My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 204

Chapter 204 This human brat actually you think you can kill me!

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Twenty days later, with Xu Fan working overtime and speeding up, the Titanium Heart Shield was finished a few days ahead of schedule.

When Xu Fan finished burning the last rune, the entire titanium shield shook, and a strange force filled the entire underground space.

“It’s finally done.” Xu Fan said, absorbing the power returned to himself from the Dao Item Titanium Heart Shield.

This time Dao Item is a natural phenomenon that has been successfully refined, but it is only revealed in the underground space, and there is no leakage of breath.

The natural phenomenon is much smaller than the natural phenomenon in the last grape promotion.

At this time, Xu Fan’s cultivation base has reached the peak of the middle stage of Golden Core, which is also the result that Xu Fan can suppress.

“The last step of preparation is finally successful. If nothing else, the Monster Race outside, which is staring at the hidden Spirit Sect, should also take other measures.” Xu Fan said.

Xu Fan sent a message to Li Xingci to let him not sell.

It was just right. At this time, Li Xingci had already listened to Su Rantian’s explanation of the way of different arts, just when Su Rantian was planning to deceive men.

The maid appeared in front of the two again.

Su Rantian maintained a posture of throwing down Li Xingci, wrinkled and did not ask: “What’s wrong.”

To disturb his lifelong major event, no matter who it is, Unforgivable.

β€œ7 Integration Realm Monster Races appeared in Linsen immortal city, and they are currently massacred in the wyvern country.” The maid said helplessly.

“Tian’er, you go. It just so happened that the way of different arts has been finished, thank you for your hard work.” Li Xingci said seriously, pretending not to see Su Rantian’s posture.

After hearing the maid’s words, Su Rantian finally pounced on Li Xingci.

divine light flashed, the two appeared in the small courtyard of Su Rantian’s Xianjia.

“Xingci, after I come back, I’m going to tell you something interesting!”

The numb voice sounded in Li Xingci’s ear, and Su Rantian himself It had already appeared a hundred miles away from Yinling Island, and flew towards the direction of Linsen immortal city.

“Master, you don’t know how much sacrifice I made for your mission.”

“The innocence of the discipline is almost impossible to keep.”

At this time Xu Fan brought everything he had prepared and took a spirit boat rippling outside Yinling Island, on the surface of the huge lake.

“The master’s 10 space-based weapon satellites have been in place.”

“Twelve Divine Transformation Realm heavily armored puppets, and 100,000 Nascent Soul Realm puppets have been in place.”

“The 360 heavy artillery defenses of Yinling Island have been activated.”

“The heavenly thunder giant heavy artillery is warming up, and it is expected to be ready in 5 minutes.”

“The whole island migration system has been started.”

Xu Fan listened to Grape’s report, and the corners of his mouth raised slightly.

After so many years of construction, Yinling Island is now almost armed to the teeth.

Xu Fan counted the time, lightly saying: “Ten minutes left.”

A Void Refinement Realm puppet appeared behind Xu Fan, and there was also a Divine Transformation Realm heavy armor puppet.


Xu Fan began to adjust his state.

At this time, Xu Gang, Xu Yuexian, Wang Xiangchi, and Li Xingci gathered together and were nervously watching the live broadcast screen.

“Some time ago, Shiran let me hold Senior Su in the sect for a month, didn’t expect because of this.” Li Xingci said.

“That’s because Master has to refine a Dao Item, so it takes time.” Xu Yuexian said.

Xu Gang, who was in a wheelchair, felt a little lonely watching the live broadcast screen.

“I don’t know when I can stand in front of Master.” Xu Gang said with a sad expression.

“Big brother, when you are invincible in this world, it will probably be almost the same.” Xu Yuexian said, she was not worried about Xu Fan alone facing the Integration Realm monster beast.

“What if this world is invincible, it is estimated that at that time, it was not the opponent of Master.” Xu Gang said indifferently.

At this moment, a cloudy cloud appeared in the sky enough to cover the entire Hidden Spirit Island, and the sky suddenly turned pitch black.

A giant snake slowly swam not far from Xu Fan.

“The Great Elder of the Hidden Spirit Sect, do you want to exchange yourself for the entire Hidden Spirit Island Human Race behind you.” Dark Snake looked at Xu Fan with sinister and cruel eyes and said.

“Monster Race, I didn’t know your name when we first met.” Xu Fan asked with a smile.

“My name, you don’t deserve to know it.”

“jiΓ© jiΓ© ~~”

At this time, there was a corrosive under the sky. The torrential rain of venom began to slowly erode the Mountain Protecting Great Formation of the entire Hidden Spirit Island,

“The Great Elder of the Hidden Spirit Sect. Today you and your sect have to be buried for the Monster Race who died because of you. .”

“As for you, I will turn you into my snake slave to the Monster Realm, and refine magic weapons for my Monster Realm to make up for your mistakes.”

The more the Dark Snake spoke, the more brutal the tone became, and finally the entire Dark Snake’s true body was revealed.

“Little snake, I’ll give you one more chance to say your name.”

“There will be traces of your existence in this world in the future.” Xu Fan said directly Command the grapes to attack with all their strength.

“Human Race! So brave, the game is over, now I’m going to catch you and let you watch your sect shatter.”

For a moment, Countless little snakes appeared around Xu Fan, circling towards Xu Fan.


The heavy artillery of Yinling Island fired a salvo, and countless rune shells blasted towards the dark snake.

“Human Race’s rune cannon.” Dark Snake said disdainfully,

Dark Snake True God flicked its tail directly, and a huge snake tail appeared in the sky, which directly volleyed. Blast all rune shells.


rune The shell exploded and the sky shook.

At this moment, preparations had already been completed, a giant heavenly thunder blasted out, and the entire Yinling Island was like an earthquake.


A heavenly thunder ball composed of thunder and lightning directly hit the cloud over Xu Fan.

At this time, the expression of the dark snake began to become solemn.


The ball of heavenly thunder exploded in the air, and countless heavenly thunder blasted towards the dark snake.

The dark clouds of the sky leaked out of the original sky under heavenly thunder strikes.

And the dark snake, fleeing into the distance to avoid the heavenly thunder.

Xu Fan looked at the heavenly thunder energy left in the sky, and felt a little distressed. He only had one cannonball for this kind of addition.

The material is the crystal of heavenly thunder he found in Yinling Island.

The screams of the dark snake were heard in the distance.

After a while, the dark snake full of scars appeared in front of Xu Fan again.

This time it’s no nonsense, directly facing Xu Fan’s sweep.

The space around Xu Fan turned black again.

“Monster Race, I’m asking you, you haven’t said your name yet.”

Xu Fan responded with just a snake-tailed volley.

“If you don’t say it, you will regret it.”

Xu Fan’s silhouette was directly blown up, and a blood mist floated in the sky.

Disciples watching the live broadcast secretly said that the battle officially started.

“Human Race, are you dead like this?” Dark Snake said suspiciously.

This time, a puppet holding a giant shield Void Refinement appeared in front of the dark snake.

The Void Refinement Realm puppet waved its hand gently, and countless bloodthirsty flower seeds fluttered in the air.

There are countless threads all over the sky.

‘Thousand Flowers Domain’

‘Wansi Realm’

There are also twelve Divine Transformation Realm puppets, and one hundred thousand Nascent Soul Realm appear in the air, forming one after another mysterious battle formation.

Dark Snake was suddenly a little stunned when he saw the scene in front of him.

This human brat actually you think you can kill me!

(End of this chapter)

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