My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 215

Chapter 215 Combat

Xu Gang lay in a white world, and his body recovered with a magical power.

This is also the reason why the fourth layer of the Phantom Tower is 500,000 Spirit Stone a day. After each battle, there will be a magical power that will repair the wounds of the sky warriors.

With Xu Gang’s injury fully recovered, he slowly got up and meditated to restore his spiritual power.

β€œI still have to challenge myself,” said Xu Gang.

At this moment, a cloud of smoke appeared, and a Xu Gang in black clothed came out.

“Have you not given up yet?”

“You have this Divine Ability, but you don’t know how to use it, so you just know how to hide in the dark and simply output.”

“There seems to be no weakness, but once the enemy finds the body, the battle is over.”

“You rely too much on your Divine Ability.”

black clothed Xu Gang said that a thousand-handed virtual image rose behind him, and then a torrent of spell blasted towards Xu Gang.

Xu Gang listened to the words of the transformed Xu Gang, suddenly looked up at the transformed Xu Gang and said, “It’s just that I can’t practice at home.”

Behind Xu Gang The same thousand-hand virtual image also appeared.

For a time, the Small World where Xu Gang was located was shaking in the torrent of spell.

At the same time, Li Xingci also came to Tianlian Immortal City.

“What an immortal city, really great generosity.” Lao Jian praised Ye Xiaoyao in the bottom of his heart.

“What’s the matter.” Ye Xiaoyao asked curiously, while also looking at the surrounding snow scene curiously.

“The whole immortal city is a quasi-immortal weapon. Although this thing is common in the Great Thousand Worlds, it is really rare to see it in an Intermediate Thousand Worlds.” Lao Jian continued. .

“Precise immortal weapon!” Ye Xiaoyao said, looking at the street under his feet.

“Yes, but it’s only used when it is convenient to transfer. The defensive power is the level that can defend a quasi-immortal.” Lao Jian said.

“If I can defend against quasi-immortal attacks, then I’m invincible in this world.” Ye Xiaoyao said in surprise.

“You this realm, I see the water is a little deep.”

“If Monster Race really wins, this thing won’t hold back.” Lao Jian said.

Ye Xiaoyao looked all around, and then saw the Phantom Tower in the center of immortal city.

“There is still some time before Heaven’s Chosen battle strength, so let’s go to the Phantom Tower first.” Ye Xiaoyao then called the beast carriage and drove towards the Phantom Pagoda in the distance.

With the arrival of various sect Heaven’s Chosen, the entire Phantom Tower began to be lively.

Ye Xiaoyao happened to meet Xu Gang with a haggard face when he entered the gate of the Magic Heart Pagoda. The two looked at each other and felt familiar.

The two passed by, and neither of them looked back.

Xu Gang moved the mask on his face when a voice appeared in Xu Gang’s heart.

“Ye Xiaoyao, the original Heavenly Tower Sect Disciple, the owner marked the danger level with five stars.”

“Master’s pig’s foot friend?” Xu Gang’s eyes flashed a flash of memory , and then told Xu Fan the news of the encounter with Ye Xiaoyao here.

It didn’t take long for him to receive a reply, telling Xu Gang to ignore it and not interact with him.

Half a month later, Xu Gang laughed when he looked at Xu Gang who was helpless to him in the distance.

“That’s right, you’ve made great progress, and you can comprehend that trace of the way of natural disasters in such a short time.”

“Now you’ve been able to use all your Divine Ability methods. Full Mastery.”

“The next step is to surpass yourself, do you want to continue.” The black robe Xu Gang looked at Xu Gang and said, his eyes were full of ruthlessness.

“Heaven’s Chosen battle strength is approaching. After the tournament is over, I will continue to come.”

“Finally, you try my move.”

The thousand-hand avatar behind Xu Gang was imprinted with him, and an inexplicable chill appeared in black robe Xu Gang’s heart, and then blue ice that could freeze the space appeared in the surrounding space and began to spread to the entire space.

Then the Small World where Xu Gang was located was frozen.

“Divine Ability: Frozen Void”


The blue ice in the frozen space is broken, and the black robe Xu Gang is also broken .

With the disappearance of black robe Xu Gang, the whole space has become a white world again.

After seeing his success, Xu Gang sat on the ground without any image, and then lay down on the ground in a big shape, his whole body seemed to have no strength.

in the sky A green light shines on Xu Gang’s body, rehabilitating his injuries.

“The unique skills taught by master can finally be used.” Xu Gang, who was lying on the ground, said, looking at the white ceiling.

Xu Gang, who used his ultimate move, is now in a state of collapse and can only lie on the ground High Level to wait for the Phantom Tower to recover.

“Frozen Void, Wood Realm Descends, Jin Xi Tianxia, Extreme Gravity, Golden Crow Appearance. You can choose any of these five Divine Ability, and you should be in the top three without any problem.”

