My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 199

Chapter 199 first round The end of the game

As the grenade-shaped Fireball fell, the entire light curtain was in flames.

The screams of the three tower defense flow Disciples came from the live light curtain.

Three more people were subsequently eliminated.

“Okay, this unilateral slaughter battle is over, now let’s see the performance of the other brothers.” The girl explained.

The anchor’s light curtain turned, and the time was pulled back to the thousands of soldiers.

At this point he is surrounded by a group of sword cultivators.

“You sword cultivators, you’d better let me go, or even if you eliminate me, you will lose more than half of the people.”

“This is It’s not worth it.”

Thousands of soldiers said and pointed to the flame gun behind him.

“If I go down this shot, all the sword cultivators with a radius of 100 meters will have to be eliminated.”

“There’s no harm in letting me go, and I will meet the single sword cultivator later. , I will also show mercy.” After the ten thousand soldiers finished speaking, they looked very calmly at the five sword cultivator Disciple not far away.

If it wasn’t for the use of the last flame cannonball, he was really sure that the five sword cultivator Disciples in front of him would be wiped out.

The five sword cultivator Disciples looked at each other, and then all silently nodded, it was really worthless.

“Are the five senior brothers looking for Xiong Li, we have the same goal, what about the alliance.”

“If Xiong Li goes to the ring, all of us will lose To get the first chance.”

Thousands of soldiers said, took out the temporary communicator in the shape of a spherical ball that had been prepared, and threw one to the sword cultivator.

“When you encounter Xiong Li, you crush this directly, I will get the news and rush to it quickly.”

“I crush it when I encounter Xiong Li, your temporary communication Magical Artifact will vibrate and guide you to find me and Xiong Li.”

In this way, thousands of soldiers and five sword cultivators reached a temporary alliance.

In the audience, Ji Muhua looked at Xiong Li who was being targeted, and asked a little puzzled: “Why do they all target Xiong Li.”

“Because Xiong Li is the The strongest existence in the generation Disciple, powerhouse is lonely.”

“Another reason is that in the previous daily ring competition, Xiong Li almost abused all the Disciples of this generation. ”

β€œSo it’s a bit hateful.”

β€œYou don’t see being targeted in the game, but outside the game Bear Power is not just in name only, but also The Eldest Senior Brother in reality is also the spiritual leader of the Disciple generation of sect.”

“Oh.” Ji Muhua seemed to understand nodded.

At this time, in a hidden corner of the battle royale world, Yu Qianshan and Qiu Ziyuan were mixed together.

The two looked at each other, both laughed.

Qiu Ziyuan looked at the incarnation of the boulder Spirit Beast, and said with some emotion: “I can understand that you are first-class in fighting beasts.”

“After all, our sect’s comprehensive battle strength level is high. , I don’t blame you for your lack of outstanding battle strength in the early stage.”

Yu Qianshan, who was hiding under the boulder, said depressedly: “Now many of my babies have not been cultivated, if you give me several decades of time. .”

“The first place must be from our Royal Beasts.”

Then Yu Qianshan looked at Qiu Ziyuan curiously and said, “Why did you Chief Manager come to participate in the Sect? Grand Competition.”

“Aren’t you afraid of being besieged by your usual disciplined senior brothers?”

“I’m here to make a difference, Sect Grand Competition, all generations of Disciples are participating Now, can I not participate.” Qiu Ziyuan said with a smile.

“Don’t worry about not being social, you are so busy that you don’t have many friends.” Yu Qianshan said with a smile.

At this moment, an invisible space butterfly brought Lei Wenxi to the two of them.

“Fortunately, Xiaodie remembers the smell of the big stone, otherwise I really can’t find you.” Lei Wenxi said.

“Those brothers outside played in a frenzy, and more than 50 have been eliminated.”

“We can make the cut if we persist.”

Lei Wenxi sat beside the boulder and said to Qiu Ziyuan.

“Senior Brother Qiu, you haven’t been eliminated yet.”

“The first sentence you see me saying is the same.” Qiu Ziyuan said helplessly.

“Because you are usually hated.” Lei Wenxi said hehe.

“Hey, I also maintain the sect order.” Qiu Ziyuan sighed said.

“I understand.”

At this moment, the space butterfly flew over the three of them, fluttering its wings, and swayed an aura, hiding the three of them.

“Although my battle strength is not strong, my ability is all about escaping for my life.”

“I have applied to the Great Elder, and I will be free in the future. The promotion is no longer restricted by challenging puppets.”

In stealth, Qiu Ziyuan chatted with the other two people, the people were playing in the dark outside, and the inside was quiet and peaceful, with just gossip chat.

Somewhere not far from the three people, Xu Lingtai and Xiong Li met, just looking at each other, they understood each other’s thoughts.

β€œSee you in the ring, when the time comes to experience Little Junior Brother’s Divine Ability again.” Xiong Li said, he was very concerned about the chief disciple under the name of the Great Elder,

It is said that the Little Junior Brother got the true biography of the Great Elder, which is the most enviable point of Xiong Li.

Because of this, Xiong Li really wanted to see the skills of this Little Junior Brother who grew up beside the Great Elder.

“I understand what Brother Xiong Li meant.”

“Then we’ll see you in the ring.”

After Xu Lingtai finished speaking, the two separated.

In front of the live broadcast light curtain, the commentary girl was ready for the basic love commentary battle, but these two people separated after only two words, making the second generation expect a big battle outside the venue Disciple is sighed.

