My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 226

Chapter 226 Jian Wuji Han Feiyu

Wang Xiangchi turned and looked towards Little Boy.

“senior, if you believe me, go to Heavenly Sword Academy, Profound Grade B-class, and become a teacher.”

“B-class has my big brother next door, he has grown up since childhood. He is a genius of sword dao, and he entered Heavenly Sword Academy just to learn the free sword dao Divine Ability.”

β€œMy next-door big brother’s skills were never shown in Heavenly Sword Academy, so many people I don’t know.”

“If senior devotes himself to teaching, he will definitely win the first place in the student grand competition a year later,” said the child.

“Since he is a sword dao genius, why don’t you join the sect Great Sect.” Wang Xiangchi asked.

“My big brother next door has a disabled old mother who has a strange disease and has not been able to live for a few years.”

“So big brother wants to accompany his mother . to spend the last period of time.”

Then the little boy said again: “I know what senior wants to ask, my neighbor’s big brother mother’s illness has been checked by senior expert, Divine Ability, no medicine stone Help.”

“Okay, Heavenly Sword Academy, Profound Grade B class, I remember it.” Wang Xiangchi said.

When he left, he wanted to look for Monster Race outside immortal city, but after listening to the little boy’s words, he suddenly became interested in being a teacher.

In the past, Xu Fan often told him that sword dao is not only in the sword, but also in the rules of this world.

Maybe being a teacher is also a good choice, Wang Xiangchi secretly said in one’s heart.

“If senior becomes my neighbor’s big brother’s teacher, I will provide free news in the future.” The little boy shouted to Wang Xiangchi’s back.

“By the way, senior, my neighbor’s big brother’s name is Jian Wuji.”

Wang Xiangchi just waved his hand to indicate that he heard it.

An hour later, Wang Xiangchi came to Heavenly Sword Academy with the certificate issued by the mission center.

The entire Heavenly Sword Academy, located in the corner of Heavenly Sword immortal city, is equivalent to one-tenth the size of Yinling Island, and there is a protective Formation outside. After entering, it is like entering another world.

According to the prompt, Wang Xiangchi came to the place in charge of Heavenly Sword Academy.

“I’ll be the Academy teacher.” Wang Xiangchi said to the supervisor inside.

“Sword dao Xiu’s faction, what strength, that Sect.” The director of Golden Core Realm asked respectfully, he couldn’t see Wang Xiangchi’s strength.

“Heart and sword together, strength Nascent Soul Realm.”

“Sect, hidden Spirit Sect.” Wang Xiangchi said.

“Is it the Hidden Spirit Sect who won the first place in Heaven’s Chosen battle strength.” The foreign affairs director of Heavenly Sword Academy said in surprise.

“Yes.” Wang Xiangchi said nodded, Foundation Establishment Realm and Nascent Soul Realm Heaven’s Chosen battle strength first, Hidden Spirit Sect completely showed his face in the cultivation world.

If it weren’t for the hidden Spirit Sect being a hidden sect, the Elder Council kept its address secret, and now the gate of the hidden Spirit Sect would probably be broken.

“Wait, I’ll call the Elder from our Academy to come here.” The director of Golden Core Realm said and took out the communication magic weapon.

Wang Xiangchi was then invited to wait in a tea room.

“Senior please wait a moment.” The supervisor said to Wang Xiangchi as he brought a cup of tea.

Not long after, a Void Refinement Realm sword cultivator came to the tea room for lunch, and upon seeing Wang Xiangchi’s first glance, he said a good word.

“It is worthy of being the first in the hidden Spirit Sect. You have a sword intent with one body, and there is almost no bottleneck when you step into the Divine Transformation Realm.” Void Refinement Realm sword cultivator sat down and said.

“Senior has won the prize.” Wang Xiangchi said modestly, feeling very bitter. Although the bottleneck who was promoted to Divine Transformation Realm is gone, he still has the challenge puppet of Nascent Soul Realm in front of him, and now he has no trace of it. Defeat the puppet signs.

“It stands to reason that we would welcome a famous Sect like you to come over as a teacher.”

“At that time, we also knew the purpose of your coming here as a teacher.”

“If you want to come to be a teacher, you must sign a three-year contract, that is, you must teach a class of members before you can leave.”

“I hope you know this.” Void Refinement Realm sword cultivator said.

“Three years, yes.” Wang Xiangchi thought for a while, and then agreed, because he suddenly wanted to feel how his master felt back then.

When he was young, he felt that the master was like an immortal, omnipotent, omnipotent. Thinking of this, he still had a little expectation.

“Okay, we’ll sign the contract.”

