My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 229

Chapter 229 Angel Investment of the first round of empress

Seeing Shizhan’s expression, Feng Changning knew that his expression was a bit too much.

So Feng Changning returned to his original plain expression.

“How are you doing as Outer Sect Elder in the Spirit Sect?” Feng Changning changed the subject.

“Very good, Great Elder treats me well, some top Divine Ability and cultivation techniques are open for me, as long as you have contribution points, you can exchange them.” Shizhan said.

With the cultivation world’s top Divine Ability and cultivation technique, Shizhan’s strength has soared, and he has touched the Nascent Soul Realm realm, which can be regarded as making up for the shortcomings of the cultivation world.

“That’s fine. Your talents and mine are in the middle and top positions in the cultivation world, and there is still a chance to become an immortal in the future.” Feng Changning said.

In fact, it is not very important in her eyes whether she can become an immortal.

“Let’s go, there’s still a month before you can see the Great Elder. During this time, I’ll take you to a few more interesting places.” Shi Zhan said with a smile.

Looking at this woman who will never be obtained, Shizhan still decides to continue to protect her, just like in the past.


1 month later, a strange wave spread throughout the underground space.

Xu Fan looked like he was going to die with generosity. When refining the two grape younger brothers, Xu Fan had been thinking about the feedback on the success of refining Dao Item.

Otherwise, it would be better to die every time in the future, but after thinking about it for a few months, I still haven’t found a solution to the problem.

A magical force poured into Xu Fan’s body, making a sound that was both painful and comfortable.

Comfort is really comfortable, pain is pain for the experience behind.

With the rise of Xu Fan’s realm, it will soon reach the critical point of the Golden Core Realm, and it is only a short while before you can advance to the Nascent Soul Realm, of course, this is only for others.

As the influx of power increased, Xu Fan closed his eyes in pain, waiting for the pain behind him to ravage.

At this moment, that magical force helped Xu Fan to break through without success, as if he was a gentle man, without embarrassing Xu Fan, he quietly withdrew.

After a long time, Xu Fan slowly opened his eyes, sensed his physical condition, and said in surprise: “The bug has been fixed?”

“It seems Heavenly Dao The level of intelligence is quite high.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

The heart that had been sinking quietly began to become active again.

For a moment, Xu Fan only felt that everything was beautiful in this world.

“Take a month off.” Xu Fan couldn’t wait to leave the underground space.

Hundred thousand li Above the huge lake, Xu Fan rides a spirit boat and floats in the wind in the lake.

“Congratulations to Fellow Daoist Feng for finding an ideal place.” Xu Fan said, looking at the place marked by Feng Changning on the map.

“This place is a moderate distance from the central continent, and is not under the jurisdiction of other continents. It is a semi-wilderness area, but it also has certain value.”

“According to Fellow Daoist Feng’s It is more than enough to occupy a place in the cultivation base.”

β€œAs long as you are not targeted by demon cultivator or monster beast, you will be foolproof.” Xu Fan commented on this.

“The Great Elder said it thoroughly. I searched for this giant island for a long time to find it. I hope the Great Elder can help me.” Feng Changning stood up and saluted.

“Fellow Daoist Feng wants me to help you.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Spirit Stone, magic weapon, cultivation technique, Divine Ability, I want to build a dynasty where immortals and mortals coexist.” Feng Changning said firmly.

“A dynasty that coexists with immortals and mortals, is it a bit unrealistic from the mouth of the Fellow Daoist Golden Core Realm.”

“A dynasty that can be destroyed by a big shot cultivator Isn’t it a bit funny.” Xu Fan lightly saying.

“Cultivating merits and virtues and protecting my body.” Feng Changning said, apart from the giant island that is suitable for her to build her own foundation, the inheritance of this sentence is her most important gain.

“The combination of merit, qi and luck is very difficult in this world.”

“But now the two worlds are merged, and there will be opportunities in the future.” Xu Fan suddenly thought of something, Then said.

“That’s why Changning wanted to ask the Great Elder for help.” Feng Changning said, looking at Xu Fan expectantly.

β€œWhat can I get.” Xu Fan asked with a smile.

“The merits, and the Subsidiary Country of the hidden Spirit Sect.” Feng Changning said.

“A generation of emperors are willing to be subordinate to others, so let’s forget about your proposal.”

“That is to say, merit is still a bit reliable.”

“Okay. Now, merit and 20% of your future empire’s annual income.”

“If you agree, I will give you a lot of material Spirit Stone to help you build your country.” Xu Fan said leisurely.

“Yes.” Feng Changning agreed without thinking about it.

The Heavenly Dao contract signed by the two is still the highest.

“Okay, to show sincerity, this Dao Item will be loaned to you for a while, and it will help you process some data in the early stage.”

Xu Fan said and took out the freshly refined A successful No. 2 grape.

“Help me manage some magic puppets, process data, and help me monitor the status and development of your empire by the way.”

“Let my boring life not be so boring.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

I have already started to direct the first episode of empress’s entrepreneurial plan, Xu Fan has already thought of the name, and the name is ’empress’s first round angel investment’.

“No problem.” Feng Changning said nodded.

“Okay, I will assist you with 100,000 Golden Core Realm puppets and supporting weapons in the early stage to ensure your safety.”

“There are also 10,000 sets of Heavy Armor Magical Artifacts, check them out. There are 100 magic weapons of spirit root, and 20 sets of Five Elements basic cultivation techniques, which can be cultivated to the kind of Golden Core Realm.”

“I will also ask my sect’s chamber of commerce to establish a semicolon with you, So that you can purchase supplies.”

“Also remind you that it is best to show up in the form of Sect in the early stage.”

“Although your place is hidden, it is also not a place outside the world, Elder The Council also has a dark line in that area.”

“Understood, thanks Fellow Daoist for reminding me.” Feng Changning saluted.

“Okay, that’s it, you can go there and build the Sect.” Xu Fan said.

“Fellow Daoist, we are destined to meet again.”

Feng Changning then took Xu Fan to prepare supplies for him and disappeared into the horizon.

“Grape, your younger brother was taken away shortly after he came out. You said it was a coincidence.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

When refining the weakened grapes, Xu Fan refined two pieces at a time, which was what he had long thought of.

“On the side of the master, it is enough to have grapes alone.” The electronic sound of grapes that has remained unchanged for thousands of years, there is a slight fluctuation.

“An extra young brother younger sister is a waste.”

Xu Fan laughed at Grape’s words, and now Grape has his own thoughts.

“Okay, take a good look at the house, I want to go out.”


Xu Fan went out this time mainly to see a See what the cheat of pig’s feet looks like.

Just wanted to enjoy it.

What kind of bad thoughts can a person who can level up while alive.

(End of this chapter)

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