After separating from Xiong Li, Xu Lingtai looked back at the direction Xiong Li was leaving, and said silently in his heart: “If it wasn’t for the legs, Hao Lai would have played against you.”

He is more attentive to his father’s warnings, because he has done everything his father said since he was a child, and he can’t guarantee that this is an exception.

Xu Fan looked at Xu Lingtai in the light curtain and suddenly turned his attention to Xu Gang.

“After the Sect Grand Competition, you will challenge the primary level Nascent Soul Realm puppet.”

“If you fail, you will know the consequences.”

Xu Fan’s voice resounded in Xu Gang’s heart, Xu Gang’s face was taken aback for a moment, and then he looked at Xu Fan on the rostrum somewhat guilty.

“I don’t know if I will be caught by Master if I run away.” Xu Gang thought to himself.

As for defeating the challenge puppet, he didn’t even think about it. Before all his Divine Ability were integrated, he was impossible to defeat the challenge puppet.

As the battle royale world shrinks, battles start everywhere. 、

The wonderful battles of various Sects are dazzling.

Xu Fan also found a lot of fighting talents in it. Although the current battle strength is not very strong, there is a huge room for improvement in the later stage. If you cultivate it well in the future, maybe there will be a few monsters with different monstrous talent level. genius.

Ji Muhua, who was watching the live broadcast at this time, his expression became more and more serious, because he found that the overall level of this hidden Spirit Sect generation Disciple can completely abuse Dao Sect same level Disciple.

Those Disciples with outstanding battle strength can now be promoted to monstrous talent level in their thousand Dao Sect.

Su Rantian, who was with Li Xingci, also looked at the light curtain, with strange rays of light in his eyes.

“Xing Ci, your sect recruiting Disciple is very difficult to deal with.”

“You generational children, just take one out and put it in other sects, at least the inner sect. disciple’s level.” Su Rantian was slightly surprised.

“Didn’t I tell you, the children of our Spirit Sect are all extraordinary.” Li Xingci said with a smile.

“Xing Ci, I have decided, I will be the elder of your sect’s guest chat.”

“In the future, the two worlds will merge, and after the victory of the Human Race, I will leave the Elder Council. Join your hidden Spirit Sect.” Su Rantian said.

“You go to discuss this matter with my master.” Li Xingci said indifferently, without expectation or resistance.

“Okay, after the Sect Grand Competition, I will discuss this with your master.” Su Rantian said happily.

At this time, as the poison circle finally shrinks, it also enters the final decisive battle.

Xiong Li patiently hid underground to observe the surrounding situation, looking for the silhouette of thousands of soldiers.

Xu Lingtai sat on a boulder with an indifferent face. Coincidentally, Lei Wenxi and the others were hidden under the boulder.

At this point, as long as three people are eliminated, the whole game can be over.

Just as Xu Lingtai was observing the entire battlefield, a flame shell suddenly slammed into him.

“Interesting, hit me with a black cannon?” Xu Lingtai watched helplessly as the cannonball hit him.

Then an explosion sounded today and the game was over.

Until the end of the game, thousands of soldiers did not understand why they eliminated three people with one shot.

At this moment, Yu Qianshan, Lei Wenxi and Qiu Ziyuan walked out with dark faces.

Yu Qianshan looked at the thousands of soldiers coldly snorted,

“Playing with dummies, I remember you, be careful in the future.”

Qian Wan Bing: “???”

“Sect Grand Competition first round knock-out competition is over, tomorrow will start the ring competition at Wei Star Island.” Grape’s voice came from in the sky.

The Guardian Star Island is an island Xu Fan has built for grapes exclusively for competitions.

After the first round, Xu Fan came to the small courtyard on the top of Ning Dao, he got news that Ning Dao woke up.

In the small courtyard, Ning Dao, who was paralyzed on the reclining chair, saw Xu Fan coming, he raised his finger and pointed to the chair next to him, motioning Xu Fan to sit by himself.

Half a month ago, the unconscious Ning Dao sent by Su Rantian, and the stick he was thinking about.

“Big Brother Ning, it’s really because of Dao Item Spirit Sword.”

“According to Big Brother Ning’s injuries, even with spirit pills and marvelous medicine, at least It takes half a year to cultivate.”

“In fact, senior doesn’t need to work so hard, just grab the giant stick in the hands of the giant ape.” Xu Fan said.

Ning Dao changed into a comfortable position and continued to bask in the sun.

“I didn’t think about it so much. I killed the giant ape and took the giant stick. One move, two gains.”

“As for the injury, I just need to rest for a while.”

“The Elder Council will also send Saint Grade medicine pills to heal wounds.”

“So I’m not at a loss.” Ning Dao said.

“Big Brother Ning understands the calculation.” Xu Fan suddenly realized that the work-related injury this guy originally suffered is guaranteed later.

“You’re a bit of a disrespect to me.” Ning Dao glanced at Xu Fan and said.

“Haha, you’re wrong, Big Brother Ning brilliant.” Xu Fan hehe said.

“When will my new Dao Item Spirit Sword be refined? Can I finish refining it before I recover?” Ning Dao asked.

You’ll have to wait five years for your order.

“If senior wants a top Treasure Item Spirit Sword, you can get it in three days.”

“As for the new Dao Item Spirit Sword, it will take five years. ”

Three chapters finished

(end of this chapter)

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