My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 218

Chapter 218 Feather Bomb Technique Fly Cloud Technique

Xu Fan, who was sleeping on the bed, had a rare dream.

He dreamed that his daughter-in-law, Zhang Weiyun, whom he hadn’t seen for a long time, came to him. The most important thing was that Zhang Weiyun had been promoted to Divine Transformation Realm.

Li Xingci’s silhouette appeared in Xu Fan’s dream just as the corner of Xu Fan’s mouth in his sleep was smiling.

In the dream, Xu Fan was a little stunned when he looked at his discipline, I just wanted to be polite, you took it seriously.

Under a green sea, blue sky beach, Xu Fan sighed said: “Xingci, if it’s not an important matter, you can use the wheelchair at my door.”

Xu Fan thoughts move, the surrounding dream turns into nothingness, and the two appear in a pure white world.

“Xingci, tell me, what’s the matter.” Xu Fan looked at Li Xingci and said.

At this time, Li Xingci looked at Xu Fan with a bad expression. The last time he was forced to play a game, Master had the same expression.

“Uh, today is the final of Heaven’s Chosen battle strength competition. Eldest Senior Brother, Xiong Li, and Lingtai are about to start fighting, so I wanted to inform Master.” Li Xingci said cautiously, for fear Offend Xu Fan and let yourself play the game.

“I see.”


The dream world was shattered, and Xu Fan slowly opened his eyes on the bed.

The bedroom door opened, and the tool puppet came in pushing the wheelchair.

Now Xu Fan is still in a relatively weak state. Although he is not in a wheelchair, why should he stand when he can sit.

In the main peak dojo, most of the Disciples in the sect were intently watching the live broadcast of Heaven’s Chosen battle strength.

Xu Fan had the tool puppet push him next to the disciplines.


“Brother Xu.”

“Brother Xu, what’s wrong with you.” Wang Yulun looked at the wheelchair where Xu Fan sat. Said, isn’t this the wheelchair that Xu Gang was sitting in when he broke his leg some time ago.

“It’s alright, there is something wrong with the refining process, it’ll be fine.” Xu Fan said, he couldn’t say that he was overdoing it.

“It’s fine,” Wang Yulun said in a nod.

At this time, Xu Fan looked towards the live broadcast light curtain, and now the live broadcast is the final battle of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

“This is the civil war of our hidden Spirit Sect?” Xu Fan said, looking at Xiong Li and Xu Lingtai in the light curtain.

“There was also a sword cultivator that was shortlisted, and it played a draw with Xiong Li, and then the sword cultivator played a draw with Lingtai.”

“The Phantom Tower issued an announcement. , the second place can be tied, and there is only one first place.โ€

โ€œNow this game, whoever wins is the first.โ€ Xu Yuexian explained.

“The first place must be chosen.” Xu Fan said while looking at the light curtain frowned.

“No matter how the two of them fight, it’s the end of the perish together.” Xu Fan said, looking at Xiong Li, who was invincible amid the frenzied bombing of Xu Lingtai.

“Actually, we have to fight to the end. Xiong Li still has a slight hope of victory, but it is very slim.”

As his sect’s disciple, Xu Fan knows all about it.

“But according to what I know about my Lingtai, this kid is going to give in.” Xu Yuexian said.

“Yo hoo, how did you steal Xingci’s words.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Because the Dao Items awarded for the first prize this time are a pair of thunder hammers, which are very suitable for Xiong Li.”

“Lingtai is very likely to be an adult beauty.” Li Xingci said .

“I like this kid, isn’t it the Dao Item. In the future, we will have Dao Item in the Spirit Sect and Disciple.” Xu Fan said arrogantly.

After all Disciples in the section are upgraded to Void Refinement Realm, it is estimated that it is at least Nascent Soul Realm. If you find a way to speed up time, it is likely to be Divine Transformation Realm. At that time, refining Dao Item will not be possible. Difficult as it is now.

“Brother Xu, don’t forget my share.” Wang Yulun also said beside him.

I forgot who will not forget you, when the time comes you are the focus of care, as long as you can use magic weapons, all of them will be replaced by Dao Items, and I will be anxious for you if there is one less , Xu Fan thought while looking at Wang Yulun.

“Haha, the first one is yours, don’t worry.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

At this time, both of them in the light curtain used their most powerful Divine Ability killing move, but neither of them could do anything.

Xiong Li’s bronze battle body has become golden, and the virtual image of a thousand hands behind Xu Lingtai has also become a virtual image of a thousand-handed dual attribute of water and fire.

“Eldest Senior Brother, that’s it, the Dao Item rewarded by the Foundation Establishment Realm is a pair of thunder hammers, just right for you.”

Xu Lingtai formed from a Divine Ability The real body appeared on the ice, and then loudly said to the sky: “I admit defeat.”

