My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 213

Chapter 213 Palm Dzi

Sword King Sect.

“Big Brother Ye, these are the six Treasure Item Tier 5 Spirit Swords that I made recently.” The young man scratched his head and said.

“Junior Brother, you’ve worked hard.” Ye Xiaoyao said with a smile, then took out a jade plate and handed it to the naive young man.

“This is a jade plate I got in the ruins, and on it are some insights and Divine Ability about Dao of Refining.”

“I don’t have the innate talent for refining, so Sending you, I wish Junior Brother to advance to the Refiner Sect division as soon as possible.” Ye Xiaoyao said, glad that he knew this refining genius Little Junior Brother, or go there to find such a cheap Treasure Item Tier 5 Spirit Sword.

“Thank you Big Brother Ye.” The Hanhan youth took Ye Xiaoyao’s jade plate.

“The Thousand Flame Spirit Iron sent by Big Brother Ye last time can make 14 more Treasure Item Tier 5 Thousand Flame Spirit Sword.”

“Big Brother Ye 3 Come and get it in a few months later.” Hanhan said with a smile.

“Junior Brother, you’ve worked hard.” Ye Xiaoyao said gratefully.

β€œBig Brother Ye, don’t be so polite, you first saved my life, and then gave me a lot of unspread secrets about the refining process, treating me like a family member.”

β€œI even I am willing to refine magic weapons for Big Brother Ye until I die.”

“I will need you to refine magic weapons for me in the future.” Ye Xiaoyao said with a smile.

“Big Brother Ye, I will work hard, I will definitely have the day to refine the fairy for Big Brother Ye.” Hanhan said seriously.

“Okay, I’ll wait.” Ye Xiaoyao said with a smile.

In Ye Xiaoyao’s Cave Mansion, he solemnly put six Treasure Item Tier 5 Spirit Swords into the Qiankun Sword Box.

“Boy, it’s time to change your Treasure Item sword case.” Lao Jian reminded Ye Xiaoyao in his heart.

“Hey, the Refiner Sect masters are not willing to refine such low-level Treasure Items at all.”

“And the senior Artifact Refining Masters refine all the lists they have on hand. But come here.”

“As for Xiaoyun, I was just able to refine the Treasure Item Tier 5 Spirit Sword, as for the rest.”

“I want to find an Artifact Refining Master to refine. It is undoubtedly more difficult to make such a fine sword case.” Ye Xiaoyao sighed said, for some reason, he remembered the good brother who used to be in Heavenly Tower Sect.

“I don’t know how Little Fan is doing now.” Ye Xiaoyao said.

“Don’t worry about him, don’t think about it, you must be better than you, maybe now he is a Refiner Sect teacher.” Lao Jian said in Ye Xiaoyao’s heart.


At this moment, Ye Xiaoyao’s communication Magical Artifact rang.

“The center continent Heaven’s Chosen battle strength competition is led by Tianlianzong. The first place is the Dao Item reward.” Ye Xiaoyao looked at the information on the communication Magical Artifact and said.

“Find a way to participate. In Divine Transformation Realm, your battle strength is alright, and it’s not a problem for me to get the first place.” Lao Jian said.

“Old Sword, think clearly, when the time comes, the top geniuses in the entire continent will come to participate in this competition.”

“I have my own self-knowledge, not to mention the top 100 Name, that is, I don’t have any place in the top 1,000.” Ye Xiaoyao shook his head and said.

“Don’t you still have me?”

“When you are in battle, I will remind you that you will be in the top 100.”

“If you can’t beat you later, I’ll fight for you, and it’s not a problem to help you get the first place.” Lao Jian said.

β€œYou fight for me?” Ye Xiaoyao frowned said.

“Why, you still don’t trust me for so many years?” There was a hint of sadness in Lao Jian’s tone.

“If I want to replace it, I will wait until now.”

“I’m not worried about this, but after taking the first place.” Ye Xiaoyao said, took the First, there is more to come.

“You think too much. After you get the first place, use the channel of the Elder Council to enter Monster Realm. Now Monster Realm has been searching for 100 years.”

“When the time comes, When the two worlds fight, who will remember you.” Lao Jian said disdainfully.

“I’ll go to the headmaster now to ask for a place.” Ye Xiaoyao said, turning into a sword qi and flying towards the Sword King Sect Master Peak.

Tianlian immortal city, Xu Gang took Xu Lingtai, Xiong Li, Xiang Yun and Zhou Tong out of the Transmission Formation Center in Tianlian immortal city.

Zhou Tong is the second place in the Spirit Sect Sect Grand Competition, Disciple of Illusion Technique Sect. She is a student of Li Xingci, although Li Xingci has not taught much.

As soon as the five of them left the Transmission Formation Center, they saw the Phantom Tower in the distance.

“Is that the Pagoda of the Phantom Heart? Is it the same as our sect Trial Pagoda?” Xu Lingtai said, looking at the Pagoda of the Phantom Heart in the distance.

