My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 217

Chapter 217 Town Demon Star

At this point, Xu Fan waved his hand to call up all the Nascent Soul Realm game screens and scanned it roughly.

“If Xu Gang has all the means, that is, the top three, the chance of winning the first place is a little smaller.” Xu Fan said, looking at the numerous light curtains in the air.

In midair, there are many light curtains, one light curtain is enlarged by Xu Fan.

A youth in green clothes in the light curtain, against Chen Beihan, Qian Spirit Sect.

The most common Divine Ability and Treasure Item actually defeated this thousand-level Spirit Sect Heaven’s Chosen character.

The location of every Divine Ability attack by the youth in Tsing Yi, and the location of every Treasure Item appearance made Chen Beihan extremely uncomfortable.

It was as if Jill was suddenly caught fiercely at the critical output moment, and his energy had nowhere to release.

Chen Beihan, who was carrying the Giant Dharma Manifestation behind him, became more and more red, his hands began to tremble excitedly, and his heart was extremely angry and aggrieved.

It’s like being killed by human blood.

‘Divine Ability: One Finger of Xuan Bing’

Chen Beihan used up the spiritual power of his whole body to display the Divine Ability with the greatest formidable power in his life.

A Profound Light passed through the eyebrows of the youth in Tsing Yi like a laser.

This scene made Xu Fan shake his head.

“When the heart is in chaos, run quickly, or deal with it, isn’t your hard steel courting death?”

Sure enough, the silhouette of the teenage boy in blue who was hit began to dissipate, like a ghost -like appeared behind Chen Beihan.

It’s just a simple Xuanbing sword technique that easily pierces the back of Chen Beihan’s head.

The battle is over.

While watching the sand sculpture next to him, frowned said: “This boy is very difficult to deal with.”

“Very difficult to deal with, at least Xu Gang is no match.” Xu Fan said seriously, this young man’s brain is like a brain, taking all the data of the opponent and all the external environment into account.

The computing power of this kind of battle can reach the level of 5% of grapes, which is also the limit that grapes can handle.

“Grape, let you use the Nascent Soul Realm puppet, can you defeat him.” Xu Fan asked.

“If this Nascent Soul Realm cultivator battle strength has been maintained at this level, after three days, the golem will be caught in a weak spot due to constant fighting and broken parts.”

“If you mobilize a team of Nascent Soul Realm puppets, it will take Grape a day to beat him,”

Grape’s electronic voice has a hint of exclamation.

“No surprise, Nascent Soul Realm’s number one is him.” After Xu Fan finished speaking, he called up another light curtain, above which was the Ye Xiaoyao battle scene.

The powerful sword array simply defeated the Divine Transformation Realm Cultivator who fought against him, but this scene made Xu Fan shake his head.

“You won’t grow much with a great grandfather.” Xu Fan said.

“What great grandfather?” the sand sculpture asked curiously.

“It’s the one who can help him solve all his troubles and lead him to the Great Dao of Light.” Xu Fan explained casually, even if he is pretending to be a pig to eat tigers guy, he is a man for Ye. Xiaoyao’s pretending to be a pig to eat tigers guy.

“Oh” the sand sculpture didn’t ask much.

Xu Fan changed to another spirit ore to continue refining the next accessory.

“It’s okay to just take a look at it, let’s continue refining Dao Item.”

Looking at these few games, Xu Fan has already given a lot to Heaven’s Chosen grand Competition has lost interest. In his eyes, anyone who can’t beat him is scum.

The Heaven’s Chosen competition in Tianlian immortal city was held one day in Heaven and Earth. Except for Xiang Yun, who was eliminated, the others did not meet any strong opponents and advanced smoothly.

Such a day-to-day game will last more than two months.

On this day, hidden in the underground space of Spirit Sect, Xu Fan began to describe the last part of the rune for the already formed Dao Item space-based weapon satellite.

“Unfortunately, I only have two Xianwen, and only one of the most basic Wind Attribute Xianwen can be used.”

“Otherwise, the formidable power may be larger.” Xu Fan said while describing the rune formation.

“Don’t talk, just concentrate. Once the rune formation makes a mistake, the entire Dao Item will be destroyed.” Sand Sculpture said nervously beside him.

“Senior Brother Sha, why are you nervous? You can still make mistakes when refining a Dao Item.” Xu Fan said lightly. To be honest, it is very good to have someone who knows how to chat with him when refining the Item. interesting.

“.” Sand sculpture rolled his eyes vigorously at Xu Fan’s behavior.

My master told me that when I was promoted to the Refiner Sect division, I had to destroy three Dao Item materials before I succeeded, which is quite impressive.

At this point, the rune characterization entered a critical moment, and the expression on Xu Fan’s face began to become serious.

