My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 216

Chapter 216 Combat 2

“You got punched?” Xu Gang said in surprise.

It turns out that you are not my only defeated.

Ji Muhua nodded said: “It’s a terrible loss.”

“Then Su Luo’s Wood Attribute Divine Ability is almost invincible.”

“If Fellow Daoist Zhang meets Su Luo, you’d better have the Divine Ability to block space, otherwise you will be passive.”

“And must do it quickly, once the battlefield is blocked by Su Luo If the Divine Flower is full, the battle is probably over.” Ji Muhua said with lingering fears.

When they faced off against Su Luo, I thought it would be an evenly matched battle, but in the eyes of Su Luo, he was just a dish.

The clown turned out to be himself.

After hearing Ji Muhua’s admonition, Xu Gang immediately fell in love with a cultivator named Su Luo.

“Does the Foundation Establishment Realm have anything against the Heavenly Demon?” Xu Gang said and glanced at the four people who were cooking.

I saw the four of them as if they had never seen the world before, and they all ate their mouths full of oil. Xu Lingtai also held a Flood Dragon toe in his hand and gnawed happily.

“Foundation Establishment Realm” Ji Muhua pondered for a while.

“Qian Su’er from Holy Land of Hehuan, Long Jue from Lei Spirit Sect, and Wang Lei from Tianlianzong.” Ji Muhua said a lot, and then said, “Don’t worry about these.”


“What you should pay attention to is the Disciple of Tianyu Sect. Generally, this kind of Disciple entering the WTO has extremely strong battle strength.”

“ Did you hear that, be careful when you encounter Disciple of Tianyu Sect.” Xu Gang said while looking at the four who were still cooking.

“Got it.” X4

At this time, the photo stones of the contestants who performed well in the competition have come out, including the Xu Gang second person.

In an instant, Xu Gang’s unpretentious and honest face became popular in Tianlian immortal city, known as the honest man with the strongest battle strength.

Xu Gang, who heard the news, immediately changed his face.

A face with scars and murderous aura.

Let people know at a glance that the person is not to be trifled with .

“Father, your face is not good.” Seeing his father’s new face, Xu Lingtai felt a little uncomfortable.

“Why, isn’t this face fierce enough?” Xu Gang frowned asked, and then another scar appeared on his face.

“That’s not the case, Master said, the more ruthless a person looks, the easier it is for others to be used as cannon fodder.”

“If you really want to change your face, Dad, I suggest becoming a face of the type of Master Shigong.”

“Ordinary appearance, a face that no one will notice when thrown on the street.” Xu Lingtai suggested.

“You seem to have some truth in what you said.” Xu Gang touched the chin and said, and the master still seemed to have said that.

After a while, an unremarkable face appeared in front of Xu Lingtai.

“That’s right. In fact, Dad’s face was pretty good before, that is.”

“Okay, don’t talk about it, hurry up and prepare for tomorrow’s battle.” Xu Gang waved.

second day , when the game is played.

“I’m going to dive wood Holy Land, Su Luo, please enlighten me.”

Looking at Su Luo, who was like a Young Master in front of him, Xu Gang was a little stunned.

I was thinking about how to beat you yesterday, didn’t expect to meet you today.

“Hidden Spirit Sect, Zhang Han.” Xu Gang cupped his hands and said.

At this time, the site where the two of them were located was a desert, the sun in the sky was blazing hot, and there was nothing but irregular sand dunes in the radius of hundreds of miles.

“Please.” Su Luo said modestly in white.

“Please.” As soon as Xu Gang finished speaking, a silhouette of a thousand-hand virtual image appeared behind him.

At this time, outside the Phantom Tower, countless people were paying attention to the battle between Su Luo and Xu Gang, but most of them came for Su Luo.

“Fellow Daoist is very impatient.”

Su Luo waved his hand gently, and countless purple flower seeds suddenly appeared in the void, and began to take root and sprout in the void.

As the bewitching purple flowers bloomed, Su Luo’s imposing manner became stronger and stronger.

“Why didn’t Fellow Daoist Zhang take action,” Su Luo looked at Xu Gang and said suspiciously.

“It’s okay, I just want to see what power your flowers have.” Xu Gang asked.

After hearing Xu Gang’s words, Su Luo smiled and said lightly, “Fellow Daoist Zhang is really bold.”

“Among the opponents I have met, No one dares to give me the chance to use Divine Ability.”

At this moment, a tiny vine emerged from Xu Gang’s legs and began to wrap around Xu Gang’s body upwards.

“First, these my babies will be parasitic.”

After Su Luo finished speaking, Xu Gang had already been wrapped into a big dumpling.

“The second is the parasitic person, who will be controlled by me.”

Said, the vines surrounding Xu Gang quickly returned to Xu Gang’s body.

At this point Xu Gang has been completely controlled.

“As for the rest, it’s up to Fellow Daoist to explore in person.” Su Luo waved his hand as he spoke, and the purple flowers that took root in the void exuded countless mists.

