dojo, Xu Fan is waiting for the two of them here.

“Master. You said that the Integration Realm senior really liked the fourth junior brother, wouldn’t he take him as a furnace cauldron.” Xu Yuexian doubted next to Xu Fan.

She has traveled in the cultivation world for many years, and it is not uncommon for a female cultivator with a high cultivation base to abduct a handsome young man to become a furnace cauldron.

“No, Senior Su is a member of the Elder Council, and he will definitely not do something like this.”

“Also, you didn’t realize that Senior Su read the words of stars. The eyes are very real.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Really, really infatuated.”

“Probably so.” Xu Fan said.

At this time, a spirit boat passed through the Mountain Protecting Great Formation on Yinling Island and came to the main peak dojo.

β€œWelcome to Senior Su in our Spirit Sect.” Xu Fan got up and greeted.

“You’re welcome, Great Elder. I’m here to stay for a while, and maybe I’ll stay in the future.” Su Rantian said gently.

“If Senior Su likes it, it is my honor to live in Spirit Sect forever.” Xu Fan said politely.

After meeting with Xu Fan, Su Rantian returned to the small courtyard that Li Xingci designed for her, feeling quite impatient.

“Do you really like that small courtyard.” Xu Fan said suspiciously.

There is an Integration Realm cultivator in the sect, and all the things that cannot see the light in Yinling Island have been migrated to the underground space.

In the entire underground space, Xu Fan has changed the Formation again, and now it is enough to resist Integration Realm’s spiritual detection.

Although Su Rantian left, the pot of tea on the table had not been finished, and Xu Fan continued to drink tea in the dojo.

After a while, Li Xingci returned to the dojo.

“Master.” Li Xing said with a bow.

“Well, have you figured out what to do with it?” Xu Fan asked.

“Fate ~”

Two chapters of 3000 words and one chapter of 4000 words, adding up to a total of 10,000 words.

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