“You want to teach that class.” Void Refinement Realm sword cultivator asked.

β€œProfound Grade Class B.”

In the Heavenly Sword Academy, a class of 50 students were comprehending the sword intent in the sword stance.

Most of the 50 students are between the ages of 10 and 13.

A teaching assistant of the Foundation Establishment Realm looked at the children of Qi Refinement Realm and said loudly: “Understand the sword with your heart, this is the foundation before you enter the sword dao.”

“It’s also the key to whether you can be picked up by the sword sect in the future.”

“Only by laying a solid foundation can you get good grades in subsequent assessments.”

“In this way, you will be favored by your sword cultivator teachers.”

“Forget about physical fatigue and comprehend with your heart. Only by being selfless can you stand out.”

Basic Teaching Assistant Repeating the words once a year, I suddenly feel very sad, the best result of coming to Heavenly Sword Academy is to be picked up by those sword cultivator sects.

But those who are picked out are the geniuses of Earth Grade and Heaven Grade. For this kind of Profound Grade class, only a few geniuses who have not been tapped before are picked up.

Most of the rest will be “graduated” and go out to make a living. Maybe in the future, I may save enough Spirit Stone to buy a Foundation Establishment Pill to advance to the Foundation Establishment Realm. Life may be better than those of Qi Refinement Realm. People have a better life.

This is the experience of most Earth Grade and below members, as well as his own.

At this time, the teaching assistant’s communication Magical Artifact rang.

The teaching assistant glanced at it and said excitedly to the students practicing swordsmanship in the dojo: “I just received news that there will be a Nascent Soul Realm sword cultivator in your class to teach you. It’s not small.”

“At this moment, you have the opportunity, take advantage of it.”

The assistant professor of Jiandao Foundation looked at this group of lucky children with slight envy in his heart.

When I was still a student here, I taught myself sword dao by a loose cultivator who couldn’t get along with the Golden Core Realm outside.

Hearing the teaching assistant’s words, this group of students instantly became energetic, and their eyes showed excitement.

Children of their age, most of them already understand their future destiny. Except for the chance to get along with noble people, they can almost see the end from beginning to end in this life.

“Take a break, and you will face your teacher in your best condition for a while.”

The teaching assistant didn’t say much about the redundant words. No need to say.

The child, who was maintaining the sword stance, slumped on the ground immediately, and then began to meditate and run the cultivation technique to restore his strength and spirit.

Seeing the students recovering from meditation, the teaching assistant felt very relieved. Although the students in this class were not strong in aptitude, none of them were naive and foolish.

After a short rest, the students saw a sword light in the distance, and Wang Xiangchi’s silhouette appeared in front of the Disciples.

Suddenly, all the students looked towards Wang Xiangchi.

The teaching assistant trotted all the way to Wang Xiangchi’s side and asked respectfully, “Are you Senior Wang? I will be your future teaching assistant. If you have something to do in the future, just tell me directly.”

Wang Xiangchi glanced at it. The teaching assistant nodded his head and asked, “Are these 50 children my future students?”


The teaching assistant nodded, and then said to the students: “I haven’t come to meet your teacher yet.”

Just as the students were about to pay their respects, a gentle force directly supported them.

“Don’t call the teacher yet, because you haven’t received my approval.”

Afterwards, under the influence of a gentle force, all the students held a sword and maintained a Weird swordsmanship.

“Keep this posture for one hour, you are qualified to call me teacher.”

“The students who persist to the end will get a small gift.”

One The Magical Artifact-level boutique Spirit Sword appeared in Wang Xiangchi’s hands. This was the Spirit Sword that Xu Fan hand-made for him back then. He still has more than ten such Spirit Swords, and now he wants to give it away.

“This is the Spirit Sword I used when I was at Qi Refinement Realm. The student who can persist until the end will belong to him.”

“Not only that, I will also It will impart a sword dao Divine Ability.” Wang Xiangchi said.

The fighting spirit in the eyes of all the students who kept their sword stance when they heard the reward for sticking to the last place was instantly ignited.

In Wang Xiangchi’s perception, the mental state of these children instantly reached a peak.

“Is this what Master said about spirit strength?” Looking at the students with detached fighting spirit, Wang Xiangchi remembered what Master said.

For some reason, looking at these hardworking children, Wang Xiangchi suddenly wanted to play a BGM to cheer him up.

I found a little fun in being a teacher by negligence. Whenever someone couldn’t persist, Wang Xiangchi would always appear beside the student and give him a soft encouragement.

An hour has passed, and some students with poor physique have reached their limit, and they are all persevering with will.