Xu Gang remembered what Xu Fan said before he left, and felt a tingling in his scalp, the kind of numbness that is tingled by a show.

Once I use this move myself, no amount of Nascent Soul Realm can stop it.

At this time, in the other four secret rooms, Xu Lingtai, Xiong Li, Xiang Yun, and Zhou Tong also defeated their incarnations one after another.

Half a month later, Heaven’s Chosen battle strength began. Above the Phantom Tower, the words ‘Heaven’s Chosen battle strength’ floated.

Early in the morning, Xu Gang, who had finished cultivation in the Inn, opened his eyes and looked towards the window.

The big characters above the Pagoda of Magic Heart were printed into Xu Gang’s eyes.

β€œIs the tournament held at the Phantom Tower?”

At this time, Xu Gang felt something moving in the space ring.

A jade slip that exudes aura was taken out by Xu Gang.

“At noon, Heaven’s Chosen battle strength begins.” Xu Gang said while looking at the information in jade slip.

At this point, the other four hidden Spirit Sect disciples received the message.

The square outside the Phantom Tower was filled with sect Heaven’s Chosen who had participated in the competition.

Because the whole square is equipped with an array of forbidden spirits, all sect Heaven’s Chosen can only squeeze with fleshy body.

At the entrance of the square, Xu Gang looked at the Phantom Tower in the distance, looking back at Xiong Li and said, “Xiong Li, it’s your turn to play.”

“Understood.” Xiong Li nodded.

Like a brawny man entering a flock of chickens, he led the four chicks to the gate of the Phantom Tower easily.

Five people submitted their jade slips and got a crystal jade pendant engraved with the house number of the secret room.

Xiong Li and the others of the Foundation Establishment Realm cultivation base are in the second layer, and Xu Gang is in the fourth layer.

Xu Gang followed the crowd and found his secret room.

As soon as he entered the secret room, Xu Gang heard an electronic voice explaining the rules of Heaven’s Chosen battle strength to him.

β€œThe routine of this game is not good, the melee is so boring.” Xu Gang said.

After Xu Gang waited in the secret room for a short time, the surrounding space began to change.

At the same time, outside the Phantom Tower, five super-large light curtains appeared. One large light curtain was divided into thousands of small light curtains. The above was the venue for the melee. .

As the contestants joined the battlefield, a Power of Space teleported the Xu Gang to an oversized island.

Xu Gang felt the cool and slightly salty sea breeze on the sea, and said doubtfully: “This is sent there.”

At this time, an azure beam of light made Xu Gang feel Covered, at the same time, more than a thousand moving beams of light appeared on the island.

“There are a total of 1500 sect Heaven’s Chosen in this Small World battlefield. To be shortlisted, you need to kill two Heaven’s Chosen.”

“The killed will be resurrected in their own secret room, So don’t worry about life or death, just fight as much as you like” in the sky, the electronic voice sounded.

Suddenly, all the beams in the sky began to move rapidly.

Xu Gang looked at the five beams of light rushing towards him in the distance, and immediately shook his head and said, “I look like a bully.”

“Heaven’s who can come here Chosen, none of us dare to underestimate it.”

“Just look at your honesty and honesty, you must be a kind person.”

“So, use your life to fulfill me. How about being shortlisted for promotion.” A young cultivator with an evil face said with a smile.

“You five, are a small sect.” Xu Gang asked indifferently, a flash of anger flashing in his eyes.

If a person who is honest and honest is praised by outsiders, it is a curse, and its rank is no less than that of a horse.

“Yes and how, neither can change the outcome of your elimination.”

The other four led by the evil-looking cultivator have surrounded Xu Gang.

“I don’t like the word honesty and honesty.”

Xu Gang’s honest face revealed a sinister smile.


The evil cultivator felt that something was wrong, and immediately started the five-party Killing Formation, and the five sword lights slashed towards Xu Gang.

“Since it’s a small sect, let’s go in order.” Xu Gang coldly said.

A 100-meter-thousand-hand virtual image appeared behind Xu Gang, and the ten-handed virtual image of a thousand-handed virtual image was imprinted at the same time.

β€œDivine Ability: Frozen Void”

A little blue ice appeared, and then like a spark of fire, it quickly blocked the surrounding space.

The space of 3 miles around is all frozen by blue ice.

β€œBe honest and honest, hmph!”

Xu Gang’s silhouette appeared on the edge of the blue ice and lightly tapped on the blue ice with his finger.


Lan Bing is like broken glass, and it extends a little to the whole.

The powder of blue ice floats in the sky.

On the other side of the island, a young cultivator with Thor’s illusory shadow behind him is looking at Xu Gang’s direction with a solemn expression.

“Heaven’s Chosen battle strength match, I’m starting to get excited.”

A flash of lightning flashed in the boy’s eyes.

A piercing light covered Xu Gang and brought him back to the original secret room.

