My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 220

Chapter 220 Helpless Venerable

Xu Fan didn’t wait long before Pangolin returned with demon spirit.

Looking at the imprisoned demon spirit of the dark snake, Xu Fan said with a smile: “The most dangerous place is the safest place, and this wave of operations is no problem.”

“It’s a pity that your luck is not good.”

Xu Fan looked at the demon spirit of the dark snake struggling in his hands, thinking about what to do with this demon spirit.

“Pangolin, what is the greatest use of your Monster Race’s demon spirit.” Xu Fan asked.

“Reporting to the master, the biggest use of the demon spirit is to be an Avatar puppet, and the second is to order Soul Lamp.” Pangolin said respectfully, and when he said Soul Lamp, Pangolin’s body trembled involuntarily.

“Tell me about Soul Lamp.” Xu Fan became interested.

The demon spirit of the dark snake, which was struggling in Xu Fan’s hands, looked towards Pangolin angrily, and the extremely angry eyes seemed to swallow it.

“My Monster Race has a secret technique, which can stimulate the purest Soul Power in the demon spirit, and the absorber can enhance the Soul Power.”

“In addition, the demon When the spirit is lit by the sky lantern, life will be worse than death, and the inspired spirit fire will burn out with the demon spirit as the fuel.”

“In our Demon Spirit World, lighting the Soul Lamp is the most cruel method.” Pangolin said with fear on his face.

“It’s cruel, it’s not cruel at all in my opinion.”

“Come on, tell me about the secret technique of your Monster Race Soul Lamp.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

At this moment, a sword light was drawn in the distance, and Ning Dao appeared on Xu Fan’s spirit boat.

“Amazing, after a while, you captured a Monster Race from Integration Realm.” Ning Dao said looking at Pangolin full of smiles.

He had just received the news that three Integration Realm Monster Races had broken into the immortal city of Linsen, so the good brother solved it for himself.

“Isn’t this afraid of bothering Big Brother Ning.”

If it weren’t for the formidable power of the demon star, Xu Fan would not be meddling,

No business, you have to pay more.

“Haha, you brat, don’t use Monster Race’s secret technique.”

Ning Dao gave Xu Fan a jade slip, which is exclusively for the Elder Council Point soul secret technique.

“The Soul Power converted by the Monster Race secret technique is not suitable for our Human Race, even if it is absorbed, it is a waste.” Ning Dao looked at the demon spirit of the dark snake in Xu Fan’s hand and said.

Xu Fan checked the secret technique in jade slip, and said to Ning Dao: “Thank you Big Brother Ning.”

“What are we two about?” Ning Dao said.

“Big Brother Ning’s Dao Item Spirit Sword, my Avatar has already started refining, and in a few months, Big Brother Ning’s double sword flow can be famous throughout the world.” Xu Fan joked .

“Haha, it’s too early to say that.” Ning Dao smiled a little sorry.

“The Elder Council headquarters called me over to discuss matters. I went over first.”

After Ning Dao said goodbye to Xu Fan, he flew towards the direction of Linsen immortal city.

Xu Fan looked at the sword light in the distance and pondered: “Should we get a Transmission Formation next to the immortal city of Linsen?”

“Master, Pangolin has a little knowledge of Space Rune. , can portray Transmission Formation for the master.” Pangolin said quickly when he saw an opportunity to perform.

“It’s not your turn.”

Xu Fan glanced at Pangolin and continued: “In the future, you will be the guardian slave demon of my Spirit Sect.”

Said that Xu Fan pointed to the Guardian Star Island when he was in the Sect Grand Competition and said: “There is nothing to do in the future, so I will be there for cultivation. If I’m bored, I can patrol the entire huge lake of hundreds of thousands li to check if there is any monster beast breaking in.”

“Understood, I will definitely guard this territory for my master.” Pangolin assured, and at the same time there was a trace of joy in his heart, it seemed that his career as a slave demon in the future would not be too hard.

“Work hard in the future. If you do well and contribute to our Spirit Sect, when you soar, I will wish you a helping hand.”

A piece of cake It was easily drawn by Xu Fan, no money anyway.

“Thank You Master.” Pangolin said excitedly.

“Okay, now you only have the last level left. After you pass, you will be the official slave demon of my hidden Spirit Sect.”

Void Refinement behind Xu Fan The Realm puppet instantly appeared in front of Pangolin and pointed at Pangolin’s forehead.

Afterwards, Pangolin entered the illusion and started the transformation of the monster.

“Monster Race, even if my life is in my hands, I have to take precautions.”

“Hidden Spirit Sect protects slave demons from generation to generation, what is this status?”

In the fantasy world, Pangolin started his new life.

Two Divine Transformation Realm heavy armored puppets flew from the sky, and flew towards the Guardian Star Island with the unconscious Pangolin.

Xu Fan also returned to the hidden Spirit Sect.

Above the main peak, Xu Fan is modifying the Mountain Protecting Great Formation of the hidden Spirit Sect.

