My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 202

Chapter 202 Feng Changning’s Choice

Hidden Spirit Sect, hundreds of thousands of li above the giant lake.

Ji Muhua stood on a spirit boat and said reluctantly to Xu Gang who was standing in the air: “Fellow Daoist Xu, just send it here.”

“If there is a Fellow It’s my honor to have a friend like Daoist Xu.”

“If Fellow Daoist Xu has time in the future, I invite you to visit our Dao Sect.” Ji Muhua said.

“Fellow Daoist Ji, I will visit your sect again after my Spirit Sect is stable for a while,” said Xu Gang.

“Okay, I’ll be waiting for Fellow Daoist Xu in the Dao Sect.”

The spirit boat turned into a ray of light and disappeared into the sky.

Xu Gang stared in the direction where Ji Muhua disappeared for a long time.

It’s not that he is unwilling to be a good friend, but he is considering whether to run away from home. After all, he will challenge the promotion puppet after returning.

And then it must be a broken leg, his master never made a joke on them.

“Father, my teacher gave me a sound transmission just now, and asked me to tell you to go back.”

At some point, Xu Lingtai appeared next to Xu Gang.

Xu Gang looked at Xu Lingtai with some desolation and said, “Son, what else did your master say?”

“Master said to give this to you.” Xu Lingtai said and took it out. A wheelchair, but also a magic weapon for driving.

Looking at the magic wheelchair, Xu Gang said, “Master is really thoughtful.”

Xu Gang flew towards the Trial Tower with Xu Lingtai resolutely. .

Xu Fan, who was refining the Titanium Heart Shield in the underground space, listened to Grape’s report and said, “You dare to break my disciple’s leg, even if you are his father.”

After hearing Xu Fan’s words, Avatar No. 1 said to Xu Fan: “Ontology, you are too serious, you don’t really intend to break Xu Gang’s legs.”

“How come, That’s what I said.” Xu Fan laughed and said.

An hour later, Xu Gang limped out among the shocked gazes of many Disciples.

“Damn, what kind of puppet is it that can break Peak Master’s leg.”

“The puppet of Nascent Soul is so terrifying.”


“Good terrifying, I hope I don’t get my leg broken by the puppet.”

At this time, Xu Lingtai, who had been waiting outside for Xu Gang for a long time, saw Xu Gang’s broken leg, and quickly took out the magic wheelchair for him to sit on. go up.

“Master is really amazing, he was able to calculate in advance that Dad’s leg would break.” Xu Lingtai said.

Xu Gang opened his mouth when he heard his son’s words, and finally closed it again.

“Father, with your strength, you can even be hurt by the challenge puppet. Are the puppets of our sect Nascent Soul Realm really that powerful?” Xu Lingtai asked.

“You’ll know when you get to Nascent Soul Realm.” Xu Gang said ill-humoredly.

It never occurred to him that his own leg would break in this way.


While Xu Fan was refining the Titanium Heart Great Shield, a giant snake hovered at the bottom of a lake hundreds of thousands of li away from Yinling Island.

It is the last Integration Realm Monster Race that Linsen Immortal City Elder Council has been looking for.

“The Hidden Spirit Island, didn’t expect such a Divine Transformation Realm to have no small sect, but it can actually refine the magic weapon to monitor the entire immortal city area of Linsen.”

“The Refiner Sect of Human Race is the Golden Core Realm. It seems necessary to bring this kid back to the Demon Spirit World.” Snake said.

The purpose of the three Integration Realm Monster Races attacking the Elder Council some time ago was to investigate the news that their Monster Race platoons were destroyed in the sky.

Just didn’t expect, none of the last three Integration Realm Great Demons escaped, they were all killed. Fortunately, before they were killed, they passed the news to the dark snake Monster, who was good at concealment. Race.

“Now as long as the integration Realm’s red clothed woman Xiu leaves the small sect, it will be the day of the destruction of the small sect.”

In the eyes of the dark snake, a Divine Transformation A small sect that Realm doesn’t have, and its destruction is only a matter of thought.

“Now pass the news back to Monster Realm, and let that side cooperate to lead the Integration Realm female cultivator away.”

The dark snake took out a small formation from the hollow bone disk, and sent a demon jade carrying information back to Monster Realm.

Central continent, in Mizusawa immortal city.

Feng Changning was cultivating in Cave Mansion, a mountain close to the mountain. She slowly opened her eyes until the communicator sounded.

“Come in.”

The gate outside Cave Mansion opened and Shizhan walked in.

“How can you, Outer Sect Elder, come to me when you have time.” Feng Changning said with a smile, seeing her old friend, her mood that had been cloudy for the past few days was a little better.

“I just happened to see an investigation mission in Mizusawa Immortal City in the outer sect, so I took it up and stopped by to see you.” Shizhan said with a smile.

“We’ve been friends for many years, so what’s so cool.”

Seeing Feng Changning’s actions, Shi Zhan’s eyes flashed a hint of distress.

“Changning, now the cultivation world is in the midst of a war between the two worlds.”

“In this case, it is very difficult for a loose cultivator to mix in the cultivation world. It is absolutely impossible for an immortal cultivator to become the emperor of a mortal country.”

β€œYour aptitude is better than mine, and your future potential is greater than mine, it’s really not good, you look for a small You can also join the sect.” Shi Zhan advised, although he knew it was useless, but he wanted to say it.

