My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 188

Chapter 188 is small and the layout is small~~~

The central continent, Sword King sect.

The sword shadow between Heaven and Earth slowly dissipated, Ye Xiaoyao who was under the sword shadow slowly opened his eyes, the corners of his mouth raised slightly.

“Divine Transformation Realm, finally advanced.” Ye Xiaoyao said.

At this time, Ye Xiaoyao was wearing the Sword King sect uniform, and there were three hundred and sixty Spirit Sword illusory shadows slowly revolving around Ye Xiaoyao.

“You’ve only just advanced to the Divine Transformation Realm, so why are you so happy?”

“Have you got the materials for refining the Dao Item Spirit Sword, ten thousand Treasure Item Tier 5 Spirits? Sword, how much have you found, and how much have you been refining.”

Old Sword said in Ye Xiaoyao’s heart, hate iron for not becoming steel.

“Old sword, it’s not easy for me, I have found 646 of the 10,000 Tier 5 Treasure Item Tier 5 Spirit Swords.”

“It will be a long time in the future. , I believe that after I arrive at Integration Realm, I can use this most basic sword array potential.” Ye Xiaoyao sighed said, this old sword always hits him when he is most proud.

“There is still a long time to come. If you just want to be a little True Immortal of the Great Thousand Worlds, there is still a long time to come.”

“But if you want to be the Overlord of the Great Thousand Worlds If you are not at the level of other people, then it is the easiest way for you to become an immortal at this stage.” Lao Jian said leisurely in Ye Xiaoyao’s heart.

“Easy, killing half of Monster Race’s Monster Venerable is easy!!” Ye Xiaoyao shouted in the bottom of his heart, a kind of scumbag who heard the tyrants say that just writing and writing will get full marks.

“This kind of thing only happens once and countless times.”

“When you finish the first time, you will find that the countless times that follow are not a problem.” Lao Jian said .

Ye Xiaoyao was once again persuaded by Lao Jian.

“What are we going to do next, whether to continue treasure hunting or do the task of the Elder Council.”

Ye Xiaoyao became an outer sect member of the Elder Council by chance. , has the authority to accept and complete the task of the Elder Council, which is why Ye Xiaoyao can be promoted to Divine Transformation Realm so quickly.

“Don’t worry, after stabilizing the cultivation base, I will pass you a few secret techniques. After that, let’s go to Monster Realm for a wave.” Lao Jian said in Ye Xiaoyao’s heart.

“Monster Realm ~” Ye Xiaoyao’s expression instantly turned gloomy. After returning from Monster Realm last time, he killed every human cultivator in a state.

Seeing Ye Xiaoyao’s expression, Lao Jian knew what he was thinking.

“This is your Heart Demon. You are just a fuse in this matter, but you just moved the time forward a little.”

“If you feel guilty, then Just kill your Monster Race master, the giant slaughter Monster Venerable.” Lao Jian said.

Mentioning the giant slaughter Monster Venerable, Ye Xiaoyao couldn’t wait to chop him up ten-thousand times by a thousand blades.

“When I practice secret techniques, I’ll go to Monster Realm.” Ye Xiaoyao said through gritted teeth.

“It’s good to have fighting spirit.”

Hidden Spirit Island, in the garden around the spiritual liquid waterfall.

The red-clothed girl was feeding two auspicious beasts and deer with spiritual grass. Li Xingci stood behind the girl to accompany her.

“Why does this little deer look familiar?” Su Rantian said suspiciously, she seemed to have seen it in a certain Holy Land.

“This Cloud Flower Deer is the auspicious beast that my master captured in the early days. As for the other one, it is the auspicious beast that was abducted by Cloud Flower Deer.” Li Xingci explained beside him.

“These two little auspicious beasts are very cute. I happen to have one here too. Wouldn’t it be good to let them out to be friends with you.” Su Rantian said while looking at the two deer grazing.

Cloud Flower Deer looked up at Su Rantian, nodded, and rubbed Su Rantian’s beautiful legs with his body, agreeing.

“My little black hasn’t come out in the Dao Item spiritual garden for a long time, let it be released today.” Su Rantian said with a smile.


With a loud roar, the giant roar shook the sky and spread throughout the entire Yinling Island.

“Moyu Qilin, Xiao Hei.” Su Rantian introduced, and touched Xiao Hei’s knee with his hand.

As for why it is the knee, because only the knee can be touched.

Two little auspicious beasts at the lower end of the food chain, both looked up at this new friend.

“Hey, ah, ying ying ying ah.” Xiaohua said eagerly to Li Xing.

“What’s wrong.”

Su Rantian looked at Cloud Flower Deer, who was a little worried.

“Xiaohua is asking, will this big guy eat them.” Li Xingci said with a funny look at the two little auspicious beasts looking scared.

“Oh, I already told Xiao Hei that it won’t eat you.” Su Rantian covered her mouth and said with a smile. She looked very beautiful, and Li Xingci had no trouble in her heart.

At this time, a silhouette quickly escaped in the distance.

Qiu Ziyuan appeared next to the two.

“Senior Su, Master Li Peak is good.” Qiu Ziyuan said in a polite salute.

“Senior, will this Spirit Beast be stocked on Yinling Island in the future, so I can arrange the feeding of the senior auspicious beast.”

Seeing Qiu Ziyuan’s neither humble nor arrogant attitude, Su Ran Heavenly A flash of color flashed in his eyes.

“For the time being, it will be kept on Yinling Island. As for feeding, you can just catch some monster beasts in the huge lake of hundreds of thousands li.” Su Rantian said.


Qiu Ziyuan immediately mobilized his authority and arranged a team of tool puppets for this Moyu Qilin to serve it, and by the way, he built it in front of the spiritual liquid waterfall had a nest.

“Xingci, do you have many talents in your sector?” Su Rantian said after Qiu Zi moved away.

“The Disciples in the sect are carefully selected by the master. If the senior observes carefully, you will find that every Disciple in the sect will have amazing achievements in the future.” Li Xingci said.

“You are so confident in your sect.” Su Rantian said with a smile.

“If you are given a chance to join the core of the Elder Council, do you want to join?” Su Rantian continued to ask.

“No, I’ll be there wherever Master is.” Li Xingci said without thinking.

β€œYou may not know the benefits of being a core member of the Elder Council. I am a core member of the Elder Council. I will definitely achieve the Great Ascension Venerable and ascend the Great Thousand Worlds in the future.”

β€œElder The Council controls an area in the Great Thousand Worlds, and there are ten Golden Immortals sitting on it. After I ascend, I can join them and become an Official Disciple.”

β€œThey will also provide the cultivation resources of the Immortal World, enough to be used by Quanxian will be promoted to True Immortal.”

“Don’t you want this kind of treatment?” Su Rantian looked at Li Xingci with a look of hope and seduction.

“You mean to leave the sect and join the Elder Council.” Li Xingci looked at Su Rantian with calm eyes and said.

“I follow your wishes, but I want you to do it.”

Su Rantian, who had a senior demeanor just now, instantly turned into a little girl with a restless look. Looking at Li Xingci, as if frightened by Li Xingci’s calm eyes.

It’s like a little girl in school who angered her male god because of one sentence, and felt uneasy in her heart, afraid of what the male god would do if she ignored her in the future.

“I appreciate your kindness. Master is so kind to me. I have made a wish for the rest of my life, and I will serve Master by my side throughout my life.”

“As for you Said to ascend the Great Thousand Worlds, become a quasi-immortal, True Immortal and other benefits.”

“According to my master’s words.”

“Small, the layout is small~ ~~”

(End of this chapter)

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