My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 205

Chapter 205 Dark Snake

Looking at the battle formation composed of puppets, Dark Snake seemed to see the biggest joke in his life.

“The puppets are well made, much better than what I saw in the Demon Palace.”

“Unfortunately, this is not the reason why you can kill me.”

The huge body of the dark snake hovered in midair, looking down at Xu Fan.

“Are you still reluctant to say your name.” Xu Fan asked indifferently.

The spiritual power armor has been worn on the body, and a ten-meter-high spiritual power armor appears behind him, exactly mecha.

At this time, the Void Refinement Realm puppet next to Xu Fan swung a Fire Dragon against the sky.

The Fire Dragon roared into the cloud that was about to close again in the sky.


The whole sky was dyed red.

Accompanied by the fire, the sky began to slowly regain its brightness.

“jié jié jié ~, a little Golden Core Realm cultivator dared to ask my real name.”

At this time, a huge illusory shadow rose from the back of the dark snake, a burst of shock The power of heart palpitations came, and the power of the dark snake made Xu Fan’s heartbeat a little faster.

“That’s out of the question,” Xu Fan sighed asked.


The dark snake sprayed out a cloud of venom directly at Xu Fan, and the dark green fluorescence directly dyed the surrounding space green.

“You dare to spit on me.” Xu Fan angrily looked at the dark behavior.

A Divine Transformation Realm heavily armored puppet directly blocked Xu Fan with a shield.


The group of venom hit the Titanium Heart Shield directly, making a zi zi, corroding and melting sound, but the Titanium Heart Shield is still aura Circulation, without the slightest damage.

Just kidding, if my Dao Item Titanium Heart Shield is damaged by your basic attack, then I won’t play.

“Let’s fight.” Xu Fan coldly said.

At this moment, the battle formation formed by the Nascent Soul Realm puppets that the dark snakes dismissed instantly started.

One after another deep blue pillar of spiritual light rose into the sky, straight into the sky, and then the pillars of spiritual light were connected to form an array of heavy water cages relying on the huge lake of hundreds of thousands li.

It directly trapped Xu Fan and the dark snake in it.

“Now, we can have a good chat. If you want to destroy my sect, you must pass me first.” Xu Fan said, looking at the dark snake in the sky.

The response to Xu Fan was another snake-tail burst, but it was easily avoided by Xu Fan, and then there were countless arrow rains composed of venom, covering Xu Fan, and then Blocked by the Titanium Heart Shield.

“This is a quadruple heavy water array, relying on the entire huge lake of hundreds of thousands li.”

“Even if you are Integration Realm, you will not be able to get out for a while”


For this quadruple heavy water array, the second Avatar and Xu Fan almost turned their faces.

“This is a trapped formation, don’t worry, let’s control you first.”

The dark snake hovers in the air like a dragon-like, a pair of snake pupils seem to have the ultimate in eyes of darkness.

A trace of Dark Aura hovers around Xu Fan, seducing Xu Fan’s spirit and soul.

The huge illusory shadow behind the dark snake rushed towards Xu Fan.

At this time, Xu Fan, who was wearing a ten-meter spiritual power armor, had a hand-knotted seal, a Golden Crow illusory shadow appeared behind him, and then there was a flaming sun cloak on his body.

As Xu Fan formed the seal again, a larger virtual image of a thousand hands appeared behind him.

“Divine Ability: A Thousand-Handed Imagination”

“Divine Ability: Golden Crow Comes”

“Divine Ability: Yanyang Cloak”

In an instant, the brightness of the fire on Xu Fan almost blinded the eyes of the four people watching the live broadcast.

“My God, is this Master’s true strength?” Xu Yuexian said in surprise, only the pressure he felt from the live broadcast light curtain. The four of them didn’t have the slightest idea of resistance.

And Xu Gang stared straight at the virtual image of a thousand hands behind Xu Fan.

Why is Master’s larger than my thousand-hand virtual image?

At the same time, Ning Dao was also feeling the battle outside through his consciousness.

When he felt the pure and yang breath of Xu Fan, he felt a little uneasy for a moment.

Isn’t this guy a Refiner Sect teacher? How can he have such a strong battle strength? He originally thought that Xu Fan just wanted to trap the big snake of Integration Realm and wait for Su Rantian to come back to deal with it.

didn’t expect Xu Fan to get started.

With the completion of the Xu Fan Divine Ability, the contempt in Dark Snake’s eyes slowly disappeared.

The giant snake illusory shadow directly collided with the Golden Crow illusory shadow behind Xu Fan. After a while, the Void Refinement Realm puppet turned directly into a giant sword with a length of several hundred meters. Dark snake cut.

The Dark Snake looked up, felt a hint of threat from the True Yang giant sword, and directly took out his Life Source Dao Artifact Grade 8 Black Lotus.


It was like a wooden sword fiercely stabbed on the invulnerable, indestructible and impregnable Copper Wall Iron Bastion.


Void Refinement Realm The giant sword of the Void Refinement Realm suddenly collapsed, turning into an extreme escape light and returning to Xu Fan’s side.

“Dao Item, it’s a little troublesome.” Xu Fan said, looking at the Grade 8 Black Lotus above the dark snake. .

At this time, the entire quadruple heavy water array began to be slowly invaded by darkness.

Watching the live broadcast again made a cold sweat in my heart.

“Should we help Master,” Xu Gang said.

Xu Yuexian gave Xu Gang a blank look. Have you forgotten what Master said at the beginning?

“We will only cause trouble when we go up. Master has to devote some of his energy to protect us.” Xu Yuexian said.

“Master started preparing for this a month ago.”