At this time, Xu Fan, who was watching the live broadcast of the battle while refining the weapon in the underground space of Yinling Island, said with relief: “This silly boy finally got a little enlightened.”

Looking at Xu Fan’s sand sculpture while watching the live broadcast, he frowned.

“Great Elder, are you sure this is all right.”

The sand sculpture refers to Xu Gang doing two things at the same time.

“Ji Cao, don’t worry.” Xu Fan turned his head to look at the sand sculpture said with a smile, but the Five Elements spirit fire in his hand kept on, changing and adjusting the temperature of the spirit fire, while still using The spiritual power controls the rotation of the spirit ore to make sure the tempering is even.

When it needs to integrate other spirit ore, it will also change the secret art, urging the fire to burn more vigorously,

Seeing this scene, the sand sculpture sighed said: “If I Like you, my master can beat me eight hundred times a day.”

The sand sculpture has a memory on its face, as if recalling the happy time when he was just learning to refine.

“So you are not me.”

“By the way, how is your master and his old man recently.” Xu Fan asked.

“Recently, I am working hard to refine the star boat in the Tianlian Sect, and there are few opportunities to chat.”

“Master, his old man, also said that he will come to find the star boat when he is done with the star boat. I’ll talk to you by the way.” Speaking of his master, the sand sculpture’s tone was very formal.

Xu Fan, who was refining the artifact, suddenly became energetic and said to the sand sculpture, “Can you leave your master in our hidden Spirit Sect for retirement.”

Hearing Xu Fan’s words, The sand sculpture directly shook his head and said, “It probably won’t work. The star boat that my master refined in Tianlianzong was used to deal with the Monster Race.”

“It is about the fate of Human Race, but also for those Power of Achievements and Virtue, my master will not agree.” Sand Sculpture said.

“I understand.” Xu Fan nodded and didn’t mention it again.

At this time, in the small square in front of the Trial Tower, most of the Disciples of the sect are gathered.

“As expected of Senior Brother Xiong Li, he is the focus wherever he goes,” said a Disciple looking at Xiong Li, who was besieged on the light screen.

“Your focus should not be on other sect Heaven’s Chosen besieging Xiong Li’s Eldest Senior Brother.”

“On this battle strength, I feel, I can do it .” Generation Disciple looked at the Foundation Establishment cultivator disdainfully said besieging Xiong Li.

β€œThere are strong and weak ones, Xiong Li Eldest Senior Brother is just a scumbag now.” Another generation Disciple said calmly.

At this moment, Xiong Li in the light curtain seemed to have lost his patience and punched out to the besieging crowd.

The battle then ends.

The other three participating Disciples have ended the battle.

In the underground space, Xu Fan saw that the battle was over, and directly told Grape to close the light curtain, and began to concentrate on refining.

In the square outside the Phantom Tower, five people gathered.

Looking at the unfinished four, Xu Gang said with a smile: “The tournament has just started, and there will definitely be opponents who will satisfy you.”

At this time, Xu Gang saw to Ji Muhua and the others in the distance.

Ji Muhua, who was chatting with the sect senior and junior brothers, said goodbye to the same sect senior and junior brothers after seeing Xu Gang and walked towards Xu Gang.

Although Xu Gang wears a shape-shifting mask, he is recognized by his good friends at a glance.

“Fellow Daoist Zhang, didn’t expect us to meet again so soon.” Ji Muhua said kindly.

“Can I not participate in such a grand event.” Xu Gang didn’t expect Good friends still remember their pseudonym, and instantly felt that the relationship between the two has gone a step further.

“Looking forward to meeting Fellow Daoist Zhang in the final.”

“Haha, this is a bit redundant, you have to believe in my strength.” Xu Gang said with a smile.

β€œYou are also the organizers, so let us have a meal,” Xu Gang continued.

“This is not trivial.”

In the top box of Baizhen Xianlou, Ji Muhua and Xu Gang sat down.

“This is my sect’s industry, and the dishes I make can be ranked in the top five of the immortal city.”

“The speciality here is the Thousand Spirit Feast.” Ji Muhua said.

After a while, the servant outside the door began to serve food.

“Fellow Daoist Ji, are there any great characters in Heaven’s Chosen this time?” Xu Gang asked while eating.

“That’s a lot. I’ll introduce you to a more famous one.” Ji Muhua responded.

“Chen Beihan, Qian Spirit Sect Nascent Soul Realm battle strength top Heaven’s Chosen, one-handed Ice Attribute Divine Ability achieved perfection, is said to have a trace of ice.”

“Flower Delicate, Acacia Holy Land Golden Core Realm Disciple, Illusion Technique Divine Ability Nascent Soul Realm can’t stop it.”

“Su Luo, Divine Wood Holy Land Nascent Soul Realm Disciple, the strongest record is broken. We have ten Heaven’s Chosen in the Spirit Sect, including me.”

(End of this chapter)

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