Seeing this scene, Wang Xiangchi remembered the scene of his first meeting with Master.

“Don’t call me Master first, this sword stance will be maintained for three hours, and I will recognize you as a discipline.” At that time, Xu Fan said with a relaxed and comfortable expression, with Eldest Senior Brother and Second by his side. Senior Sister is encouraging herself.

Unconsciously, one hour has passed, Wang Xiangchi put away his memories and said to the students: “Yes, one hour has come, you all performed well, and you are qualified to call me a teacher.”


“The next step is to see who can hold on to the end.” Wang Xiangchi said with a smile.

At this time, it was almost dusk, and the setting sun reflected in the dojo, which was extremely poetic.

The teaching assistant looked at the group of students who maintained their sword stance with admiration. He knew that the appearance of this sword cultivator gave these students a chance to change their destiny.

As time passed, when the shadow of the sun set over all the students, the first student who couldn’t hold on appeared, a ten-year-old girl.

The little girl who was paralyzed on the ground was a little confused at this time.

“I’m sorry, teacher, I didn’t persist until the end.” The little girl said unwillingly, and then fainted.

Wang Xiangchi then threw away a palace magic weapon next to him.

A three-story building appears.

“Assistant, help her upstairs to rest.” Wang Xiangchi said.

β€œAs you bid.”

The teaching assistant quickly carried the little girl into the small building.

Wang Xiangchi looked at the group of students who had reached their limits and said: “Persist or give up now, it will not affect the teacher’s opinion of you,”

“The only one who can get the reward is One, if you feel that you can’t do it, it doesn’t matter if you give up.”

After Wang Xiangchi finished speaking, looking at the group of students who didn’t waver at all, he felt that the reward he brought out was more effective than he expected.

As time went on, more and more students fell, and finally only two students remained.

One of them has the protagonist’s face that Xu Fan said, with sword eyebrows, star eyes, handsome body, and a face that can get a 100% betrothal gift when getting married, which proves that this child is not simple.

The other student is of ordinary appearance, with a public face thrown into the crowd, and neither father nor mother can find it.

“Tell me, your names.” Wang Xiangchi walked over to the two and said.

“Jian Wuji” said the student with the protagonist’s face.

“Han Feiyu” said the ordinary student.

“Can you still persevere?” Wang Xiangchi said with interest.

At this time, I was getting close to the me at that time, no, I was almost at that time, I was six years old at that time, and now these two students are in their early ten years.


“Then continue.”

Wang Xiangchi stood beside the two of them and looked at them with admiration, didn’t expect an ordinary Profound Grade class, there will be two talents lying on Dragon Phoenix at the same time.

The sword stance they maintained was originally created by Xu Fan to test Wang Xiangchi.

This sword stance consumes a lot of people’s spirit and body, but if you have an understanding of the sword in your hand and the sword stance, it will be easier.

“The name of this sword stance is ‘tenacity’, and this sword stance contains a kind of sword intent.”

“A sword intent that is indomitable and alive despite death. “

“If you can understand, your future achievements will at least reach the Golden Core Realm.”

“You should feel the sword intent in this sword situation with your heart.” Wang Xiangchi encouraged, By the way, I gave them a BGM.

When the music was played, the two students who maintained the sword posture entered the sudden enlightenment mode under the guidance of the BGM.

Looking at the two students, Wang Xiangchi looked in the direction of Yinling Island and said, “Would you like to introduce them to the hidden Spirit Sect?”

At this time, he was refining equipment in the underground space. Xu Fan of Wang Xiangchi received the news.

“Yo, this smelly brat went to be a teacher, it’s good to have an idea.”

Then Xu Fan saw Wang Xiangchi’s message when two students fell into the sudden enlightenment. Take a photo and ask him if he wants to lead the two of them into the sect.

“Jian Wuji, Han Feiyu.”

“This name is hard to keep at first glance, let’s go with it.”

Then Xu Fan asked Wang Xiangchi to return the grapes got a message.

“To form a good relationship, you don’t need to introduce a sect, just follow the fate.”

Seeing Xu Fan’s news, Wang Xiangchi was stunned for a moment. Always been a fan.

When he and Li Xingci went out to accept apprentices, they also met the aptitude-defying child, but in the end they failed the master’s test.

Once he curiously asked Li Xingci what the sect’s criteria for accepting apprentices were.

Li Xingci thought for a while and said, “Master is not recruiting Disciple, but family members.” A vague concept.

At this moment, two indomitable sword intents rose from the two students, and then the two collapsed to the ground like deflated balls.

(End of this chapter)

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