My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 209

Chapter 209 The Demon Jade of the Dark Snake

It took Xu Fan a long time to understand that this Demon Jade, like the Butterfly of Human Race, is a carrier for recording higher level content.

The spirit strength penetrated the demon jade, and Xu Fan saw a very destructive picture.

“Is this the seed film that Dark Snake secretly watched.” Xu Fan said with a shocked expression.

He also saw the growth diary of the dark snake in the demon jade, which was recorded from the time of Nascent Soul, which told the hardships he had gone through along the way.

After reading Dark Snake’s growth diary, Xu Fan sighed.

“If you don’t look at race, it’s really fucking inspirational.”

“It’s a pity that I finally met me.”

Xu Fan is still in Yaoyu I saw the dark snake’s description of him in the middle, and the words revealed ambition.

It turns out that after the Dark Snake knew that Xu Fan was a Refiner Sect master, he had the idea of bringing Xu Fan back to Monster Realm, and he also took action. If nothing else, it has now been in Monster Realm. With Xu Fan’s exclusive refining room.

Not only that, the Dark Snake specially ordered their clansman to prepare several disguised beauties from Nascent Soul Realm of the Dark Snake family for Xu Fan.

“One thing to say, one thing, you give me a thumbs up for paying attention to me.”

“In return, I will find a way to bring your dream lover, the lustful one. The mother brought it back and made a specimen for your company.”

“And your demon spirit, I will let you meet the mother of snakes.” Xu Fan said with squinted eyes.

After the demon spirit of the dark snake escaped, Xu Fan made up for himself again, and then through the hexagram, he knew that this product would return in a swirl of dust.

Xu Fan said and started to check other content in Yaoyu.

Yaoyu is of high quality and carries a lot of content, just like a messy database.

โ€œDragon Transformation has finally met a decent cultivation technique.โ€

โ€œdidn’t expect Monster Race to have such a deep plan for Human Race.โ€

“And what the hell is this gossip about Monster Sovereign Golden-Winged Great Peng and Xuefeng, and what is the scene when they mate?”

“Golden-Winged Great Peng, awesome, Monster Race has a second generation with such a background.โ€

โ€œMonster Raceโ€™s first battle strength, Great Ascension Realm Peak, has been in Monster Race for three thousand years and has not yet ascended, and then All have the ability to be called a father.”

“It’s hard to do, if I’m going to fight the Monster Race with the Chief-In-Charge, I’ll send this thing to his father first with a dirty trick.”

Looking at the miscellaneous things of Monster Race, Xu Fan felt that it opened a lot of eyes.

For the first time in the cultivation world, I have a sense of international perspective.

“Interesting, it seems that I will collect more of this stuff in the future.”

“I don’t know if there are other Monster Races.” Xu Fan touched the chin and said.

At sunset, Xu Fan came to the small courtyard of Ning Dao Xiu, thinking about the food box.

“How come Great Elder Xu is free to see me today.” Ning Dao, who was lying on the reclining chair, looked at Xu Fan and said with a smile.

“Isn’t this about Big Brother Ning?”

Xu Fan naturally stepped forward and placed the meal on the table beside the reclining chair.

“How is Big Brother Ning recovering recently?” Xu Fan asked. Ten days ago, a deacon from the Elder Council sent the Healing Medicine Pill over.

“Is it alright? I can barely move now. After 2 months of training, I can fully recover.” Ning Dao sat up and said.

“I wish Big Brother Ning a quick recovery.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Haha, I don’t want to go back to the Elder Council after staying with you all this time.”

Ning Dao is quite reluctant to think about it now, so he just let the tool puppet push him when he has nothing to do He wandered in the garden in front of the main peak, or went fishing on the huge lake of hundreds of thousands li.

If it weren’t for the security of the Elder Council headquarters area, he really wanted to bring his family over.

โ€œThe big brother will stay here forever,โ€ Xu Fan said.

You’re mine when you stay here.

“How could it be possible, there are still tasks in the Elder Council, and now I am still the guard of Linsen immortal city, but now I can only talk.”

“That’s right, Su Rantian came to visit me a few days ago, along with your four disciplines.”

“I think your four disciplines seem to accept Su Ran a little bit.”

“Maybe it won’t be long before I can drink wedding wine.” Ning Dao said with a smile.

“It depends on their wishes.”

Xu Fan also smiled, feeling like a child growing up.

“If Su Ran naively marry into your Spirit Sect, the Elder Council will send you a generous dowry.”

“It’s so rich, your whole family from now The kind that doesn’t require effort.” Ning Dao said meaningfully.

“The kind that our whole hidden Spirit Sect doesn’t have to work hard?”

“What do you mean?”

