My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 231

Chapter 231 Yujun Venerable

In the realm of extreme sky, the battle strength lineups of the two Peaks are facing each other across the fusion channel of the two realms.

The channel for the fusion of the two worlds has reached a size that can pass through the Starship Fleet.

The rear of the Human Race starship fleet is a planet the size of Earth.

At a high tower above the planet, the star-eyed boy looked at the channel where the two worlds merged, lightly saying: “The Heavenly Dao Will of the two worlds has begun to merge.”

An old man beside the star-eyed boy curiously asked: “Your Highness, after the fusion of the two worlds, Heavenly Dao Will, is the speed of the fusion of the two worlds faster?”

“Yes, the Heavenly Dao Will of the two worlds merged. After that, it will only take ten years for the two worlds to be completely integrated.”

“That’s when the real battle will take place, and the stupid bird on the opposite side is probably waiting for that day.” Star-eyed boy said with a smile .

“Your Excellency, is our plan ready to execute?” asked the white haired old man.

“It’s still early. Although the game of the blood phoenix has already been set up, there are still some minor details that need to be improved.”

“Although I have been foolishly foolish all day long. Yell, but that guy isn’t really stupid.”

“If it weren’t for the stupid bird being too conceited, I wouldn’t be able to plot against it.” The star-eyed boy said with a smile, he looked at the two The fusion channel of the world, an inexplicable look flashed in his eyes.

At this moment, an extremely domineering voice came.

“Protoss, it’s boring for you and me to stay here. Do you want to have some fun?”

“How about a battleship duel, send ten battleships at the same time. “

“Whoever loses will give the opponent a fairy weapon.”

The domineering voice spread throughout the sky.

“If you want to fight, you will fight. We Human Race have few fairies, and we won’t bet against you.”

The faint voice of the star-eyed boy resounded in the extreme sky.

The Golden-Winged Great Peng waved his hand, and ten giant beast battleships of Monster Race headed towards the fusion channel of the two worlds.

“Send ten star boats to fight, to save Monster Race from saying that our Human Race is bullying the less.”

The star-eyed boy said to the old man beside him.

β€œAs you bid.”

After a while, ten star boats came out of the Human Race fleet and flew towards the fusion channel of the two worlds.

Then the two tribes consciously gave up a large area for the two fleets for the two fleets to fight.

In the Human Race star boat, Yujun Venerable looked at the cultivator in the main control position excitedly.

“Big Brother Zou, you must blow up that Monster Race fleet.” Yujun Venerable said through the Stargazer Art, looking at the area ahead.

“Why are you more excited than me, you said you don’t have to follow me.”

“If my starship battleship is destroyed later, neither of us will be able to run away. Drop”

Venerable in the main control position looked helplessly at Yujun Venerable next to him, I dislike you so much, so don’t follow me.

The Great Ascension Venerable, who was originally unparalleled in battle strength, likes to control the star boats to fight, and his level is generally addicting. Elder Council hostile forces are easily destroyed, just like the monsters in the game.

“Big Brother Zou, if the Xingzhou is destroyed and I am here, will the Disciple on our Xingzhou have a better chance of surviving.” Yujun Venerable said with a smile.

While the two were talking, ten Human Race starships had already entered the War Zone.

The giant beast battleship on the opposite Monster Race has already rushed towards the Human Race battleship at full speed.

The focus of the battleship of the two races is different. The giant beast battleship of Monster Race pays more attention to melee combat. Once the star boat of Human Race is approached, it will inevitably be torn up.

Formidable defense and melee capabilities make the Human Race starship battleship only at a distance.

In this case, the accurate Human Race cultivator is even more valuable.

At this time, the giant beast battleship of Monster Race has rushed past the fusion of the two worlds and rushed towards the ten star boats of Human Race.

The giant beast battleship Fierce Tiger Pounces on its Food-like, speeding speed through the hyperspace.

The giant beast of tens of thousands of meters is extremely oppression in the Human Race Stargazer Art projection.

“Big Brother Zou, when are we going to fire.” Venerable said nervously next to the main control position.

“Not yet.” Venerable on the main control controlled the starship to hide in the asteroid belt.

“The giant beast battleship on the opposite side at this distance can react and control the Monster Race of those giant beast battleships, all of them are good players who can move.”

At this time, the opposite side The Monster Race giant beast battleship seems to have its own goal, flying towards its prey.

The Hidden Spirit Island.

Xu Fan who was comprehend Xianwen opened his eyes and looked in the sky suspiciously.

“Is this an air crash?”

In the light curtain in front of Xu Fan, a starship battleship that lost its gravity turned into a fireball and was smashing into the ground. Go, the location of the landing was calculated by Grape, and it happened to be not far from Yinling Island.

