My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 201

Chapter 201 tied for first place

“The battle is not over yet!”

Xiong Li’s rude voice came out, and immediately made thousands of soldiers look ugly stand up.

“It’s over.” Ten thousand soldiers sighed, and then said to the commentator girl: “Little Junior Sister Su, I recognize”


In the smoke, Xiong Li directly collided with his two hammers, and the sound wave dispelled the smoke around him.

At this time, Xiong Li’s heavy armor type spiritual power armor has riddled with scars, but if you look closely, these scars are only scratches on the surface.

“Thousands of soldiers, let’s keep fighting.”

Xiong Li didn’t wait for the thousands of soldiers to react, so he rushed towards the thousands of soldiers with super fast delivery. .

“If you admit defeat, then our feud will end.” Xiong Li’s voice directly made the thousands of soldiers give up their plan to admit defeat.

sect The big brother of Disciple of the sect generation speaks ruthlessly, he must respect himself, at worst is a matter of breaking a leg.

The puppets in the duel field once again formed a battle formation and charged towards Xiong Li.

The real body of astral qi on Xiong Li lit up.

Five minutes later, Xiong Li smashed all the puppets of the thousands of soldiers into pieces, and he slowly walked in front of the thousands of soldiers.

One foot gently slipped on the leg of the thousands of soldiers, and a perfect arc slid down the sky.

Thousands of soldiers have their legs broken, and the battle is over.

“Senior Brother Xiong Li wins!” the commentator girl announced excitedly.

At the end of the game, Xiong Li supported the thousands of soldiers with broken legs and walked down.

“I’m out of anger. If you bombard me later, you’ll start over.” Xiong Li said while holding the thousands of soldiers.

“Haha, how could it be. I won’t use a cannon to bombard the bear big brother again.” Ten thousand soldiers said with a smile.

“Okay, then you have to be careful in the future.” Xiong Li said indifferently.

Off the field, the second game begins.

This matchup is the two Myriad Treasures stream Disciple, and they are also the first-class krypton gold by Xu Fan.

With the start of the game, at least six magic weapons with different functions appeared in the duel arena, including needles, ropes, spider webs, and traps.

Isn’t it exciting?

“Interesting, unfortunately, my heart is not black enough, maybe I don’t dare to kill the same sect.” Xu Fan said as he watched the duel below.

“I feel like it’s alright. It’s enough to break into the cultivation world at this level.” Xu Yuexian said with a smile, and the way the two generations of Disciples competed made her miss her previous experience of breaking into the cultivation world.

It’s just that the enemy’s methods are more shady than the two Disciples in the audience.

At this time, a Disciple under the stage was accidentally entangled by a hair-like thread.

At this point, the battle is over.

“Yes, a bit of my style.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“It does have some similarities with Master’s methods.” Xu Yuexian thought about Xu Fan’s experience of several shots that can be counted on one’s fingers.

After the battle, the third game begins, this time random is a Disciple of tower defense flow and spell Sect.

Offensive and defensive, a boring battle.

Xu Fan on stage started doing two things at the same time and started playing the Monster Realm underground exploration game in his mind.

Monster Realm, the underground space of the ten thousand mountain range, Xu Fan took over Digger No. 1, which was exploring underground, and began to probe in the direction he felt.

“I wonder if there are any surprises today.” Xu Fan thought to himself.

Now the underground exploration of Monster Realm’s 10,000-fold mountain range has become Xu Fan’s daily mini-game, and it is also one of Xu Fan’s favorite links every day.

Because he has a lottery feeling when playing, he has discovered two demon iron spirit ores, a small Spirit Stone Ore Vein, and the titanium heart spirit ore that surprised him the most.

The Magical Artifact on the head of the excavator, who was exploring the ground, suddenly began to vibrate. Xu Fan was immediately excited, and even his body sitting on the stage straightened a lot.

When the Magical Artifact on the head of the Digger 1 to detect the spirit ore vibrates, it means that there is a spirit ore nearby.

Xu Fan followed the direction indicated by the detection of Magical Artifact. After digging for several hundred meters, the digger type suddenly found a crystal clear and near-transparent middle grade Spirit Stone.

“Damn it, middle grade Spirit Stone Ore Vein!” Xu Fan almost shouted out in excitement.

“Grapes, grapes, hurry up and send digging tool puppets to collect Spirit Stone.” Xu Fan instructed secretly.


“Wuhu, this middle grade Spirit Stone Ore Vein is a little bigger, and my Dao Item level space-based satellite can be started.” Xu Fan said in He said excitedly.

According to the plan, he wants to gather enough spirit ore to refine the Dao Item space-based weapon satellite, at least a few years of Spirit Stone.

With this spirit ore, maybe we can get it together now.

Xu Fan started digging around this middle grade spirit ore with a digger-type puppet.

After turning around, Xu Fan found that this spirit ore is a little more than he imagined.

“putting it that way, the third Dao Item in this sect can be activated.”

At this time, Xu Fan noticed that someone was calling him from the outside world, so he handed over the operation authority to him. Given the grapes, consciousness returned to reality.

“Master, this is the last match, so don’t take a good look at it.”

“Xu Lingtai vs. Xiong Li.”

“Who do you think I will win.”