At this moment, Xu Fan suddenly found that poverty limited himself The imagination of an ordinary person is like the expression on the face of an ordinary person who suddenly finds that he can’t catch up with the richest man by winning the lottery every day until he is 80 years old.

“Literally, if there is this day, you will know.”

“That day, when Su Rantian came back to rescue you, she killed eight in an instant. I came to rescue you after being an Integration Realm Great Demon monkey.”

“If it wasn’t for her fast speed, her injuries would have recovered.”

“In Su Rantian There are six Dao Items in the body alone for life-saving defense.”

“At least four Dao Items to attack and kill.”

“There must be other items, probably not. Take the opportunity.” Ning Dao said enviously.

“Why did Elder Su tell me this.” Xu Fan wondered.

“I watched your Golden Core battle that day. I was afraid that you would see your discipline being bullied and start a fight with Su Rantian.”

“So let me remind you ,”


Am I that stupid?

As the two faced the sunset, they drank a little wine, and Xu Fan began to ask about the business.

Xu Fan took out the demon jade of the dark snake and handed it to Ning Dao.

Taking Yaoyu, Ning Dao probed it, and then gave it to Xu Fan, said with a smile: “Interesting, brother Xu wants to ask something.”

“I want to know, Monster Race has such a Monster Race as Golden-Winged Great Peng, do we Human Race have a chance of winning.” Xu Fan asked.

“Of course there is, although our Human Race is not as good as Monster Race in overall strength, but in terms of high-end battle strength and invincible Venerable, our Human Race is not inferior to Monster Race.”

“Regarding the Golden-Winged Great Peng, the Elder Council has a way to deal with them.”

“And you know, the Elder Council’s strategy is to divide the battlefield.”

” The Elder Council will entrust most of the Monster Race’s Monster Venerables to the Ultra Void Domain, and put the Integration Realm, including the Monster Races below the Integration Realm, in.”

“Human Race has reached a verbal agreement with Monster Race. As long as you donโ€™t attack the immortal city and sect in the Monster Race of Human Race, no cultivator above Integration Realm will take action.โ€

โ€œThe same is true in Monster Race, as long as you donโ€™t attack Monster In the Holy City of Race, there will be no Great Demon above the Integration Realm chasing you.” Ning Dao said slowly.

“This way, our Human Race is very disadvantaged. In the same level duel, Monster Race is generally stronger.” Xu Fan frowned said.

“This is training, otherwise all the pressure will be on the Elder Council. If it can’t stand it, the entire Human Race will be over.”

“This is also because the Elder Council is very straightforward. Whitely tell those sectors.” Ning Dao said.

“How come I don’t know.” Xu Fan said suspiciously.

“I didn’t mean to tell you, just don’t worry, just protect yourself.” Ning Dao glanced at Xu Fan and said.

Cannon fodder is cannon fodder.

Xu Fan rolled the eyes.

“By the way, does the giant ape killed by Big Brother Ning have a similar enchanting jade? I want to see it and gain insight.” Xu Fan said, in fact, Xu Fan mainly wanted to see Look at the giant ape in Monster Realm, which is not far from Wanzhong mountain range.

According to Xu Fan’s guess, there should be Chentie in the territory of giant ape.

‘oh la la ‘

The five demon jades were placed on the table by Ning Dao.

“The giant ape of the mountain, the fire demon wolf, the six-eyed jade spider, the blue-horned bull, and the Flood Dragon of the earth, these are the demon jades that I have collected.”

“The inside Although the content is not as noisy as this dark snake and demon jade, it is also Interesting.”

“Since you like it, you can take it.” Ning Dao said indifferently.

Seeing Ning Dao being so generous, Xu Fan threw up another topic that Ning Dao was very interested in.

“Does Big Brother Ning want more Dao Item Spirit Sword?” Xu Fan said with the corners of his mouth rising.

In an instant, Ning Dao was refreshed.

“I dream of it!”

Seeing Ning Dao who almost got up, Xu Fan hurriedly held him down and sat down.

“In the territory of the giant ape, there is the Zixing cold iron ore vein, which should be a super-large ore vein, or else there will be no chen iron.”

“Bashan The giant stick of giant ape, even if it is the Refiner Sect division, who are not familiar with this aspect will regard that stick as a sub-star cold iron.”

“If other immortal cities in the central continent are pulled up If the giant ape invades.”

“The giant stick in the giant ape’s hand, Big Brother Ning can try to recover it, maybe there will be unexpected surprises.” Xu Fan said.

Ning Dao’s eyes flashed instantly, looked at Xu Fan and said, “The same is Chentie, can you refine Dao Item Spirit Sword with a different attribute?”

“Chentie is an attribute other than Five Elements. If you want to… forget it, you can.” Xu Fan said.

“Wait for my good news.”

(End of this chapter)

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