Now Xu Fan has entered a state of extreme concentration, because when it is time to characterize the core position of the array, if there is a slight error, the formidable power of the collapse and explosion of the array will destroy the entire underground space.

Although Xu Fan is confident, he also treats it with care.

The sand sculpture next to it has unfolded the fifth layer’s aura shield to defend the Treasure Item, and watched Xu Fan sculpt the array cautiously.

As time goes by, when Xu Fan Wind Attribute Xianwen’s last strokes are finished, take a deep breath.


Heaven and Earth resonated, and a ten-meter-diameter pillar of spiritual light rose into the sky.

The Dao Item is out, and the inspiration comes.

In the sky, an illusory shadow of an ancient bronze cannon appeared, falling from the sky and slowly falling into the space-based weapon satellite.


The waves emitted when the Dao Item was formed swept across the underground space.

A strange force with rules began to feed back to Xu Fan.

Golden Core Middle Stage, Golden Core Late Stage, Golden Core Great Perfection.

Just as this force is about to push Xu Fan’s cultivation base onto the Nascent Soul Realm, the problem arises.

Fiercely, the power of rules poured into Xu Fan’s body, and it was about to push Xu Fan into Nascent Soul Realm.


Golden Core Realm Great Perfection, Golden Core Realm Great Perfection, Golden Core Realm Great Perfection~~~

With this power It is poured into Xu Fan’s body again and again, but Xu Fan’s realm is at the level of the Golden Core Realm Great Perfection.

Then the power of the rules seemed to be angry, and directly mobilized dozens of times the power of the past and poured it fiercely into Xu Fan’s body.

At this time, Xu Fan, whose face was flushed like a big supplement, felt very uncomfortable.

“Is this a bug?” A dangerous thought appeared in Xu Fan’s mind.

The power has been continuously instilled, and Xu Fan has been suffering all the time.

“When is this a head?”

If it is just a general spiritual power, Xu Fan can import it to other places, but this power contains rules Xu Fan tried many methods but couldn’t lead anywhere else and could only passively accept it, as if this power belonged to him from birth.

“If every time you make a Dao Item, you have to suffer this kind of sin, then what will you do in the future.”

Just as Xu Fan was worried, the feeling kept instilling The power of rules within Xu Fan seems to have reversed direction, repairing the flaws within Xu Fan.

The force began to change direction, trying to fix the flaws in Xu Fan’s body before pushing Xu Fan into the Nascent Soul Realm.

In this way, Xu Fan felt that the Tao, which he used to perceive was weaker, slowly began to become clear.

Even the Time Attribute, which has always been unpopular with Xu Fan, Xu Fan began to slowly touch the edge.

At this moment, Xu Fan suddenly made a clever call, and he found that he turned into a physique of ten thousand immortal physiques.

Afterwards, the familiar feeling came again, the huge power ignored Xu Fan’s feelings at all, and fiercely poured it out again.

β€œ[email protected]οΏ₯#οΏ₯%%”

After an hour, this force finally disappeared unwillingly, Xu Fan sighed in relief, and slowly lay on the ground for a while. Appears to be exhausted.

“I seem to have found a hook.” Xu Fan said as he lay on the ground.

The sand sculpture came to Xu Fan with a surprised expression.

“Great Elder, with so much momentum, why are you still the Golden Core Realm?” said the sand sculpture.

“How can I tell you that, there is a very good person who won’t let me advance to Nascent Soul Realm.” Xu Fan, who was lying on the ground, said helplessly.

At this time, he was experiencing the feeling of immortal physique. He had an illusion that he seemed to control all the great roads in the world.

But when Xu Fan had not finished feeling the immortal physique, a huge black beam of light appeared in the sky, which directly penetrated the upper layer of the underground space and rushed towards Xu Fan.

Xu Fan Wan Dao immortal physique’s physique was sealed, and he returned to his original state.

“Hey, you’re fast enough to fix bugs.”

Xu Fan tried his best to stand up, and there was a tool puppet behind him pushing Xu Gang’s unused The wheelchair was pushed behind Xu Fan.


“I’m here~~”

“Authorize you to take over Dao Item”

Xu Fan is about to say The space-based weapons satellite stopped.

“Since it’s a Dao Item, it should have a mighty name.”

“This Dao Item, I named it Zhen Yao Xing.” Xu Fan said.

“Received, the grapes are now starting to receive the demon-suppressing star.”

At this time, a spherical demon-suppressing star with an irregular diameter of 50 meters began to lift off.

“Starting self-test,”

“Laser module is running normally.”

“Railgun module is running normally.”

“The space-based conventional strike module is normal”

“The daily imaging exploration module is normal.”

“The life detection module is normal.”

“spiritual power exploration.”

With the report of the grapes, Xu Fan was nodded with satisfaction.

“Yes, I haven’t been busy for so long, and the rest is to find a chance to try formidable power.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

At this time, the sand sculpture looked at the demon-suppressing star slowly rising into the sky, and gradually had a little insight in his heart.