“According to Master’s character, if we are not 100% sure, I guess we have brought all the My family has taken refuge in Linsen immortal city.”

“Ten achievements are ten percent, and one less master will not do this.” Li Xingci added another sentence.

At this time, in the quadruple heavy water array, Xu Fan was about to be eroded by darkness, and said lightly.

“Grape, spiritual power reserve blessing 20% to the Void Refinement puppet.”


A huge and pure Spiritual Qi The post was driven into the body of the Void Refinement puppet.

In an instant, Spiritual Qi flames ignited around the Void Refinement puppet, and the imposing manner rose to the top.

As the Spiritual Qi beam fell, the spiritual liquid waterfall in Yinling Island was directly cut off by half.

The Void Refinement puppet both hands forming seals, and Xu Fan’s scorching sun propped up the barrier all around, preventing the area from being invaded by darkness.

“Human brat I see how long you can hold on, the moment the darkness covers you, your soul will fall.”

“And then your sect will also be Darkness shrouded, and then became part of my Divine Ability.”

With the dark snake’s words, there was a terrifying cry in the darkness, as if hell was on the other side of the darkness.

Xu Fan’s eyes flashed aura, looking towards the place shrouded in darkness.

In an instant, the hairs on Xu Fan’s body rose.

In the darkness, all of them are wraiths killed by dark snakes. There are monster beast, Human Race, Monster Race. They have different shapes. At a glance, the spirit seems to be invaded by darkness. .

“You can kill all the Human Races here.” Xu Fan’s voice was cold.

“Oh, you said that these Human Races are all newly added recently, you know, these are the Human Race mortal cities that I slaughtered while slaughtering.”

“No Not to mention, Human Race’s soul quality is higher, and the wraith born is also powerful.” The dark snake’s voice was chilling.

At this time Xu Fan looked at the wraith of a baby in the dark and said softly: “Don’t worry, Uncle will send you to reincarnation in a while.”

With the Void Refinement Realm puppet After finishing the last seal, a light appeared in the darkness.

At the moment of “Divine Ability: Zhu Rong’s real body”, the Void Refinement Realm puppet was like an overdraft, and its figure almost couldn’t stand in the air.

The newly emerged light was like a spark of fire, instantly illuminating the quadruple heavy water array.

The originally dark area, like gunpowder, was instantly ignited by Zhurong True Fire, and the wraith in the dark also became the nourishment of Zhurong True Fire.

In the Quadruple Heavy Water Formation, the light is restored again.

The dark snake looked up at the sun overhead, with a flash of disgust in his eyes.

At this moment, the Grade 8 Black Lotus on the dark snake’s head suddenly became bigger and pressed towards Xu Fan.

“Human brat, I don’t have time to accompany you.” Dark Snake took out his strongest means and suppressed Xu Fan.

“You were just having fun.”

“Then keep playing. If you want to suppress me, you have no chance in your life.”

With Xu Fan’s seal casting spell, a giant hand of true sun pressed the Grade 8 Black Lotus towards Xu Fan.

The Void Refinement puppet control Zhu Rong’s real body also dragged the Grade 8 Black Lotus with his giant hand.

Zhu Rong holds the Grade 8 Black Lotus in one hand and grabs the Dark Snake with the other hand. The Fire Dragon on Zhu Rong’s arm also takes out and wraps around the Dark Snake. .

The thousand-hand virtual image behind Xu Fan also began to seal, and with the help of Zhu Rong’s True Fire, several dark snakes facing the giant Flood Dragon were entangled in the past.

“Is that all you can do?”

Just when the dark snake wanted to get out, the Myriad Silk Realm that Xu Fan had arranged for a long time quickly started, and countless strands as thin as hair started. The silk thread shrank suddenly, controlling the dark snake for a moment.

At this moment, Zhu Rong True God’s giant hand and Fire Dragon caught the dark snake, and then Xu Fan’s thousand-hand avatar of Divine Ability also entangled the dark snake.


The dark snake’s body surface was burned, and a miserable cry was heard, and the sound spread throughout this huge lake of hundreds of thousands li.

Even the four people watching the live broadcast faintly heard screams from outside Yinling Island.

Just as the dark snake was struggling to break free, the strike from the space-based weapon satellite also arrived.

The dark snake suddenly looked towards the sky, and ten gravity rods engraved with heavenly thunder rune hit the dark snake with precision.

These ten heavenly thunder gravity sticks were made by Xu Fan from sand sculptures,


It’s still not enough to summon Grade 8 Black Lotus defense, ten heavenly thunder gravity sticks directly hit the dark snake seven inches above.


The body of the dark snake slammed into the lake surface of the huge lake of hundreds, thousand li. Due to the heavy water array, the body of the dark snake could not sink to the surface of the lake. under.

“Grape, the spiritual power reserve is 40% blessed.”

In an instant, a ten-meter-thick aura beam directly enveloped the Void Refinement puppet in front of Xu Fan.

Afterwards, the Void Refinement puppet began to fully seal the Divine Ability.

“Divine Ability: Great Sword”

The kilometer-long giant sword that has blessed Yang True Fire appeared above the dark snake.

“Eat my big sword!”

As Xu Fan’s hand slammed down, the Yang True Fire giant sword fiercely plunged into the sky above the dark snake.

A sword was inserted, and the dark snake’s body was directly turned into two halves.

Then Xu Fan took out a thunder bead magic weapon, blessed with spiritual power, and a huge net formed by lightning shrouded the surrounding area of the dark snake.

The big sword that was inserted on the surface of the huge lake of hundreds of thousands li rose slowly, and then stuck it down again.

(End of this chapter)

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