“The Hidden Spirit Sect Xiong Li wins.”

in the sky sounded electronic sound.

Xiong Li looked at Xu Lingtai who disappeared and said thank you.

The reward for the first place was only known to him during the finals. He originally thought that if it was a Dao Item suitable for Xu Lingtai, he would admit defeat, didn’t expect Xu Lingtai’s idea to follow his own. Same.

Xu Gang, who was in another secret room ready to fight, nodded with relief after seeing his son admit defeat.

All Disciples watching the game cheered for Xiong Li and Xu Lingtai.

“Not bad.”

The second game was the final of Golden Core Realm, which was very intense. In the end, the Disciple of Tianlianzong won by virtue of his magic weapon with endless refining functions. .

“This guy is fine.” Xu Fan said, looking at the magic weapons around the Disciple of the Heavenly Refinement Sect in the light curtain.

“Not as powerful as Master.” Li Xingci took a rare shot.

โ€œhehe.โ€ Xu Fan said.

After hearing Master’s reply, Li Xingci knew that this matter was not over.

He looked at Xu Yuexian and Wang Xiangchi with resentful eyes, and he decided not to accept this thankless job in the future.

The third round to the Nascent Soul Realm showdown.

Xu Gang played against the youth in green clothes, the one who easily defeated Chen Beihan Heaven’s Chosen. The Divine Ability and magic weapon he used were so bland, but they always played a miraculous effect and defeated the enemy.

The youth in green clothes was not in a hurry to fight, looked at Xu Gang and said with interest: “In Nascent Soul Realm, you are the only variable that makes me number one.”

“I hope you don’t let me down.” The youth in green said with a smile.

“Is it just a trace?” Xu Gang asked.

“Yes, just a trace.” The young man’s eyes narrowed slowly.

“Then let’s fight, Yin Spirit Sect Zhang Han.” Xu Gang cupped his hands and said.

“Spirit Sect, left-handed.” The youth in Tsing Yi said indifferently.

The electronic sound of “Battle Begins” sounded, and a huge virtual image of a thousand hands appeared behind Xu Gang.

โ€œDivine Ability: Extreme Nightโ€

In an instant, the area where Xu Gang was located began to become dark, and the temperature in the air began to drop rapidly, and the air seemed to be frozen.

โ€œDivine Ability: The Ice Kingdom Comesโ€

This is Xu Gangโ€™s most extensive Divine Ability, covering half of the battlefield.

The earth was frozen, and countless monster beasts composed of ice woke up from the frozen earth and began to patrol their territory around Xu Gang.

After releasing the Divine Ability, Xu Gang began to stand quietly at the core of the glacier, waiting for the left-handed attack.

As his biggest rival, Xu Gang has carefully studied left-handed combat.

At this glance, Xu Gang saw a trace of his master’s shadow in him, and a faint sense of powerlessness.

He felt like he would take the initiative. You will definitely not be able to get good fruit to eat. Instead, it is better to concentrate on defense and wait patiently to see who leaks out of the weak spot first.

“That’s right, now I know how to fight.” Xu Fan said with satisfaction.

“At least there will be less leaks in this way.”

At this time, Zuo Xuan, who was hiding outside the range of Xu Gang’s Divine Ability, had a headache watching Xu Gang’s staunch defense. Specializing in other people’s weaknesses, even Xu Gang, who can’t find his real body, has weaknesses. He has a way to seduce Xu Gang to take the bait and reveal his real body.

But if a very strong person concentrates on defense, he is a bit blind.

His fighting style is to spot the enemy’s weaknesses in battle and exploit them.

“It seems that it can only be hard steel.” Zuo Xuan said with a solemn expression.

He had good cultivation in the sect, cultivation Holy Land, magic weapon Spirit Stone as well.

This is a leisurely man, he was kicked out by the headmaster of unfathomable mystery some time ago, and gave himself a choice of two tasks.

Either get the first place in Heaven’s Chosen battle strength competition, or have another 50 years of cultivation experience.

As a person born with late-stage cancer, of course, I choose the first option. It is not interesting to have a lot of experience in the cultivation world.

The space power surged behind the left-spin, and then disappeared in place.

At this moment, Xu Gang thought to move, and directly released his ultimate move to freeze the surrounding space.

And the left-handed one rushed out of the space turbulence in a mess.

“Where did you learn this Divine Ability?”

A trace of blood flowed from the corner of the left-handed mouth, just to escape the frozen Space Power in the space turbulence, He used more energy than the upper limit.

“My master, is there any problem?” Xu Gang said casually.

“Can you teach me.” Zuo Xuan joked.

โ€œMy master does not accept disciplines over 15 years old.โ€ Xu Gang said.

Then let the thousand-hand avatar behind him cast a lightning cannon, which was easily dodged by the left turn.

Looking at Zuo Xuan’s skillful movement, Xu Gang thought of the little beast he was looking for to practice spell accuracy.