Looking at the landing point, Xu Fan immediately summoned 100,000 Nascent Soul Realm Gold and 100 Divine Transformation Realm puppets to appear in the expected landing point area.

“Luoshui Great Array, get up!”

Thousands of puppets quickly formed the Luoshui Great Array under the control of Grape.

A water column with a diameter of tens of thousands of meters rose slowly under the control of the Luoshui Great Array.

“The sect formation is now in a state of upgrading and cannot accept such a violent impact.” Xu Fan said while looking at the slowly rising giant water column.

For some reason, Xu Fan thought of the second Avatar of the sect that was being upgraded, and it seemed that he hadn’t seen him for a long time.

The next time I see Avatar No. 2, Xu Fan decided to give the second half of the animation to Avatar No. 2.

As the star boat with fire in the sky got closer and closer to the lake, a thought flashed in Xu Fan’s eyes.

In the realm of extreme sky, Human Race and Monster Race will not be fighting.

The two Great Ascension Venerables were staring at each other in the starship that turned into a meteor.

The two Great Ascension Venerables showed helpless expressions.

“Big Brother Zou, I didn’t mean to. I’ll pay for this starship myself, how about it.” Yujun Venerable said timidly, cautiously looking at the Great Master sitting in the master position Ascension Venerable.

“I don’t understand, why do you disrupt my rhythm every critical moment.”

“You still use the sound transmission of the vibrating soul on the horse.” Known as The Great Ascension Venerable of Big Brother Zou said angrily.

“Big Brother Zou, at that critical moment, only the method I said could save the result of the destruction of this starship battleship.” Yujun Venerable said.

“You don’t even think about my strength. Can I control the huge computing power required for that operation?”

“Big Brother Zou, you have to believe it. Be yourself, believe in miracles.” Yujun Venerable said.

“The battleship of the Xingzhou is ruined, I believe it is a fart. However, the Disciple on the Xingzhou is not a serious problem, or it will be a big loss this time.”

” The bow of the starship battleship was destroyed, and it should be able to be repaired after being thrown into the Heavenly Alchemy Sect, the loss is not too big.” The Great Ascension Venerable sighed in the main control position said.

“It’s just that we were wrecked in front of the Venerable, and it seems that we are very incompetent.”

“Don’t worry, Big Brother Zou, I will help you save face.” Great Ascension Venerable Guaranteed.

Get back the face of a fart, you go and give it away again.

At this time, the outline of the huge lake of Hundred Thousand Li can be vaguely seen from the star boat.

“The landing point is a huge lake, if there is no one around, don’t worry about it,” said the Great Ascension Venerable in the main control position.

At this time, Yujun Venerable, who was reminiscing about the battle just now, suddenly felt peeped.

“Hey, this area is under control.”

Immediately, a purple light flashed in Venerable’s eyes, a large purple eye appeared in the air, and the demon town star in the distance directly showed prototype.

“It turned out to be a Dao Item, is it interesting?”

“It seems that there is a sector under this airspace.”

“Big Brother Zou, you Tell me if I guessed it right.” The Great Ascension Venerable said with a smile to Venerable in the main control position.

“It’s still a guess, just look at the bottom and you’ll know.”

At this time, the Luoshui Great Array consisting of 100,000 puppets had already been imprinted in front of the two Venerables.

“Who is controlling so many puppets in a large array of puppets, so powerful.” Yujun Venerable exclaimed.

“It seems that we don’t need to take action anymore, someone will save us.”

At this time, Xu Fan, who was below, also appeared in the star boat in the sky, with his hand knotted with a seal, Immediately, the entire Luoshui formation began to change.

A jade hand composed of incomparable gigantic lake water slowly lifted to the sky, just in the position where the star boat was going to land.

During the exploration of grapes, the entire starship showed no signs of life and spiritual power.

“If there is no one on this star boat, do you want to accept it.” Then Xu Fan shook his head and said, “If you want to eat shit, the Elder Council will definitely find out about such a big move.”

“It’s not just discovery, we have been notified of the landing location.” Ning Dao appeared beside Xu Fan and said with a smile.

“Well, I think too much.” Xu Fan said while touching his nose. 、

“There are two Great Ascension Venerables on the star boat, both are Elders without serial numbers, one is Zuo Venerable Shi, and the other is Yujun Venerable.” Ning Dao introduced Xu Fan .

At this time, under a magical gravitational force, the speed of the starship in the sky was getting slower and slower, and finally, like a feather, it gently landed on the jade hand composed of lake water. above.

Then, under the control of Xu Fan, he slowly placed the star boat on the Guardian Star Island.