“Master, you know me, Changning is not the kind of person who is willing to be ordinary.”

“Even in the cultivation world, it is the same, I will either become the cultivation world cream of the crop If you want to, you will either die on this road.”

“Apart from this is the only choice.” Feng Changning said with firm eyes.

“Then do you have a goal now?” Shizhan asked.

Hearing Shizhan’s words, Feng Changning sighed and said: “Not yet, the Elder Council of the central continent has absolute dominance over the central continent.”

“Even if it is established here, sect, it will also be restricted everywhere.”

“So I decided to go to the states outside the central continent to see.” Feng Changning said.

β€œA continent beyond the central continent,” said Shizhan frowned.

“Changning, according to the information I know, the area where the two worlds merge is now only in the central continent, and now Monster Race has no power to involve states beyond the central continent.”

“However, once the fusion of the two worlds becomes larger, if the Monster Race has the ability to appear outside the central continent, without the protection of the Elder Council, it will be a disaster.”

“Hello Think about it.”

“If you really want to go, you’d better go and talk to Elder Xu.”

After listening to Shizhan’s words, Feng Changning pondered for a while. .

“I see.”

After hearing Feng Changning’s reply, Shizhan took out a few Treasure Items from the space ring.

“This is a few magic weapons that I used to exchange points for you, you can take self-protection on your body.”

“Okay, I still have a task, so let’s go first .”

After Shi Zhan finished drinking a cup of tea cut by Feng Changning himself, he walked towards the door.

“Wait a minute.” Feng Changning said.

“What’s the matter.” Shi Zhan looked back at Feng Changning and said.

“Master, you are a good person.”

“Haha, since the moment I decided to help you, I knew I was a good person.”

“Also Yes, the tea is good, but the tea-making skills are a bit poor, so I have time to recruit a few maids to serve.”

After Shi Zhan finished speaking, he walked out without looking back.

Looking at Shizhan’s lonely silhouette, Feng Changning’s eyes showed a hint of apology.

“Master, you will meet a woman who loves you in the future.”

“I am not a good match.” Feng Changning said.

In the past, when she conquered the world, she once had the idea of marrying Shizhan to repay her kindness, but it was just an idea.

In the underground space of Yinling Island, the sand sculpture looked excitedly at Xu Fan refining the Dao Item Titanium Heart Shield.

“Great Elder, you can actually control five different Five Elements spirit fires and use them together. It’s amazing.” Sand Sculpture said with a shocked expression.

“If you want to learn, I can teach you.” Xu Fan, who was refining Dao Item, said casually,

It’s not that high rank fire can’t be controlled with fusion fire. , the general spirit fire refining Dao Item is slow, so I can only come up with this method.

“Then the deference is no substitute for obedience.” The sand sculpture said with a smile. Compared to this, he was even more curious about the huge and strange puppet equipment in the underground space, which could actually be controlled by no one. Next, refine the magic weapon puppet.

“Thank you for what.”

A jade slip floated in front of the sand sculpture.

“This is the secret art of fusion fire, you can pass it to Refining Peak’s Disciple.” Xu Fan said.


At this time, the sand sculpture took out a piece of tempering alloy from the space ring and said, “Great Elder, this is my latest achievement.”



“This is an alloy forged from spirit iron plus red copper and some special Fire Spiritual Qi.”

“The cost is 20% more than spirit iron, but it can be used to make Treasure Item third rank. Magical treasures, especially the Treasure Item for refining Fire Attribute, will increase its power by 30%.”

After talking about the sand sculpture, he took out several Fire Attribute magic weapons from the space ring, most of which were Spirit Sword. .

Xu Fan almost broke the fire in his hand when he heard the sand sculpture.

“Grape, go and call No. 2 back to take over.” Xu Fan said hurriedly.

β€œAs you bid.”

After a while, Avatar No. 2 came back with an unhappy face and took over the job from Xu Fan.

Xu Fan brought sand sculptures to a smelting furnace.

“Senior Brother Sha, don’t say anything, cow~.”

Xu Fan looked at the alloy in his hand in amazement, and cut a small piece and threw it into the man full of spirits. Fire in the smelting furnace.

“Grape, analyze the composition of this alloy.” Xu Fan said.


“Senior Brother Sha, how did you come up with this alloy formula.” Xu Fan asked.

“After I got your inspiration, I started to experiment.”

“Then just follow the feeling and make it.” The sand sculpture said casually, with a feeling of Versailles. .

“Just do it and you’ll have it”

A Five Elements fire appeared in Xu Fan’s hand, directly refining the alloy in his hand.

With the alloy rapidly dissolving and tempering, under the shape of Xu Fan, a well-known pistol appeared in the previous life, and then Xu Fan separated out a little alloy and refined a hundred rounds of bullets and magazines.

After all this was completed, a rune array appeared from Xu Fan’s eyebrows and turned into a large net to surround the pistol, and the rune array was completed.

At this point, a modified version of the pistol appeared in front of the sand sculpture.

The sand sculpture was stunned by Xu Fan’s series of operations. He had never seen anyone who could make a Treasure Item so easily.

“Beautiful, really beautiful!” said the sand sculpture, looking at the pistol that had been refined in midair.

(End of this chapter)

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