A thousand-hand virtual image and six hands were activated behind him, and three lightning cannons instantly sealed all the space of the left rotation from different directions.

A giant blue shield appeared in front of Zuo Xuan, blocking the inescapable lightning cannon.

“Have you practiced?”

Xu Gang didn’t speak, and it was the three Ice Spear Technique again.


Another Ice Spear Technique hit the left-handed blue shield.

“Continue.” Zuo Xuan said with some disbelief. He was confident in his own position and had specially found those Monster Beast Groups with Fireball Technique and Ice Hockey to practice.

Xu Gang directly shot three shit bombs at it. This is what he learned when he and his fifth junior brother were bored. The outside is like bouldering, just a little yellow.

It’s not very lethal, but it’s very insulting.

“Boulder Technique?”


The three blasting shit bombs exploded directly beside Zuo Xuan, drenching Zuo Xuan’s body, In an instant, the smell through the light curtain made everyone in Xu Fan disgusted.

Xu Fan, Xu Yuexian and the others frowned looked towards harmless to humans and animals by Zhou Kailing.

“Master, Senior Sisters, don’t underestimate this move, don’t think it’s just disgusting in taste, this spell has a backer.” Zhou Kailing said with a smile.

“This smell can penetrate into the enemy’s spiritual surface, and the strong taste of grains can not be left in the daytime.”

“There is a more powerful fly cloud technique behind it, which can be used all the time. Look for attacking and disgusting foes.”

“Fly cloud spells give off a stronger stench.”

“These two spells, Eldest Senior Brother happens to be.”

In the light curtain, Xu Gang released a large number of fly clouds.

“What kind of Divine Ability are you!!!”

“It’s so disgusting!!!” Usually, the strong smell of shit has been irritating his nerves.

Then, Zuo Xuan smelled an even more disgusting smell. Countless flies were circling around Zuo Xuan.

โ€œXu Gang is feuding,โ€ Xu Fan said.

The people beside him were nodded, and their bodies unconsciously moved away from Zhou Kailing.

“Hidden Spirit Sect Zhang Han, we’re not finished!” Zuo Xuan’s heart exploded in an instant, falling into a state of rage.

Seeing the left-handed state, Xu Gang’s eyes lit up instantly.

Master said that when an enemy cannot keep calm, the battle is almost over.

Sure enough, Xu Gang was attacked by an incomparably powerful then, but even if the phantom body was killed, it couldn’t hurt Xu Gang’s body.

“I know where you are!!”

A sword light soared into the sky and directly stabbed another phantom body that was hiding Xu Gang in the sky.

“Sorry, you guessed wrong.”

Another phantom appeared in front of Zuo Xuan.

Left endured the stench and finally broke down.

“Zhang Han, our feud is over.” Zuo Xuan gritted his teeth.

Afterwards, Zuo Xuan shouted to the sky: “I admit defeat.”

“The battle is over, and the hidden Spirit Sect Zhang Han wins.”

Then the battlefield disappeared. , each returned to his own secret room.

In this scene, those who watched the battle outside the Phantom Tower were directly exclaiming their knowledge, and even some cultivators had a strange look in their eyes.

Then a new Sect was born in the cultivation world, which became the nightmare of countless female cultivators in the future.

โ€œI haven’t helped him get rid of the odor on the Spiritual Plane, and I haven’t given me a chance to speak,โ€ Xu Gang said.

At this time, Zuo Xuan, who returned to the secret room, smelled the stench on his body and collapsed.

“Zhang Han!!!!!”

The voice shot into the sky.

When Xu Gang got the reward and came out of the Phantom Tower, he met a left-handed face of frost.

Xu Gang didn’t say a word, and directly used a fragrance technique to help the left-handed wipe out the stench attached to the spirit.

“Sorry, the match just now was just an unintentional move.”

“Please don’t take offense to the left Fellow Daoist.” Xu Gang said sincerely.

At this time, as the stench disappeared, the left-handed, who had an explosive mentality, calmed down.

“The game depends on your ability. If you lose, you lose. There is nothing to say.”

“Thank you for helping me remove that stench.” Zuo Xuan said calmly .

“It should be, it should be.” Xu Gang said quickly, but a fierce face, coupled with such sincere words, is a bit inconsistent.

Xu Lingtai, who was waiting for Xu Gang to come out in the distance, looked at Xu Gang’s expression and said, “Actually, I still feel that the honest face is suitable for my father. This looks unnatural.”


The three people next to it nodded agreed.

“Fellow Daoist Zhang, I want to know who created your disgusting Divine Ability, I want to learn it.” Zuo Xuan asked suddenly in a pleasing manner.

“My Junior Brother created spell, and the Left Fellow Daoist may not be able to learn it.” Xu Gang shook his head and said.

(End of this chapter)

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