My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 230

Chapter 230 Xianwen on the jasper bottle gourd

After Xu Fan left the huge lake, Ningdao who was in the small courtyard comprehend sword dao looked up towards Xu Fan’s departure direction.

“Puppet, we Great Elder haven’t been out for a long time.” Ning Dao curiously asked.

“Since the establishment of the sect, the master has not walked out of the direction of the huge lake of hundreds of thousands li.”

“It has been 31 years now,” said the puppet.

“I can really stay.” Ning Dao sighed.

Linsen immortal city, there are people waiting for the outer sect members to drive here.

“Great Elder, please get in the car.” A Nascent Soul Realm cultivator said respectfully.

In the hidden Spirit Sect outer sect, everyone wants to climb up the relationship of Xu Fan, the hidden Spirit Sect Great Elder.

“Trouble.” Xu Fan said kindly.

“It is an honor to drive for the Great Elder.” Nascent Soul Realm cultivator said respectfully.

The driving cultivator was originally a cultivator who was lucky enough to cultivation to Nascent Soul Realm. After he was promoted to Nascent Soul Realm, he found that he did not have the joy of the previous Golden Core Realm.

There is no cultivation technique, no corresponding Divine Ability, and no Spirit Stone. I used to earn Spirit Stone, and I want to buy the magic weapon Divine Ability of Nascent Soul Realm. His battle strength is not as good as some second-third rate sect Golden Core Realm senior Disciple.

Originally thought that he could only live in immortal city for the rest of his life, but one day his life turned for the better. He was actually attracted by a sect and asked him to do Outer Sect Disciple. After the magic weapon, his fate also quietly changed.

Now he is in charge of intelligence gathering in Linsen Immortal City. He lives 1000 contribution points a year, plus all other small tasks. It won’t take many years. His cultivation technique, Divine Ability , The magic weapon is all there.

And all of this comes from the hidden spirit Sect Elder who is now making his car.

The beast carriage was very smooth, driven by the Nascent Soul Realm cultivator, and it didn’t take long to reach the Transmission Formation center in immortal city.

“I haven’t done Transmission Formation for a long time.”

After getting off the car, Xu Fan looked at the Palace-like Transmission Formation Center and said, and then walked in.

Behind the hidden Spirit Sect outer sect member on the beast carriage, the communication Magical Artifact shook.

“didn’t expect a trip to the Great Elder to have 100 contribution points, not bad.” The outer sect Nascent Soul Realm member looked at the communication Magical Artifact and said with a smile.

Wang Xiangchi received Xu Fan outside the Heavenly Sword immortal city teleportation center.

“Master, if I remember correctly, this is the first time you came out after the establishment of the Hidden Spirit Sect.”

“Is that child so important?” Wang Xiangchi said with a smile, he knew that his master was here for Han Feiyu.

“It seems that I haven’t come out seriously.” Xu Fan said after thinking for a while.

β€œI came here just to open my eyes, nothing else,” Xu Fan said.

“Master said Raindance.”


“Go back after reading it. I wanted Avatar to come, but I was afraid. Miss the charm of this thing.” Xu Fan said on the beast carriage, looking at the streets on both sides.

Heavenly Sword Academy, Xu Fan and Wang Xiangchi quietly stepped into Han Feiyu’s dormitory, at which time Han Feiyu had fainted.

Xu Fan waved his hand, and the storage bag under Han Feiyu’s pillow appeared in Xu Fan’s hand.

“The teacher is a good teacher, and he knows how to give students storage bags.” Xu Fan said with a smile, he saw the mark on the storage bag.

“Master, didn’t you tell me to focus on taking care of it,” said Wang Xiangchi hehe.

Looking at the clumsy personal imprint on the storage bag, Xu Fan easily bypassed Han Feiyu’s imprint and opened the storage bag.

A green small bottle gourd appeared in Xu Fan’s hand.

“Is this the small bottle gourd that can strengthen all things? It seems to be more practical than that small jade bottle.”

At this time, Xu Fan’s consciousness entered the jasper bottle gourd .

At this moment, Jasper bottle gourd suddenly lit up, and a message passed into Xu Fan’s mind.

“The fairy artifact that has not yet recognized the Master is really tempting.”

Looking at jade bottle, Xu Fan did not have greed in his eyes, but stared at the jasper bottle gourd Watch carefully the Xianwen on the top, and keep all the lines of Xianwen firmly in mind.

“The Xianwen of the time type, this trip is not in vain.” After Xu Fan finished speaking, he continued to read other Xianwen.

In Xu Fan’s perception, the jasper bottle gourd carries at least tens of thousands of immortal inscriptions, and the immortal array formed makes Xu Fan’s scalp numb when he sees it, and there are some more subtle immortal inscriptions Formation , with Xu Fan’s current strength, he can’t see it at all.

After one night, everything was back to normal, and Xu Fan also returned to the hidden Spirit Sect.

“There are a lot of immortal texts, but unfortunately there are only a few who really carry the will. Now there is only one that can be depicted.”

Xu Fan closed his eyes and began to comprehend the fairy texts, even I gave myself a leave, and I can’t take a rest.

In the morning, the first thing Han Feiyu did after waking up was to check whether the storage bag was under his pillow.

Although there has been no accident among the Heavenly Sword students for hundreds of years, he still has a sense of insecurity.

After he knew the use of the jasper bottle gourd, he planned to start wandering among the immortal cities after graduating from Heavenly Sword Academy, hiding himself while Cultivation.

This goal changed after Wang Xiangchi came out. His goal now is to see if he can join the teacher’s sect, and then wander around the cultivation world.

After Han Feiyu’s storage bag, she saw the Jasper bottle gourd was still there, and she started a day of life.

Although Jasper bottle gourd is there, Han Feiyu always has a feeling of being spied upon, and feels that everything around him feels wrong.

This feeling was maintained until after seeing Wang Xiangchi.

It was not yet time for class. After the students said hello to Wang Xiangchi, they each returned to their positions.

Han Feiyu quietly came to Wang Xiangchi’s side.

“Teacher, recently, I feel that Heavenly Sword Academy is not safe. When I woke up this morning, I felt something was stolen.” Han Feiyu said quietly.

“Really, do you feel right?” A strange color flashed in Wang Xiangchi’s eyes.

“I feel very accurate since I was a child. There must be thieves in Heavenly Sword Academy.” Han Feiyu said with certainty.

“Then I’ll take precautions recently.” Wang Xiangchi said nodded, thinking that Master would not make such a mistake.

On the second day, the Heavenly Sword Academy treasury was stolen. It is said that when the treasury was emptied, there was still a stench in the scene, the kind that penetrated deep into the soul.

Looking at the students who fell into the illusion trial, Wang Xiangchi touched the chin and said, “So the feeling of Raindance is real.”

At this time, Wang Xiangchi suddenly thought that he The Second Senior Sister space ring was stolen, and then sent a message to Xu Yuexian.

After a while, Wang Xiangchi received a reply.

β€œwait for me.”

At this time, Xu Yuexian, who was hunting for treasure in a sect ruins, received the communication Magical Artifact and flew towards the nearest immortal city.

“Steal my storage ring, I must make you pay.” Xu Yuexian said through gritted teeth.

The space ring was stolen, and now it’s her biggest shame.


(End of this chapter)

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