Xu Fan glanced off the court and said: “A draw”

“One cannot find his true body, and one cannot break the defense.” Xu Fan said leisurely.

The battle behind is very visual, but no one can hurt anyone after playing for a long time.

During the splendid and indiscriminate bombardment, Xiong Li was wearing a bronze body like a giant bell.

Looking at Xiong Li who was sticking to his body in the audience, Xu Yuexian thought of the people who played against the big brother in the past. At that time, they were probably in the same mood as Xiong Li.

“Lingtai has learned 80% of his father’s skills, and the rest is the cultivation base.”

“Within 500 years, Lingtai will surpass the big brother.” Xu Fan Said happily.

β€œI think three hundred years is enough,” Xu Yuexian said.

“You have no confidence in your big brother.” Xu Fan asked with a smile.

“I value my Lingtai nephew.”

Three hours later, Xu Fan called off the boring fight.

“In a draw, Xu Lingtai and Xiong Li tied for first place.” Xu Fan’s voice spread throughout the Guardian Star Island.

Eleven auspicious clouds rose up in the Guardian Star Island, holding Disciples one to ten into the air, forming a row.

Then, a lotus flower bloomed in front of each Disciple, and the bud inside the lotus was a space ring, and everyone’s prize was in it.

“As a reward for the top ten, I will customize a set of Divine Ability for each of you.”

“Okay, this Sect Grand Competition is over.”

“I am very satisfied with the progress of the first generation of Disciple. I hope you will make persistent efforts and set a good example for the younger generation.”

At this point, the first Sect Grand Competition of the Spirit Sect is over. .

“This kind of Sect Grand Competition has no intentions. Just playing against one’s own people will not reflect the level.”

“The second Sect Grand Competition, I personally designed it, and it is guaranteed to be vivid. It’s interesting.”

Xu Yuexian’s eyes rolled at Xu Fan’s words.

As soon as the Sect Grand Competition ended, Xu Fan thought about taking care of his daily affairs, and then went to the underground space to help the two poor Avatars.

Su Rantian stopped him before he could leave.

In a pavilion on the main peak, Xu Fan sat opposite Su Rantian.

“Elder Xu, I agreed to your original proposal. From then on, I will be a guest of Hidden Spirit Sect to chat with Elder.” Su Rantian said.

“Welcome Senior Su to join the Spirit Sect, I believe in the near future, you will be proud of it.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“You know the purpose of my joining your sect, but I wonder what Elder Xu thinks about it.” Su Rantian asked with a special meaning.

What do I think, you are bullying men, what else can I think.

“Love is originally a human desire, just follow the path.” Xu Fan said with a slight smile, if it wasn’t for your wealth and strength, I would have given some stars. Master’s shelf.

After hearing Xu Fan’s words, Su Rantian was stunned for a moment, then relieved. The most Refiner Sect teacher, Xu Fan’s status in the cultivation world is higher than her.

“Well, I understand what Elder Xu meant.”

The two separated after saying this.

Before leaving, Su Rantian still held a space Spirit Treasure in her hand, which contained a sea boat that could cross the endless sea. Zongzhili can also be regarded as a contribution to the hidden Spirit Sect.

Su Rantian, who had already taken out the things, dismissed the idea after hearing Xu Fan’s unspoken words.

At this time, Xu Fan, who didn’t know what he was missing, was still struggling to decide whether to go to work in the underground space.

“Go, it’s been a long time since I made a magic weapon myself.”

Xu Fan sent a message to Qiu Ziyuan, explained some things, looked towards Go to the underground space.

In the underground space, in the refining room, Xu Fan took over the position of the second Avatar.

While the second Avatar was happy, Xu Fan lightly said: “Go to the Spirit Pill peak for pill concocting.”

“Refining several furnaces of Spirit Pill at the Grandmaster level, save If you don’t practice for a long time, this craft is wasted.” Xu Fan said to the second Avatar while controlling the spirit fire.

You can be idle while I work, and think beautifully.


Avatar No. 2 was in a state of turmoil.

“Ontology, you can’t be a person.”

“In order to refine your Dao Item shield, I and No. 1 have not rested for more than half a month.” No. 2 Avatar said.

“Don’t talk, just go to work.” Xu Fan, who is officially refining the titanium heart spirit ore, said indifferently.

The second Avatar looked at Xu Fan who didn’t want to talk to him, and left helplessly.

You still have to listen to the main body. If you really erase your spiritual wisdom, you won’t be able to see such interesting novels and animations.

Looking at the second Avatar who left silently, Xu Fan felt that the preliminary work had been done.

“Ontology, you really look like a capitalist.” Avatar No. 1 said to Xu Fan.

β€œRemove the real image,” Xu Fan said.

The two Avatars who had no desire for this world at first, now they have all become fans of anime and novels, and they are still the kind that cannot extricate themselves. These are all means by Xu Fan to squeeze them. .


At this time, the spirit ore of the first titanium core shield has been refined halfway, and the rest is to slowly shape.

“It’s a little far-fetched for the Golden Core Realm to refine Dao Item,” said Avatar No. 1.

“There is no way, it will take more than 240 years to advance to the Nascent Soul Realm.”

“Now we are still in danger of facing the Integration Realm Monster Race.”

“Life is always moving in an unexpected direction.”.

This is to make up for yesterday~~~

(End of this chapter)

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