“Add an accessory location to the Nine Dragons Array, and then make a location for storing the demon spirit and the Soul Lamp.”

After Xu Fan got the demon spirit secret technique , the first single thought is to integrate this secret technique into Mountain Protecting Great Formation.

Five hours later, Xu Xu Fan became a makeover of the sect.

“It’s over.” Xu Fan said with clapping.

The Nine Dragons Formation was pulled directly into the core space of Mountain Protecting Great Formation by the grapes.


The nine dragon roars in a row instantly made the hidden Spirit Sect lively.

“What’s wrong~~”

“Is the Monster Race invaded?”

“Are you going to run.”

Public When sect disciple looked up, he saw nine long dragons in the sky, each of which was a kilometer long.

Xu Fan looked at the nine-kilometer-long dragon in the sky and said, “didn’t expect the momentum is pretty good, but the battle strength is a little bit worse.”

By Nine Dragons Array The nine dragons transformed, each of which has the strength of Void Refinement Realm Perfection, which together can barely match the battle strength of the Monster Race in the middle of the fusion.

At this time, a red-clothed Su Rantian appeared beside Xu Fan.

“This Dao Item is barely worthy of your status as a Refiner Sect master.” Su Rantian said lightly, completely missing the gesture of a little woman beside Li Xingci.

“The materials used in this Dao Item Nine Dragons Formation Plate are precious, but the refining method is lacking.”

“It will be good when I have time to upgrade this Nine Dragons Formation Plate. .” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“You are also going to the Elder Council.” Xu Fan asked.

“I don’t have to go to this kind of thing. I have a friend asking for help. I’m going to go and see.” Su Rantian said.

“You came to me to ask about Xingci, he wants to travel, I can’t stop him.”

“According to Xingci’s cultivation express, ten years later , he will definitely come back to retreat, but you can decide when it’s time.” Of course Xu Fan knew what Su Rantian wanted to ask.

“It’s been ten years, I know.”

Su Rantian finished. It turned into a trace of fire and disappeared in place.

“A lover.” Xu Fan exclaimed.

Su Ran’s love for Li Xingci in Heavenly Eye can’t be faked, which Xu Fan saw early on.

Xu Fan then sent a message to Li Xingci.

β€œYou brat left without saying goodbye to Elder Su?”

After a while, Xu Fan received the news of Li Xingci.

“Disciple is helpless to travel abroad, and if he doesn’t go out, he will not be able to keep his innocence.”

“Although Disciple has a good impression of Elder Su now, he has not yet become At the level of Dual Cultivation Dao Companion, the discipline wants to be quiet.”

After reading Li Xingci’s reply, Xu Fan had a lot of thoughts, and in the end, it just turned into one sentence, what a shit.

At this time, the nine long dragons in the sky stabilized and began to wander over the Yinling Island.

Xu Fan took out three Demon Spirits of Integration Realm and threw them directly into a core location at the top of the Mountain Protecting Great Formation.

It didn’t take a while for a light rain of azure to fall in the sky.

This is the light rain formed by the decomposition of the demon spirit and the combination of Soul Power and spiritual liquid.

In the garden in front of the main peak, Cloud Flower Deer and her little husband ran happily in the light rain.

Even Tianji Turtle, who had been sleeping at the bottom of the spiritual liquid lake, slowly climbed out of the spiritual liquid lake to meet the light rain.

There are a lot of Disciples who are cultivating in the mountains and break through without being able to hold back for a while.

Only Moyu Qilin in the distance was very calm, just glanced at the sky disdainfully, and then turned back to sleep.

This thing, it’s in the master’s space, I’m used to seeing it.

Xu Fan felt the changes brought by Xiaoyu to himself, and nodded with satisfaction.

“Grape, how many days can the Soul Power of this demon spirit last?” Xu Fan asked.

“Three demon spirits together can last for two years.” Grape responded.

“Two years, yes, it seems that we will collect more demon spirits from Monster Race in the future.” Xu Fan said.

The demon spirit Xu Fan has already figured out where to get it.

Hidden Spirit Sect Disciples In this state, cultivation perception increases by at least 20%, and with the nourishment of Soul Power decomposed by demon spirit, most of the Disciples will increase their aptitude upper limit.

“This soul secret technique is worth it.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

At this time, in the Demon Spirit World, the grape Avatar who is building the base underground has got a task to collect the demon spirit above the Nascent Soul Realm in the Monster Realm.

Then the number one of the thick-armored honey badger clan also received the news.

“The owner needs a demon spirit above the Nascent Soul Realm. It just so happens that the night dog Monster Race in the adjacent territory is not pleasing to the eye. Let me find an opportunity to provoke a fight.” The No. 1 thick-armored puppet said.

The strength of the night dog clan is slightly weaker than that of the thick armored honey badger clan, but they have a big clan behind them, so they will come to the thick armored honey badger clan from time to time to fight the autumn wind.