“Your aunt has been to this place before, this Phantom Tower is a top-level Dao Item, a magic weapon for cultivation.”

“It is said that it can simulate various cultivation environments and Battlefield enemies.”

β€œThe only thing that is different, in the tower is a real simulation,” said Xu Gang.

“Oh, I see, let’s go take a look later.” Xu Lingtai said, Xiong Li and the others around him also showed expectant eyes.

Xu Gang glanced at the noon sun, and then used the communication Magical Artifact to call the director of the Yinling Chamber of Commerce in Tianlian immortal city.

The Yinling Chamber of Commerce has branches in some well-known immortal cities in the central continent, the purpose of which is to obtain the latest market prices and business news.

“Let’s have dinner first, and I’ll take you to take a look inside after dinner. I’m also a little curious.” Xu Gang said with a smile.


As soon as Xu Lingtai finished speaking, a Golden Core cultivator dressed as a businessman came over to them.

β€œsenior, President Pang has already instructed me, and the room and restaurant for the evening have been arranged.”

β€œsenior come with me.”

The Golden Core cultivator dressed as a businessman brought the five Xu Gang to a restaurant.

“This is the most famous restaurant in Tianlian immortal city. The food and drink are all made from a Dao Item called Tianshi furnace, and the taste is absolutely first-class.”

Golden Core The cultivator brought the five people to the box on the middle floor and ordered a set of Tianbao banquets, which was convenient for the five people to introduce the Tianlian Immortal City.

Everyone was secretly surprised, didn’t expect the whole immortal city to be a quasi-immortal weapon.

“So, we are now on a fairy?” Xu Gang asked.

“Yes, not only that, but in the immortal city refinement on this day, there are more than 20 large Dao Items, including the Pagoda of Illusory Heart.” said the director of the Invisible Spirit Chamber of Commerce.

At this moment, a distant voice came.

“Baiyuan Saintess wants to see the snow scene, and rewarded the Four Seasons Artifact Spirit with 100,000 high grade Spirit Stone, and Tianlian immortal city Ruixue for ten days.”

tone barely fell, the surrounding temperature It lowered quickly, and it started to snow in the sky.

The five people were slightly shocked when they looked at the suddenly changing sky outside.

“This is another Dao Item from Tianlian immortal city, the palm of the dzi bead, can control the weather in a radius of thousands of miles.” The director of the Yinling Chamber of Commerce said accustomed to it.

“Amazing!” Five people muttered.

“Every large Dao Item in Tianlian immortal city has its own unique features, senior and Heaven’s Chosen will know it one after another after living in Tianlian immortal city for a while.” Yinling The Chamber Director said with a smile.

Xu Gang nods to show that he knows.

The waiter outside began to serve food, and everyone began to chat while eating.

At this moment, a small snow-white beast flew in from the window of the box and began to revolve around Xu Gang, sniffing the scent of Xu Gang while turning.

“You have a familiar smell on your body.” The little beast’s voice was like that of a three-year-old child, milky and milky.

“You are.” Xu Gang looked at the little beast around him suspiciously and said.

“This is the Artifact Spirit I was talking about holding the dzi bead just now.” The director of the Hidden Spirit Chamber of Commerce said in amazement as he looked at the little beast that circled around Xu Gang.

The Artifact Spirit in the palm of the dzi, all people who have lived in immortal city for a long time know, because this Artifact Spirit is a troublemaker, like an urchin, and often likes to make fun of others.

“You smell stronger than that woman’s.”

“Does your family also have a lovely Artifact Spirit like me.” snow white small beast fell to Xu Gang said over his shoulder.

Xu Gang was the first to think of grapes when he heard the little beast’s words.

At this time, a strange voice came.

The little beast glanced at Xu Gang and said, “I’ll play with you next time.”

As he spoke, he flew out of the window again.

“Father, will that little beast have something to do with the grapes in our sect?” Xu Lingtai sound transmission said.

“It should be, I’ll tell you when I go back.”

Because everyone wanted to go to the Pagoda of Magic Heart, the meal was fast, and it didn’t take long for a table All meals are eaten.

Besides the restaurant, the supervisor of the Yinling merchant called the beast carriage again.

β€œThis is the beast carriage of Tianlian immortal city. The drivers who drive the carriage are all mortals who grew up in Tianlian immortal city.”

β€œThey are very fond of Tianlian immortal city. Familiar, you can go there first and just follow him directly.” said the director of the Yinling Chamber of Commerce.

“Okay, you can go get busy,” said Xu Gang, who could see that the supervisor should have something to deal with.

“Thanks Senior for your understanding and not being able to accompany you.”

After finishing speaking, the director of the Yinling Chamber of Commerce called a beast carriage that just passed by and sat on it and walked away.

“Where the five immortals want to go, I will take you there.” said the driver of the beast carriage.

“Illusory Heart Tower.”

After the five people got into the car, Xu Lingtai said impatiently.

(End of this chapter)

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