The entire battlefield is gradually covered in fog.

“How did Fellow Daoist find out that this is not my real body.”

A silhouette came out of the fog, which is also Xu Gang’s fake body.


Su Luo formed a seal with his hand, stretched out strips of purple vines from the void, and began to explore the surrounding space, as if he was looking for something.

“Divine Ability: lava world”

A silhouette of a thousand-handed avatar appeared from behind Xu Gang’s avatar and began to seal spells.

The earth was broken, and countless lava emerged from the earth. In the sky, a huge lava lake appeared again, pouring lava toward the earth like a waterfall.

Wherever lava goes, all the purple flowers rooted in the void are melted by lava.

“Divine Ability: Kingdom of Vulcan”

At this time, all living beings were born in Lava, and countless Lava beasts came out of Lava Lake and rushed towards Su Luo.


Disappeared when a lava giant beast was about to pounce on Su Luo, and was replaced by a silhouette of a giant tree.

With the appearance of the giant tree, all the lava giant beasts have been suppressed to the most primordial lava state and returned to the lava world lunch.

“Amazing, I haven’t met an interesting opponent like you for a long time.”

Su Lou’s silhouette appeared on a branch of the giant tree, both hands forming seals spellcasting.

The giant tree to the sky slowly took root in the lava, actually began to absorb the power of the lava, and formed a strong energy closed loop with the purple flowers rooted in the void.

Under the absorption of the giant tree, there are fewer and fewer lava underground, and the entire giant tree and the flowers rooted in the void have become red.

For a time, Su Luo became the king who controlled this area.

At this time, Xu Fan, who was watching the live broadcast in the underground space of Yinling Island, shook his head and said, “It’s still too young, although this kind of Divine Ability that can absorb Spiritual Qi is very incomprehensible, but if you encounter An opponent who has brains will be dumbfounded.”

“Unfortunately, I’m used to being a fortress of this discipline, and the commander is tough.”

Xu Fan tone barely fell .

I saw a little blue ice appear in the light curtain, and then spread rapidly.

“Divine Ability: Frozen Void.”

For a time, whether it was a giant tree or a lava, everything was frozen.

At this moment, Su Luo’s eyes revealed a hint of surprise, and then turned into a blue ice ice sculpture.

With the flick of Xu Gang’s hand, the battle is over.

Everyone who was watching this battle outside the Phantom Tower was stunned. The first Heaven’s Chosen in Divine Wood Holy Land Nascent Soul was defeated like that, and was defeated by an unknown nobody.

Especially the people from Divine Wood Holy Land are a little suspicious of life at this time.

We came here to take the first place and went back with Dao Item rewards.

This is the official First Stage competition, and we lost!

Su Luo walked out of the Illusory Heart Tower with a calm face, a smile leaked from the corner of his mouth, and he didn’t feel defeated at all.

“Senior Brother Su, are you all right?” said a Disciple of Divine Wood Holy Land, he was afraid that Su Luo would have an accident.

“It’s okay, I was just viewing the sky from the bottom of a well before.” Su Luo said with a smile.

“Senior Brother Su will be fine,” said the dive wood Holy Land Disciple.

Su Luo walked out of the square and said to the Disciple in the Divine Wood Holy Land next to it: “After the game, I want to apply for the trial with Sect Elder.”

Early Ye Xiaoyao, who ended the battle, also saw the battle between Xu Gang and Su Luo in the secret room.

“You this realm are really crouching tiger hidden dragons. The two Heaven’s Chosen just now are much stronger than your Nascent Soul Realm.” Lao Lao Jian said in Ye Xiaoyao’s heart.

“Don’t think too highly of me, I’m just a cultivator with ordinary aptitude, and my innate talent battle strength is so high.”

“Don’t compare me to those geniuses. “Ye Xiaoyao said, and now he only insists on one belief in his heart, earning Spirit Stone, buying Spirit Sword, and killing them in the later stage.

“I really don’t have anything to refute what you said.”

At this time, Ye Xiaoyao watched the replay of the Foundation Establishment Realm match again, and it was the turn of the game. Cloud’s battle scene.

Xiang Yun met Heaven’s Chosen, a cultivation practitioner.

At this time, Xiang Yun was very depressed, didn’t expect to fight in the First Stage, and met the Disciple of the legendary Sword Feather Sect.

The battle strength is really good.

“Another sword dao monster, but the other small cultivator with the cultivation sword array is also very difficult to deal with.”

In the light curtain, I saw the 180 Spirit Swords Form a huge Five Elements sword array and attack the Disciple of the Sword Feather Sect.

The attack of the Spirit Sword of the five attributes and the attacks of the 12 kinds of attribute sword array of both sides were almost all easily blocked by the Disciple of the Sword Feather Sect.

“Old man, you can see that the sword cultivator was not as good as the sword cultivator.” Ye Xiaoyao complained to the old sword.