Guardian Pangolin and three Wuling monkeys on Star Island are watching the starship curiously.

“This should be the Human Race’s battleship, the battleship roaming in the extreme sky. This is the master’s spoΓ­ls of war.” Pangolin said.

“The master possesses great magical power, this must be the master’s spoΓ­ls of war.”

“The master is the wisest, what is it to destroy a few battleships.”

“The master is amazing~”

Three Wuling Ming monkeys have slowly turned into flattery Ming monkeys under the training of Pangolin, although Xu Fan has not dealt with these three Wuling Ming monkeys. Monkey, but it must not affect Pangolin’s training.

“Well, you’re right.” Pangolin looked at the three five spirit monkeys with relief. It’s not easy for us Monster Race to survive in the human world. If we don’t please our master, how can we live comfortably.

At this moment, a huge imposing manner instantly locked the four Monster Races.

Two silhouettes appeared in front of the four Monster Races.

“This sector also has the habit of raising Monster Races.” Yun Jun Venerable said while looking at the four Monster Races.

Pangolin, who was pressed to the ground in an imposing manner, mustered great courage, tried to straighten his direction and knelt in front of the two Venerables.

“The hidden Spirit Sect patrolling lake slave demon has seen two Venerables.” Pangolin felt himself walking for a while in front of the Gates of Hell.

Just after being felt in the Great Ascension Venerable imposing manner, Pangolin was instantly icy cold, and a sense of death wrapped around its demon spirit.

Pangolin glanced at the three Wuling Ming monkeys with his peripheral vision, don’t be scared to death.

As a result, I think it’s already half dead.

In the sky across the four streams of light, Xu Fan, Xu Gang, Ning Dao, and Su Rantian landed not far from the two Venerables.

β€œElder Council Linsen immortal city guard, Ning Dao, Su Rantian, met Zuo Venerable Shi and Yujun Venerable.”

β€œHidden Spirit Sect, Xu Fan, Xu Gang has seen Venerable.”

The four saluted.


“hundred thousand li giant lake finally has a sect stationed, work hard for yours, build a sect in a barren area.” said Zuo Venerable Shi, his birthplace It is in Linsen Immortal City, so I know this area very well.

“Venerable is joking, this huge lake is a treasure for us.” Xu Fan said with a smile, thinking that he didn’t want to keep a low profile.

“You can develop here, it has proved that your sect is not simple.” Zuo Venerable Shi praised.

“Ning Dao, Rantian, you have to thank Yin Spirit Sect, Yin Spirit Sect can help you with your work.” Yujun Venerable said, smiling as he looked at the orderly retreating in the distance. puppet.

“It’s inevitable.”

At this time, the left Venerable Shi waved his hand to put away the star boat behind him, and then released more than 100 cultivators from Void Refinement Realm. These are the crew of the starship.

“Okay, I’m going back to the Elder Council headquarters, Yujun, can you leave me?” Zuo Venerable Shi asked.

“Big Brother Zou go first, I will discuss Dao of Puppet with this elf Sect Elder.” Yujun Venerable said.


The left Venerable Shi flew directly towards Linsen immortal city with more than 100 crew members.

Xu Fan looked at Venerable, the Yujun who was curiously looking at the puppet in the distance.

You’re leaving. Curious bastard, are you a Great Ascension Venerable?

“What are you two called?” Yujun Venerable asked.

“Junior Xu Fan.”

“Junior Xu Gang.”

“Are you brothers?” Yujun Venerable curiously asked.

“No, we are master and disciple.” Xu Fan said.

β€œAre you a recipe?”

β€œNo, I’m a master.”


Invisible sect master peak Welcome Hall.

Xu Fan looked at Yujun Venerable with incomparable pain in his heart, what are you curious about.

“Did you refine the spherical Dao Item in the sky?” Yujun Venerable asked.

“Yes.” Xu Fan nodded and said.

“So are puppets.”


“Have you mastered the method of refining puppets with puppets?” Yujun Venerable said mysteriously.


“Then do you have an Artifact Spirit with huge computing power?”

“No, Venerable wants to ask something, you can Ask directly, Junior will not hide it.” Xu Fan said.

“You are the Refiner Sect division, so can you make a puppet that can control the battle of the star boat, and finally the one with huge computing power.” Yujun Venerable asked the ultimate goal.

This is his habit. Whenever he meets a Refiner Sect teacher he thinks is more powerful, he asks this question again.

This is also a crayon’s obsession. When playing games, I just want to use aids or open monsters.

After listening to Yujun Venerable’s words, Xu Fan tightened. Isn’t this what Grape Avatar is doing.

(End of this chapter)

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