“Great Elder. I have a feeling in my heart, I will go back to retreat and comprehend first.”

“Just watching the refining of Dao Item, did you feel it?” Xu Fan said.

To be honest, according to Xu Fan’s opinion, watching him refining is the most boring thing, because Xu Fan uses the most common refining techniques, the most subtle manipulations inside, watching him Refiners simply can’t see it.

“I hope Senior Brother Sha can advance to the Refiner Sect division.”

At this time, in Su Rantian’s Immortal Realm small courtyard, she is looking towards the direction where the aura appeared just now, and The demon-suppressing star, which was a strong threat to her, slowly rose.

“The Dao Item refined by Great Elder Xu is not simple.” Su Ran’s Heavenly Eye flashed a look of interest.

Xu Fan just returned to his small courtyard and was about to take a good sleep when he was interrupted by Su Rantian.

“Congratulations to Great Elder Xu for successfully refining Dao Item.” Su Rantian said with a smile.

“Haha, it was also a fluke, thank you Elder Su for coming.” Xu Fan in a wheelchair said with a smile.

“Elder Xu, I’m interested in the Dao Item that you successfully refined just now, please make a price.” Su Rantian said.

“Elder Su didn’t know what I made, so I bought it, is it a little hasty.”

Xu Fan didn’t dare to ask for a random price, what if the rich woman agreed? manage.

“It doesn’t matter, the Dao Item refined by Great Elder Xu just now, I took a look, it should be a magic weapon like the Sky Survey Guard.”

“I don’t have it in my collection yet. Similar Dao Item magic weapon, I don’t recommend collecting one.” Su Rantian said relaxedly.

Listening to Su Rantian’s arrogant words, Xu Fan said tentatively, “If I make a trillion Spirit Stones, will Elder Su buy them too?”

“Isn’t it 100 million? High-grade Spirit Stone, I buy it, Great Elder sells it.” Su Ran said impatiently.

“This is a Dao Item for protecting our sect, and Elder Su should not buy it.”

“As long as Elder Su is in the immediate city area of Linsen, this Dao Item will Call it as you like.” Xu Fan said generously.

“If Elder Su really wants to buy it, then wait another 10 years and I will make one for Elder Su.”

Xu Fan hasn’t finished speaking yet, Su Rantian Just took out a space ring and handed it to Xu Fan.

“This is the deposit, Great Elder, please remember what you said.”

After Su Rantian finished speaking, his body changed into a flash of fire and disappeared in place.

“Are the rich people in the culture world so arrogant?” Xu Fan said, looking at the space ring in his hand.

Xu Fan used spirit strength to probe the space ring, yes, half of the deposit was paid directly.

“Am I underpriced at one trillion.” Xu Fan muttered.

Xu Fan just ordered the tool puppet behind him to push him back to the room, and Ning Dao came back to him again.

“Big Brother Ning, who are you?”

Aren’t you all slaying demons and slaying demons, all of you are so idle, Xu Fan complained in the heart.

“Great Elder, this Dao Item is finished refining, is it time to start refining my Dao Item Spirit Sword.” Ning Dao said impatiently.

Xu Fan is a little dizzy listening to Ning Dao’s words, are you in such a hurry?

“Big Brother Ning, don’t worry, didn’t you tell me, your Dao Item Spirit Sword will be in five years.”

“There are several Dao Items ahead, all of them. I promised others in advance.” Xu Fan said embarrassedly.

“Hey, I used to be a Shuangjian Liu, but I just sold one to heal my wife.”

“The battle strength has also dropped a lot, and now I want more A Dao Item Spirit Sword will revive the former glory.”

“With two Dao Item Spirit Swords, I will cut the giant ape, which is the kung fu of raising my hand.” Ning Dao Said, the expression on his face was a little sigh, he was unwilling to mention the past of selling swords.

Hearing Ning Dao’s remarks, Xu Fan said with a nod of

: “Big Brother Ning, why didn’t you tell me about this earlier.”

“Big Brother Ning, go back and wait in peace. Come and get your Dao Item Spirit Sword in four months.”

Xu Fan’s words instantly made Ning Dao excited.


“Really.” Xu Fan said that he was just aggrieved by No. 1 Avatar.

“Great Elder, you are the best brother of my life.”

After Ning Dao finished speaking, he said goodbye to Xu Fan and returned to his small courtyard to continue his cultivation.

Looking at the light of Ning Dao in the air, Xu Fan said with curled lips: “What’s the difference between you telling your father mother that I must study hard in the future.”

See After this incident, Xu Fan finally had the opportunity to lie down on the bed and fall asleep.

A small sign appeared in front of Xu Fan’s door.

“The master is asleep, I have something to dream about~~”

(end of this chapter)

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