Even if there is no Xu Fan mission, No. 1’s next plan is to destroy the Night Dog clan.

The domain of extreme sky, above the Thousand Spirit Sect starship.

The puppet carrying Grape Avatar is testing the data as usual. The Disciple next to him is a bit boring. Under the hint of Grape Avatar puppet, he starts chatting with the puppet.

“Xiaomu, do you think we’ll meet the Jikong monster beast? If we can, it will be very good.”

“It’s better to be a star beast, and then gather a few With only one scale, I can entrust the Artifact Refinement Master of sect to refine a black scale shield.” Said a Nascent Soul Cultivator wearing a Thousand Spirit Sect daoist robe.

“The Elder who gave you to me said, you have spiritual wisdom, why don’t you speak.” Nascent Soul Realm cultivator said, looking at the puppet.

The puppet who is testing the data of the ultra-empty domain just wants to roll his eyes, and it is a waste of computing power to talk to you, which is not worthwhile.

Just when Nascent Soul Realm cultivator was about to speak, a light suddenly flashed in the distance, and then the entire Qianling Xingzhou shook, as if it had been bombarded.

The entire Thousand Spirit Star Ark was loudly alarmed, and all the Disciples outside began to run from the deck toward the interior of the Thousand Spirit Star Ark.

Nascent Soul Realm cultivator tried to bring the puppet back, but was rejected by the puppet.

“Don’t take me back, I need to collect battle data.”

The puppet’s eyes gleamed, looking towards the place where the light flashed in the distance.

The main control room on the top floor of Qianling Xingzhou, a Venerable sitting in the main control room was a little blind.

“Venerable, let’s run, the overall strength of our Xingzhou is stronger than that of the Demon Sect, but we have not found a cultivator suitable for driving and controlling the Xingzhou, which is no match for them.” Integration Realm cultivator said.

Venerable, who was sitting on the main console, did not speak, but shot three shots directly at the light curtain coming out of the Stargazer Art projection.

As a result, it was easily dodged by the Demon Sect’s Xingzhou, and then Qianling Xingzhou was shot again.

“I told you back then that you were unwilling to practice techniques in the Tianlian Sect.”

“It’s alright now, usually mining is fine, but when you encounter a hostile sect Xingzhou will be blinded.” Venerable helplessly said.

At the beginning, he also learned the star boat control for a while in Tianlianzong, but the basic teaching of this thing is very simple, but when it comes to the combat teaching, it is very exciting.

All kinds of complex data must be taken into account, such as space, time, enemy’s trajectory, avoidance habits, detailed data of one’s own main gun, data of the opponent’s main gun, and vacuum data of the area.


These data let Venerable know that sometimes it is not enough to solve the problem without a high cultivation base.

The two star boats are separated by several tens of thousands of li. Unless Venerable doesn’t want to die in person, the winner can only be determined by the skills of the two sides. At this moment, any A random data change cannot be wrong.

Now his level is to hit a fixed target.

“Xiao Xiu, you come to control the star boat. I’ll go over and see if I can get close to it.”

“My Dao Heart can’t hold my breath anymore.”

Saying that, I will get up and go out to fight with the Demon Sect star boat.

At this time, several thousand Spirit Sect Integration Realm Elder hugged Venerable together.

“You can’t leave us. If you really want revenge, shall we go back to the land to report?”

“As soon as you leave, this star boat will not be able to keep it.”

“Supreme Elder, let’s go back and think about it in the long run.”

Several thousand Spirit Sect fit elders persuaded together. Last time, it was because of this Supreme Great Elder that he was angry and went out to find it. In the end, the Star Ark was almost pierced.

“No, I can’t take this breath.” Venerable said with a dark face.

“In the past ten years, I have encountered Demon Sect’s star boat six times out of ten times. Every time the spirit boat is damaged, I will get half of the harvest from the Tianlianzong pit.”

“If it goes on like this, I’ll be able to soar in rage.” Venerable said while blowing his beard, the blue veins on his face expressing his anger.

“Supreme Elder, that’s okay too, our one-star boat people’s lives are all on you, be careful.”

Many thousands of Spirit Sect Elders began to persuade again.

At this time, the Domain of Extreme Sky is above the Demon Sect spirit boat that is separated from the Thousand Spirit Star Boat by several tens of thousands of li.

An old man wearing a black robe officially stared at the light curtain coming out of Stargazer Art projection said with a smile: “That Old Guy must be crazy now.”

” On land, in terms of battle strength, I am not as good as you.”

“You are not as good as me in controlling the starship in the extreme sky.”

“I will prepare for you this time. A big gift, I hope you enjoy it.”

“Enjoy the feeling that the person in your sect died for you.” black robe Venerable said with a grim smile.

“Load my big baby, this time I’m going to make that Old Guy a sinner in their sect.”

“As you bid.” A demon cultivator behind black robe Venerable said.

The beginning of the awakening, I became the public enemy of love

(End of this chapter)

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