“You don’t have enough eyesight, not to mention the evildoer of Heart and Sword One, the sword cultivator of attack alone is not something you can match at Foundation Establishment Realm.”

“Then A sword cultivator is just too monstrous, that’s why he can overwhelm that sword array cultivator.” Lao Jian said.

At this moment, the boy with Sword Dao’s heart directly cut out a huge sword light, breaking the sword array cast by Xiang Yun.


In an instant, fifty-eight Spirit Swords formed a sword and shield, blocking the sword light.


The sword light collapsed, and at least half of the Spirit Sword that formed the sword shield lost the Spirit Sword’s aura.

Looking at the dozens of Spirit Swords that lost their spirituality on the ground, Ye Xiaoyao’s eyes flashed a trace of unbearableness. So many Spirit Swords were enough for the Foundation Establishment’s small cultivator to feel distressed for a while.

Also a sword array cultivator, Ye Xiaoyao decided to give him his unused Treasure Item—Second Rank Spirit Sword, not for anything else, just because they were all sword array cultivators.

It must be very distressing to lose so many Spirit Swords.

At this time, Xiang Yun didn’t care about the Spirit Sword on the ground, but continued to use secret art to mobilize the sword array to cut off the Sword Feather Sect Disciple.

“Golden flame giant sword, slash!”

I saw the gold-type Spirit Sword and Fire Element Spirit Sword merged into a 100-meter giant sword and appeared on the head of the Sword Feather Sect Disciple. Then snapped in.

The Sword Feather Sect Disciple just looked at the giant sword inserted in the sky indifferently, and directly hit the tip of the giant sword with the sword.


A shock wave swept the audience, the two Spirit Swords that formed the giant sword suddenly collapsed, and nearly half of the Spirit Swords lost their aura.

“Poor.” Ye Xiaoyao, who was watching the battle, said.

“What a pity, you didn’t see that Foundation Establishment Realm sword array cultivator All Spirit Swords are standard.”

“And it’s still a system, think about you again When the Foundation Establishment Realm was established, it was you who was pitiful.” Lao Jian was taunted in Ye Xiaoyao’s heart.


At this time, the Sword Feather Sect Disciple in the picture said: “You are very good, you are a qualified opponent.”

Young His voice was cold, and the expression on his face was light.

“Go ahead, don’t talk nonsense,”

At this time, the fighting intent in Xiang Yun’s eyes has reached its peak.

The Wood Element Spirit Sword of azure and the Water Element Spirit Sword of water blue began to change, a layer of water mist filled the entire battlefield, and countless Xiang Yun holding the Water Cold Spirit Sword held swords against the sword feathers. Disciple rushed over.

“Useless work.” Sword Feather Sect Disciple coldly said.

Xiang Yun, who rushed over, was solved by the Sword Feather Sect Disciple with no difficulty.

“You lost.” Jian Yuzong’s Disciple said indifferently while looking at Xiang Yun.

“Did I lose, no!”

Xiang Yun waved his hand, took back all the Spirit Swords, took out another set of Five Elements Spirit Sword, and began to fight with Sword Feather Sect Disciple battles.

At this time, Ye Xiaoyao, who was watching the battle, felt a bit of grief in his heart.

“He actually has two sets of Spirit Swords.” Ye Xiaoyao was a little envious of Xiang Yun’s configuration.

“It’s just some Second Rank Treasure Item Spirit Sword, and I don’t have much money.” Lao Jian said in Ye Xiaoyao’s heart.

“I just envy him for having two sets of Flying Swords, nothing else.” Ye Xiaoyao said.

As the battle went on fiercely, Xiang Yun had never been able to defeat the Sword Feather Sect Disciple. He was caught in a weak spot and killed directly.

“Amazing!” Ye Xiaoyao said, looking at the dreamlike movement method in the light curtain.

“It’s really fierce. At this level, even if it is placed in the Great Thousand Worlds, it is still a top-notch Heaven’s Chosen.” Lao Jian said.

“If you were still Immortal Emperor, would you accept him as a discipline?” Ye Xiaoyao asked.

“No, I generally don’t pay much attention to innate talent when accepting apprentices, but character and luck are what I value.”

“You know what the first step to becoming an Immortal Emperor is. .” Lao Jian asked in Ye Xiaoyao’s heart.

“Luck and luck?”

“Wrong, the first step is to live first, of course, this is also related to character and luck.” Lao Jian said with a smile.

“Bullshit.” Ye Xiaoyao said with curled lips.

Xu Fan, who was far away in the underground space of Yinling Island, also saw this battle. He didn’t care much about Xiang Yun’s victory or defeat.

“The Disciple of the Sword Feather Sect is amazing.” Xu Fan said while refining the weapon while looking at the light curtain.

“Has half the battle strength of my Foundation Establishment Realm back then.” Xu Fan praised.

“Half battle strength, I think it is at most the level of a finger of the Great Elder.” Sand sculpture joked beside him.

“You can win with just one finger.”

Xu Fan thought this was no joke.

(End of this chapter)

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